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Rich Pope

TSBD Shooters

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6 hours ago, John Butler said:


You are right.  There is an amazing number of "not filming" photographers in the Camera Cars who had the opportunity while on Houston Street to film the TSBD and see who was in the windows.

"Don't forget the substantial number of witnesses outside the building who were all moving in the direction the Sniper's Nest, many of them armed with cameras. At the time of the assassination, going north on Houston Street, was the press pool car, followed by three camera cars"

I think you will be surprised by the lack of cameras in the Houston/Elm intersection, around the TSBD, and 100 feet in any direction from the intersection.  Look at the photos of the areas mentioned and try to find someone with a camera.  It is a really odd and nonsensical situation.  Where are the cameras that photographed the limousine on the passenger side on Houston and Elm near the intersection.  There was only one.  Zapruder.

I surveyed what the witnesses in the TSBD said.  I also surveyed many who were close and outside the TSBD.  I used what they first said if possible trying to avoid the interference of the authorities tampering with evidence and witness intimidation.

I used a non-traditional question that has been overlooked either intentionally or by ignorance.  This question was where was the presidential limousine when you heard shots.  You will be surprised by the answer.  To me it answers the question what happened in the Zapruder Gap. 

There are over 40 witnesses who said the presidential limousine was just turning onto Elm, in the intersection of Elm and Houston, in front of the TSBD, or under the trees in front of the TSBD.  To these witnesses the shooting didn't happen in front of the Grassy Knoll but, in front of the TSBD.  This establishes another case of reasonable doubt concerning where the shooting occurred. 

It has always been my opinion you can not convict anyone of anything in Dealey Plaza based on the evidence.  I think that is intentional and part of the coverup.


You can actually find people with cameras in the available photos of the areas mentioned.  However, their cameras and films have disappeared and were never reported.  Who was responsible for that?  The FBI and the photo developers in Dallas.



The Hughes film has that bizarre series of huge black spots obscuring most of the image in the frames just as the limo turns from Houston on to Elm. 

The Tina Towner film has an obvious splice just as the limo turned the corner. The case was made long ago that the splice was to hide the fact that the president ducked to his left involuntarily in reaction to a missed shot just at that point. 

The Zapruder film has that gap when the limo turned, even though Abraham Zapruder denied that he ever interrupted filming.

Many witnesses reported hearing a shot or a sound like a firecracker just as the limo turned.

Harold Weisberg’s excellent book “Photographic Whitewash” detailed many accounts of photographers whose images certainly would have demonstrated a conspiracy, but whose films were not wanted by the authorities.

That the first shot was fired just as the limo turned has been well understood for a long time. It missed but the films had to be suppressed to hide that shot (or shots.)

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You are right.  I am sure you can detail more if you wish.  In my opinion, most don't agree, that nearly everything has been altered to hide what really happened.  The Hughes film is compromised by images of the cut apart policeman.  And, you can find in most films something that destroys their value for research. 

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