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John Simkin

Richard E. Sprague: The Taking of America

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Regarding Margeson, I have pasted a section from one of A.J. Weberman's nodules. I'm not sure I agree with his analysis but the basic information is most interesting.



"On April 18, 1975, Sheriff Allen L. Capwell (NA) Wyoming County, New York, personally appeared at the Buffalo Office of the FBI and related the following information which he had obtained from Richard Monroe Margeson, DOB June 16, 1927, Rochester, New York, residing Webster Road, Wyoming County, New York , on April 14, 1975, whom Capwell has personally known for the past five years. Capwell has no reason to believe Margeson is not stable.

"Margeson, while living in California, in 1962, met one LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD Jr. 6', 300 lbs., of Mexican descent. HOWARD was engaged in collecting funds to support the anti-Castro forces. HOWARD went to the Florida Keys in 1962 for six months for the purpose of training troops to invade Cuba and thereafter, in late 1962, returned to Los Angeles accompanied by Rudy Hernandez, Mexican and unsub, aka 'Slim,' no other name known, white male, 5' 6" also in his 20s. Slim and Rudy resided at the Olive Hotel, Olive Street, Los Angeles. HOWARD'S specific address unknown but he lived in East or Northeast Los Angeles.

"All were employed by a Jack Casey, not further described, painting and refurnishing the old Union Temple building located behind the Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Station. This building reportedly housed the Marquade (PH) Printing Shop in the basement, which at the time was engaged in printing the original draft of Richard M. Nixon's book after he lost the Presidential election. Through these individuals Margeson met a man called 'Tex' who arrived from New Orleans in late 1962 or early 1963. Tex reportedly was a hitman and described as a white male, late 20's, 5'6" to 5' 9", slender build, 135 pounds, with former military service and a rotten disposition. Margeson said Tex visited his house on Trigg Street in East Los Angeles and furnished his name as HARVEY LEE. Tex left Los Angeles, destination unknown, after about two weeks.

"Following the assassination of President Kennedy and picture of LEE HARVEY OSWALD appearing in the news media, Margeson realized that Tex and OSWALD were identical.

"Margeson said HOWARD was later subpoenaed by former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison...Margeson decided to come forth after viewing a recent T.V. documentary on the Warren Commission investigations wherein it was depicted OSWALD was in Russia while in fact OSWALD was in California. This caused Margeson to believe that a conspiracy could possibly have existed in that OSWALD may not have acted alone. Buffalo indices contain nothing identifiable with Margeson and HOWARD. Bureau is requested to assess the above information and furnish Buffalo with pertinent information to assist Buffalo with interview of Margeson in event Bureau so desires." [NARA FBI 124-10267-10007]


The FBI made a Xerox copy of Sheriff Capwell's notes of his interview with Margeson: "Moved to California 1950. Back to Wyoming, New York 1957 to 1958. Ruth Mildred Spencer Margeson wife / married in 1953 in L.A. Returned to California, 1959 worked at Recold Manufacturing refrigerators. Strike 1960 for a year. Met LARRY HOWARD at Recold working as a welder. Six foot, three hundred pound Mexican. UAW organized an 'Education Committee.' Lived in East L.A. and continued to see HOWARD - common likes, hunting, camping picnicking social. 1961 HOWARD collect funds to fight Castro. 1962 went to Marathon Key, Big Pine and Little Pine Keys to train guerilla troops to invade Cuba within six months. 1962 Delivered auto to LA? Hertz? From New Orleans. Rudy Hernandez Mexican 20's 5' 2" short, heavy set. Slim in 20's. Lived in Olive Hotel on Olive Street in LA. Larry: 'working in old Union Temple Building behind LA Greyhound.' Went to building (illegible) by Jack Casey. Office on second floor. Van Nys or North Hollywood. Theater, four five stories, vacant. 2 print shops in basement...Rudy and Slim working as painters for Casey. Real gold bricker. Dick did elect. work. Sit on paint can re: military actions, hit team, $50,000 hit on Castro's head. Slim took a truck of tables and chains for 3-4 days basement of building to 'the ranch,' a ghost town in Gold Falls, Nevada. Tex arriving from New Orleans. Excited. Tex = w/m late 20's, 5' 6" or 5' 8", slender, 135 pounds, rotten person talked about killing people, assault on diamond mine and kill all (illegible) in Army but dislike authority. Invited him to dinner either on Sunday or Holiday. Slim and Rudy and LARRY reluctant. Later Tex accepted picked up in downtown L.A. Poor conversationalist. Asked him name to (illegible) 'HARVEY LEE.' acted (illegible) or (illegible). Triggs Street, East L.A. Stayed in L.A. about two weeks or more, maybe a month. Late 1962 or early 1963 then left. Late 1962 too small (100s) Wire to a printing press in a small shop. Talked with Jack Casey. Agreed to put in right size. After outside in outer office he phoned 'This guy could blow the lid off this whole thing.' Get over here. Same day an older man w/m said he was Jack's father = can this be corrected? Yes, someone else did it. Building torn down maybe November 1963 sold to city? Dick and wife opened a cigar stand...HOWARD went back to Florida once and Dallas several times - Mexico at least three times." [NARA FBI 124-10267-10008]

On May 6, 1975, William Nettles, Division #6, FBI Headquarters telephonically advised that the information supplied by Richard Monroe Margeson was "still being evaluated through file reviews at Headquarters. According to William Nettles, as yet 'Tex' had not been identified, however, extensive investigation had previously been conducted concerning LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD mentioned in our teletype. According to Nettles, it appeared that the dates of activity mentioned in Butel were about eight to ten months off. He stated further response would be forthcoming in the near future." [FBI Buffalo 62-1827-153; NARA FBI 124-10267-10009]

The FBI searched its indices for Richard Margeson and came up with nothing. The FBI searched its indices for 'Tex' and came up with numerous non identifiable references. It searched for LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD Jr. and found he was mentioned in FBI 89-69-3662, 3663, 3666, 3768, 3774 p. 4, 3675, 3797; FBI 89-69-3798 p2, 3883p3, 3892; FBI 173-944-28A p2; FBI 123-393-3p8; FBI 157-12990. The FBI searched its indices on Sylvia Odio, William Houston Seymour [FBI 89-69-1797, 1809p2, 1839 p2, 3798p2] and Loran Hall [FBI 89-69-3666, 1275p.296]. [NARA FBI 124-10248-10489; NARA FBI 124-10248-10497]

On May 19, 1975, the FBI recapitulated Margeson's story:

"Margeson said HOWARD was later subpoenaed by former District Attorney Garrison, New Orleans, Louisiana, during course of Garrison's investigation of this matter. Margeson decided to come forth after viewing a recent television documentary on the Warren Commission investigations wherein it was depicted OSWALD was in Russia while in fact OSWALD was in California. This caused Margeson to believe that a conspiracy could possibly have existed in that OSWALD may not have acted alone. Buffalo indices contain nothing identifiable with Margeson or HOWARD. Bufiles contain no information identifiable with Margeson. Review of Bufiles reveals the following information:

"There is no indication that LEE HARVEY OSWALD used the aliases Harvey Lee or 'Tex.' He did use the alias 'O.H. Lee' while renting a room in Dallas Texas in October to November 1963.

"There is no indication OSWALD was in California in the 1960's. He left Russia in May 1962 and took up residence in Fort Worth, Texas, in June 1962. He lived at several residences there and in Dallas, Texas until April 1963, when he went to Mexico for several days and then returned to Texas.

"Coverage of his movements at any time was not necessarily complete. For the end of 1962 and early 1963 there is a period of time, October 19, 1962 to November 3, 1962, when his wife resided with several people in Texas and there was no record of his residence. There are no readily discernable gaps in his stay in New Orleans.

"LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD, Jr. DOB January 17, 1935, 5'11", 222 pounds, black wavy hair, brown eyes, medium olive complexion, who speaks English and Spanish fluently, was interviewed in 1964, in connection with the assassination of President Kennedy. At the time he resided with his wife Rose, and two daughters, at 3191 Blanchard Street, Los Angeles. He was employed at the I.T.E. Circuit Breaker Company.

"This interview was based on an allegation by Sylvia Odio, an anti-Castro Cuban refugee living in Dallas, Texas, that she was visited in Dallas, Texas, on September 26, 1963, or September 27, 1963, by OSWALD and two Cuban companions. Investigation determined that on September 26, 1963 or September 27, 1963 OSWALD was en route from New Orleans to Mexico by bus. Subsequent investigations revealed that the persons who visited Odio were probably HOWARD, William Houston Seymour and Loran Eugene Hall. Odio was shown photographs of the three but her memory was hazy and she could not recall meeting them. She testified before the Warren Commission regarding this meeting. The Commission concluded that she had not met OSWALD. "HOWARD, when interviewed in 1964, denied ever meeting Odio or ever knowing OSWALD. He was in the Florida Keys in January 1963 training with a group of men planning for an anti-Castro invasion of Cuba. He met Hall in Florida. He returned to Los Angeles in August 1963, for 17 days and then returned to Florida, stopping off in Dallas.

"Bufiles contain no information as to his whereabouts at specific times in 1962.

"Hall and HOWARD were subsequently subpoenaed to New Orleans, by District Attorney Jim Garrison in connection with his assassination probe.

"Hall aka Lorenzo Pascillo, DOB January 4, 1930, 5'11", 200 pounds, black hair, hazel eyes, dark complexion, mustache since 1960 and a full beard in September 1963, resided in Kernville, California, when interviewed in 1964. He operated the Rainbow Motel in Kernville and was employed as a truck driver. He mentioned that Seymour generally resembled OSWALD and could be mistaken for him. He could recall no meeting with Odio.

"Seymour was interviewed in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lived and worked as welder, in 1964. He admitted being involved in training anti-Castro Cubans in Florida, but denied ever meeting OSWALD. He said that in September 1963, he, Hall, and HOWARD went to Los Angeles. He stated he did not leave Florida between March 1962 and October 1962.

"Seymour is described as DOB January 12, 1937, 5'6", 140 pounds, brown curly hair and blue eyes, FBI # 365 647 D.

"Bureau files contain no information identifiable with Rudy Hernandez or 'Slim.'

"Margeson's information pertaining to OSWALD allegedly being in Russia while in fact he was in California is incorrect relative to the time OSWALD was in Russia. Margeson alleges to have seen OSWALD in California in late 1962 or early 1963. He lived in Texas until April 1963 when he moved to New Orleans. Additionally, it does not coincide with the time OSWALD was in New Orleans.

"Dallas, Los Angeles, and New Orleans should evaluate the information received from Margeson to determine if there is a possibility OSWALD was in Los Angeles in the company of HOWARD. All three offices should check indices regarding Margeson, Rudy Hernandez and 'Slim.' Buffalo hold any interview of Margeson in abeyance." [FBI 62-1827-154]

On May 29, 1975, the Los Angeles FBI Field Office determined "The Los Angeles files contain no information identifiable with Richard Monroe Margeson, Rudy Hernandez or Slim. A review of Los Angeles files reveals that Richard Monroe Margeson is referring to LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD Jr., who was interviewed in 1964. HOWARD freely admitted he trained with anti-Castro guerillas in Florida, and he denied knowing LEE HARVEY OSWALD, who was pro-Castro.

"The Los Angeles files indicated that OSWALD was in California when he was in the United States Marines Corps; however, this was prior to 1960 and prior to his defection to the Soviet Union. Upon OSWALD'S return to the United States from Russia there was no indication he was in California or ever in Los Angeles in the company of LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD Jr." [NARA FBI # 124-10175-10304] The Dallas FBI Office: "June 3, 1975...Dallas indices contain no information concerning Margeson, Rudy Hernandez and Slim. It is the observation of the Dallas Office that it is not likely LEE HARVEY OSWALD could have been in Los Angeles California in the company of LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD, Jr. in late 1962 or early 1963. It is suggested the Bureau may desire to have the Buffalo Office interview Margeson in order that the Agents conducting such interview can evaluate his information and conduct during the interview. [FBI 62-1827-156 6.6.75] The New Orleans Office of the FBI agreed. [FBI 62-1827-157 6.10.75]


"Margeson is a white male, born June 16, 1927, at Rochester, New York. He attended four years of high school but received no high school diploma. He completed a two year correspondence course in Traffic Management and a one year correspondence course in law. He was previously employed as a can machine mechanic for the T.J. Lipton Company, Albion, New York, until he was laid off in October 1974 and has been unemployed since that time. However, Margeson is a farmer and operates the farm at his residence and breeds and raises dogs.

"Margeson and his wife resided in the Los Angeles, California, area from 1950 through 1972. In 1960 Margeson secured a position as a Material Handler for Recold Corp. He was residing on Trigg Street in East Los Angeles at that time, which Margeson described as an area chiefly composed of Mexican Americans. During 1960 Margeson met Lawrence J. HOWARD Jr. who was a welder at Recold Corporation. Margeson described HOWARD as a white male of Mexican descent whose father was from the United States and his mother was from Mexico. He said that HOWARD was in his late 20's or early 30's at that time and was approximately six feet in height, 300 pounds, large build, black hair, brown eyes, medium complexion and wore a large Fu Manchu mustache. HOWARD'S residence was only a few blocks from where Margeson lived. HOWARD was married and his wife, whose name is unknown to Margeson, was of Mexican heritage and was employed by the telephone company. Also, HOWARD had a girlfriend, Josephine, (LNU), who was of Mexican heritage and who lived only a few blocks from Margeson.

"During most of 1960, the employees of Recold Corp. who were members of the United Auto Workers union local, were on strike. HOWARD was the leader of the Education Committee of this union, and Margeson was a member of the committee. Although HOWARD and Margeson devoted some of their time to the union activities, both had ample time to pursue their hobbies of camping, hunting, guns and fast draw contests. Because of their common employment and since they were both avid gun and hunting buffs, HOWARD and Margeson spent a considerable amount of time together.

"There was a lot of publicity regarding Castro and Cuba at that time and it soon became common knowledge in the area where Margeson resided that recruiting efforts were being made, particularly among Spanish-speaking people, for volunteers to organize into an anti-Castro group. HOWARD became interested in this anti-Castro movement and decided to become involved in recruiting volunteers. Although Margeson was spending most of his time researching possible lost gold mines, he sometimes accompanied HOWARD in his recruiting efforts. HOWARD and Margeson would drive around at night in the area where Cuban refugees were living in the Los Angeles area and would attempt to recruit volunteers for an anti-Castro group at gas stations, parking lots and other places where Cuban refugees would congregate. Margeson was unable to understand these conversations because HOWARD spoke to the Cuban refugees in Spanish and Margeson does not understand that language. The purpose of these efforts was to recruit a volunteer guerilla army and to raise funds to train and support this army for an invasion into Cuba. Margeson commented that he observed the volatile Latin temperament displayed by HOWARD, other Mexican Americans and the Cuban refugees and that this temperament possibly explains there extreme emotions in connection with anti-Castro movement.

"Sometime during 1961 HOWARD went to Florida for the purpose of training volunteers for the guerilla army which was to invade Cuba. HOWARD seemed particularly suited for this activity in view of his expertise in handling firearms and knives. HOWARD told Margeson he had served in the U.S. Army and had received a medical discharge because of an injury to his foot. Margeson noticed that HOWARD limped after he had been walking for a prolonged period of time. Margeson received a post card from HOWARD and the postcard was from Marathon Key, Florida, in the Florida Keys. HOWARD mentioned Big Pine and Little Pine as being nearby Marathon Key, and Margeson assumed that the guerilla warfare training was taking place in that area.

"HOWARD returned to Los Angeles after several months, arriving sometime in 1962. Accompanying HOWARD was Rudy Hernandez, a white male of Mexican descent, in his 20's, 5'2" to 5'4" in height, stocky build, black hair and dark complexion. Also accompanying HOWARD was a while male, age in the late 20's, 5'8" to 5'9", 150 to 165 pounds, slender build whom Margeson knew only as 'Slim.' HOWARD resided with his wife in their home near Margeson's residence and Hernandez and 'Slim' resided in the Olive Hotel, Olive Street, Los Angeles. Hernandez, 'Slim,' and Margeson obtained employment painting and refurbishing the Old Union Temple Building located behind the Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Station, which was supervised by a man named Jack Casey. This building reportedly housed the Marquade Printing Shop in the basement which at the time was engaged in printing the original draft of Richard M. Nixon's book after he lost the Presidential election. HOWARD, Hernandez and 'Slim' began talking about a man called 'Tex' who was coming to Los Angeles from New Orleans. From their comments Margeson learned that 'Tex' was not involved in the guerilla training movement in Florida but that 'Tex' was considered to be a very important person by Margeson's friends. They indicated that 'Tex' was one of their people and implied that he had something to do with the Cuban invasion. HOWARD had mentioned that on his way back to Los Angeles from Florida, he had driven a car from New Orleans to Los Angeles for a company involved in 'dead-heading' or relocating cars. In late 1962 or early 1963 'Tex' arrived in Los Angeles and roomed with Hernandez and 'Slim' at the Olive Hotel. Margeson described 'Tex' as a white male age in his late 20's or early 30's, 5' 8" to 5' 9" in height, 150 to 160 pounds, slender build, brown hair and medium complexion. Margeson was curious about 'Tex' because of the fuss made over him by his friends and prior to 'Tex's' arrival, Margeson approached HOWARD with the suggestion of Margeson having 'Tex' at his home for dinner. HOWARD'S first reaction was one of reluctance but eventually he conceded. When 'Tex' arrived Margeson drove to the Olive Hotel in order to take 'Tex' back to Margeson's home for dinner. Margeson found it was very difficult to make conversation with 'Tex.' Many times 'Tex' would not reply to a question and generally had a very dull personality. 'Tex' told Margeson he had never been in the Los Angeles area before. In anticipation of introducing 'Tex' to his wife, Margeson asked 'Tex' his name. At first 'Tex' hesitated but then told Margeson his name. Although Margeson is not positive, he believes that 'Tex' gave the name of LEE HARVEY or HARVEY LEE. Margeson said he recalls these names through word association based on the fact that he has a relative by the name of Lee and another relative by the name of Harvey. After eating a delicious home cooked meal, 'Tex' did not even bother to thank Margeson or Margeson's wife.

"'Tex' began working on the Old Union Temple Building with Hernandez, 'Slim' and Margeson. The supervisor of this work, Jack Casey, was seldom on the job and therefore, Margeson and the others spent only a small amount of their time actually working with most of their time being devoted to 'bull sessions.' 'Tex' gave the impression that he was a rough and tumble type person who liked the idea of guerilla type warfare, however, Margeson was told by the others that 'Tex' had received an undesirable or a bad conduct discharge from the military. Margeson did hold this against 'Tex' since Margeson had received a bad conduct discharge from the military. 'Tex' frequently talked about making big money and his schemes usually involved violence. As an example, Margeson recalled 'Tex' talking about a guerilla type raid on a diamond mine in Peru in which everyone in the mine would be killed and a fortune in diamonds would be seized. 'Tex' mentioned something about a $50,000 reward for Castro's head. One of 'Tex's' peculiarities was determine how quickly he could get from the top of the building in which they were working to the lobby and he would frequently challenge someone to a race. Margeson said he did not know how 'Tex' got from the top of the building to the lobby because they took different routes in their races but he thought that 'Tex' might be sliding down the elevator cables. In one of their bull sessions Margeson asked 'Tex' if he and his group had any contact with the CIA. In response, 'Tex' took a scrap of paper out of his wallet and showed it to Margeson. This scrap of paper had a name and telephone number on it. Margeson cannot recall the name but remembers that it was the name of a prominent family in the South. "Tex's' purpose in showing Margeson this name was to show Margeson that he had connections with important people. 'Tex' stayed for about one month then left the Los Angles area, not indicating where he was going, and Margeson never heard from 'Tex' again. Hernandez and 'Slim' left at the same time but Margeson does not know if they left together. During the time that Margeson and the others were working the Old Union Temple Building, HOWARD never came to that building, and Margeson got the impression that HOWARD intentionally avoided being seen with that group at that building, but Margeson did not know the reason.

"After the Bay of Pigs incident, Margeson asked HOWARD what he intended to do since the Cuban invasion had failed. Although HOWARD never made any statements, Margeson felt HOWARD implied that he or someone associated with the anti-Castro movement intended to do something very spectacular and to blame it on Castro. This incident was to be so horrendous as to put the United States Government in such a position that they would be forced to openly invade Cuba.

"Around October 1963 Margeson moved from Trigg Street to East 53rd Street, Maywood, California, and he lost contact with HOWARD. At that time HOWARD was working for a trailer manufacturer on Whittier Blvd. in Los Angeles. Margeson saw HOWARD'S name and address in the Los Angeles Times in connection with HOWARD being subpoenaed by former District Attorney Garrison...Margeson and his wife drove to this address, which he believes was in San Gabriel or South San Gabriel, in order to see HOWARD and talk over old times. Margeson recalled that HOWARD resided near Rose Mead Blvd. When Margeson and his wife arrived at HOWARD'S residence, there was a truck camper parked in the driveway with a Cadillac parked behind it. Margeson rang the doorbell and could hear voices inside through the partially opened front door. HOWARD came to the door with an automatic pistol in his hand looking out of the door cautiously to see who was there. When HOWARD recognized Margeson, he told Margeson he was busy at the moment, and asked Margeson to return in about an hour. When Margeson returned in an hour, HOWARD again came to the door with the pistol in his hand. HOWARD then put the pistol in his belt and invited the Margeson's inside. During the time they were talking Margeson noticed there was another automatic pistol on the telephone stand near the sofa and HOWARD indicated during their conversation that he had seven loaded guns in his house. HOWARD told Margeson that things were a little tough since he had been subpoenaed to testify in New Orleans. He showed Margeson an envelope and said that it contained his airplane tickets to New Orleans and a letter from D.A. Garrison. Margeson asked HOWARD if he were going to go to New Orleans to testify. HOWARD answered that the man who had just been at his home who was driving the Cadillac was HOWARD'S attorney and that he had been taking HOWARD'S deposition so that HOWARD would not have to go testify. HOWARD said that if he might go to New Orleans they might lock him up and lose the key.

"HOWARD told Margeson that his wife and two daughters were with his mother and that he was staying in his home alone. HOWARD commented that he did not know who could be an enemy and that he had to be very cautious. Margeson commented that HOWARD was not the kind of person who ever seemed to be afraid of anything, but that he appeared very frightened at that time. Margeson believes this visit took place in 1968.

"After this visit, Margeson lost contact with HOWARD. Margeson stated that he subsequently observed a great deal of national publicity in the various media concerning the arrest of HOWARD and five other individuals in a 38 foot boat off the Florida coast for a violation of the Neutrality Act. The names of the other five individuals were Cuban names. HOWARD was in possession of a 7 mm or .32 caliber Browning automatic pistol that Margeson had previously sold to HOWARD.

"Margeson's curiosity concerning the activities of HOWARD, Hernandez, 'Slim' and 'Tex' was aroused when the Watergate incident was receiving so much publicity. Margeson speculated that HOWARD, who always described himself as a soldier-of-fortune, must have been involved in President Kennedy's assassination and this was the incident HOWARD meant when he referred to something that would force the United States to invade Cuba. Margeson also speculated that HOWARD must have known E. HOWARD HUNT because E. HOWARD HUNT spent time in Florida when he was with the CIA and that HUNT would have known anyone such as HOWARD who was involved in training guerillas for a possible invasion of Cuba.

"Margeson began thinking about 'Tex' when he reviewed photographs of LEE HARVEY OSWALD. Margeson stated that 'Tex' looked very much like OSWALD, but that he is certain that 'Tex' is not OSWALD because their mouths were considerably different and OSWALD had a weaker chin. Margeson said that the November 1971 edition of True Magazine contains an article concerning Alpha-66, a Miami based militant Cuban exile group. The author of this article was Dean E. Bostick. The same magazine contains a photograph of Bostick which seems to Margeson to be identical to HOWARD. The magazine also contains some information concerning Bostick, describing Bostick as a freelance writer and a soldier-of-fortune who had been involved in the seizure of a 38 foot boat by the U.S. Coast Guard in the straits between Florida and Cuba in early September of that year and that this boat contained ammunition and parts of a .50 caliber machine gun. The magazine indicated that Bostick was released on his own recognizance and that charges against him were later dropped.

"Margeson stated that he does not actually have any information which would connect HOWARD or any of HOWARD'S friends with the assassination of President Kennedy. He explained that he had a lot of free time since he lost his job in October 1974 and that he had started thinking about these matters and formulating his own theories. He said that his memory has become somewhat hazy and that he is uncertain as to names and dates and much of the other information.

"It was pointed out to Margeson that some of the information he had furnished was contradictory to that furnished by Sheriff Allen L. Capwell, Wyoming County, Warsaw, New York, as related by Capwell as having been told to him by Margeson. Margeson stated his only explanation is that Sheriff Capwell mush have misunderstood him.

"It is noted that Margeson's home has the appearance of a one room shack and was in a disorderly condition. Margeson was contacted at approximately 8:15 a.m. and still had not arisen. Although Margeson speaks relatively well, he appears to confuse fact with his own theories. Dallas, Los Angeles and New Orleans evaluate results of above interview and advise the Bureau." [NARA 124-10265-10228]

The Dallas FBI Office concluded: "From a review of the interview with Richard Monroe Margeson it does not appear that he has furnished any information that requires additional investigation. He has stated he is certain that 'Tex' was not LEE HARVEY OSWALD. If the Bureau feels additional investigation is warranted, it would appear an inquiry could be made to locate employment records of individuals working in the Old Union Temple Building or of registrations available for the Olive Hotel, both Los Angeles, in an effort to identify 'Tex.' It is the recommendation of Dallas that no further action be taken." The FBI in New Orleans stated that LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD had requested that Garrison send someone to Los Angeles to depose him. Subsequently he went to New Orleans and conferred with Garrison. [FBI 62-1827-160, 161]

HEMMING 1995: "Well that just tells me HOWARD probably recruited OSWALD. He had a habit of doing that, he was trying to set up his own organization. Which he did with Hall, when Hall showed up he recruited Hall. When these people go home they're working for whoever they're working for. HOWARD was not setting OSWALD up, he was finding out where he was coming from. The guy shows up on the scene and you're working as an informant for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms or anybody else you're expected to fill out a goddamn index card on who this sucker is, try to get a copy of his prints and everything else. He probably was out on the West Coast meeting with HOWARD. And HOWARD would know xxxx about it, he just does he's told to xxxxing do."


Margeson witnessed OSWALD visit LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD in Los Angeles in late 1963. Both OSWALD and HOWARD were friends of GERRY PATRICK HEMMING. Manuel Aguilar would also put LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD and OSWALD together prior to the assassination of President John Kennedy. There was a period of time between when OSWALD was not working and OSWALD had no known address in Dallas.

OSWALD could have visited LAWRENCE JOHN HOWARD at this time for two days at the most. He could not have worked there, dined with the Margesons, confided in Richard Monroe Margeson. If OSWALD was in Los Angeles for two weeks, someone else would have spotted him. Richard Margeson's story about OSWALD riding elevator cables was designed to show that OSWALD could have committed the Kennedy assassination then quickly appeared on a lower floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Another FBI document associated "Tex" and "Larry." [Allen L. Capwell 4808 Midlb Warsaw NY 14569 716-786-3897]


Remember EVERYTHING quickly change especially in the bureacracies as the 'New Americanists' ultra's moved into allpowerful positions upon the death of Kennedy. The fact they under Johnson 'Democrats' realized where the new and immovable power lay, even leading to his resignation. Johnson could no longer serve two masters.

Things in the Bureau and all other agencies of U.S. Government even before the so-called Warren Commision was set up became part of the change, as they and their leaders began to serve the new system. {they followed instructions}

The results of things since Nov.63 easily show the ongoing coverup, direction and change taken by this new revolutionary government.

No one can or will ever be charge and convicted officially in the Dallas murder of Kennedy under this perpetual, immoveable system. {no matter by what name it is know} Republican/Democrat/or other.

The only conviction{s} will result only from the untiring efforts of researchers and/or others that care.

Cannot thank you enough for the info. on Howard and group et al. Am certain he and I went to his residence 1963 in Pico Rivera.

All those towns surround L.A. City on the south and east and pretty much border on one another. Hall lived in Monterey Park, nearby.

I cannot ID Hernandez in the photo with Howard and Billy Seymour. It is so that I observed mostly actionaries and leaders of groups including Larry Howard also other higher up symathizers, and causists where greater power lay. It is here about 10: PM, so I will wish you Happy New Year!

Until later.......


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Thanks, Harry, for sharing your thoughts.

I bought up Hernandez and the guy photographed with Seymour and Howard because when Seymour supposedly took off for Arizona in November of 1963, he claimed he was disillusioned with it all and departed with a character by the name of Sardinia. Discussions with a couple of people who were around at the time remember that Sardinia's last name was Hernandez. A long shot I know.

I know there is more we can learn about what happened in L.A. which then reflected on Dallas. We'll just keep plugging away.

Have a great new year.


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