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Rich Pope

No more need for the lone nut advocate

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In 1979, after acoustical research, the expert conclusion was that beyond a reasonable doubt gunfire came from in front of the President as well as from behind him.  At least two gunmen were involved in the assassination.  The HSCA Chief Counsel Blakley stated, 'Our approach was correct, and our conclusion was correct.  On balance I say there were two shooters in the plaza-apart from the acoustics.  Indeed it's the existence of all the other evidence and testimony that makes me thing the acoustics is right.'

Fifteen minutes before the assassination, Arnold Rowland asked his wife if she wanted to see a Secret Service agent.  He pointed to the window on the sixth floor where he had noticed "a man back from the window--he was standing and holding a rifle..."  The man he saw however ,was not in the famous window, at the right-hand end of the sixth floor, but in the far left-hand window.  Rowland also said that, at the same time, he spotted a second figure, at the famous right-hand window.  The second man was dark complexioned, and Rowland identified him as being a negro.  When Rowland told the FBI, they blew him off.    Yet two other witnesses said they saw two men, which corroborated Rowland's account.

Shortly after the assassination Ruby Henderson saw two men standing from a window of the TSBD and said one of them had dark hair and a darker complexion than the other.

We have more witnesses who indicated there was not a lone-gunman but rather many shooters, some from in front of the president, others behind the president.


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