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  2. Does the fact that he announced to the world that he was a "patsy" also mean he was involved in, or had some knowledge of, a plot?
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  4. If we assume that LHO was a patsy and knew it, then the last place he would go would be to a pre-arranged rendezvous with the people who just made him a patsy. He might well determine that would be a lethal meeting. My guess is LHO figured out he was the patsy rather quickly, and vamoosed by the means available, and then got his gun. He knew he could not stay at home, or on city streets. A movie theatre, darkened, might the best of bad options. IMHO, LHO's leaving the TBSD and getting a gun have always signalled either guilt or involvement in the JFKA. If we rule out guilt, that means LHO was the patsy, but figured it out quickly on the basis of a few gunshots and sirens. To me, that suggests LHO was involved in some event that was supposed to happen, such as a false-flag but unsuccessful JFKA. But I am re-reading Larry Hancock's Tipping Point for pointers. The connection between LHO and a small assassination team imported into Dallas from Miami, on a very compartmentalized basis, is difficult to ascertain.
  5. Jeez. Was Ida a insert ??? Part of the cover up? Used? Manipulated? My mothers first name was Ida. She nor Ms. Dox was a Red.
  6. Which is why the shenanigans with an undetermined number of hijackers and hijackings, and four disputed crash sites, are so pesky and troublesome to an organized mind
  7. Jim, as you petitioned Joe Bauer regarding Californians contacting Newsom how about Joseph Mc Bride, Pat Speer, David Talbot, maybe Dr. Scott among others you know better than I?
  8. Once again John Butler is just spectacularly wrong with his theorizing. The wound he claims is "manufactured" and "fraudulent" is in fact verified not only by the Zapruder film but by Dealey Plaza witnesses who were mere feet away from President Kennedy during the shooting. There are ample reasons why this wound was not seen in the emergency room at Parkland Hospital and they do not require a preposterous level of alteration of the Zapruder film.
  9. Hi John, I agree with Tim Smith's assessment that it was Michael Baden and Ida Dox was probably doing what he told her to do. Especially illuminating is Baden's 5/9/78 notation "Ida - You can do much better" that happens to be on a piece of paper that is about the appearance bullet wounds. From that we can assume that there was some level of discussion concerning how and where to draw such a wound in her official work for the committee. Dox's answers to Smith's questions are also revealing: She became curiously defensive in some cases, and in some cases denied things that were known to be true. Makes you wonder if she on some level knows that she was part of a manipulation, and perhaps she has too much pride to admit that, so this translates to a defensive attitude and denial when it's entirely nonsensical: for example, she had testified that a set of autopsy photos were made for her to utilize so that she didn't have to take up Archives' employees time presumably working with originals. She testified this is what happened. Yet, she became defensive and denied this fact for no apparent reason when asked about it. I suspect that is a manifestation of her knowing on some level, full well, that she played a role in manipulation that she cannot consciously acknowledge. I perceive that she had to have been uneasy with the conversation due to the feelings this might cause in a person.
  10. I'd agree with Sean. When Oswald heard JFK had actually been shot in front of the TSBD he knew he'd been lied to, and, that he would be a suspect. JMO. He also knew he had to get out of town. He didn't have a car, he'd be seen on a bus, not enough cash for a plane ticket. His last best hope was a pre arranged backstop with someone he thought might be there. Then again I think he was set up, led there. It was a planned backstop by a certain organization in case he wasn't killed or captured at the TSBD. Remember there were Two Oswald's in the Texas Theater. The real one was already there when the other one led the police there. JMO again, from reading over the years.
  11. Richard, This is something I pointed out some time back just from looking at the photo and the Dox drawing. The Tim Smith article is a winner. Just this one incident about the Dox drawings is enough to tell you about the atmosphere of the Kennedy autopsy. This photo I picked up from the article does a better job than what I had done earlier. The gaping wound in the back of Kennedy's head is clearly seen in this photo. There is no denying it. It is a vindication of the Parkland medical people. Dox did a cover up by not clearly drawing the skull wound and the depth seeing inside the skull with little brain matter showing. From this any drawing of a whole brain is an outright fraud more spectacular than her drawing above, Fox 3. The wound to the side of the head is manufactured and wound up being shown in the Zapruder film as one of the many fraudulent changes in the film. This wound was not seen at Parkland by trained medical gunshot wound specialists. It was not there then or they would have seen it. Maybe they should have gotten Ida Dox to do the Zapruder frame paintings. She is a very detailed artist and should not have missed the gaping wound. In fact she didn't. If you look real close there is a black spot with no details that matches the black spot in the wound in Kennedy's head in the photo showing the interior of his skull. It looks like someone didn't like what she drew and she changed it to be problematic.
  12. The "no flower" Life frame was in this edition: https://books.google.com/books?id=UUgEAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Life+oct+2+1964&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjmsrrhqYzzAhX4QzABHWrnDJoQuwV6BAgJEAY#v=onepage&q=Life oct 2 1964&f=false
  13. Every now and then we get a slam-dunk over at Kennedys and King. The last one I remember that stood out strongly was Creating the Oswald Legend pt 4. by Vasilios Vazakas, specifically the material in that piece regarding Malcolm Blunt's discovery of HSCA researcher Betsy Wolfe's notes concerning the creation-of and routing-of the Oswald file. Well, K&K has done it again with The Mysteries Around Ida Dox by Tim Smith. Read it and you'll see why this is important. Even better, this is an excerpt. Looks like Tim Smith has a forthcoming book about the HSCA coming round. If this piece is any indicator it's going to be a good one.
  14. David A.-- My understanding of controlled building implosions is that they require multiple charges on every floor, and associated wiring to time the charges. There were 110 floors on each of the WTC big towers, and 57 floors in #7. I have no great insights to the 9/11 disaster. But when it comes to conspiracies, the smaller the number of participants, the better.
  15. I am with you on the flower oddity. The missing portion of the sprocket hole seems to be deliberate. There is bit of the ghost sprocket above it there but I guess they darkened it in. So did you photograph the no flower frame directly from the magazine? whether you did or the image came from another person who photographed the page it could definitely distort the overall image.
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  17. Bothun and the guy behind him and the couple at the top are all fairly accurate. although I would measure the guy behind Bothon from the head to a point in between his front and back leg. That is because he is in the middle of a step and his head is not over either foot. So I take a couple degrees off his angle. The couple at the top are leaning left as seen in Nix so I would subtract a few degrees from that shadow. Malcom Summers can't be used as anyone with any lean will change the shadow angle. The lean is always reflected in the shadow unless they are leaning straight towards the Sun or directly away from it. Jackie looks to be leaning towards the camera so it is hard to tell how much. We can't use her either because of the lean. Altgens is the tricky one. Motion blur of a shadow over something bright like the curb top totally changes the angle. In the link below you will see frames 352 and 353 compared. The insert is fr 353 and the shadow angle has moved almost 90 deg! Any motion blur will start to move the shadow on the curb top so the angle in fr 347 is distorted to a steeper angle. The other problem is the curb is lower than the grass so the shadow takes a jog right when it hit the curb. Next, Altgens right leg is stepping forward and the lower leg is leaning forward and that steepens the shadow of the right leg. The truest shadow is of his left leg but only the part on the grass. The grass being darker than the curb it does not erase and alter the shadow like the bright curb which eats part of the shadows and changes the look of the angle. Notice in the insert(Fr 353) the shadow angle is almost 90 degrees different than fr 352. But the bit of shadow of his left leg that is on the grass(The dotted line) is very close to Bothun's shadow angle. I expect the shadows to move towards the horizontal as the people are farther and farther away. That is what we see in Altgens, Bothun, the guy behind and the couple at the top after making some minor correction for lean. There is only a difference of about 5 degrees from the couple at the top and Altgens at the bottom and that seems to be about right. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yavjr-PItcTdC4NwszUqYbCTrbUIlLEo/view?usp=sharing
  18. Thanks I'll look it up, and sorry I called you Mitch.
  19. Enjoying these instalments, hoping there’s a bus ride/cab ride examination coming soon
  20. Good thought provoking question. I don’t think it indicates foreknowledge of the ‘main event’ plot, but definitely involvement of the plot LHO thought he was part of, the theatre being the end play of his (falsely informed) participation and his (also falsely informed) removal from the scene. …or did he just enjoy war films
  21. Or, You can seek out the remnants from the original curbline (red box between the sprocket hole area), rotate the frame that same 1.3° and run the original curb over the newly angled curbline to see how well they align. Quite nicely. imo The MPI version will have the remnants at frames labeled # 333+334. I only used one of the two for the following example.
  22. Does Oswald's presence at the Texas Theater indicate his foreknowledge of the plot?
  23. Damn, Doug - this blows geopolitics right off the map!
  24. We have a president's dead body with bullet wounds in it, but no whole bullets found or definitive wound tracks established. It's no wonder the much more complicated 9/11 scenarios can't be proven nor debunked.
  25. I went back and measured the shadows with a more sophisticated tool. Here is the results: IMO, there is just too much variation for distance and perspective. We are looking at for the most part less than 20 feet. The shadow for Altgens bag was measured, not added to the frame. It was 4.90°. The range for variation in these shadows is 4.90° to 36.38° in roughly, less than 20 feet. OBTW, no converging shadows here.
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