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  2. Benjamin, you might take a look at this: https://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/26874-the-wallet-at-the-tippit-scene-a-simpler-solution/.
  3. In film or in reality, most conspiracies work best with few people involved and the logic used is that there are fewer mouths to talk. i would agree it is best to keep things as small as possible. Most of our logic on this is formed on that basis but, in the JFKA case or CIA covert ops, there is a different logic and i’ll explain why. All you need is to pick CIA assets to do the job that are: 1) Completely loyal to the cause, who despise the target and view the president as treasonous or undermining the strength and security of the USA. It’s easy to see with the failed Bay of
  4. Isn't that what a false-flag operation needs -- a good PR man? The plotters had four psyop specialists at hand -- David Phillips, Edward Lansdale, George Joannides, and C.D. Jackson. That Veciana's composite sketch of Maurice Bishop was identified as Phillips by Phillips' niece has always struck me as extraordinary evidence.
  5. I discovered that the site was not working last weekend, and contacted Hood. They were initially unaware of the problem, but later told me the site had been attacked, and thought it was fixed mid-week. However, I discovered the same problem as Richard yesterday, so I will email the new Curator again today. Will update this thread when I hear further from them.
  6. Joe B- I suspect it was warmer inside the building than out. On the street, Rowland described wearing gloves, and other people are seen in coats. Inside the TSBD, Mr. Brown Coat was probably unique, at least in wearing a coat. But then not many people were on the sixth floor. I wonder if anyone noticed if Mr. Brown Coat was bald. Maybe he put on fedora when leaving the building. Also, remember, there were four publishing companies with offices inside the TSBD, all of whom could have had executives in on any given day. So a man entering the building in brown suit coat w
  7. Inside Report 1990 Fred Newcomb Perry Adams Robert Groden Harold Weisberg - YouTube Tyler Newcomb 2011 JFK assassination lecture with audio excerpts - YouTube
  8. Hello! Thanks a lot. As for your questions: I spoke to Bouck on 9/27/92 and he believed there was a conspiracy, so I got that straight from the horse’s mouth. As it turns out, Bouck also said the same thing to the ARRB (although he added that Oswald was the assassin). I admittedly added that bit from Fulton because it was enticing and directly related to Bouck (of course). As for the merits of the book itself, whether there is any additional novelizations added, highly respected author Dick Russell stuck his neck out and contributed to the book, so that, coupled with what Bouck told
  9. Mr. NORMAN. ..... I heard a shot, and then after I heard the shot, well, it seems as though the President, you know, slumped or something, and then another shot and I believe Jarman or someone told me, he said, "I believe someone is shooting at the President," The explosions just 10 or so feet above their heads should have been like 160 decibels, and someone says "I believe someone is shooting at the President". .... and that was after the hearing two 160Db explosions.
  10. Hi Vince--I ordered your book as soon as it was available and what a wealth of resources is in it, especially the obtaining of so many valuable interviews with Secret Service persons over the years. Here I will ask two questions from my reading if I may, followed by an anecdote which may or may not be of interest. Question #1 On p. 119 of your book appears this stunner (below), of interest in light of the discussion on a different thread right now concerning Benjamin Cole's paper proposing an original govt-sponsored plot involving Oswald of a nonviolent false-flag fake assassination
  11. Nixon's funeral was sickening. One guy wrote about it that it was the opposite of Antony's comments about Caesar: all the evil the man did was interred with his bones. Nixon was so intent on covering up what he did and being lionized as a foreign policy maven that he actually threatened Clinton with a negative Op Ed column unless he solicited his advice on foreign affairs. But once the files were declassified, he and Kissinger were exposed as the outmoded Cold War hacks they really were. Kissinger actually oversaw three genocides: Cambodia, Bangladesh and East Timor. How b
  12. Ramsey Clark, attorney general under Johnson, dies at 93 (nbcnews.com)
  13. My copy arrived in good shape a few days ago from Amazon, and I am finding it a gripping read. Kudos, Larry.
  14. BC, how many employees in the TXSBD even wore business suit coats? The huge majority of male employees there ( manual workers ) didn't wear coats like that, especially on a sunny day. Heck even boss Roy Truly dressed more casually. Other thoughts. Harold Norman, Bonnie Ray Williams and James Jarman Jr. were all "directly under" the shooter on the floor just feet above them. They heard the booming shots. They felt the concussions and the gun explosions actually knocked white powder ( dust/paint/asbestos?) down from the ceiling above them and into their hair. Norman testifie
  15. The unbelievable sentimentality of the Nixon funeral was quickly dashed by the publication soon after that of the Haldeman diaries, which showed a nonstop parade of screw-our-enemies discussions and anti-Semitism. I took my son to the Nixon funeral to see that historic occasion. The actual location was closed, but we were on the periphery and could hear the booming cannon fire. Five other presidents were there -- Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, and Clinton -- and I wanted to find a place to see them departing. There were several roads out of the closed area
  16. When Truly arrived at the first floor freight elevator area, he pressed the elevator button and activated the call bell. So the electricity to the control panel was working assuming the call bell was one of those electrically activated types. I can't imagine the bell was one that you pick up and shake or one that hangs and you swing the clapper. Although, the call bell may have been seperate to the control panel on a different circuit. The lighting was working, no-one claimed they were running about in darkness. (more info req) So Truly looks up and figures both elevators were on the 5th
  17. Joe B.-- Yes, I think there was time for people to shoot, and then walk down the TBSD back stairway and leave. Very simple explanation. Descending stairs rapidly is no great feat. I wish I knew how bulky or long the brown coat was. Could someone secret a short rifle under said brown coat? Who knows?
  18. Houston street pedestrian Carolyn Walther clearly stated that of the two men she saw in the same TXSBD upper floor window just before JFK arrived into Dealey Plaza ( with both holding rifles) one of these men was wearing a "brown" coat. So, we have two eyewitnesses identifying a man inside the TXSBD upper floor window just before the JFK hit, and one leaving out the back of the book depository just after the hit...both wearing a brown coat. Coincidence? Brown coats were not the common coat color of the day.
  19. Houston street pedestrian Carolyn Walther clearly stated that of the two men she saw in the same TXSBD upper floor window just before JFK arrived into Dealey Plaza ( with both holding rifles) one of these men was wearing a "brown" coat. So, we have two eyewitnesses identifying a man inside the TXSBD upper floor window just before the JFK hit, and one leaving out the back of the book depository just after the hit...both wearing a brown coat. Coincidence? Brown coats were not the common coat color of the day.
  20. Add on: What rattles me about my "smaller is better" scenario is LOH's wallet showing up at the Tippit murder scene. This means--- 1. Of the thousands of street murders committed every year, only LOH helpfully dropped his wallet at the scene of the crime to aid investigators. 2. The wallet was planted at the scene. That means someone had the wallet, got clued in about the Tippit murder, then made his way to the scene. Supposedly Phillips was in Dallas on the day.... 3. LOH intentionally dropped his wallet, as a signal to handlers to come extract him from the deepen
  21. Lawrence S. Thanks for reading and your observations. Here are my replies: 1. LOH. We actually agree somewhat here. LOH can be made into a patsy, even if he was not in the sniper's nest. I posit a scenario in which he was in the nest. 2. Not sure I follow. I think the sniper's nest window was high enough to stick out a rifle or a bald head. 3. Again, not sure what you mean. Witness Rowland says the window, a half frame window, was open to the max. 4. Yes, today a false-flag fase assassination attempt on a sitting US president sounds extreme. In 1963, at the
  22. Richard Booth-- From researcher Armstrong https://harveyandlee.net/TSBD_Elevator/TSBD_elevator.html From the last shot fired at President Kennedy, it had taken Baker between a minute and fifteen seconds and a minute and thirty seconds to park his motorcycle, meet up with Roy Truly at the entrance to the the building, and arrive at the freight elevators at the back of the building. BAKER AND TRULY ARRIVED AT THE FREIGHT ELEVATORS ONLY MOMENTS AFTER VICTORIA ADAMS AND SANDRA STYLES ARRIVED ON THE FIRST FLOOR (ONE MINUTE AFTER SHOTS WERE FIRED) AND THEN HURRIED OUT THE BACK DOOR OF
  23. Thank you for this link. I've read some of Doug Horne, Dr. Mantik and Dr. Chesser. But not put together the way Mr. Horne does here. First, right before he starts his presentation, he mentions a small caliber throat wound, specifically a 22. Something I've speculated about myself the last several years. Then he gets into three head shots. Kellerman mentioned a flurry of shots. A shot in the hairline above the right eye. A shot in the hairline above the right ear. Both from the front. A shot in the hairline behind the right ear, from behind. Three head shots. They ha
  24. So on June 5 1968 we have Hughes, Maheu, Angleton, Helms, Morales, possibly Dulles still active within the CIA. Then Manny Pena and ??? "of the LAPD" controlling the cover up. I personally wonder with little to back it up if Morales wasn't the physical operations/set up guy for both JFK and RFK's assassinations.
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  26. Hughes was still most certainly an asset -- project Azorian was '74 and the Hughes Glomar Explorer built in '72 and that was an Agency sponsored project.
  27. The power being shut off seems to me very significant. I don't think it was a prank or LHO, my immediate suspicion is the power was shut off in order to allow someone to clandestinely and safely get to the first floor and exit by using the inside of the elevator shaft. In doing this it would allow safe passage unobserved.
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