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JFK Research in 2005

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To that end I would like to add a single name to this forum: Norman(Roughhouse) Rothman who made a fortune selling guns to both sides of the Cuban Revolution and who according to his son used Hymie Rubinstien; AKA. Jack Ruby as his middle man. Faustino also told me of the numerous occasions when Hunt and Liddy visited his home and even dropped the name of Ed Lansdale and general Walker as the money behind the operation. (John Ritchson)

Hi John,

In your research, did you ever come across any information that suggested Herminio Diaz Garcia was behind some gun sales to Rothman?


Greetings James:

I am curently trying, so far without success, to contact Faustino who if memory serves told me that his Mother's maiden name is Garcia and whether or not she is related to Herminio. The implications of this should be readily appearent. I will keep this forum abreast of this issue, but please be patient as I am double checking all of my research and attempting to follow the procedures of proper journalism as well as science in the preparation of my next article.


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This quote says a lot to me, Dawn.  Entitlement fits very comfortably with the "need to know."  There's a great deal of self-importance in this line of work, I believe.  The level of secrecy required is not for everybody.  I think Hunt knows this world inside and out and will never disclose details about his involvement in covert operations. Never directly, perhaps in pulp fiction, but watered down to protect the truth. This is the life he chose, after all and he knows how dangerous it is firsthand.

I spoke to Hunt on phone years ago about my father and Cuban operations.  He shared nothing and insisted I was making a movie (I'm not) and digging where it was none of my business.  I left the conversation on good terms with nothing but an interesting contact.  Don't wait for a deathbed confession from this source.

His children though, have a wonderful story. I hope one of them will write about it one day.  I'm most interested in the families of covert operatives and how they view this "dictatorship"? they live under. 

James, Montgomery County is in Maryland, not DC.  Hunt lived in Miami when I spoke to him.


Hunt will never talk for several reasons. The murder ( I believe) of his wife Dorothy, mother of their 5 children, on 12/8/72 aboard United Airlines flight 533, as she was (allegedly) about to spill the beans to Michelle Clark, a young (black) up and coming CBS newsperson is certainly a major factor here. Even Chuck Colson told time Mag. on 7/8/74 "I don't say this to my people. They'd think I'm nuts. I think the CIA killed Dorothy Hunt".

Did they? Or did the man in the Whitehouse who had the most to lose? Coincidentally the pilot's name was "Whitehouse".

Anyone interested in this plane crash can get all the details on line by going to Sherman Skolnick's webcite. It is also beautifully covered in Oglesby's Yankee Cowboy war. Carl give's Skolnick most of the credit in the book, but there was another person who checked out every word of Skolnicks work, but did not wish to be given credit for it at the time: Then MIT philosophy professor and member of Assassination Information Bureau, Jim Kostman.


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I recently reread the Garrett Trapnell story in Dick Russell's book.

As most of you know, Trapnell reported to the FBI BEFORE THE ASSASSINATION that he had met with a group of Cuban exiles in May or June of 1963 and they were discussing killing RFK (he later said JFK).

At first he thought they were with Cuban intelligence (he claimed to be with Cuban intelligence infilitrating the anti-Castro exile organizations). Later he thought they might have been from Alpha 66.

IMO, if the FBI had further checked his report immediately after the assassination it MIGHT have cracked the case.

Trapnell described the building on Flagler Street in Little Havana where the meeting occured.

Does anyone know if Trapnell is still alive? If the building stiill stands and he can identify it, title research would show the record owner of the building in 1963 and from there it might be possible to determine who was occupying or leasing the building. I believe Trapnell said it was a corner building with big glass windows.

What are people's opinions? Was Trapnell's story credible? Is ths worth pursuing?

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that through the efforts of the research community, 2005 will show significant progress toward a resolution of the Crime of the (20th) Century.

In that regard, perhaps we could post our thoughts on research avenues that still need exploring. 

Yes, noble idea!....but quite a lot of work....not impossible however.

When I once-upon-a-time had been given a large amount of money to research the JFK assassination I had the idea to fund a JFK Assassination Encyclopedia. Since there are so many 'players' , witnesses, researchers and opinions of researchers etc., I envisioned having all the good researechers do their best on a particular topic and alternate opinions also entered. Referencing all is most important so other researchers can retrace or fill in or enhance research to date on particular topic and cross-referenced [easy with hyperlinks]. A database type website [or part of this one dedicated to such a huge assembly of information] would be needed and someone to monitor/edit it and decide what gets in and what not. If persons chose topics and tried to distill the research [with all its branches - advances and retreats / information and disinformation / consent and disent], reference it highly, this could be a great research and learning tool. It is a daunting task, but one perhaps worthe the effort. It would take years to complete and would need the input of many excellent researchers who do not show up on this site. I would propose that debate over included items be held here and NOT within the growing database. As many photos and videos and inclusion of documents be made in it. It would be massive and important.

Excellent idea! Wow!

We should start on putting it together. Perhaps we should start with an index

(e.g. Angleton (A) to Zapruder (Z) then people could be assigned to write articles about the people, events, etc.

One problem, of course, is the difference of opinion within the research community re the people involved. For instance, some people claim Angleton masterminded the assassination whereas I consider him a patriot and I believe the destruction of the counterintelligence and human intelligence areas after Angleton was "booted out" of the CIA directly contributed to the intelligence failures leading to 9/11. There's obviously a way around the issue of differing opinions: simply include the differing opinions.

It would certainly be a massive job, but can we begin? Shouldn't the encyclopedia be "on-line"?


Tim: You "consider (Angleton) a PATRIOT????



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Tim Gratz ... where do we go from here?

Bob Cox....... http://www.grassyknollgazette.com/wherenow.dwt.

Alana Collins....Now that all of these questions have been raised ..." Does nothing happen as a result of this fervent research? "

John Simkin ...."I would like to see all active members post on this thread. It will give us some idea of how many there are involved in this joint investigation."

I believe this to be the best thread,

on the best JFK Assassination website,:EVER!

This thread has mass, something to do and touch. It is burden. It is payoff. It suggest that its the common mans job now. That from the W/comish to the ARRB types...were never truthsayers on our side. And I believe thats true.

How/When, we can ALL start, ...to finish this thread?

Does anyone know "who else," (the preferred method,) to hand this thread off to? ......No, me either.

Some say....Get more interviews:

Okay, I'M for it.

I, Richard Pullen, live in Tampa Fl. I would be proud to personally interview anyone that you deem in my area, even though, I believe it wrong strategy. But if Mrs. Allen Dulles gave us the interview of the century...it would equal nothing. The controlling culprits would reduce it to nothing and the people don't know, don't care, and can't figure why you do regarding this. (anyone below age 50, probably can't recall JFK.)

Some say.... Do a encylopedia of all involved:

Im for it.

But we've done that for 42 years now. It WON'T end this.


Correct statagy, is for witnesses to come to us - not we to them.

That we have failed to market our knowledge.


Three proposals.

#1. Have a specific place here on this forum, for 'Everyone' to sumit their idea of how best to accomplish their goal.

Then, as a group, we can choose successful actions on the best of the ideas.

There is ALOT of talent here. We can all hang together. (oops.) We can all work together.

My goal ...would be to present to 100m Americans that the killers of our President ARE STILL HERE. That they DID NOT go away. It WAS a coup!

I only want to present it. And let 43 years of your research EXPLAIN it. And let the country act on it.

JFK The MOVIE Worked! It caused ARRB.

#2. To interest the people in the case I propose:

We have a" guaranteed proven "honest" Citizens TRIAL....On TV. Much behind the scenes- on streaming internet.

The JFK case divided into 12 parts due to size and time. (4 months?)

12 jurys of impartial citizens. (144 people + alternants) (1 jury from a retirement home, 1 from a high school, college, 1 from England, Germany, Ireland,......) All start, all end, and announce there verdicts on questions at the same time.

12 foremen from each jury will have last Big Trial to combine knowledge and confirm past verdicts.

It has kinks. Ligitimacy is not one of them. (OJ is innocent, ligitmatley. Let him tell that to his employer.) :D

Funding is a kink!

#3. Funding:It comes first. We need ideas.

My Idea touches million of Americans. It says "Im a part." "Im interested" "I'll SHOW my friends."

Any businessman can explain why it can't be publicly detailed. I'll be glad to explain details to any designate chosen and he can analyze and report if it has chances...or to go with another idea.

Many researchers and intrested have faded to passivity. I think I notice even in this forum on fire some 6 months ago, a cooling. Rehashing the rehashing will make us generic. True...the hashing solved the case. Very true.

Where do we go from here?

We build a way to touch the minds of people.

Let everyone bring their brick.

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Re Mr. Pullen's last, interesting post, I have this thought:

Perhaps there could be a way for people interested in finding the truth to pool their resources and hire the best possible criminal investigator to pursue leads. In this thread we have suggested a number of people who are still alive who ought to be interviewed, and some of us have offered to try to seek them out and interview them. Several problems however. While the intelligence of many of the members on this forum is readily apparent, I have not encountered one member trained in criminal investigation, other than Al Carrier who is trained in crime scene investigation. Interrogation techniques require both training and experience. Second, a telephone interview will never replace a face-to-face interview. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewee will often be more cooperative. Plus, of course, the interviewer can make judgments of demeanor.

To go further, I suggest a steering committee could be put together to "control" the investigation: not in a bad sense but even the trained investigator could be given priorities. Then people comfortable with the steering committee could contribute to the fund. There would be a wriiten trust agreement stipulating, among other things: 1. that the steering committee members serve without compensation or even expense reimbursement; 2. that all interim reports of the investigator to the steering committee be kept confidential (unless two-thirds of the steering committee members agreed to make them public or reveal them to a limited number of people for ideas); 3. that all money raised go to pay the salary and expenses of the investigator.

Obviously a citizen's inquiry would never have the power of a governmental investigation since the inquiry would, for instance, lack the power of subpoena and the power to grant witness immunity. But it is possible that a competent investigator could, in one year, make considerable progress.

Anyone think such an idea is worth considering? It would be my suggestion that once the committee was put together funding could be solicited from the public at large: i.e., it would not be limited to members of the assassination research committee.

Edited by Tim Gratz
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Tim, Members,

I believe its time to go Country and International size. Now, more than ever. (not an original a quote- but the Ideas here are original.)

A vertict on JFK could stop a war and the wars to come in the next few years. Its the only thing that will beat propaganda and Diebold machines. We can enlist/join the 911 community now. TIME...is short!

>Tim>> ...people interested in finding the truth to pool their resources and hire the best possible criminal investigator to pursue leads. <<<

Al Carrier will be frustrated by the powers that be. "They've" had 43 yrs experience at hiding the truth.

Let Ted Kopel mention this citizens trial-- then watch witnesses come to Al.

>>>> Alana Collins....Now that all of these questions have been raised ..." Does nothing happen as a result of this fervent research? "<<<

We've read the books. All the evidence that one needs to decide, is in. Lets do what can be done with the facts we know? I say, show it to 100 million people. There is a way.

>>>Tim >>> I suggest a steering committee ....<<<

We need volenteers, comitments, deadlines.


We CAN get startup funding. We must show a workable plan.

>> Tim >> Obviously a citizen's inquiry would never have the power of a governmental investigation since the inquiry would, for instance, lack the power of subpoena and the power to grant witness immunity. <<<

Thats actually a plus IMO.

Make the inquiry Honest... thats all the people want.

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