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  2. As I've freely admitted to before I'm technologically inept, do get frustrated with it from time to time. Does anyone on here know how to enlarge this diagram and the pictures? It's important to understanding the discussion. For example, the arrow from the picture on the right is to the door Vicki Adams an Sandra Styles went out onto the enclosed dock. In the picture to the lower left the arrow point's to the stairs they had to have come down to run around the tip of the triangle of the dock to head towards the railroad yards. In high heels! Lost anyone yet? Worrell should ha
  3. It's a cycle that started first with spikes of exposure during the holidays, then spikes of infection, followed by spikes of hospitalization, then spikes of death. The cycle from from Xmas is finished. Now a good number of people are seeing a much greater effort toward vaccination. More people are being vaccinated and more people are behaving better anticipating vaccines. Now, There's a race to get more people vaccinated before the one thing that poses the biggest danger, the most dangerous of the variants enter the population.
  4. Benjamin - I guess I don’t see Oswald as that much of a CIA insider. I’m more sure that he was expendable. If he did have a clue he didn’t live to tell the tale.
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  6. I think you could find a better analogy, Ron. Kennedy made a mistake giving the BOP the green light. Biden is correcting Trump’s mistakes.
  7. Biden hasn't killed anyone. He inherited the pandemic severely under addressed by the former fake prez. This is almost like saying the BOP inherited from Eisenhower, tricky dick and dulles by JFK was his fault.
  8. Maybe not the bus part some speculate in spite of the Warren version. Some even question him having a gun when arrested but the officers statements are there. But after he changed clothes at least I believe he did get a ride to the Texas Theater. Wasn't noticed walking or running through the neighborhoods I've ever read about. There, as it turned out, there were Two Oswald's in the Texas Theater. Two Oswalds in the Texas Theater - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum (ipbhost.com)
  9. Thanks Ron. This may well be where I first saw it attributed to Mansfield. I looked through the indexes of a half dozen books for Mansfield, including High Treason. Looked right at it and missed it I guess. The tiny print in HT is my only excuse, though there is no excuse. I just re checked Livingstone's The Radical Right and the Murder of JFK for the sake of it, nothing there. I don't think they made this up out of thin air. One of them heard or read of it prior to 1989 when the book was published. While they did not document it there has to be a source. Reliable? I guess they f
  10. Yes, I agree. I conjecture Oswald figured out he was the patsy almost immediately, and did not get into a CIA-provided escape car. Lacking any options, he took a bus, then taxi, and got his gun.
  11. I agree, but I'll see if I can find the vote somewhere so we can know.
  12. Outline for Phillips' book can be viewed here as a part of the Harold Weisberg collection.
  13. He will not be there much longer. Biden has him in his sites. Also, the federal law that congress would pass would make it easier, not hard to vote.
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  15. I'd be very surprised if Senator John F. Kennedy did NOT vote for Mansfield's proposal. My guess is that it was opposed by most Republicans and Dixiecrats.
  16. Get Used To Me! Postmaster General Taunts Dems: You’re Stuck With Me for Good (msn.com)
  17. Hey hey ! Ho ho! Louie DeJoy has gotta go! Biden expected to diversify USPS board, cement Democrats' oversight with appointments https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiEJIhqg6oo4juYhHIl4bvFKMqGQgEKhAIACoHCAowvIaCCzDnxf4CMP2F8gU?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  18. What nefarious deeds can DeJoy perform now that the election is over? The purpose of his appointment was to sabotage mail-in voting, which is now history. As for the future, state legislatures are in the act of outlawing mail-in voting, drop boxes etc. (i.e. suppressing the vote), so DeJoy won't have to bother with it again except for those states that still think that making voting easy is a good idea. Basically events have taken de joy out of his purpose as Postmaster General.
  19. I think the David Atlee Phillips book may be the unpublished one called The AMLASH Legacy.....There is a post on this forum from John Simkin saying Malcolm Blunt has a copy and made it available to Larry Hancock...
  20. The President can't "fire" the Postmaster General, but the Board of Governors of the Postal Service CAN remove him. There are three vacancies on the board right now, so that is the obvious path to follow in order to get rid of him.
  21. A better plan: kill Oswald within an hour, claim his confederates were still at large, blame Castro, then knock off additional patsies when convenient. The capture of Oswald scrambled those plans.
  22. I believe he can change the job itself. That is he can alter the authorities given the Post Master thereby rendering the position meaningless. That's the tree I'd bark up at any rate. Or the the ankle I'd nip at hahaha
  23. Woolsey always struck me as one of the creepier characters in the modern CIA; I never trusted a single thing he said. The idea that Russia would want to kill JFK is absolutely ludicrous and devoid of any basis in fact.
  24. Despite the fact that LHO did not kill JFK, wasn't it Kruschev who boasted "we will bury you?"
  25. Here's a related factoid. In 1956, Senator Mike Mansfield (D-Montana) proposed establishing a joint Congressional committee to oversee the activities of the CIA. Mansfield's proposal was defeated in the Senate by a vote of 59-27. The Senate Majority Leader, Lyndon Johnson, voted against it. Item 048.pdf (hood.edu)
  26. I've seen this face before. Cindy McCain Oh, yeah. Now I remember Mr. Bill Steve Thomas
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