A question which occurred to me recently is, exactly who had custody of the briefcase referred to as "the football", the one containing the confidential codes to begin/control a nuclear attack, on November 22, 1963, between 12:30 and the time of LBJ's swearing-in aboard AF1? I tried to do a Google search, but came up empty...and I know that Alexander Haig wasn't there to claim "I'm in charge"...so who was, as it were, "holding the bag?" A recent report in the newspaper on the history of "the football"--so named, according to this article, because of the code name "dropkick" once associated with the nuclear defense plan--said that "the football" has existed since at least the days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. So...who had the football when the QB got sacked, and before the second-stringer got suited up?