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I am a professor of American history at the University of Alabama.   My books include T.R.M. Howard: Doctor, Entrepreneur, Civil Rights Pioneer (2018); The Voluntary City (2002); and From Mutual Aid and the Welfare State: Fraternal Societies and Social Services, 1890-1967 (2000).   Last year, my article "New Deal Mass Surveillance: The 'Black Inquisition Committee, ' 1935-1936 was published in the Journal of Policy History.  I am going to teach a course this summer on the assassination and would appreciate any suggestions on possible readings (pro and anti-conspiracy).  I appreciate Larry Hancock's suggestion that I join this forum.  I hope that I don't embarrass him!

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Hello and Welcome!

You might want to go over to the main JFK Debate page, and tell everyone what you are doing this summer, and ask for suggestions!  You'll get plenty, i assure you.  Everyone has a specialty. Perhaps you can tell us which area you will tend to concentrate in.   We may also be able to suggest older links covering topics you are interested in investigating.  Do you have a syllabus??

Also, if there is any student interest, they are welcome to join the Forum as well.




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