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Umbrella Man pic?

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Al Carrier discusses the possibility of an excellent marksman, who fired through the windshield and hit the President.   Or, given the elevations involved, could have gone over the windshield (or through a small space in the frame).   It was only 60+ yards away, with an excellent frontal vantage that didn't change as the Limo slowly advanced towards/into the kill zone.

Beyond the headshot wound issue, I have also aligned this shot origin with the neck wound and have established it by showing Elm at a higher elevation at this point and how the shot would have to penetrate the windshield through its trajectory. This also explains the compromised velocity that would result in a shallower wound path. I have been challenged on this through photos including Altgens 6 and 7 and have provided arguments on both. Because this is already a rather complex subject, I will not go into detail on the throat wound.

Craig Roberts touched on it as well in a May 2006 thread:

My military training once again took over. I would use an area within the Plaza that would afford the best kill zone for either a crossfire or triangulated fire. Simply put, I would position my teams in such a way that their trajectory of fire converged on the most advantageous point to assure a kill. In the military, single snipers are seldom used. Normally, the smallest sniper team consists of two men, a sniper and his spotter/security man. Even in police SWAT teams, a marksman has an observer who is equipped with a spotting scope or binoculars to help pick and identify targets and handle the radio communications.   I would have never put anyone in the School Book Depository with so many locations that were much more advantageous unless I needed diversion. If I did, it would be a good place for red herrings to be observed by witnesses.

In that thread, various knowledgeable posters (Shanet Clark, Ryan Crowe) suggested that the emphasis on Zapruder, the Grassy Knoll fence and the Bookstore Depository are red herrings.  The main sniper was forward and to the left .... and escaped unnoticed.  Regarding the throat wound, the sketch by Dr. McClelland apparently has it right, positing the back wound as exit for the throat wound entrance (which I acknowledge is a controversial topic, and as they say, a two-beer discussion). 



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On 10/18/2018 at 1:19 AM, Lance Payette said:

You mean Neville Chamberlain.

Thanks. I feel like an idiot. These Brits I keep getting mixed up.

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