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Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden : 3/23/63 Chicago, IL

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Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden: 3/23/63 Chicago, IL




L-R: Fellow agent Art Godfrey, President Kennedy, unknown, Mayor Daley, CONRAD CROSS


Excerpts from the Secret Service report (released in 1997--one of the few that survived the shredder):




41377040_10215859742902018_3403061317727 41398860_10215859706461107_1930300955866 41401642_10215859741501983_7704576188290





Edited by Vince Palamara

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On ‎9‎/‎13‎/‎2018 at 6:56 PM, B. A. Copeland said:

Wow Vince. This is great, thank you and Mr Bolden. Vince have you ever looked deeply at Maurice Martineau?

Thanks. However, in the interest of accuracy, there was a timely update from Abe himself just an hour ago- it turns out the photo is NOT him but another African American agent from the Chicago office whom he trained and who also was interviewed by the HSCA: Conrad Cross (who is also mentioned in my books). I edited my post, above.

I interviewed and corresponded with Martineau, so yes----see my first book...AND THIS!!!!!


WHAT?!?!! Maurice Martineau (1914-2009) WOULD have been 18 going on 19 at the time pf this incident. Did the Secret Service know about his???


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Thanks for clarification Vince. I honestly didn't attempt to corroborate your claim myself but always great you meet expectations of getting to facts. That Martineau article is insane! I'll definitely read your work concerning him. He struck me as an interesting person with questionable actions but I could be wrong. Thanks again.

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One of the most important aspects of Bolden's story is his claim of personally overhearing racist comments from several White House agents expressing deep animosity toward JFK for his apparent liberal stance toward negroes and his pro-active measures reflected by his bringing Bolden ( the first negro ) onto the WH SS team.

If we are to believe Bolden, these agents had such deeply resentful feelings toward JFK and his racial stance one actually said ( paraphrasing ) he wouldn't act as protectively toward the President in a threatening situation because of it.

Clint Hill and many other SS agents testifying to the WC and those that have communicated with Vince or written their own books, all seemed to echo this common take that no agents disliked JFK on a personal basis, especially on the racially hateful level that Bolden claims.

To do otherwise would open up suspicion and doubt towards their brotherhood regards their self promoted image of commonly held S.S. respect, admiration and blindly protective loyalty towards JFK.

If you believe Bolden on this issue, than all those other agents lied about the reality of certain SS agents hating JFK deeply regards his liberal race stance as Bolden described and claimed he personally overheard.

If one and especially more than one SS agents did actually hate JFK over his racial stance as deeply as Bolden relates, this would add at least some valid weight to the consideration of one or more of those JFK hating agents perhaps pulling back in JFK's protection in Dallas.

I think it's pretty well accepted that a good percentage of white males employed in the police agency fields back in 1963 on every level, city, county, state and federal in this country, harbored race feelings very contrary and hugely less liberal than JFK.

We know that the Dallas P.D. force was like this in the majority in 1963 as one would expect in cities throughout the South during that time.

We also know that the L.A.P. D. force was like this up until and beyond 1963.

So why not members of the Secret Service back in those days?

JFK was hated to a murder wishing level by millions of segregation favoring people in this country all during his presidential term. 

The massively felt and expressed racial hatred towards JFK, if not one of the main factors in JFK's actual assassination, certainly played some part in other aspects of the assassination such as stymieing investigations, altering evidence, etc.

My own step-father used to scream at the TV news almost nightly in a drunken rage when any news regarding JFK came on. He put all his hate, anger and personal frustrations and jealousies onto JFK. Yelling in a bulging red eyed rage what a queer, ni##er, jew loving commie S.O.B. Kennedy was.

And this was in California!  One can imagine the level of JFK racial hate in the Southern states.

Another chink in some of the more well known JFK Secret Service member's well promoted cover story of a great JFK respecting and liking feeling commonly shared by their counterparts are some of the personal comments leaked out reporting other members of the S.S. feeling disgust and great disrespect for JFK regarding his extra-marital trysts while traveling away from the White House and without his wife Jackie present.

All of this exposes the true reality of a much less commonly felt respect for JFK in his personal security ranks. It's common sense that at least some of the members of the SS did not feel great sorrow, loss and empathy when he was killed.

Edited by Joe Bauer

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