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Robert Morrow announcement on Facebook today

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Dear Mr. Morrow:

Our office is in receipt of your application for a place on the 2020 General Election ballot for United States President.

After review, your application has been accepted. Your name will appear with the other write in candidates on the list of declared write in candidates for the 2020 General Election.


Texas Secretary of State

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Morrow has made it his life's mission to lift the JFK truth cover up veil off of LBJ and his involvement and LBJ's entire true legacy of political career corruption.

Corruption on a level and scale that will shake most Americans to the core if it is ever finally and fully brought out of our hidden secrets vaults and into the open light.

Morrow has been maligned across the board as a clown outfit wearing kook and other pejorative terms.

I think that some day however, his mission, message and efforts ( no matter how eccentric ) of trying to bring the full LBJ corruption truth into the official U.S. history record light will be looked upon as actually heroic.



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Morrow's a decent guy, I've swapped e-mail with him.  He's kind of the Jack Sheldon of politics, puckish to the max.


Or, as Hippocleides said, οὐ φροντὶς!

As a young man he competed for the hand of Agariste, the daughter of Cleisthenes, the tyrant of Sicyon. According to Herodotus (6.129-130), Hippocleides became intoxicated during a dinner party with Cleisthenes, and began to act like a fool; at one point he stood on his head and kicked his legs in the air, keeping time with the flute music. When Hippocleides was informed by Cleisthenes "Oh son of Teisander, you have just danced away your marriage," his response was "οὐ φροντὶς Ἱπποκλείδῃ", ("Hippocleides doesn't care" or literally "No care for Hippocleides").

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Hey, I never called Bob a kook, I just said I hoped he wears his jester outfit again because it was funny the last time he did it.

Bob has been helpful on this board with PDF scans. And the incongruous news stories that pop up with distraught quotes from county personnel as Bob wins another vote somewhere and pops up for work wearing the full jester get up are good value if you’re into sending screenshots of these stories to friends for laughs, which I am.

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I watched a video once of B. Morrow speaking in a court or city council room.

Somewhere in Texas.

Morrow had to wait his turn to speak and when it came he immediately diverted from the court or council subject at hand and instead went right to his passionate mission message of LBJ and his great corruption, including ordering murders.

There was immediate chaos of angry people shouting at Bob and the head person ( judge? mayor? ) got him shut down and from there I forget what happened. 

I am struck by Morrow's ballsy efforts to get his LBJ was a murderer message out.

He apparently has willingly initiated many public speaking pop-ups like this, probably anticipating ahead of time hostile responses from his audiences. 

And he does this in LBJ's own home state of Texas!

Texans are known for their macho tough guy image. Morrow's still willing to rile them cowboys up ... and on their own turf!

Must admit, he has a steely single focus determination and plucky gutsiness that is remarkably consistent and long term.

Maybe this is what it takes to help keep the LBJ corruption truth from being purposely and successfully buried forever.

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