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Charles Black

? Mr. Oswald...do you own a rifle ?

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Please pardon my ignorance, but you are apparently on an intellectual level so far above me, that I really have no idea of WHAT you just posted or WHY you posted it.

I would appreciate a much lower level explanation by either you or anyone else who might assist me.

You merely, in my thinking, posted a negative..... with absolutely no backing. With what type of person do you usually correspond that would find your "non-reponse" of any significance ?

You brilliantly stated "....Oswald did own a rifle.

That's my leap."

What does this have to do with what I proposed?

You followed with.....

" This is what I mean by leaps of logic".

What "leap of logic" ?

And then you informed me......"You're making an assumption based on a theory which is based on a hunch which is based on a series of hypotheses"

If you really know what you are talking about, please explain to this poor old country boy.

And then...."you are trying to connect dots that cannot be connected".

In your response, which was your most assertive statement (I think), you stated "OSWALD DID OWN A RIFLE".

Most on this forum would probably agree with that.

But please inform me as well as anyone interested, how you know that "Oswald did own a rifle" on November 22, 1963 ?

If I am not mistaken, I was "inferring" that there is more than a good chance that he DID NOT!

Do you really mean that you did not understand this?

There are no clear lines of facts in this case in which "the dots CAN be connected".

If there were, I would not be wasting my time answering your "brilliant" assertions !

Charlie Black


I'm finding your posts kind of weird so please bear with me. You stated that you believe it's possible that LHO did not own a rifle at all, correct?

Charlie says: LHO might not have owned a rifle at all.


I think this is silly. I believe he did own a rifle, based on lots of available evidence.

I find your thesis faulty.

I believe that in hoisting the theory that LHO did not own a rifle, you are making a great leap.

Got that?


You no doubt are illiterate, a fool, or an exhibitionist that doesn't mind showing your ass to the entire world ?

You are probably the only person on this entire forum that could not grasp "that", which I stated, three separate times. For the fourth time....JUST FOR MARK....I stated that there is no proof that Oswald ownned on 11/22/63, the MC Rifle found in the TSBD on the afternoon of 11/22/63.

Is there anyone on this forum, other than Mike, that does not understand what I repeatedly stated and in detail explained my theory / speculation in my opening thread ?

Mark since you seem to be very fond of the word "leaping", perhaps you should LEAP into a reading comprehension class !

Charlie Black

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Does anyone know if there were any cleaning patches, bore brushes, cleaning rods, solvents, gun oil, extra ammo etc found that belonged to Oswald?

None were found anywhere.

And, the scratches along CE399 which the un-informed have claimed to represent a 6-groove bullet are in fact merely the scratches implied to the bullet by corrosion & crud (powder residue, bullet scraping; etc) inside the rifle barrel which usually

end up down in the bottom two grooves of the barrel and thereafter cause parallel scratches along the round as it forces it's way over and across this corrosion & residue.

IE: Poorly cleaned barrel and representative scratches on CE399 as a result of same.

Lastly, the WCC 6.5mm Carcano ammo was issued by the box (20 rounds to the box) with no clips provided.

Since LHO obtained his WCC ammo at some unknown location, it must be assumed that he also acquired his apparantly one and only Carcano clip there as well.

We have no ammo box; we have no cleaning equipment; and we have no extra rounds. (other than #4 not fired & found)

And, PPS.

Inside each and ever box of ammo was found the following slip of paper which makes the production of this ammo about as clandestine as a pink elephant in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot.

Perhaps more than you asked for?

There was one report filed by a DPD officer which stated that LHO had a POCKET FULL OF BULLETS FOR THE RIFLE in his possession when arrested. Another stated he had pistol shells in his pocket when arrested. How did these guys get away with reporting this crap as facts?

Since I believe this to be pure unadulterated horsedookie....I have to ask; why in the world is virtually every piece of "evidence" paired with a piece of, for lack of a better term, anti-evidence?

Could it have been simply a means of preserving "evidence" which could be used to construct any scenario which might be needed at some later point in time?

I, for one, instinctively distrust much of the BS which was passed off as "evidence" in this matter.

Back to the rifle....where is there any real proof that LHO owned that MC? Heck, I would like to see anyone prove that he personally accepted it from his P.O. Box. Mr. Holmes in the Post Office gives me reason to doubt their records regarding LHO.

I could go on and on, but, it would only serve to disrupt the topic.

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Guest Mark Valenti

There is no evidence that places LHO in the sixth floor window with a rifle.

There is disputed evidence that has LHO ordering a rifle by mail order.

There is disputed testimony about LHO shooting at Walker, practicing shooting in a field, or hunting in Russia.

No one has yet proved conclusively that LHO brought the MC into the TSBD on 11-22.

And yet -- to completely disconnect LHO from the MC, in my opinion, disconnects him entirely from participation - unwitting, willing or coerced, in any aspect of the conspiracy. Given his predilictions, that is a stretch I can't as yet reconcile. I believe he had the MC in his possession at some point.

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Finally Mark

I cannot definitely dispute that he may have "owned the rifle at some point".

My assertion was that there is no "proof" that he in fact owned, on 11/22/63, "any" rifle which was found in the TSBD on 11/22/63.

I feel that there is very good reason to believe my "speculated" sale of a rifle as I stated in my original thread. It can provide answers to many questions and in my thinking makes use of some "good planning".

Charlie Black

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