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Evan Burton

Jack White's Aulis "Apollo Hoax" Investigation - A Rebuttal

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I see that the old "Kubrick admits he faked the landings" meme is rearing its ugly head again:


I can't remember if Jack White ever supported this (maybe it was Fetzer?) but it is easily disproven garbage. Despite how laughable this is, there are the weak minded who use it to support their beliefs without doing the most basic research on its authenticity. It reminds me of the mockumentry "Dark Side of the Moon" regarding Kubrick, where people were 'coming forward' to admit that it was faked: names like Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Haig... who all appeared in roles they never held or indeed for 'enemy' countries! (I think Rumsfeld appeared as a Russian spy or as the Soviet ambassador).

It really is an indictment on the credulity of some people these days: "it's on the internet so it MUST be true!".

The video has been taken down.

"It really is an indictment on the credulity of some people these days: "it's on the internet so it MUST be true!"."

This is a sad but very often true commentary on todays society with the need for instant gratification.

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