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Karl Hilliard

Another look at Charles Givens

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20 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Thanks Pat, it was the 1967 show then where Barker appears to have suborned perjury.

Gary,  who were the four blind mice?

Hi James:

The "four blind mice" - Givens, Bonnie Ray Williams, James Jarman, Jr., and Harold Norman.


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Truly's WC testimony

Mr. BALL. Where is the last place you saw Givens?
Mr. TRULY. The last place I remember seeing Givens was in the middle of the crossing, in the middle of Houston Street.
Mr. BALL. Walking in which direction?
Mr. TRULY. Walking east.
Mr. BALL. Walking east on the north side of Elm?
Mr. TRULY. North side of Elm--he had not completely crossed the Houston Street.
Mr. BALL. Now, did Givens come back to the building later?
Mr. TRULY. I didn't see him--later on he did.
Mr. BALL. When--how much later?
Mr. TRULY. Much later--I suppose I don't know his actions during that
Mr. BALL. Did he come hack to the building?
Mr. TRULY. No.
Mr. BALL. After the shooting?
Mr. TRULY. I can't say--I think he came back to the front of the I can't answer for sure whether he came in the building--I know he was at the police station later on.
Mr. BALL. I think that's all right now.

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