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I'm an Oklahoma City bombing researcher and have done a lot of work on this subject. The materials I have gathered relating to OKC consist of FBI documents, Secret Service documents, trial transcripts, newspaper accounts, a great deal of court records relating to the McVeigh and Nichols trials and other materials. In 2020 I donated my research archive to The Libertarian Institute where anyone can access and download these research materials and they can search the document collection. 

You can find these materials here:


I have also published a couple of articles about this case which have been curated by the editors at Medium. I'm writing a book about the OKC bombing right now, and want to get my writing out there on this case before the book comes out. 

Below are the pieces I have written on this case:

Surveillance Recordings Show Oklahoma City Bombing
Documents, Testimony, Detail FBI Seized Footage
August 13th, 2020 | by Richard Booth

Mystery in Cassville
The Oklahoma City Bombing’s John Doe #3 aka “Robert Jacquez”
July 27th, 2020 | by Richard Booth

I'm starting this thread as a place where I can post and add additional information as I continue to write stories on this case, and for when the time comes that my book is completed and published. 

This subject is one that does not have enough students, and one that is also polluted with a great deal of just bad information. I hear this all the time: "McVeigh was a patsy" and all this kind of thing. Timothy McVeigh was by no means a patsy and was absolutely driving a Ryder truck in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19th, 1995, which he parked in front of the Murrah Federal Building where he detonated a bomb.

Timothy McVeigh engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Terry Nichols and other individuals--most of whom have not been named, indicted, or apprehended--and this is the focus of my research.

My interest is in those people who were seen with McVeigh in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19th who have not been captured. McVeigh was spotted by over a dozen people that morning and every one of these people saw him driving the Ryder truck with another man in the passenger seat. The man in the passenger seat has never been identified. 

Many of the details of this case have been covered by the news media only to be forgotten and to disappear.

Here is one example of a news report that talks about this other suspect:



For those who are interested, you can find this news report along with hundreds more at the archive at TLI. You can also find there many FBI 302 reports from eyewitnesses who saw McVeigh in that truck that morning, with a passenger.

The articles I published on Medium have their sources cited and you can click on and view those sources for yourself. The sources are mostly FBI 302 reports and trial materials.


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This June 24 2005 FBI memo was obtained via FOIA by attorney Jesse Trentadue, who provided it to me. It's a memo from FBI Denver Squad 12 to FBI CTD and Director, FBI

Note that FBI's DTOU = Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit.

Why was DTOU "concerned" that Terry Nichols would mention John Doe #2's name?



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