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Douglas Caddy

Trump, JFK and the Deep State: Part Q

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Trump, JFK and the Deep State: Part Q



This opinion piece is mishmash. Nevertheless it is a worthwhile read.

The author writes: “The Q phenomenon could be killed in an instant, in a very simple way. All President Trump has to do is tweet: “Q is not real. It’s not anyone connected to me.” Boom. Done. But he hasn’t done that, or anything like it, such as having a friendly journalist pitch the question to him. For whatever reason, he wants Q to continue. Why? And why is the media scared to ask him about it, especially if they’re so sure that it’s just a larp, but nonetheless oh so very dangerous?”

Actually the Q phenomenon will soon be “killed in an instant , in a very simple way.” This is when Special Counsel Mueller unseals his 30-plus sealed indictments and releases his official report. The ground will shake under the feet of the Trump supporters whose ignorance of how the law functions will reveal what fools they have been.

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