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James Richards

A question for Stephen Roy

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A couple of observations on the questions about Ferrie.

First off althought he flight plan cannot be substantiated in any pure sense there

are several elements that seem to corroborate it including a very interesting incident in Texas which fits with these dates and strongly suggests that Ferrie may have been doing some shuttling around Texas and possibly on into Cuba. Everything I could find of that nature is in Someone Would Have Talked.

I'll have to look for the book. Sounds interesting, and I regard you as a serious and careful researcher.

Second, I have sources that indicate that although Ferrie was with Marcello in the courtroom on Nov. 22, he did not wait for the verdict but left before hand....shortly after the word came from Dallas. This seems suggests to me that he very likely did not have a planned role in the attack but rather than he certainly did know Oswald and was aware of a number of previous contacts and activities that would quickly make him a suspect...or at least a "person of interest" as we call it today.

Have you heard anything similar about Nov 22 Stephen?

-- Larry

If you mean that he left the courtroom before the verdict, that is a hard thing to establish. There is a conflict and wiggle room in the few accounts in CD75.

If you mean that he left New Orleans on his trip to Texas sometime in the early afternoon, I am skeptical. I did a detailed timeline of that weekend and spoke with several people who interacted with him that day, and the evidence seems solid. This includes both friends and casual acquaintences. For Ferrie to have left NO before about 9:15pm requires that they are all lying, and have coordinated their accounts. I am not one of those who presumes that "Ferrie's friends are all a bunch of liars", as one researcher put it. Further, I've spoken with them in person, and you get a different impression in person, much like a jury seeing a witness or defendant. I suppose anything is impossible, but I am at a loss to explain what motive they would have for telling the same lie, and having it pass my normally sensitive BS detector!

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