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Sumir Sharma

Blogs on History

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Firt of all:

I thanks to the Forum. I am encouraged by the posts on the forum and also different postings. I am able to learn some more use of internet. I have developed my own blogs. I knew about it but never thought about it. It is only from the one posting of a member, I felt that I can also make use of it.

I struggled for some days but finally I was able to decide few things and the result were these three blogs.




The contents of all such blogs are related to Indian History and India. No doubt, they are formed with some motives also. They are related to examination of national level where history is one of the subject.

But I am here after some days. All my blogs are motivated by a comment of a young poster who had commented about the use of ICT and E-help. Before writing this, I tried to find his name but being in hurry, I am just writing this. I wanted to acknowledge him because some of his comments had impressed me a lot. They have encouraged and motivated me. In the beginning of my carrier I had similar thoughts. Somewhere, I had lost that feeling. He has revived it. He has a particular style of writing and he is young (1980 Born).

Secondly, though it is meant for posting at some other place, the appearence has changed. It is effecting. I think we have become accustomed to earlier appearence.

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I had started a blog titled Dictionary of History of India. It was started with an idea of providing the list of the short answers which forms the part of the question papers at different levels including schools, colleges as well as selection tests in India. No doubt, the contents are guided by the syllabus of College level History papers and Selection tests to various examinations in India.

The blog is developing into a good form. I have made it a point to give links to the original sources which are being made available by online archives and library. That is adding some value to it.

I believe that the contents can be used as ready material for the quiz programmes also.

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