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    POINT 1) Golly Len ,what does Global mean in Global Connection ?? Do we need now a map of the globe as a counterpoint to your South American map ? This below from the link I gave. Yes it was on the bottom of the same page I linked , thus making it hard for incomplete readers to gain comprehension. You globbed on to Columbia and seemed not to have finnished reading the page. Part of their work is to increase English language skills. I thought you did that. Golly they couuldnt SUB-contract with you ?? Should we have GLOBAL a word of the day ???

    Global Connection in the world

    Sydney Sydney

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    Londres London

    Tel: (44) 20 3174 8046 Tel: (44) 20 3174 8046

    Fax: (44) 20 7812 1333 Fax: (44) 20 7812 1333

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    London WC1X 8BP London WC1X 8BP

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Boston Boston

    Oscar Marquez/ Representante Oscar Marquez / Representative

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    Dorchester, MA, 02121USA Dorchester, MA, 02121USA

    Toronto Toronto

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    50 Paulin Avenue 50 Paulin Avenue

    Toronto, ON, CA Toronto, ON, CA


    BTW They send people "all" over the world for education reasons .......


    What I have posted below is pertinent to the tricky Opps wikileaks issue.

    POINT 2) The intel services work hard to fill the internet with false info.SEE PASTED BELOW ARTICLE

    POINT 3) thats really comes from POINT 2) Len after reading 500 plus of your posts ,I wonder ,way to you seem sooooooooo protective of the intel agencies ???????? To this I point your dismissal of the suffering caused by the 84 dead (plus injured) in the inel sponsored Bolona Italy Bombing. When you poo-pooed the incident ,I felt I was posting towards a person with possible socieopathic traits.



    Sorcha Faal: Intelligence Briefs or Disinformation? How To Tell the Difference

    January 14, 2011 by Alex

    Filed under U.S. News

    With certain people within my circle of contacts being suckered by Sorcha Faal / EU Times articles, I feel it is time to deal with the whole messy subject of intelligence sources.

    Philip Brennan | PhilipBrennan.net

    Before I go into this subject in any great depth, I would first like to deal with Sorcha Faal, otherwise known as David Booth of the CIA. David Booth works within the Central Intelligence Agency in COINTELPRO. Other western intelligence agencies known for using COINTELPRO methods include MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and the think-tank, DEMOS. To be quite blunt, all intelligence agencies have their own COINTELPRO departments.

    Here is a picture of “Sorcha Faal” from WhatDoesItMean.com:

    She does not exist. There is no “spokesperson” within the GRU named Sorcha Faal. Intelligence agencies rarely make public statements, and when they do, it is always through either someone in the highest echelons of the organisation or a government minister with the correct clearances, and never a mere “spokesperson”.

    Do leaks ever happen through lesser agents? Yes, but those agents if caught are dealt with very strictly, usually with “Holy Orders” to keep their traps shut. By rights, if “Sorcha Faal” was really working within the GRU, she would have been silenced by now. Permanently.

    Now here is what Sorcha Faal, or David Booth, really looks like:

    It appears that David Booth is a major thorn in the side of the Alternative Intelligence Community, as well as the Patriot and Truth Movements. This is a gross understatement. Over the past week or two I have had to take aside many people and let them in on the whole Sorcha Faal thing.

    Known sites run by Sorcha Faal / David Booth:


    Known sites that Sorcha Faal / David Booth writes for:




    Further Information on Sorcha Faal / David Booth:




    So why does David Booth do what he does? To understand this you have to understand the nature of COINTELPRO, and how it relates to his “work”. In order to do this I am going to have to dissect one of Sorcha Faal’s articles, and show you how it is used in COINTELPRO.

    From “Obama Orders Military To Prepare For Spring Food Riots” on WhatDoesItMean.com, dated 13 January 2011:

    “…A grim report prepared by France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) obtained by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that president’s Obama and Sarkozy have “agreed in principal” to create a joint US-European military force to deal exclusively with a Global uprising expected this spring as our World runs out of food.

    According to this report, Sarkozy, as head of the G-20 group of developed Nations, called for and received an emergency meeting with Obama this past Monday at the White House wherein he warned his American counterpart that the shock rise in food prices occurring due to an unprecedented series of disasters was threatening the stability of the entire World and could lead to the outbreak of Total Global War.

    Just last week French Prime Minister Francois Fillon underlined that one of France’s top G-20 priorities was to find a collective response to “excessive volatility” in food prices now occurring, a statement joined by Philippe Chalmin, a top economic adviser to the French government, who warned the World may face social unrest including food riots in April as grain prices increase to unprecedented highs…”

    So the “SVR states that…”? Whom within the SVR is making that statement? As I have already said above, on the rare occasions that an intelligence agency makes a public statement, it will either come through a named official in the higher echelons of the intelligence organisation or a government minister with the correct brief and security clearance, and not through a mere, unidentified, “spokesperson”.

    Notice how Sorcha Faal only links to the Wikipedia entries to the DGSE and SVR, and not their official sites. Why? Because if you followed links to their actual sites you will find no such public statements from them. In fact, you will not find any public statements from them at all. If I was to write about the Secret Intelligence Service, I would link to their official web site. If you go over there, you will find no public press statements from them at all on their web site. Why? Because they never make any public statements unless it is through their commander in chief or the Secretary of State through the National Press.

    You can see an example of this in an article from The Guardian last year, in an article entitled “MI5 warns Britain facing double terrorism threat” dated the 24th September 2010:

    “…Today’s announcement by the home secretary, Theresa May, means MI5 believes the threat is at its highest for at least a decade. Security officials are combating this threat, plus what is assessed to be the greater threat from al-Qaida-inspired terrorists, who remain “highly likely” to stage an attack…”

    Notice how the statement from MI5 came through official channels, in this case, through our current Home Secretary, Theresa May.

    This does not prove that the information is accurate or truthful, but it does prove the source. The intelligence services are known for giving out false information within the national press in order to fulfil a political agenda. So just because the source is officially verified, does not mean that the information is accurate or truthful…

    Now going back to the Sorcha Faal article, you will note that she / he does link back to some mainstream news articles concerning the topic in hand, in order to make what he is saying more plausible. Now let us take a good look at what these articles actually say, because I bet most readers will take “Sorcha Faal’s” article at face value without double checking the links.

    From “Sarkozy and Obama to discuss soaring food prices” on France24.com (first article link):

    “…When French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrives in Washington Monday, he’ll have plenty of ammunition to argue his case for greater global food price and currency stability…”

    So far, nothing about crushing food riots in the USA with NATO troops. More like top level discussions on how to stop the speculative commodities markets from pushing up food prices to incendiary levels. Perfectly sensible. In fact, the only discussions on NATO mentioned in that article pertain solely to continuing actions in the Middle East and Africa:

    “…The two leaders will also discuss a range of security issues such as the NATO-led war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran’s nuclear developments, the increasing terror threat from Pakistan, and the ongoing post-election crisis in Ivory Coast…”

    Where, pray tell, does food riots in America or Europe get a mention here? I cannot see it…

    The second and third links go back to the first article, and I see no such dire warning within its text. I do see concerns, but no hint of impending doom. This article certainly does not say what he claims it says, but then, who actually bothers to double check the linked sources on what they read?

    As for the fourth link, from Bloomberg Business Week, it primarily talks about food riots in poorer nations of the third world, and not the west. Are those food riots going to be severe and see loss of life? Probably. But it is no “national security” concern of the United States. So where does Sorcha Faal get the idea that both Obama and Sarkozy are going to be talking about Martial Law in the USA due to food riots? From an unquoted source in the SVR. Duh.

    In other words, this is a disinformation piece to set up a future straw man argument for if we do get good intelligence about future food shortages in the west and possible food riots. Let me give a scenario:

    A couple of months down the line we get good intelligence about food shortages in the west and start blogging about what information we have been getting. Then another disinformation agent who is aware of the Sorcha Faal article will come on the message boards posting straw man arguments like:

    “…Where did you get that crap from? Sorcha Faal? Har Har… Sorcha Faal is a nut – she’s talking out of her arse – ergo, you’re a nut who is talking out of your arse…”

    This is what Sorcha Faal / David Booth does – he sets up straw man articles in order to discredit any real information we do get. Does not matter if all our sources that we actually do glean our intelligence from are sound. the Sorcha Faal Straw Man Article exists, and will be used by COINTELPRO to discredit whatever real intelligence we get.

    Of course, we all know about how the United States military have been training with foreign troops for a Martial Law situation in the United States, and we know about all the Executive Orders and Acts of Congress which allows them to do that, but what we do not know is how or when such an event could be sparked off.

    So be aware of Sorcha Faal / David Booth and his agenda, and steer clear from him at all costs.


    CIA VERY ACTIVE IN BRAZIL......... you deny your connection to this company....we have your word.........


    Brazil and CIA

    CounterSpy, April - May 1979, pp. 4-23. by Peter Gribbin

    In the rush to consolidate its role as the new leader of the so-called Free World, the U.S. government saw as a major task the containment of countries which, during the Second World War, had begun to pursue an independent course of development. If and when change was to occur, it was to be of a made-to-order variety, directed from Washington. To this end, the establishment of powerful, centralized police forces in Asia, Africa, and especially Latin America became a top priority.

    The person the Eisenhower administration charged with organizing a task force on police training was Byron Engle.1 He was chosen because of his experiences training Japanese police after WW II and setting up a police advisory board in Turkey. Funding for the new police program supposedly came from the State Department, even though Engle had been with the CIA since 1947. This prompted FBI head J. Edgar Hoover to complain that the police program was just one more CIA cover.2

    When the Kennedy administration moved into Washington, Engle's program took on new life. The cabinet-level Counter-Intelligence (C-I) Group was headed by Maxwell Taylor, a former general who was later named U.S Ambassador to South Vietnam. The C-I Group along with the CIA was responsible for creating the Special Forces (Green Berets); new training in counter-insurgency at military schools from the National War College on down; and new courses at the Foreign Service Institute, all designed to make members of the State Department, the CIA and the military branches knowledgeable in counter-insurgency techniques. In addition, a special Committee on Police and Police Training was set up under the direction of U. Alexis Johnson, who has worked hand-in-glove with the CIA throughout his career. Johnson later became deputy ambassador to South Vietnam, but in his present capacity he appointed Engle as head of the new, expanded police program. After all, hadn't Engle once trained 100,000 Japanese police in only two months?3

    In the Fall of 1961, just as Joao Goulart was taking over the presidency, the United States began an expanded influx of CIA agents and AID officials into Brazil. AID Public Safety advisers like Dan Mitrione were responsible for "improving" the Brazilian police forces. Engle sent CIA officer Lauren J. (Jack) Goin to Brazil under the cover of "adviser in scientific investigations." Before coming to Brazil, Goin had set up the first police advisory team in Indonesia which was instrumental in the CIA-backed coup which culminated in the documented killing of over three-hundred thousand Indonesians. He had also served with Engle when the first police advisory team was created in Turkey.4

    Economic Background

    The Goulart regime of 1961-1964 represented the "fundamental contradiction between a government's responsibility to the citizens who elected it, and the obedience to the demands of foreign creditors expressed in the IMF stabilization program."5 A government which refuses to make any gesture toward meeting their conditions frequently finds its international credit for imports cut off which, in turn, increases the likelihood of a CIA-induced, right-wing coup.

    A country in the throes of a balance of payments crisis is usually unable to obtain needed credit unless "significant policy changes are made."6 For example, new loans may be obtained only through a change away from nationalist economic policies toward measures favoring foreign investment. As is being increasingly borne out by other Third World countries, Brazil's democratic system at the start of the 1960s proved unequal to the difficult challenge posed by the foreign exchange constraint. Since Goulart was elected by a "populist" coalition of voters spanning class lines, the party system itself discouraged strategies that might put any significant group at a disadvantage. In this atmosphere, the coup of '64 became a sine qua non for new U.S. credit.

    Previously, in 1958, President Juscelino Kubitschek had been forced to come to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund on certain stabilization measures in order to secure a $300 million loan.7 (His predecessor, Getulio Vargas, had committed suicide in 1954. Behind him he left a document in which he blamed outside forces for helping to create the circumstances that drove him to take his life: "The foreign companies made profits of up to five hundred percent. They demonstrably deprived the state of more than a hundred million dollars by false evaluations of import goods.8) But the president of the Bank of Brazil refused to go along with the government's proposed credit squeeze which would have caused a depression in the private sector. After floundering around for the greater part of 1958, instituting half-way measures unacceptable to the IMF, Kubitschek broke off negotiations and gave up hope for the American loan. He managed to obtain the needed foreign credit by means of a short-term, high-cost loan from private sources abroad. But his successor, Janio Quadros, inherited a full-scale debt repayment crisis that could no longer be postponed.

    Quadros immediately came to terms with the IMF and his foreign creditors. He abolished the "exchange auctions" which the Brazilian government, by auctioning off its foreign exchange reserves to the highest bidder/importer, had previously used as a source of revenue.9 Certain exchange controls (subsidies) were established for "necessary" imports, effecting a devaluation of the Brazilian cruzeiro by fifty percent. The IMF was still not satisfied, however, and by July of 1961 it succeeded in forcing Quadros to abolish all exchange controls and to peg all exchange transactions at the (free) world market rate.10

    By meeting the IMF's demands, Quadros was able to negotiate new credits and reschedule payments due with his U.S. and European creditors. Inflation still raged, however, and when Quadros limited credit (like Kubitschek before him) he came up against strong political counterpressures. Hoping to win popular support and a new mandate to lead the country, Quadros resigned after only eight months in office.

    Although some sources saw his resignation as being forced upon him by the CIA, Quadros had, in fact, been the U.S. government's last hope for bringing their brand of stability to Brazil within a democratic framework. In the New York Times of August 26, 1961, the mood of the State Department was described as "one of fear that the departure of President Quadros from Brazil's political scene, if it is not reversed, would plunge the country into serious political difficulties threatening its stability and interfering with the financial and economic stabilization program."

    Quadros' successor, Joao Goulart, whose political strength rested on the close ties he had fostered with the unions while Minister of Labor under Vargas, was to the left of the Brazilian political spectrum. The real threat -- to industrialists, the army and foreign investors -- was the likelihood that under Goulart organized labor would become the dominant political force in Brazil.11 If Quadros could not carry through his stabilization program, there seemed even less to hope for, in that respect, from Goulart.

    During Goulart's presidency, the contradictions inherent in Brazil's post-war development reached the breaking point. Goulart had inherited the accumulated problems of fifteen years of inflation and foreign borrowing which none of his predecessors had successfully tackled. Brazil's last effort at economic stabilization within a democratic framework was made in 1963. The Three-Year plan, drawn up by Minister of Finance, Santiago Dantas, and Minister for Economic Planning, Celso Furtado, was made with one eye on the Brazilian electorate and the other on the IMF.12

    On the one hand, this plan promised to carry out tax and agrarian reforms while resuming a high rate of growth. Simultaneously, however, it sought to curb inflation which was a precondition for receiving new credits and/or deferral of payments due. In 1963, this crushing debt repayment burden threatened to eat up 45 percent of Brazil's export earnings.13 When the plan was presented to the IMF, the latter wanted more stringent conditions. These were: devaluation of the cruzeiro; exchange reform which meant abolishing subsidies on the import of wheat and petroleum; and, restrictions on the budget deficit (which translated into a cutback in government services) and on wage increases. These restrictions were designed to contract the money supply and depress the costs of goods and labor. Cheaper goods and labor (at the expense of the workers) would make Brazilian products more competitive on the world market. But the contradictory elements of the Three-Year Plan soon exploded.

    Brazil was able to head off imminent disaster when the Agency for International Development (AID) agreed to release $400 million on the condition that the government stick to its austerity program.14 The government's program was doomed to failure, however, because of a proposed 70 percent wage increase to government employees -- the military among them -- whose support was necessary if Goulart was to stay in power. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Goulart gave in to the wage increase and held off on the proposed stabilization. The U.S. immediately suspended its aid disbursements.

    Goulart further exacerbated American hostility towards him when he signed the Profit Remittance Law.15 This law, which infuriated foreign investors, provided that profit remittances could be calculated only on the amount of capital originally brought into the country, and not on the (much larger) unremitted past profits which had been reinvested in Brazil. U.S. distaste for Goulart was expressed in the cutting-off of aid to his government while at the same time giving aid to certain conservative state governors (Carlos Lacerda in Guanabara and Adhemar de Barros in Sao Paulo) with whom it thought it could do business.

    The final act of Goulart's futile attempt to placate both foreign and domestic interests was played out in the first quarter of 1964. Early in the year, Goulart held discussions on yet another exchange reform and rescheduling of Brazil's foreign debt with a three-man team from the IMF. But this attempt to come to terms with his creditors fell through when, in a gesture towards the Left, he announced the expropriation and redistribution of privately owned land and the nationalization of private oil refineries. Unfortunately, these moves did more to mobilize the Right than they did to gain support from the Left. On April 1, 1964, the military quickly deposed Goulart and installed its own caretaker government.

    The subsequent fifteen years have shown that with the overthrow of Joao Goulart, democracy in Brazil came to a screeching halt. After a shaky twenty years, basic political rights were abandoned. Provisions of the First Institutional Act drawn up after the coup created a cassacao, or political death for ten years. These emergency powers soon gave way to a Second Institutional Act. The Fifth Institutional Act shut down Congress, suspended habeas corpus for political activity, and gave full autocratic power to the president.16 Labor laws enacted after the coup rescinded virtually all job-related rights: the right to strike, to negotiate directly with the employers instead of the state, and to establish trade union representation within factories.17 The destruction of democracy in Brazil was evidence of the impossibility of serving two masters. Goulart was never able to reconcile the legitimate demands of domestic pressure groups with the external economic constraints of Brazil's creditors. As a final ironic twist, Goulart's refusal to succumb to foreign pressures only served to irritate undemocratic forces inside Brazil to the point where they saw it in their interest to get rid of democracy and Goulart in one fell swoop.

    Imperialism's Internal Allies: Brazil's National Enemies

    In the fall of 1961, just as Joao Goulart was assuming the presidency, the United States began to make contact with his right-wing opposition. At the same time, the CIA began a multifaceted penetration of Brazilian society designed to influence that country's internal politics. Lincoln Gordon, U.S. ambassador to Brazil, was appointed the same day that Goulart's predecessor, Janio Quadros resigned. Soon after his arrival in October, Gordon met with a right-wing admiral named Silvio Heck. Heck informed Gordon of a poll of the armed services which revealed that over two-thirds of the enlisted men opposed Goulart. Heck also hoped that when it came time to oust Goulart "the U.S would take an understanding view."18 Although Gordon later determined that Heck's figures were exaggerated, he never once warned Goulart or his advisers of this conspiracy.

    The CIA, for its part, took more than a passive interest in helping right-wing military forces come to power in Brazil. The overthrow of Goulart and the destruction of democracy in Brazil was effected through the manipulation of diverse social groups. Police, the military, political parties, labor unions, student federations and housewives associations were all exploited in the interest of stirring up opposition to Goulart. Yet, while Washington's original intent may have been to replace Goulart with the strongman General Castello Branco, the guaranty of the coup's longterm success demanded an increase in U.S. material and training for the Brazilian security forces which continues to this day.

    The military coup took as its first president Humberto Castello Branco, a man who had a long and close relationship with the United States military. During the Allied invasion of Italy in 1945, a number of prominent Brazilian officers participating in the campaign became exposed to American military ideas and tactics.19 Castello Branco's roommate in Italy was a CIA-coup engineer, then-Lieutenant Colonel Vernon (Dick) Walters. In 1964, Walters was the U.S. embassy's military attaché, and the man most closely connected with Brazil's military leadership.

    Since the end of World War II, Washington had used its role as policeman of the so-called Free World to justify expanding its influence in the Brazilian forces. Military planning between the two countries was coordinated by a Joint Brazil United States Military Commission (JBUSMC). In 1949, the Pentagon helped Brazil set up and staff the Escola Superior de Guerra (Advanced War College), a carbon copy of the U.S. National War College.20

    The Advanced War College is responsible for national security studies, development of military strategy, and ideas on nation building -- the last being taken from the Pentagon and the U.S. Army's experience in reconstructing postwar Japan.21 To this day, the college has graduated over three thousand civilians and military managers indoctrinated in a right-wing military ideology and the belief that only the armed forces can lead Brazil to its proper destiny as the great power of Latin America.22

    Another Brazilian army general who was instrumental in the coup was Golbery do Couto e Silva. Like Castello Branco, Couto e Silva was a member of Brazil's military elite who became enamored of U.S. military thinking while a member of the Allied expeditionary force in Italy in 1945.23 The Brazilian army's "intellectual gray eminence," Couto e Silva was particularly influential in the formation of the Advanced War College, popularly known as the "Brazilian Sorbonne." At one point the head of Dow Chemical's Brazilian section, Couto e Silva became head of Brazil's first national intelligence service, the SNI, after the coup in 1964.24

    In the early 60s, the now-retired General Couto e Silva became the chief of staff at the Institute for Social Research Studies (IPES, in Portuguese). The leading inspiration at IPES was Glycon de Paiva,25 a mining engineer from the state of Minas Gerais. To avoid detection, IPES posed as an educational organization that donated money to reduce illiteracy among poor children. IPES' real work, however, was organizing opposition to Goulart and maintaining dossiers on anyone de Paiva considered an enemy.

    Making the rounds of Brazil's major industrialists, de Paiva was able to appeal to their interests by translating his visceral hatred of communism into a simple message they could understand: Goulart wants to take away from you that which is yours. In this way, de Paiva was able to drum up close to $20,000 a month in donations.26

    One immediate target of IPES' anti-Goulart campaign were housewives, whom de Paiva recognized as being receptive to warnings about the threat that communism posed to the Brazilian family, and to the values of society in general. He set up women's societies in all the major cities. In Rio de Janeiro it was called the Women's Campaign for Democracy (CAMDE).27 During the week of the coup in March 1964, IPES organized a huge march against Goulart. In Sao Paulo 10,000 people joined a March of the Family with God for Freedom. Sao Paulo women presented a manifesto on behalf of Christian democracy, while at the same time the Archbishop of Sao Paulo forbade his bishops from participating in the march because he said it had been funded by the U.S. advertising agency, McCann Erickson.28

    De Paiva's major concern, however, was the threat posed by Goulart's openness towards the Left. In this respect, Couto e Silva's role in keeping files at IPES was twofold. On the one hand, he put paid agents in the Brazilian military to make sure that key men throughout the services remained loyal to the Brazilian "nation" and not to Goulart. At the same time, IPES placed paid informers in factories, schools, and government offices to report on supporters of Goulart. Petrobras, the state-owned oil company, received special attention as de Paiva was convinced that Goulart had many supporters there. Before Couto e Silva was finished, IPES had files on 400,000 "enemies" of Brazil.29

    Another part of the CIA's effort to create anti-Goulart sentiment in Brazil was the rigging of elections. Working through a front group called the Instituto Brasileiro de Acao Democratica (IBAD), the CIA channeled money into local political campaigns. IBAD, in turn, passed the money through its two branches, Democratic Popular Action (ADEP) and Sales Promotion, Inc.30 In the 1962 elections, IBAD not only funded more than one thousand candidates but recruited them so that their first allegiance would be with IBAD and the CIA. At every level, from state deputies up to governorships, the CIA stacked the ballots in favor of its candidates.

    In February, 1964, the CIA was nearly "burned" by a parliamentary investigation into its violation of election laws in 1962.31 The CIA had spent close to $20 million, but a scandal was averted by three developments: five of the nine members of the investigating committee had themselves received CIA funds; three of banks involved -- First National City Bank, the Bank of Chicago, and the Royal Bank of Canada -- refused to reveal the foreign sources of the money deposited in the IBAD and the ADEP accounts; and lastly, Goulart, still hoping to appease Washington, saw to it that the final report was laundered.

    The CIA also manipulated certain members of the student movement. The benefits of having assets in the universities, however, were not realized until after the overthrow of Goulart. Though largely ineffectual before the coup, the Grupo de Acao Patriotica (GAP) was later used to spy on members of the national student union (UNE). GAP was founded by Aristoteles Luis Drummond whose hero was the right-wing Admiral Silvio Heck.32 During a radio talk show he did in Rio de Janeiro, Drummond expounded on GAP's determined defense of liberty and property, which he claimed only the military could safeguard. Not surprisingly, the interview was rebroadcast by the Voice of America. Later on, the CIA supplied Drummond with 50,000 books and Cold War pamphlets on the communist menace and, more to the point, diatribes against the UNE. Still, GAP's following was small and whenever Drummond put up posters saying "GAP with Heck," he made sure it was in the dead of the night.

    In the four years following the coup, however, Drummond and GAP came to play a key role in the new junta. For example, during a student demonstration in May of '68, protesting the discriminating cost of education, a military jeep was overturned and set on fire. The next morning, Drummond was asked to speak about the incident with President Costa e Silva. Boarding a military aircraft, Drummond was flown to Brasilia where he spent an hour with the president identifying leaders of the demonstration and assuring Costa e Silva that they were communists who did not represent the majority of students.33

    Police Operations

    As opposition to the military junta increased, control of the state apparatus became synonymous with increased surveillance, arrests, and torture of those engaging in political activity. In response, Couto e Silva, the chief of staff at IPES, took his hundreds of thousands of files to Brasilia to set up the first national intelligence service, the SNI.34 As with the creation of DINA in Chile, Brazil's SNI was set up immediately after a CIA-backed military coup. Inevitably, the SNI turned to its more powerful counterpart in the North. In police barracks all over Brazil it was common knowledge that many officers took money from, and reported directly to, the CIA stations. In return, the CIA and the SNI began to push the police for results. Hard-pressed for incriminating evidence on subversives, the police concluded that nothing made a detainee more willing to talk than a little torture. Besides, working closely with the CIA opened one up to special stores of equipment. Everything from tear gas to field telephones (used to administer electric shocks) could be delivered immediately from the Panama branch of the CIA's Technical Services Division (TSD). Requesting such material through normal channels might take months.

    Yet, the information on dissidents in Couto e Silva's files was inconclusive, and the processing of prisoners was cumbersome. An alternative resource had to be found. The sense of limitations on the part of the Brazilian police soon gave rise to vigilante groups which sought to appease the fears of Brazil's new leaders and their U.S. backers. One of the men who acted on these concerns was Henning Albert Boilesen, president of a liquid gas company. The suspicion that Boilesen was in the pay of the CIA grew when he began soliciting money from wealthy industrialists for a new organization called Operacao Bandeirantes (OBAN).35 OBAN united the various military police intelligence services into one paramilitary organization which knew no limits.

    Esquadraos da Morte (Death Squads) were not a new phenomenon in Brazil. Before the coup they had been a source of extra income for off-duty policemen. If a thug needed a rival eliminated, he could arrange for a member of a Death Squad to get the job done. Despite salary increases from the AID, six years after the coup Death Squad executions by off-duty police personnel were still taking place. And now, a new wrinkle had been added. The "Ten for One" dictum meant that for every killing of a Death Squad member, ten people would die. When a Sao Paulo police investigator was killed in 1970, nearly twenty people were executed by the police.36

    U.S. AID officials knew of and supported police participation in Death Squads. In Uruguay, a CIA operations officer, William Cantrell, used the cover of an AID Public Safety Advisor to help set up the Department of Information and Intelligence (DII).37 Cantrell's chauffeur, Nelson Bardesio was himself a member of the Death Squad in Montevideo. Under interrogation by Tupamaros guerrillas in 1972, Bardesio testified that the DII served as a cover for the Death Squad. Bardesio's testimony further revealed that a Brazilian diplomat offered to set up radio communications between Brasilia and Montevideo. Uruguayan intelligence officials, claimed Bardesio, received Death Squad-type training in Brazil. The living link between the two countries' Death Squads is Sergio Fleury, a top officer of the political police in Brazil. A leader in the elimination of the Brazilian left, Fleury has been identified by hundreds of political prisoners as the man who supervised their torture.38 Through his work in the Death Squads, Fleury's infamy has spread from Sao Paulo to all of Brazil and on to Uruguay. On at least two occasions, he met with groups of Uruguayan police through CIA contacts.39

    The systematic use of torture was also condoned if not encouraged by U.S. AID officials. Police in Brazil once speculated on what the Public Safety Advisor Dan Mitrione would do if he were witness to the torturing of a prisoner. One said he would leave. Another asked, "Where, the country?" "No," said the first, "leave the room."40 To this day, the U.S. Public Safety Program in Brazil has assisted in the training of over 100,000 federal and state police personnel. Moreover, 600 high-ranking officers have received training at the now-defunct International Police Academy (IPA) on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington DC.41 The United States is also responsible for the construction, equipping, and development of the curriculum and faculty of Brazil's National Police Academy, its National Telecommunications Center; and the National Institute of Criminalistics and Identification.42

    In the actual torturing of prisoners, the military and civilian police worked hand in hand. It was a common practice for prisoners to be taken from a prison run by the civilian police to one run by a branch of the military and then back again to a facility run by the police. CENIMAR, the navy's intelligence section, had its main prison and torture center in the basement of the Ministry of the Navy, near the docks of the harbor in Rio de Janeiro. U.S. Navy officers based at the naval mission often heard screams from across the courtyard. But none of them -- not even mission commander, Rear Admiral C. Thor Hanson -- ever raised the matter with their hosts.43

    From the CENIMAR facility, prisoners were shipped across Guanabara Bay by motor launch to a prison on the Isle of Flowers. Inside the low white buildings were interrogators who specialized in torture. The staff there was made up of members of the Department of Political and Social Order (DOPS). The island's commander was Clemente Jose Monteiro Filho, a graduate of the School of the Americas (commonly referred to as the escuela de golpes, the school of coups) at Fort Gulick in the Panama Canal Zone.44 The leader of interrogation and torture was Alfredo Poeck, a navy commander who had taken a three month course at the Special Warfare School at Fort Bragg in 1961.45

    A common torture routine consisted of a preliminary beating by a flat wooden paddle with holes drilled through it called a palmatoria. This would be followed by a more concentrated application of electric wires to the genitals designed to elicit information from the victim. If this method failed, the prisoner was subjected to another round with the palmatoria -- often for six hours at a time.46 Today, Brazil's terror technology has advanced beyond the electric prod and the wooden paddle. Testimony from political prisoners verified by the Brazilian College of Lawyers lists among the newest inventions a refrigerated cubicle called a geladeira. Nude prisoners are boxed in the geladeira for several days at a time and frequently doused with ice-cold water. All the time, loudspeakers emit deafening sounds. One prisoner described this as a "machine to drive people crazy."47

    The graduates of CIA-connected police programs in the U.S. are an undeniable concern to the Brazilian people. CounterSpy, speaking to this concern, is presenting the names of these graduates during the 1961-64 periods:

    Dates indicate when the person was in the U.S.

    Abreu, Antonio Candido (4/15/63-7/15/63) Ferreira, Rubens Jose (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Affonso, Leonel Archanjo (4/15/63-7/15/63) Firmo Sereno, Joao (4/15/63-7/15/63)

    Almeida, Eudes Batista (7/15/63-10/15/63) Hostin, Jose Mario (4/15/63-7/15/63)

    Almeida, Jose Tabosa (4/15/63-7/15/63) Lage, Raimundo Valerio Dias (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Andrade, Neylor Vasconcellos (4/15/63-7/15/63) Mafra, Heitor Martins (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Araujo, Jose Eduardo (7/15/63-10/15/63) Nascimento, Ricardo Frazao do (4/15/63-7/15/63)

    Araujo, Taltibio Delivalle y (4/15/63-7/15/63) Nogueira, Hever da Silva (1/15/63-2/15/63)

    Arnaut, Vilmar Leal (7/15/63-10/15/63) Oliveira, Alceu Drummond (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Barbosa, Joaquim (4/15/63-7/15/63) Pereira, Paulo Fernandes (1/15/63-4/15/63)

    Boffa, Carlos Alberto (7/15/63-10/15/63) Ribeiro, Arlindo Bento (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Brandao, Raul (4/15/63-7/15/63) Rosa, Helio Pestana (1/15/63-4/15/63)

    Costa, Jose Luiz (7/15/63-10/15/63) Saraiva, Iaci Cruz (1/15/63-2/15/63)

    Da Costa, Ismar Concalves (1/15/63-4/15/63) Silva, Paulo Souza da (4/15/63-7/15/63)

    Dantas, Walter (1/15/63-4/15/63) Silva, Wilson Gomes da (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    De Abreu, Eudes Coutinho (1/15/63-4/15/63) Silveira Filho, Paulo Agemiro da (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    De Almada, Antonio Soares (4/15/63-7/15/63) Sousa, Saulo Nunes (4/15/63-7/15/63)

    De Arruda, Firmiand Pacheco (1/15/63-4/15/63) Souza, Dilson de Almeida (1/15/63-4/15/63)

    Fernandes, Antonio (7/15/63-10/15/63) Teixeira, Dioran (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Fernandes, Oezer Carvalho (1/15/63-2/15/63)

    Labor Operations

    In this final section we will examine how CIA's subversion of Brazilian labor leaders and other trade union officials helped to topple Goulart. As such, we are making available to the people of Brazil the names of those persons who participated in special training sessions in the U.S. from 1961-1964. These courses were run by the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) which, according to Philip Agee, is a "CIA controlled labor center financed through AID."48 Before going into the names, however, it is important to trace the history of U.S. labor's cahoots with American foreign policy in Latin America.

    Since the middle of the 1950s, the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations -- once they had merged to become the AFL-CIO -- have taken on an increasingly active role in the implementation of American foreign policy. When the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) was established as an anti-communist rival to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), the "Free World" acknowledged that Latin America would become the exclusive domain of the AFL-CIO in its Cold War counter-offensive against its perceived nemesis, Soviet Expansionism.49

    ICFTU's affiliate in the Western hemisphere was the Inter-American Regional Organization of Workers (ORIT). In both ideology and practice, ORIT mirrored the AFL-CIO, which both funds and profits from its little sister to the South. ORIT's "prime goal is to fight Communism and to promote 'democratic trade-unionism.' It preaches reform within the existing capitalist system, denying the existence of class antagonism.... ORIT points to the U.S. as an example of the rewards that the system can heap upon the working class and organized labor."50 The principle sources of ORIT's funding have been the AFL-CIO, ICFTU's International Solidarity Fund, and other U.S. agencies. In 1961, its annual budget amounted to $125,000, excluding the grants.51 The CIA has exercised considerable control over ORIT. In the early 60s, Morris Paladino was ORIT's Director of Education, Director of Organization and Assistant Secretary General. At the same time, Paladino was also the CIA's principal agent in ORIT, working out of the CIA's International Organizations (IO) Division in Mexico City.52

    Another creature of the AFL-CIO's work in the international arena is the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD). Inaugurated in 1962, AIFLD's board of directors testifies to the commonality of interests shared by the CIA and America's industrial and labor elite. AIFLD's executive director until 1966 was Serafino Romualdi, former Inter-American representative for the AFL-CIO. Other board members include AFL-CIO chief George Meany; Joseph Beirne, head of the Communication Workers of America and a collaborator in CIA labor operations through the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Workers International (PTTI); J. Peter Grace, an ex-president and present chairman of the board of AIFLD, and head of the W.R. Grace Company which has extensive interests in Latin America. Other business leaders who hold or have held executive positions include Charles Brinckerhoof, chairman of the board of the Anaconda Company; William M. Hickey, president of the United Corporation; Robert C. Hill, director, Merck and Company; Juan C. Trippe, chairman of the board, Pan American World Airways; Henry S. Woodbridge, chairman of the board, Tru-Temper Copper Corporation.53 A new member of AIFLD's board of directors was Nelson Rockefeller who joined shortly before his death. Aside from this illustrious crew, executives rounding out AIFLD's leadership come from Gulf Oil International, Johnson and Johnson International, Owens-Illinois, and members of the Institute of International Education and the Fund for International Social and Economic Education, both recipients of funding from CIA fronts.54

    The extent to which AIFLD is under the aegis of the CIA is indicated by the fact that Serafino Romualdi, while at AIFLD, was still an agent of the CIA's International Organizations (IO) Division. Through the IO Division, Romualdi and William Doherty -- former Inter-American Representative of the Post, Telegraph and Telephone Workers International (PTTI) and now AIFLD's Social Projects Director -- exercised day-to-day control of AIFLD for the CIA.55

    Unlike ORIT's out-front role in promoting pro-Western trade unionism, AIFLD is dedicated to "strengthening the democratic labor sector in terms of ... technical assistance and social projects ... primarily in the areas of education and training, manpower studies, cooperatives and housing."56 William Doherty is less equivocal when he points out that AIFLD is an example of the desirability of cooperation between employers and workers. He thus emphasizes AIFLD's main goal: to dispel the hostility of Latin American workers toward U.S. corporations.57

    A less optimistic but more realistic appraisal of AIFLD's role is given by Philip Agee in his book, Inside the Company. Speaking of its creation in 1962, he states that AIFLD is "Washington's answer to the limitations of current labor programs undertaken through AID as well as through ORIT and CIA stations." The problem, says Agee, was "how to accelerate expansion of labor organizing activities in Latin America in order to deny workers to labor unions dominated by the extreme left and to reverse communist and Castroite penetration."58

    "AID programs," says Agee, "are limited because of their direct dependence on the U.S. government.... ORIT programs are limited because its affiliates are weak or non-existent in some countries.... The CIA station programs are limited by personnel problems, but more so by the limits on the amount of money that can be channeled covertly through the stations and through international organizations like ORIT and ICFTU."59

    Under the official cover of "adult education," AIFLD sets up social projects such as workers' housing, credit unions and cooperatives. AIFLD's major task, however, is similar to ORIT's in that it seeks to organize anti-communist labor unions in Latin America. To this end, AIFLD set up training institutes which would carry on the teaching of courses presently being given by AIFLD members. And although administrate control of the training institutes in Washington would be by AIFLD, it was hoped that the institutes themselves would be headed by salaried CIA agents under operational control of the local CIA station.60

    A logical outcome of AIFLD's obsession with anti-communism was the direct participation of its trainees in the overthrow of Joao Goulart. Even before Goulart came to power, AFL-CIO leaders were critical of growing communist strength in both the labor movement and in Juscelino Kubitschek's government. In 1956, Romualdi, along with labor attaché Irving Salert and U.S. ambassador James C. Dunn, arranged to have Brazilian labor leaders visit the U.S. AIFLD's goal was the "development of a core of labor leaders who, by commanding the enthusiastic support of the rank and file, could turn back Communist attempts to capture the Brazilian labor movement."61

    The 1960 elections saw Janio Quadros elected president and Goulart vice-president. During this time, Romualdi began to court Carlos Lacerda, the right-wing governor of Guanabara, the capital of which is Rio de Janeiro. When Quadros attempted to halt Brazil's raging inflation by limiting the supply of credit, pressure against him mounted. In August of '61, after only eight months in office, Quadros unexpectedly resigned. By doing this, he hoped to rally the nation behind him and thus give himself new popular support. But Lacerda, acting on the advice of Romualdi, saw to it that the expected communist call for a general strike would be defeated. Speaking to the opening session of the ORIT convention being held in Rio, Lacerda said he would resign in order to lead "from the streets" the fight against Quadros.62 During the convention, Romualdi and AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer William F. Schnitzler pressured the labor leaders into boycotting the proposed strike.63

    When the call for a general strike was issued on August 26, the Maritime Workers, the Central Committee of the Railway Unions and the Trade Union Committee for the Defense of Democracy, representing over four million workers, prevented their members from honoring the strike, thus causing its failure.64

    When news of ORIT's complicity with Lacerda's anti-government plans became known, Quadros' Minister of Labor threatened to outlaw ORIT in Brazil. Only Quadros' resignation kept him from issuing the decree.65

    ORIT's relations with Quadros' successor were even worse. Early in 1962, an ORIT delegation headed by General Secretary Arturo Jauregui, Mexican Senator Manuel Pavon and Romualdi went to Brasilia to confer with Goulart. After waiting the whole day to speak with the president, the delegation left without even having had a chance to see Goulart. When Goulart came to New York later in the year, he innocently asked the AIFLD director, "My dear Romualdi, when are you coming to visit me in Brasilia?"66

    Goulart's popularity steadily declined as inflation ate away the wages of Brazilian workers. Between 1958 and 1963, the cost of living increased by over 600 percent.67 To counter the combined criticism of industry, commerce, the military and the Church, Goulart began to take his case to the workers and oppressed people of Brazil's countryside. But Romualdi and his allies had other plans.

    To undermine Goulart's support in organized labor, ORIT, AIFLD, and the American embassy worked to break up the left-dominated CGT (General Workers Command), the nation's largest progressive labor organization. Their efforts culminated at the Third National Labor Congress of 1962. A U.S. labor specialist flown in especially for the occasion plotted strategy for the "democratic" trade union leaders. They convinced this minority bloc to pull out of the gathering, thus undermining the CGT's efforts to unify labor.

    Meanwhile, the Movimento Democratico Sindical (MDS), under its motto "God, private property and free enterprise," received AIFLD aid and advice in sponsoring meetings and setting up trade-union courses. In addition, the Instituto Cultural do Trabalho (ICT) -- AIFLD's local affiliate partially financed by U.S. business concerns -- trained labor personnel and disseminated anti-communist propaganda. In response to growing radical peasant movements in the rural Northeast, AIFLD initiated a series of training and aid programs for reformist groups and leaders.68

    The close ties between AIFLD and the CIA went beyond the use of AIFLD trainees in CIA-sponsored coups. It is the CIA's desire to continue its penetration of labor unions as a means of silencing one of the main foci of opposition to the U.S. presence in Latin America. In Brazil, the CIA channeled $30,000 to the International Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Workers (IFPCW) through its conduit the Andrew Hamilton Foundation.69 It was AIFLD's plan to get the IFPCW to affiliate with its anti-communist IFPCW counterpart in North America.

    As a measure of the success of its payoff, sixteen major petroleum unions in Brazil failed to unite in a National Federation of Petroleum Workers which the CIA opposed. AIFLD was able to get these unions to align with the conservative IFPCW by awarding financial aid to unions taking such a course. At one point, the IFPCW representative in Brazil, Alberto Ramos, wrote to one A. Noguria, "I have with me 45 million cruzeiros (almost $17,000) for you to distribute to the unions for campaigns in accordance with our plans." An itemized payoff sheet attached to the note listed the following recipients: $875.00 to Dr. Jorge Filho of the Ministry of Labor; a bonus of $312.50 to a reporter for favorable newspaper coverage; and $140.63 to two labor leaders for helping the IFPCW defeat an opposition candidate for union office. However, because of these revelations, the IFPCW was forced to end its Brazilian organizing efforts.70

    In the fall of '63, Romualdi and AIFLD vice-president Berent Friele -- "an old Brazilian hand belonging to the Rockefeller entourage" -- met with one of Goulart's chief opponents, Adhemar de Barros, governor of Sao Paulo.71 De Barros told the two men of plans already under way to mobilize police and military contingents against Goulart. When he complained that the U.S. Embassy was not listening, Romualdi wrote to the embassy's labor attaché, John Fishburn. "The Embassy's reaction," says Romualdi, "was, of course, noncommittal."72

    Even before his pleas to the embassy fell on deaf ears, Romualdi had decided that "a substantial sector of labor's rank and file were fed up with the Goulart regime."73 Starting in 1963, AIFLD "trained in Washington a special all-Brazilian class of thirty-three participants."74 After travelling to Western Europe and Israel with Romualdi, they returned to Brazil. Upon arrival, some went to the countryside to organize and conduct seminars. Others went to Rio, Sao Paulo and various industrial centers. Here then are the names of those persons who participated in CIA-directed labor training courses in the U.S. from 1961-1964:

    Dates indicate when the person was in the U.S.

    * designates participation in the AIFLD training session in Washington DC in the first three months of 1963

    Abate, Hugo (9/15/61-12/15/61) Luiz, Jose Martinho (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Abbud, Jose (7/15/61-9/15/61) Machado Filho, Antonio Rodriguez (8/15/63-10/15/63)

    Abrita, Antonio (8/15/63-10/15/63) Magnani, Fabio (8/15/63-10/15/63)

    Abritta, Ernane Souza (8/15/61-11/15/61) Maluf, Edmundo Amin * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Almeida, Gilson Dias de (6/15/63-9/15/63) Manzoni, Antenor (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Almeida, Jose Gomes de * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Marcassa, Joao * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Amante, Francisco Hegidio (7/15/61-9/15/61) Marinho, Dominiciano de Sousa (6/15/62-9/15/62)

    Araujo, Paulo Henrique * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Marques, Ivo Bento * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Barbosa, Jose Sebastiao (7/15/63-9/15/63) Mello, Jose Gabriel de (8/15/61-10/15/61)

    Barbosa, Onofre Martins (8/15/62-10/15/62) Mello Jr., Theodore Narciso (5/15/63-7/15/63)

    Bareta, Nelson (7/15/63-10/15/63) Moreira, Joao Balbino Goncalves (6/15/62-9/15/62)

    Barreto, Benjamin Bittencourt (9/15/61-12/15/61) Moreira, Pedro Martins (8/15/61-10/15/61)

    Barreto, Vincente de Paulo (5/15/63-7/15/63) Mueller, Cezar Francisco (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Barros, Luiz Capitolino (7/15/63-10/15/63) Nascimento, Luiz (8/15/61-3/15/62)

    Bastos, Carlindo Martins (1/15/63-3/15/63) Nascimento, Zozimo Gomes * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Bastos, Thodiano Conceigao da Silva * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Nascimerto, Djalma Paiva do * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Bayer, Wilfredo Marcos (9/15/61-12/15/61) Neves, Jose Ferreira (8/15/61-11/15/61)

    Bottega, Abilio (6/15/62-9/15/62) Nina, Celso Afonso (8/15/63-10/15/63)

    Braga, Nelson (5/15/63-7/15/63) Nogueira, Paulo * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Branco, Aparicio de Cerqueira (7/15/62-10/15/62) Oliveira, Deodato (7/15/61-9/15/61)

    Branco, Eliseu Castelo * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Oliveira, Edward Ximenes de (8/15/61-11/15/61)

    Brasiel, Wanderly Pimenta * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Oliveira, Elieser da Silva * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Busse, Ralf (8/15/62-10/15/62) Oliveira, Jose Luiz de (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Carvalho, Antonio Nelson (10/15/62-12/15/62) Oliveira, Solon de * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Carvalho, Aureo * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Oliveira, Vbirajara Ferreira de (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Castanheira, Bento * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Paiva, Carlos de * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Cerqueira, Jose de Arimateira (7/15/61-9/15/61) Paiyao, Miguel Santos de (1/15/61-4/15/61)

    Cesar, Jose Oliveira (8/15/61-11/15/61) Paula, Elison Galdino de * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Contesino, Erico Antonio (7/15/61-9/15/61) Pereira, Antenor (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Correa, Jose Benedicto (7/15/63-10/15/63) Pereira, Vitalino Alexandre (10/15/63-12/15/63)

    Costa, Fortunato Batista de (6/15/63-9/15/63) Pinto, Geraldo Servulo (10/15/62-12/15/62)

    Costa, Jose Alives da (7/15/63-10/15/63) Priess, Carlos Fernando (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Crocetti, Mario Domingos * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Provensi, Mario Jose (8/15/61-10/15/61)

    Cruz, Serafim Ferreira da (11/15/60-12/15/60) Queiroz, Martinho Martins (7/15/61-11/15/61)

    Cunha, Euclides Veriato da (7/15/63-10/15/63) Rego, Ormilo Moraes (8/15/63-10/15/63)

    Cunha, Joao Manoel (7/15/63-10/15/63) Reimer, Getulio (8/15/62-10/15/62)

    Da Silva, Pedro Guedes (7/15/60-10/15/60) Reinaldo, Bernardino da Silva (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Dantas, Antonio Cavalcanti (6/15/63-9/15/63) Reis, Leopoldo Miguel Dos (7/15/61-9/15/61)

    De Silva, Manoel Francisco (11/15/60-12/15/60) Rezende, Osvaldo Gomes (8/15/62-10/15/62)

    Dias, Irineu Francisco (4/15/61-7/15/61); Ribeiro, Adair (7/15/61-9/15/61)

    Dimbarre, Alfredo (7/15/63-10/15/63) Rebeiro, Nelio de Carvalho (8/15/63-10/15/63)

    Diogo, Nelson (6/15/63-9/15/63) Ribeiro, Vbaldino Fontoura * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Faraco de Morias, Hermenegildo (8/15/61-10/15/61) Rocha, Hildebrando Pinheiro (6/15/63-9/15/63)

    Faria, Geraldo Pio de * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Roque Netto, Sebastiao Jose (8/15/61-10/15/61)

    Ferreira, Alcides * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Santos, Etavaldo Dantas dos (6/15/63-9/15/63)

    Ferreira, Jose Felix (10/15/63-12/15/63) Santos, Reinaldo dos (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Ferreira, Sonia Apparecida (5/15/63-11/15/63) Scoz, Elzide (10/15/63-12/15/63)

    Florentino, Primo Berto (10/15/63-12/15/63) Silva, Alvimar Macedo (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Fonseca Filho, Tristao Pereira da (6/15/62-9/15/62) Silva, Avelino da (8/15/61-10/15/61)

    Fonseca, Valdenor Flores da (7/15/63-10/15/63) Silva, Edir Inacio da (10/15/62-12/15/62)

    Francisco, Alvise * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Silva, Francisco Narciso da (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Freitas, Jose Reis (10/15/63-12/15/63) Silva, Helio Jose Nunes da (6/15/63-9/15/63)

    Gevaerd, Cezlos Jose * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Silva, Horacio Arantes (6/15/62-9/15/62)

    Gil, Waldomiro (8/15/62-10/15/62) Silva, Humberto Ferreira (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Giro, Guilherme (6/15/62-9/15/62) Silva, Ivan (6/15/63-9/15/63)

    Gomes, Silvio (10/15/62-12/15/62) Silva, Joao Baptista Raimundo da (7/15/61-9/15/61)

    Gomes, Vicente de Paula (10/15/63-12/15/63) Silva, Julio Trajano da * (1/15/63-3/15/63)

    Goncalves, Darci Manoel (6/15/63-9/15/63) Silva, Paulo da Cruz (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Goncalves, Osmar H. (7/15/61-9/15/61) Silva, Waldomiro Luiz da (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Guimaraes, Benedicto Luiz (8/15/61-11/15/61) Silva Sobrinho, Jose Domingues (8/15/62-10/15/62)

    Hauk, Helmuth (8/15/63-10/15/63) Silveira, Jose Bernardino da (8/15/61-11/15/61)

    Helfenstrein, Werno (8/15/61-10/15/61) Silveira Jr., Norberto Candido (9/15/61-12/15/61)

    Leite, Antonio Pereira (7/15/63-10/15/63) Sousa Barbosa, Onessimo de (10/15/63-12/15/63)

    Leite, Floriano Gomes (8/15/61-10/15/61) Souto, Carlos Ferreira (7/15/61-9/15/61)

    Lenzi, Carlos Alberto Silveira (5/15/63-7/15/63) Souza, Adelino Rodrigues de (6/15/62-9/15/62)

    Lima, Jose Bezerra de * (1/15/63-3/15/63) Torreko da Costa, Carlos Coqueijo (3/15/62-5/15/62)

    Lima, Manoel Barbosa (6/15/62-9/15/62) Vianna, Gilberto Luiz (7/15/63-10/15/63)

    Lirani, Julio (8/15/61-10/15/61) Waidt, Nilo (8/15/61-10/15/61)

    The role of AIFLD's trainees in the coup was made clear by the CIA's William C. Doherty, AIFLD Director of Social Projects at the time. At an AFL-CIO Labor News Conference in July 1964, Doherty noted that the trainees "were very active in organizing workers.... As a matter of fact, some of them were so active that they became intimately involved in some of the clandestine operations of the revolution [Washington's code-word for the coup] before it took place on April 1. What happened in Brazil ... did not just happen -- it was planned -- and planned months in advance. Many of the trade union leaders -- some of whom were actually trained in our institute -- were involved in the revolution [see above], and in the overthrow of the Goulart regime."75

    AIFLD had succeeded in delivering the Brazilian labor movement from Communist leadership. Its supposed goal of creating an independent, democratic labor movement, however, was quickly abandoned. Two and a half years after the coup, AFL-CIO union leaders who went to Brazil under AID's exchange program returned with a devastating indictment of conditions for workers and unions in Brazil. In a New York Times dispatch from Rio de Janeiro (November 23, 1966), James Jones of the United Steel Workers of America stated that "The leaders of unions here have the greatest fear I have ever seen in my life. They are afraid to raise their voices on behalf of their workers for fear of police reprisals."76

    In fact, AIFLD leaders supported the authoritarian measures taken by the military junta and provided rationales for its policies. After one of Serafino Romualdi's principal contacts, Adhemar de Barros, was deprived of his political rights for ten years, Romualdi stated equivocally that "it is still too early for a final judgement on the success or failure of the Brazilian 1964 revolution [sic!]"77 To cement its solidarity with the new regime, William Doherty appeared on the same platform with Brazil's president, General Castello Branco, in April 1966 to help lay the foundation for an AIFLD housing project in Sao Paulo. During his speech, Doherty declared that it was "appropriate that the ceremonies were taking place on the second anniversary of Brazil's democratic Revolution [sic]."78


    The denial of all political rights and the suppression of working class efforts to gain a more equitable share of Brazil's enormous natural wealth give the lie to the country's "economic miracle" that foreign investors proclaim.79 Whatever gains Brazil can speak of are realized by only a small elite. Furthermore, the markets which she can boast of are those for raw materials, agricultural products and manufactured goods. These markets are all export-oriented and thus depend on the fluctuating prices of the world market. When we add to this the cheap cost of Brazilian labor, which is a prerequisite for keeping these goods competitive, is it any wonder that Brazil's per capita GNP is one of the lowest in Latin America?80 Clearly, the cost of fueling Brazil's "economic miracle" is more than its people can tolerate.

    Since the military coup of 1964, there has been a decline in the real wages of Brazilians amounting to almost 40 percent.81 Brazil's gross foreign debt for 1978 is expected to reach a spectacular $40 billion, with interest and amortization payments totalling $8 billion.82 The reason for the seeming paradox between a country so rich in natural resources yet one whose people suffer life-long misery is quite simple, however: for capitalists, both Brazilian and foreign, the masses are looked upon as costs, not customers: the lower their real wages, the higher the profits from selling to the local upper class and the international market.83

    If cheap labor and an absence of political opposition have been considered Brazil's major investment advantages since 1964, events of recent years suggest that the attractiveness of Brazil to foreign investors may be on the decline. In 1978, Brazilian autoworkers paralyzed the industry with a major strike.84 In 1969, bank robberies by revolutionary groups in Sao Paulo alone amounted to over $1.5 million.85

    Brazil's rulers themselves have had to assume a "get-tough" attitude toward the U.S. in the wake of State Department reports on human rights violations. In order to gain credibility amongst their local backers, the Brazilians showed how badly they were miffed: by canceling in March, 1977 a 25-year-old military assistance treaty between Washington and Brasilia. At the same time, Brazil turned down a $50 million loan credit for the purchase of military supplies because of human rights demands attached to it by the U.S. Congress.86 In September, 1977, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry announced the termination of a Brazilian-American military commission and a naval commission established in 1942 to coordinate World War II efforts. Also canceled were a 1967 pact governing the use of armaments imported from the U.S. and a 1952 agreement for U.S. participation in aerial mapping of Brazil.87 Of the March rejection, chief of staff General Moacir Barcelos Potyguara stated that the decision would cause no problems in Brazil's military preparedness.88

    Unfortunately, this cavalier attitude will not effect the long-term military relations between the two countries. The March, 1977 announcement was to take place one year later. No mention was made of rejecting that which is already in the pipeline to Brazil. At the least, Brazil should benefit for years to come from its friendship with the U.S. Furthermore, U.S. opposition to Brazil's planned purchase of West German nuclear reprocessing technology seems to have subsided. In a recent visit to Brazil, Vice President Mondale backed away from criticizing the country's plans to build a uranium reprocessing plant capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium.89

    As for Brazil's new president, Joao Baptista Figueiredo, and what lies in store for the Brazilian people, a few words must be said. For the unsuspecting, last month's appointment of Figueiredo as president appeared to usher in a new era of liberalization for that country's political situation. Pledging to continue the reforms (which included the closing of Congress for four months in 1977) initiated by his predecessor, Ernesto Geisel, Figueiredo declared that it would be his "unswerving purpose" to make Brazil a democracy. He guaranteed freedom of expression for the "many segments of Brazilian public opinion."90 But for those who have even the slightest familiarity with the man who is Brazil's fifth military head of state since the armed forces carried out a CIA-backed coup in 1964, Joao Baptista Figueiredo is to be watched closely.

    His background speaks to the intimate role the CIA has played in making Brazil one of the most repressive and, not surprisingly, one of the "safest" investment climates in Latin America. After the '64 coup, the CIA helped Brazil set up its first national intelligence service, the SNI. Figueiredo became the director of its Rio office. Later he was named head of the military police in Sao Paulo, after which he became then-President Emilio Medici's chief of staff. Before coming to Brasilia in 1974 to direct the SNI, Figueiredo commanded the Third Army in Porto Alegre. Given the documented penetration and usurpation of the SNI and the police forces by the CIA, can there remain any doubt that with Figueiredo's ascendancy to the executive office, Langley truly has their "man in Brazil"?

    In an effort to dress up the seamy history of their new president, the National Renewal Alliance, the Government party, hired the largest advertising agency in Brazil to change Figueiredo's public image. The agency, Al Cantro Machado, which works closely with the huge New York ad agency, Doyle, Dane & Bernbach, replaced Figueiredo's dark glasses with clear, metal-framed ones, got him to tone down on insults such as "For me the smell of horses is better than the smell of people," and, finally, succeeded in projecting him as almost a populist, anti-establishment figure.

    But for the people of Brazil, the media blitz around "election" time contrasts sharply with the harsh conditions under which they have lived since the '64 coup. With the creation of the SNI and the imposition of successive Institutional Acts, the democratic freedoms Brazilians once enjoyed have been destroyed. The danger of living in South America's oldest police state, however, has not deterred them from struggling to achieve basic human rights. As Figueiredo took office on March 15, over 200,000 industrial workers were on strike in Sao Paulo demanding a wage hike of 78 percent to keep pace with Brazil's astronomical rate of inflation, up 44 percent over last year.91

    Contradicting his liberalization pledges and new image, Figueiredo, after only a week in office sent troops into Rio de Janeiro on Friday March 23rd. The troops seized the union headquarters and arrested 1,600 workers. Although the workers were released over the weekend, the Ministry of Labor unilaterally called for new union elections and issued a decree which stripped a group of union officials of their posts. The duly-elected head of the metal, mechanical and electrical workers' union, Luiz Inaco da Silva has been prohibited from running for reelection or participating in union activity. Although Inaco has denied that the strike was called to test the promised liberalization of the Figueiredo regime, the manner in which it was dealt with makes clear the government's intolerance of even legal opposition.

    It is in the wake of this strike-breaking that Figueiredo's statement about "fair-play" between Brazil's legislative and executive branches must be evaluated. During his inaugural address, he stated that "The game is just beginning and as soon as I am in office the ball will belong to me. If the politicians play well, fine. But if they play badly, I will put the ball under my arm and leave the field.92 If this warning was ambiguous at the time, Figueiredo's actions of last week [March 1979] have clarified any uncertainty that people may have had. Under the new president, the future of Brazil's 116 million people bodes ill. For, without the slightest hesitation, Figueiredo has removed democracy from the realm of political possibilities in Brazil and has tucked it away in his desk drawer where it will continue to gather dust as it has for the past fifteen years, to be brought out again at the next showing of Brazilian "liberalization."

    CIA Officers in Brazil as of August, 1978

    Burton, Stewart D. (born: 5 April 1928)

    Burton has served in Brazil on three previous occasions: from 1952-1955 at the Consulate General in Sao Paulo as a Vice-Consul with the rank of S-11; from 1962-1964 at the Consulate in Curitiba as a "political officer" with the rank of R-5; and from 1967-1970 at the Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro as a "political officer" progressing from R-4 to R-3. As of August, 1978, Burton was at the Embassy in Brasilia under the cover of "First Secretary."

    Graves, R. Martin (born: 1 July 1937)

    Graves, also, has had previous experience in Brazil. In 1967 he was stationed in Recife as an Economic Officer with the rank of R-6. From 1968 to 1969 he served at the then-Embassy in Rio de Janeiro as a Political Officer with the rank of R-5. At the end of 1969 he was transferred to Sao Paulo where he served for three years as a Political Officer. After a stint in Saigon and back home at the State Department, Graves was reassigned to the Embassy in Brasilia as a Political Officer in January, 1976. In August, 1978 he was transferred to the Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro.

    Neves, Antonio L. (born: 15 June 1931)

    Neves first came to Brazil in 1962 after seven years in the Department of Army as an "analyst." His first assignment was at the then-Embassy in Rio de Janeiro as an Attaché with the rank of R-6. He served for four years in Brazil, after which he was assigned to Rome, and then the State Department in Washington. He reappeared at the Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro in August, 1978.

    Edger, David N. (born: 20 June 1945)

    Edger taught public school in 1967-1968 before serving as an "educator" in the Department of Army for five years. Upon joining the State Department in January, 1973, he was assigned to the Embassy in Santiago, Chile as a "political officer" with the rank of R-7. As of August, 1978, he was working in the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia. His position is that of Second Secretary.

    Mallet, John W. (born: 10 April 1945)

    Mallet's government experience consists of two years as a "program analyst" with the Department of Army from 1972-1974. When he joined the State Department in 1975, he was assigned to the Embassy in Santiago as a "political officer" with the rank of R-7. As of August, 1978, he has been at the Embassy in Brasilia working under the cover of Second Secretary.

    CIA Collaborators in Brazil as of August, 1978

    The following U.S. government employees have collaborated or worked with the CIA in a functional capacity:

    Arenales, Alfonso (born: 1 March 1926)

    Arenales joined the State Department in 1957 where he served as an "intelligence research analyst" for two years. He has served in Iran, Rio de Janeiro and the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that during Arenales' three years in the Dominican Republic (1964-67), Lyndon Johnson and the CIA overthrew the democratically elected president Juan Bosch; invaded the island with over 40,000 U.S. Marines; and sent in Brazilian troops to crush the popular resistance movement. Arenales is presently serving in the political section of the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia as a Consul.

    High, George Borman (born: 25 July 1931)

    High joined the State Department in 1956 and served for two and a half years as an "intelligence research analyst." He has served in Angola and Lebanon (where he was an "Arab language-area trainee" at the Foreign Service Institute field-school). Back at the State Department, he served as the desk officer for South Africa, Angola-Mozambique, and Madagascar, respectively. He has served in Ecuador and Argentina, and has been detailed to the Army War College. As of August, 1978, High was at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, serving as a Consul for Ministerial Affairs.

    Povenmire, Dale Miller (born: 6 June 1930)

    Povenmire joined the State Department in 1957 with the rank of R-8. In 1958 he was stationed in Santiago as a "political and economic officer." He spent the next three years at the State Department as an "intelligence research specialist." His next assignments were in Zanzibar and Paraguay. In 1966, Povenmire was back at the State Department as an "international relations officer." Two years later, he became a representative at the National Military Command Center of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. He was then assigned to Venezuela and Portugal. As of August, 1978, he was the "labor officer" at the Consulate General in Sao Paulo.


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    U.S. personnel in Brazil, 1964 NameBase book reviews

  4. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    President, Waterkeeper Alliance; Professor, Pace University

    Posted: January 11, 2011 07:57 PM

    Tucson: Time for Another Examination of Conscience


    Uncle Jack's speech in Dallas was to have been an explosive broadside against the right wing. He found Dallas' streets packed five deep with Kennedy Democrats, but among them were the familiar ornaments of presidential hatred; high-flying confederate flags and hundreds of posters adorning the walls and streets of Dallas showing Jack's picture inscribed with "Wanted for Treason." One man held a posterboard saying, "you a traitor ." Other placards accused him of being a communist. When public school P.A. systems announced Jack's assassination, Dallas school children as young as the fourth grade applauded. A Birmingham radio caller declared that "any white man who did what he did for niggers should be shot." As my siblings and I visited the White House to console my cousins John and Caroline, a picket paraded out front with a sign, "God punished JFK."

    Jack had received myriad warnings against visiting the right-wing Texas city. Indeed, there had been a sense of foreboding even within our family as he and Aunt Jackie prepared for the trip. Jack made an unscheduled trip to Cape Cod to say goodbye to my ailing grandfather. The night before the trip, Mummy found Jack distant and brooding at a dinner for the Supreme Court Justices. He was very fond of Mummy, but for the first time ever, he looked right through her.

    Jack's death forced a national bout of self-examination. In 1964, Americans repudiated the forces of right-wing hatred and violence with an historic landslide in the presidential election between LBJ and Goldwater. For a while, the advocates of right-wing extremism receded from the public forum. Now they have returned with a vengeance -- to the broadcast media and to prominent positions in political landscape.

    Gabrielle Giffords lies in a hospital room fighting for her life, and a precious nine-year-old girl is dead along with five others. Let's pray for them and for our country and hope this tragedy prompts another round of examination of conscience.



  5. Kelly had the highest security clearance possible.......now ... no one has his cell phone records...they cant be obtained ????????????????????????????????? If you cant figure out what that means,I submit your brain cells dont work in a rational manner. You lack the wisdom GOD gave you. SG


  6. Dear David, For the establishment media to report bad things about the FED is big bad TABOO.

    I think Mr. Colby and many others would benefit from this book. DEBT VIRUS. (go to Amazon.com books if link not working)

    Pg 170 has Exhibit 16 (putting in the == search inside this book section == the phrase "balanced money system" (with quotes) and get page 170) Page 170 is very,very,very,very ,very important.


    Many a moon ago I sent a copy of this book to a national radio program and they wanted to interview Mr. Jaikaran. Mr. Jaikaran was on a multi-country tour to promote system shown on page 170. Jaikaran had set up a seperate office with a volunteer. The radio program told me there would be no interview because the volunteer said Mr. Jaikaran wanted 500$ to do the interview. When Jaikaran got back he said that he felt he was monitored when talking to various government officials and that said 'volunteer' was sabotaging his efforts === a plant so to speak. I havent contacted him in 17 years. He put me in contact with this young lady accountant near were I lived ,who was not wealthy ,but had bought 200 plus of his books and given them away. She soon got a DOD job and stopped promoting the ideas (pg 170) of his book. I stopped also ,but have posted about this book (page 170) numerous times. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN SCREEN SHOT PG 170 or scan it ==PLEASE DO SO !!!!!!!!!! and put it in this thread. THANKS Steve Gaal


    The banking elites prepare for the angry peasants with sticks ........what you read below is the aftermath IMHO of the ELM ST coup.... :blink:


  7. I just got the email and immediately posted a message here to contact you.

    We were both sending the warnings at the same time. :)



    Jack, Its from Russia with love...


    ######################above link found by E's inner property's


  8. I really doubt more than a handful of people, if that, make it through your dense block of text. You have not documented allegations you made a few posts ago.

    1) WL was funded by Soros

    2) [it has been reported] Soros is an agent of the Rothschilds

    Or are you still too busy from Thanksgiving to reply?

    cause I posted before, cause I posted before, cause I posted before, cause I posted before cause I posted before


    Below a copy of my post in this thread,you will read the phrase "cause I posted before". Can you guess what time frame this was posted ?? Maybe Thanksgiving?

    Ive said before you are a poor reader..... matter of fact this Thanksgiving excerpt (below) is the second time I posted about your poor reading .....I think I have been proven correct about your poor reading ....this below is from this thread (which has a clearly stated excerpt from a previous thread).


    Now to mention Rothschild is to be ANTI JEW....golly I would check your memory functioning ==cause I posted before.

    I cop to being trying to be fair. Since I posted I have a big work week and I have also Thanksgiving matters. I cop to thinking you are a poor reader. I never used the term Jewish Conspiracy. Here is what I have said before. The Rothschilds work within (within ,yes within, go back and look what I posted) the frame work of Banking Interests centered in London that want a federation of central banks that dominate the worlds countries. Now amoung these interests are old monied families of Europe like the Catholic Royals of Spain and other non-Jewish Royals of Europe and many of the Protestant banking families of the Netherland and yes Jewish Banking families. The Rothchild were one of the first international then globalist banking houses. They are contra-similar to the indicator animal used when looking at environmental degredation of a particular ecosystem. If this animal is down in number,then ecological problems are indicated in this area. If Rothschild are there ,then there is likelihood of the British Centered Banking power grab/influence is high in said particular issue►


    Colby's word of the day

    before [bɪˈfɔː]

    conj (subordinating)

    1. earlier than the time when

    2. rather than he'll resign before he agrees to it


    1. preceding in space or time; in front of; ahead of standing before the altar

    2. when confronted by to withdraw before one's enemies

    3. in the presence of to be brought before a judge

    4. in preference to to put friendship before money


    at an earlier time; previously; beforehand; in front

    [Old English beforan; related to Old Frisian befara, Old High German bifora]

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ##############################################################

    POINT 1)Radio man

    Beck notes, “Wikileaks once listed Soros connected Chinese human rights leader as one of its advisors…. They have since scrubbed the website. Too bad for Wikileaks and George Soros and everybody else that we have watchdogs that printed everything before it was scrubbed from the web.”

    POINT 2) ++++

    Manning’s attorney is Mark Stevens, who also does pro-bono work for George Soros and the Open Society Institute

    POINT 3)

    Gavin MacFadyen, with whom Julian Assange is now staying, is also someone with strong connections to the financial elites. MacFadyan is a senior producer-director at corporate mainstream outlets, BBC and PBS, and a director of the NY conference of financial and business journalists at the Columbia Journalism School. He is also the director of the Center for Investigative Journalism, where Assange is listed as a teacher, along with such well-known names as leftist author-activists, Mike Davis, John Pilger, and Vandana Shiva. Sponsors of the CIJ are George Soros’ Open Society Institute (which, notably, sponsors a number of pro-Tibet projects), SAID FREE TIBET PROJECTS ARE WHAT HAS BEEN CALLED THE REASON FOR THE CREATION OF Tricky Opps Wikileaks

    POINT 4) (note links in () parenthesis not working)

    Soros is said to be one of the people behind Wikileaks.

    Hungarian-born George Soros reportedly has links to the Rothschilds, Mark Rich and Rafi Eytan. (The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros)

    Soros allegedly “spent the war in Hungary under false papers working for the Nazi government, identifying and expropriating the property of wealthy fellow Jews.” (The Secret Financial Network Behind “Wizard” George Soros)

    George Soros reportedly played a part in undermining banks and currencies during the Asian financial crisis of 1997. (George Soros’ role in the Asia Crisis of 1997)

    Journalist Julie Lévesque has listed some of Wikileaks’ connections to the Establishment.

    Here are some brief extracts from “Who’s Who at Wikileaks?“, which appears at Global Research on 20 December 2010.

    “One thing we can confirm is that Julian Assange was in communication with people working for NASA and the Los Alamos Lab in the 1990s.”

    “Some interesting facts about several members listed in 2008 on the Wikileaks advisory board, including organizations to which they belong or have links to…

    Philip Adams ‘held key posts in Australian governmental media administration’

    “Adams ‘chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for the Mind at Sydney University and the Australian National University’. CFR member Michael Spence also serves on this board and Rupert Murdoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch, has served… The 2008 Distinguished Fellow of the Center for the Mind was …Tony Blair.”


    “The Wikileaks project brings to mind the ‘recommendations’ of Cass Sunstein, who heads the Obama White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs…

    “As outlined by Daniel Tencer in Obama Staffer Calls for “Cognitive Infiltration” of ” 9/11 Conspiracy Groups”:

    “Sunstein ‘argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via ‘chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine’ those groups’.”

    “Over the last seven months, the London based Frontline Club has served as de facto U.K ‘headquarters’ for Wikileaks.

    “The Frontline Club is an initiative of Henry Vaughan Lockhart Smith

    “Upon his release from bail, Julian Assange was provided refuge at Vaughan Smith’s Ellingham Manor in Norfolk.

    “The Frontline Club is an establishment media outfit.

    “Vaughan Smith writes for the NATO Review. (See NATO Web TV Channel and NATO Nations: Accurate, Reliable and Convenient).

    “His relationship to NATO goes back to 1998 when he worked as a video journalist in Kosovo. In 2010, he was ‘embedded with a platoon from the British Grenadier Guards’ during Operation Moshtarak in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. (PBS NewsHour, February 19, 2010).

    “According to the New York Times, The Frontline Club ‘has received financing for its events from the Open Society Institute’. (In London, a Haven and a Forum for War Reporters – New York Times, 28 August 2006)”

    The Open Society Institute is a George Soros group.

    ############################################################################################################################################################################################ POINT 5) Below Soros Rothschild

    The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros

    by William Engdahl

    EIR Investigation Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), November 1, 1996

    The dossier that follows is based upon a report released on Oct. 1 by EIR's bureau in Wiesbaden, Germany, titled "A Profile of Mega-Speculator George Soros." Research was contributed by Mark Burdman, Elisabeth Hellenbroich, Paolo Raimondi, and Scott Thompson.


    Time magazine has characterized financier George Soros as a "modern-day Robin Hood," who robs from the rich to give to the poor countries of eastern Europe and Russia. It claimed that Soros makes huge financial gains by speculating against western central banks, in order to use his profits to help the emerging post-communist economies of eastern Europe and former Soviet Union, to assist them to create what he calls an "Open Society." The Time statement is entirely accurate in the first part, and entirely inaccurate in the second. He robs from rich western countries, and uses his profits to rob even more savagely from the East, under the cloak of "philanthropy." His goal is to loot wherever and however he can. Soros has been called the master manipulator of "hit-and-run capitalism."

    As we shall see, what Soros means by "open," is a society that allows him and his financial predator friends to loot the resources and precious assets of former Warsaw Pact economies. By bringing people like Jeffrey Sachs or Sweden's Anders Aslund and their economic shock therapy into these economies, Soros lays the groundwork for buying up the assets of whole regions of the world at dirt-cheap prices.

    The man who broke the Bank of England?

    An examination of Soros's secretive financial network is vital to understand the true dimension of the "Soros problem" in eastern Europe and other nations.

    Following the crisis of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism of September 1992, when the Bank of England was forced to abandon efforts to stabilize the pound sterling, a little-known financial figure emerged from the shadows, to boast that he had personally made over $1 billion in speculation against the British pound. The speculator was the Hungarian-born George Soros, who spent the war in Hungary under false papers working for the Nazi government, identifying and expropriating the property of wealthy fellow Jews. Soros left Hungary after the war, and established American citizenship after some years in London. Today, Soros is based in New York, but that tells little, if anything, of who and what he is.

    Following his impressive claims to possession of a "Midas touch," Soros has let his name be publicly used in a blatant attempt to influence world financial markets---an out-of-character act for most financial investors, who prefer to take advantage of situations not yet discovered by rivals, and keep them secret. Soros the financier is as much a political animal, as a financial speculator.

    Soros proclaimed in March 1993, with great publicity, that the price of gold was about to rise sharply; he said that he had just gotten "inside information" that China was about to buy huge sums of gold for its booming economy. Soros was able to trigger a rush into buying gold, which caused prices to rise more than 20% over four months, to the highest level since 1991. Typically for Soros, once the fools rushed in to push prices higher, Soros and his friend Sir James Goldsmith secretly began selling their gold at a huge profit.

    Then, in early June 1993, Soros proclaimed his intent to force a sell-off in German government bonds in favor of the French, in an open letter to London Times Financial Editor Anatole Kaletsky, in which Soros proclaimed, "Down with the D-Mark!" Soros has at various times attacked the currencies of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mexico, coming into newly opened financial markets which have little experience with foreign investors, let alone ones with large funds like Soros. Soros begins buying stocks or bonds in the local market, leading others to naively suppose that he knows something they do not. As with gold, when the smaller investors begin to follow Soros, driving prices of stocks or whatever higher, Soros begins to sell to the eager new buyers, cashing in his 40% or 100% profits, then exiting the market, and often, the entire country, to seek another target for his speculation. This technique gave rise to the term "hit and run." What Soros always leaves behind, is a collapsed local market and financial ruin of national investors.

    The secret of the Quantum Fund NV

    Soros is the visible side of a vast and nasty secret network of private financial interests, controlled by the leading aristocratic and royal families of Europe, centered in the British House of Windsor. This network, called by its members the Club of Isles, was built upon the wreckage of the British Empire after World War II.

    Rather than use the powers of the state to achieve their geopolitical goals, a secret cross-linked holding of private financial interests, tied to the old aristocratic oligarchy of western Europe, was developed. It was in many ways modeled on the 17th-century British and Dutch East India Companies. The heart of this Club of the Isles is the financial center of the old British Empire, the City of London. Soros is one of what in medieval days were called Hofjuden, the "Court Jews," who were deployed by the aristocratic families.

    The most important of such "Jews who are not Jews," are the Rothschilds, who launched Soros's career. They are members of the Club of the Isles and retainers of the British royal family. This has been true since Amschel Rothschild sold the British Hessian troops to fight against George Washington during the American Revolution.

    Soros is American only in his passport. He is a global financial operator, who happens to be in New York, simply because "that's where the money is," as the bank robber Willy Sutton once quipped, when asked why he always robbed banks. Soros speculates in world financial markets through his offshore company, Quantum Fund NV, a private investment fund, or "hedge fund." His hedge fund reportedly manages some $11-14 billion of funds on behalf of its clients, or investors---one of the most prominent of whom is, according to Soros, Britain's Queen Elizabeth, the wealthiest person in Europe.

    The Quantum Fund is registered in the tax haven of the Netherlands Antilles, in the Caribbean. This is to avoid paying taxes, as well as to hide the true nature of his investors and what he does with their money.

    In order to avoid U.S. government supervision of his financial activities, something normal U.S.-based investment funds must by law agree to in order to operate, Soros moved his legal headquarters to the Caribbean tax haven of Curacao. The Netherlands Antilles has repeatedly been cited by the Task Force on Money Laundering of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as one of the world's most important centers for laundering illegal proceeds of the Latin American cocaine and other drug traffic. It is a possession of the Netherlands.

    Soros has taken care that the none of the 99 individual investors who participate in his various funds is an American national. By U.S. securities law, a hedge fund is limited to no more than 99 highly wealthy individuals, so-called "sophisticated investors." By structuring his investment company as an offshore hedge fund, Soros avoids public scrutiny.

    Soros himself is not even on the board of Quantum Fund. Instead, for legal reasons, he serves the Quantum Fund as official "investment adviser," through another company, Soros Fund Management, of New York City. If any demand were to be made of Soros to reveal the details of Quantum Fund's operations, he is able to claim he is "merely its investment adviser." Any competent police investigator looking at the complex legal structure of Soros's businesses would conclude that there is prima facie evidence of either vast money laundering of illicit funds, or massive illegal tax evasion. Both may be true.

    To make it impossible for U.S. tax authorities or other officials to look into the financial dealings of his web of businesses, the board of directors of Quantum Fund NV also includes no American citizens. His directors are Swiss, Italian, and British financiers.

    George Soros is part of a tightly knit financial mafia---"mafia," in the sense of a closed masonic-like fraternity of families pursuing common aims. Anyone who dares to criticize Soros or any of his associates, is immediately hit with the charge of being "anti-Semitic"----a criticism which often silences or intimidates genuine critics of Soros's unscrupulous operations. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith considers it a top priority to "protect" Soros from the charges of "anti-Semites" in Hungary and elsewhere in Central Europe, according to ADL National Director Abraham Foxman. The ADL's record of service to the British oligarchy has been amply documented by EIR (e.g. The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League [Washington, D.C., Executive Intelligence Review: 1992]).

    According to knowledgeable U.S. and European investigators, Soros's circle includes indicted metals and commodity speculator and fugitive Marc Rich of Zug, Switzerland and Tel Aviv; secretive Israeli arms and commodity dealer Shaul Eisenberg, and "Dirty Rafi" Eytan, both linked to the financial side of the Israeli Mossad; and, the family of Jacob Lord Rothschild.

    Understandably, Soros and the Rothschild interests prefer to keep their connection hidden far from public view, so as to obscure the well-connected friends Soros enjoys in the City of London, the British Foreign Office, Israel, and the U.S. financial establishment. The myth, therefore, has been created, that Soros is a lone financial investment "genius" who, through his sheer personal brilliance in detecting shifts in markets, has become one of the world's most successful speculators. According to those who have done business with him, Soros never makes a major investment move without sensitive insider information.

    On the board of directors of Soros's Quantum Fund N.V. is Richard Katz, a Rothschild man who is also on the board of the London N.M. Rothschild and Sons merchant bank, and the head of Rothschild Italia S.p.A. of Milan. Another Rothschild family link to Soros's Quantum Fund is Quantum board member Nils O. Taube, the partner of the London investment group St. James Place Capital, whose major partner is Lord Rothschild. London Times columnist Lord William Rees-Mogg is also on the board of Rothschild's St. James Place Capital.

    A frequent business partner of Soros in various speculative deals, including in the 1993 gold manipulation, although not on the Quantum Fund directly, is the Anglo-French speculator Sir James Goldsmith, a cousin of the Rothschild family.

    >From the very first days when Soros created his own investment fund in 1969, he owed his success to his relation to the Rothschild family banking network. Soros worked in New York in the 1960s for a small private bank close to the Rothschilds, Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder, Inc., a banking family which represented Rothschild interests in Germany during Bismarck's time. To this day, A. & S. Bleichroeder, Inc. remains the Principal Custodian, along with Citibank, of funds of Soros's Quantum Fund. George C. Karlweiss, of Edmond de Rothschild's Switzerland-based Banque Privee SA in Lugano, as well as of the scandal-tainted Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich, gave Soros financial backing. Karlweiss provided some of the vital initial capital and investors for Soros's Quantum Fund.

    Union Banque Privee and the 'Swiss connection'

    Another member of the board of Soros's Quantum Fund is the head of one of the most controversial Swiss private banks, Edgar de Picciotto, who has been called "one of the cleverest bankers in Geneva"---and is one of the most scandal-tainted. De Picciotto, from an old Portuguese Jewish trading family, who was born in Lebanon, is head of the Geneva private bank CBI-TDB Union Bancaire Privee, a major player in the gold and offshore hedge funds business. Hedge funds have been identified by international police agencies as the fastest-growing outlet for illegal money laundering today.

    De Picciotto is a longtime friend and business associate of banker Edmond Safra, also born in Lebanon, whose family came from Aleppo, Syria, and who now controls the Republic Bank of New York. Republic Bank has been identified in U.S. investigations into Russian organized crime, as the bank involved in transferring billions of U.S. Federal Reserve notes from New York to organized crime-controlled Moscow banks, on behalf of Russian organized crime figures. Safra is under investigation by U.S. and Swiss authorities for laundering Turkish and Columbian drug money. In 1990, Safra's Trade Development Bank (TDB) of Geneva was merged with de Picciotto's CBI to create the CBI-TDB Union Banque Privee. The details of the merger are shrouded in secrecy to this day. As part of the deal, de Picciotto became a board member of American Express Bank (Switzerland) SA of Geneva, and two American Express Bank of New York executives sit on the board of de Picciotto's Union Banque Privee. Safra had sold his Trade Development Bank to American Express, Inc. in the 1980s. Henry Kissinger sits on the board of American Express, Inc., which has repeatedly been implicated in international money-laundering scandals.

    De Picciotto's start as a Geneva banker came from Nicholas Baring of the London Barings Bank, who tapped de Picciotto to run the bank's secret Swiss bank business. Barings has for centuries been private banker to the British royal family, and since the bank's collapse in March 1995, has been overhauled by the Dutch ING Bank, which is reported to be a major money-laundering institution.

    De Picciotto is also a longtime business partner of Venetian businessman Carlo De Benedetti, who recently was forced to resign as head of Olivetti Corp. Both persons sit on the board of the Societe Financiere de Geneve investment holding company in Geneva. De Benedetti is under investigation in Italy for suspicion of triggering the collapse of Italy's Banco Ambrosiano in the early 1980s.The head of that bank, Roberto Calvi, was later found hanging from the London Blackfriar's Bridge, in what police believe was a masonic ritual murder.

    De Picciotto and his Union Banque Privee have been implicated in numerous drug and illegal money-laundering operations. In November 1994, U.S. federal agents arrested a senior official of de Picciotto's Geneva bank, Jean-Jacques Handali, along with two other UBP officials, on charges of leading a multimillion-dollar drug-money-laundering ring. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami, Handali and Union Banque Privee were the "Swiss connection" in an international drug-money-laundering ring tied to Colombian and Turkish cocaine and heroin organizations. A close business and political associate of de Picciotto is a mysterious arm dealer, Helmut Raiser, who is linked in business dealings with reputed Russian organized crime kingpin Grigori Luchansky, who controls the Russian and Swiss holding company Nordex Group.

    Another director of Soros's Quantum Fund is Isodoro Albertini, owner of the Milan stock brokerage firm Albertini and Co. Beat Notz of the Geneva Banque Worms is another private banker on the board of Soros's Quantum Fund, as is Alberto Foglia, who is chief of the Lugano, Switzerland Banca del Ceresio. Lugano, just across the Swiss border from Milan, is notorious as the financial secret bank haven for Italian organized crime families, including the heroin mafia behind the 1980s "Pizza Connection" case. The Banca del Ceresio has been one of the secret Swiss banks identified in the recent Italian political corruption scandals as the repository of bribe funds of several Italian politicians now in prison.

    The sponsorship of the Rothschilds

    Soros's relation to the Rothschild finance circle represents no ordinary or casual banking connection. It goes a long way to explain the extraordinary success of a mere private speculator, and Soros's uncanny ability to "gamble right" so many times in such high-risk markets. Soros has access to the "insider track" in some of the most important government and private channels in the world.

    Since World War II, the Rothschild family, at the heart of the financial apparatus of the Club of the Isles, has gone to great lengths to create a public myth about its own insignificance. The family has spent significant sums cultivating a public image as a family of wealthy, but quiet, "gentlemen," some of whom prefer to cultivate fine French wines, some of whom are devoted to charity.

    Since British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour wrote his famous November 1917 letter to Lord Rothschild, expressing official British government backing for establishment of a Palestinian national home for the Jewish people, the Rothschilds were intimately involved in the creation of Israel. But behind their public facade of a family donating money for projects such as planting trees in the deserts of Israel, N.M. Rothschild of London is at the center of various intelligence operations, and more than once has been linked to the more unsavory elements of international organized crime. The family prefers to keep such links at arm's length, and away from its London headquarters, via its lesser-known outposts such as their Zurich Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Italia of Milan, the bank of Soros partner Richard Katz.

    N.M. Rothschild is considered by City of London sources to be one of the most influential parts of the British intelligence establishment, tied to the Thatcher "free market" wing of the Tory Party. Rothschild and Sons made huge sums managing for Thatcher the privatization of billions of dollars of British state industry holdings during the 1980s, and today, for John Major's government. Rothschilds is also at the very heart of the world gold trade, being the bank at which twice daily the London Gold Fix is struck by a group of the five most influential gold trade banks. Gold constitutes a major part of the economy of drug dealings globally.

    N.M. Rothschild and Sons is also implicated in some of the filthiest drugs-for-weapons secret intelligence operations. Because it is connected to the highest levels of the British intelligence establishment, Rothschilds managed to evade any prominent mention of its complicity in one of the more sordid black covert intelligence networks, that of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Rothschilds was at the center of the international web of money-laundering banks used during the 1970s and 1980s by Britain's MI-6 and the networks of Col. Oliver North and George Bush, to finance such projects as the Nicaraguan Contras.

    On June 8, 1993 the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Banking, Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-Tex.), made a speech charging that the U.S. government, under the previous Bush and Reagan administrations, had systematically refused to prosecute the BCCI, and that the Department of Justice had repeatedly refused to cooperate with Congressional investigations of both the BCCI scandal and what Gonzalez claims is the closely related scandal of the Atlanta, Georgia Banca Nationale del Lavoro, which was alleged to have secured billions in loans from the Bush administration to Saddam Hussein, just prior to the Gulf War of 1990-91.

    Gonzalez charged that the Bush administration had "a Justice Department that I say, and I repeat, has been the most corrupt, most unbelievably corrupt justice system that I have seen in the 32 years I have been in the Congress."

    The BCCI violated countless laws, including laundering drug money, financing illegal arms traffic, and falsifying bank records. In July 1991, New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau announced a grand jury indictment against BCCI, charging it with having committed "the largest bank fraud in world financial history. BCCI operated as a corrupt criminal organization throughout its entire 19-year history."

    The BCCI had links directly into the Bush White House. Saudi Sheik Kamal Adham, a BCCI director and former head of Saudi Arabian intelligence when George Bush was head of the CIA, was one of the BCCI shareholders indicted in the United States. Days after his indictment, former top Bush White House aide Edward Rogers went to Saudi Arabia as a private citizen to sign a contract to represent Sheikh Adham in the United States.

    --- continued in part 2 --- --- continued from part 1 ---

    But, what has never been identified in a single major Western press investigation, was that the Rothschild group was at the heart of the vast illegal web of BCCI. The key figure was Dr. Alfred Hartmann, the managing director of the BCCI Swiss subsidiary, Banque de Commerce et de Placement SA; at the same time, he ran the Zurich Rothschild Bank AG, and sat in London as a member of the board of N.M. Rothschild and Sons, Hartmann was also a business partner of Helmut Raiser, friend of de Picciotto, and linked to Nordex.

    Hartmann was also chairman of the Swiss affiliate of the Italian BNL bank, which was implicated in the Bush administration illegal transfers to Iraq prior to the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The Atlanta branch of BNL, with the knowledge of George Bush when he was vice president, conduited funds to Helmut Raiser's Zug, Switzerland company, Consen, for development of the CondorII missile program by Iraq, Egypt, and Argentina, during the Iran-Iraq War. Hartmann was vice-chairman of another secretive private Geneva bank, the Bank of NY-Inter-Maritime Bank, a bank whose chairman, Bruce Rappaport, was one of the illegal financial conduits for Col. Oliver North's Contra drugs-for-weapons network during the late 1980. North also used the BCCI as one of his preferred banks to hide his illegal funds.

    Rich, Reichmann, and Soros's Israeli links

    According to reports of former U.S. State Department intelligence officers familiar with the Soros case, Soros's Quantum Fund amassed a war chest of well over $10 billion, with the help of a powerful group of "silent" investors who let Soros deploy the capital to demolish European monetary stability in September 1992.

    Among Soros's silent investors, these sources say, are the fugitive metals and oil trader Marc Rich, based in Zug, Switzerland; and Shaul Eisenberg, a decades-long member of Israeli Mossad intelligence, who functions as a major arms merchant throughout Asia and the Near East. Eisenberg was recently banned from doing business in Uzbekistan, where he had been accused by the government of massive fraud and corruption. A third Soros partner is Israel's "Dirty Rafi" Eytan, who served in London previously as Mossad liaison to British intelligence.

    Rich was one of the most active western traders in oil, aluminum, and other commodities in the Soviet Union and Russia between 1989 and 1993. This, not coincidentally, is just the period when Grigori Luchansky's Nordex Group became a multibillion-dollar company selling Russian oil, aluminum, and other commodities.

    Canadian real estate entrepreneur Paul Reichmann, formerly of Olympia and York notoriety, a Hungarian-born Jew like Soros, is a business partner in Soros's Quantum Realty, a $525-million real estate investment fund.

    The Reichmann tie links Soros as well with Henry Kissinger and former Tory Foreign Minister Lord Carrington (who is also a member of Kissinger Associates, Inc. of New York). Reichmann sits with both Kissinger and Carrington on the board of the influential British-Canadian publishing group, Hollinger, Inc. Hollinger owns a large number of newspapers in Canada and the United States, the London Daily Telegraph, and the largest English-language daily in Israel, the Jerusalem Post. Hollinger has been attacking President Clinton and the Middle East peace process ever since Clinton's election in November 1992.

    Soros and geopolitics

    Soros is little more than one of several significant vehicles for economic and financial warfare by the Club of the Isles faction. Because his affiliations to these interests have not previously been spotlighted, he serves extremely useful functions for the oligarchy, as in 1992 and 1993, when he launched his attack on the European Rate Mechanism.

    Although Soros's speculation played a role in finally taking the British pound out of the ERM currency group entirely, it would be a mistake to view that action as "anti-British." Soros went for the first time to London, where he studied under Karl Popper and Friedrich von Hayek at the London School of Economics.

    Soros's business ties to Sir James Goldsmith and Lord Rothschild place him in the inner circles of the Thatcher wing of the British establishment. By helping the "anti-Europe" Thatcherites pull Britain out of the ERM in September 1992 (and making more than $1 billion in the process at British taxpayer expense), Soros helped the long-term goal of the Thatcherites in weakening continental Europe's economic stability. Since 1904 , it has been British geopolitical strategy to prevent by all means any successful economic linkage between western continental European economies, especially that of Germany, with Russia and the countries of eastern Europe.

    Soros's personal outlook is consonant with that of the Thatcher wing of the Tory Party, those who three years ago launched the "Germany, the Fourth Reich" hate campaign against unified Germany, comparing Chancellor Helmut Kohl with Adolf Hitler. Soros is personally extremely anti-German. In his 191 autobiography, Underwriting Democracy, Soros warned that a reunited Germany would "upset the balance of Europe .... It is easy to see how the interwar scenario could be replayed. A united Germany becomes the strongest economic power and develops Eastern Europe as its Lebensraum ... a potent witches' brew." Soros's recent public attacks on the German economy and the deutsche mark are fundamentally motivated by this geopolitical view.

    Soros is quite close to the circles of George Bush in the U.S. intelligence community and finance. His principal bank custodian, and reputed major lender in the 1992 assault on Europe's ERM, is Citicorp NA, the nation's largest bank. Citicorp is more than a lending institution; it is a core part of the American liberal establishment. In 1989, as it became clear that German unification was a real possibility, a senior official at Citicorp, a former adviser to Michael Dukakis's Presidential campaign, told a European business associate that "German unity will be a disaster for our interests; we must take measures to ensure a sharp D-Mark collapse on the order of 30%, so that she will not have the capability to reconstruct East Germany into the economic engine of a new Europe."

    While Soros was calling on world investors to pull down the deutsche mark in 1993, he had been making a strong play in the French media, since late 1992, to portray himself as a "friend of French interests." Soros is reported to be close to senior figures of the French establishment, the Treasury, and in particular, Bank of France head Jean-Claude Trichet. In effect, Soros is echoing the old Entente Cordiale alliance against Germany, which helped precipitate World War 1.

    Soros admits that he survived in Nazi Hungary during the war, as a Jew, by adopting what he calls a double personality. "I have lived with a double personality practically all my life," Soros recently stated. "It started at age fourteen in Hungary, when I assumed a false identity in order to escape persecution as a Jew." Soros admitted in a radio interview that his father gave him Nazi credentials in Hungary during the war, and he looted wealthy Jewish estates. Further research showed that this operation was probably run by the SS.

    Soros did not leave the country until two years after the war. Though he and his friends in the media are quick to attack any policy opponent of Soros, especially in eastern Europe, as being "anti-Semitic," Soros's Jewish identity apparently has only utilitarian value for him, rather than providing moral foundations. In short, the young Soros was a cynical, ambitious person, the ideal recruit for the British postwar intelligence network.

    Soros savages eastern Europe

    Soros has established no fewer than 19 "charitable" foundations across eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He has sponsored "peace" concerts in former Yugoslavia with such performers as Joan Baez. He is helping send young east Europeans to Oxford University. A model citizen, is the image he broadcasts.

    The reality is something else. Soros has been personally responsible for introducing shock therapy into the emerging economies of eastern Europe since 1989. He has deliberately fostered on fragile new governments in the east the most draconian economic madness, policies which have allowed Soros and his financial predator friends, such as Marc Rich and Shaul Eisenberg, to loot the resources of large parts of eastern Europe at dirt-cheap prices. Here are illustrative case histories of Soros's eastern "charity":

    Poland: In late 1989, Soros organized a secret meeting between the "reform" communist government of Prime Minister Mieczyslaw Rakowski and the leaders of the then-illegal Solidarnosc trade union organization. According to well-informed Polish sources, at that 1989 meeting, Soros unveiled his "plan" for Poland: The communists must let Solidarnosc take over the government, so as to gain the confidence of the population. Then, said Soros, the state must act to bankrupt its own industrial and agricultural enterprises, using astronomical interest rates, withholding state credits, and burdening firms with unpayable debt. Once thie were done, Soros promised that he would encourage his wealthy international business friends to come into Poland, as prospective buyers of the privatized state enterprises. A recent example of this privatization plan is the case of the large steel facility Huta Warsawa. According to steel experts, this modern complex would cost $3-4 billion for a western company to build new. Several months ago, the Polish government agreed to assume the debts of Huta Warsawa, and to sell the debt-free enterprise to a Milan company, Lucchini, for $30 million!.

    Soros recruited his friend, Harvard University economist Jeffery Sachs, who had previously advised the Bolivian government in economic policy, leading to the takeover of that nation's economy by the cocaine trade. To further his plan in Poland, Soros set up one of his numerous foundations, the Stefan Batory Foundation, the official sponsor of Sach's work in Poland in 1989-90.

    Soros boasts, "I established close personal contact with Walesa's chief adviser, Bronislaw Geremek. I was also received by [President Gen Wojciech] Jaruzelski, the head of State, to obtain his blessing for my foundation." He worked closely with the eminence gris of Polish shock therapy, Witold Trzeciakowski, a shadow adviser to Finance Minister Leszek Balcerowicz. Soros also cultivated relations with Balcerowicz, the man who would first impose Sach's shock therapy on Poland. Soros says when Walesa was elected President, that "largely because of western pressure, Walesa retained Balcerowicz as minister." Balcerowicz imposed a freeze on wages while industry was to be bankrupted by a cutoff of state credits. Industrial output fell by more than 30% over two years.

    Soros admits he knew in advance that his shock therapy would cause huge unemployment, closing of factories, and social unrest. For this reason, he insisted that Solidarnosc be brought into the government, to help deal with the unrest. Through the Batory Foundation, Soros coopted key media opinion makers such as Adam Michnik, and through cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, imposed a media censorship favorable to Soros's shock therapy, and hostile to all critics.

    Russia and the Community of Independent States (CIS): Soros headed a delegation to Russia, where he had worked together with Raisa Gorbachova since the late 1980s, to establish the Cultural Initiative Foundation. As with his other "charitable foundations," this was a tax-free vehicle for Soros and his influential Western friends to enter the top policymaking levels of the country, and for tiny sums of scarce hard currency, but up important political and intellectual figures. After a false start under Mikhail Gorbachov in 1988-91, Soros shifted to the new Yeltsin circle. It was Soros who introduced Jeffery Sachs and shock therapy into Russia, in late 1991. Soros describes his effort: "I started mobilizing a group of economists to take to the Soviet Union (July 1990). Professor Jeffery Sachs, with whom I had worked in Poland, was ready and eager to participate. He suggested a number of other participants: Romano Prodi from Italy; David Finch, a retired official from the IMF [international Monetary Fund]. I wanted to include Stanley Fischer and Jacob Frenkel, heads of research of the World Bank and IMF, respectively; Larry Summers from Harvard and Michael Bruno of the Central Bank of Israel."

    Since Jan. 2, 1992, shock therapy has introduced chaos and hyperinflation into Russia. Irreplaceable groups from advanced scientific research institutes have fled in pursuit of jobs in the West. Yegor Gaidar and the Yeltsin government imposed draconian cuts in state spending to industry and agriculture, even though the entire economy was state-owned. A goal of a zero deficit budget within three months was announced. Credit to industry was ended, and enterprises piled up astronomical debts, as inflation of the ruble went out of control.

    The friends of Soros lost no time in capitalizing on this situation. Marc Rich began buying Russian aluminum at absurdly cheap prices, with his hard currency. Rich then dumped the aluminum onto western industrial markets last year, causing a 30% collapse in the price of the metal, as western industry had no way to compete. There was such an outflow of aluminum last year from Russia, that there were shortages of aluminum for Russian fish canneries. At the same time, Rich reportedly moved in to secure export control over the supply of most West Siberian crude oil to western markets. Rich's companies have been under investigation for fraud in Russia, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal of May 13, 1993.

    Another Soros silent partner who has moved in to exploit the chaos in the former Soviet Union, is Shaul Eisenberg. Eisenberg, reportedly with a letter of introduction from then-European Bank chief Jacques Attali, managed to secure an exclusive concession for textiles and other trade in Uzbekistan. When Uzbek officials confirmed defrauding of the government by Eisenberg, his concessions were summarily abrogated. The incident has reportedly caused a major loss for Israeli Mossad strategic interests throughout the Central Asian republics.

    Soros has extensive influence in Hungary. When nationalist opposition parliamentarian Istvan Csurka tried to protest what was being done to ruin the Hungarian economy, under the policies of Soros and friends, Csurka was labeled an "anti-Semite," and in June 1993, he was forced out of the governing Democratic Forum, as a result of pressure from Soros-linked circles in Hungary and abroad, including Soros's close friend, U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos.

    Lighting the Balkan Fuse

    In early 1990, in what was then still Yugoslavia, Soros's intervention with shock therapy, in cooperation with the IMF, helped light the economic fuse that led to the outbreak of war in June 1991. Soros boasted at that time, "Yugoslavia is a particularly interesting case. Even as national rivalries have brought the country to the verge of a breakup, a radical monetary stabilization program, which was introduced on the same date as in Poland---January 1, 1990-----has begun to change the political landscape. The program is very much along the Polish lines, and it had greater initial success. By the middle of the year, people were beginning to think Yugoslav again."

    Soros is friends with former Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, the former U.S. ambassador to Belgrade and the patron of Serbian Communist leader Slobodan Milosevic. Eagleburger is a past president of Kissinger Associates, on whose board sits Lord Carrington, whose Balkan mediations supported Serbian aggression into Croatia and Bosnia.

    Today, Soros has established his Foundation centers in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and a Soros Yugoslavia Foundation in Belgrade, Serbia. In Croatia, he has tried to use his foundation monies to woo influential journalists or to slander opponents of his shock therapy, by labeling them variously "anti-Semitic" or "neo-Nazi." The head of Soros's Open Society Fund---Croatia, Prof. Zarko Puhovski, is a man who has reportedly made a recent dramatic conversion from orthodox Marxism to Soros's radical free market. Only seven years ago, according to one of his former students, as professor of philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Puhovski attacked students trying to articulate a critique of communism, by insisting, "It is unprincipled to criticize Marxism from a liberal standpoint." His work for the Soros Foundation in Zagreb has promoted an anti-nationalist "global culture," hiring a network of anti-Croatian journalists to propagandize, in effect, for the Serbian cause.

    These examples can be elaborated for each of the other 19 locations across eastern Europe where George Soros operates. The political agenda of Soros and this group of financial "globalists" will create the conditions for a new outbreak of war, even world war, if it continues to be tolerated.

    #################################################################################################################################################################################### Please read all "before" you comment. I understand that just reading alot can improve comprehension,which you seem to need. OF NOTE IVE USED YOUR WORD OF THE DAY here "before".

    ################################################################################################################################################################ POINT 6) Most people refer to the company they work for as "their" company. This is very common usage. This is nitpicking. As to youths, from what Ive seen on Facebook (clients) and "your" companies website ,I estimate 85% of your clients are 26 and under. Obama care as of 1/1/11 defines "youths" who live at home go up to the age of 26. Should we call you the King of nitpicking ??

    POINT 7)

    As to your company ,my research shows the vast majority of connections/offerings of internships are for Colombians and not Brazillians. see http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://estudieenelexterior.com.co/new/scripts/contenidos/cnt.php%3Fi%3D3%26page%3D139&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dhttp://www.estudieenelexterior.com/new/scripts/con%2Btenidos/cnt.php%253Fpage%253D33%2526i%253D3%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26prmd%3Divns&rurl=translate.google.com&usg=ALkJrhjxukUg_QsJn6FYCEUMZxIRfpCUoA

    ############################################################################################################################################################################## POINT 8)

    Now a member of your company stated that in 2009 they gave away 2900 free !! internships. Now I dont see/find that said company is a Charity,none,zero,none. Now a few yes this seems good PR...but 2900 !! Wow !! Of cousre, if the company is an intelligence vacume ,then 2900 would be correct. Of course that would make "your company",really THE COMPANY. Get it,THE COMPANY :lol::lol: LOL ......Your word of the day man STEVE GAAL :angel


  9. WikiLeaks

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  10. The link you gave to my "good link" which you disparage is not working..let the people decide.

    Front for Intelligence: The Case Against Wikileaks (PART III)

    by Lila Rajiva / December 27th, 2010

    In my previous articles I pointed out the most obvious problems I have with WikiLeaks the fact that its leaks seem to leave larger Zionist imperial goals untouched; its antagonistic stance to 9-11 truth; it frantic validation and promotion by major media; the falsity of many of its claims of confidentiality for leakers; the implausibility of its achievements absent intelligence or government connections; the contradictions between its public advocacy of transparency and its own secrecy; and the authoritarian tendencies in the writing and personality of its co-founder, Julian Assange, tendencies that contradict the anarchist persona presented for public consumption.

    In brief, to the question what is WikiLeaks?

    My answer is whatever it is, it has become a vehicle for disinformation.

    Next, the companion question. Who is behind WikiLeaks?

    Here, the answers are less clear.

    According to several sources, WL is run by a non-profit called the Sunshine Press. Assange is reported to be director and co-founder. According to the WikiLeaks website, the Sunshine Press is an international non-profit organization funded by human rights campaigners, investigative journalists, technologists, lawyers and the general public.

    This doesnt make it clear if Sunshine Press and WikiLeaks are the same thing or two separate outfits. A little googling gives me three Sunshine presses. None of them is our guy.

    At a site called World News that seems to be devoted to WikiLeaks news, I also find a video titled Sunshine Press announcement that refers to Sunshine realty management, a recipient of $250,0000 in grant money from Mayor Bloomberg. However, the URL for Sunshine Suites, sunshiney.com, doesnt show any relationship to Wikileaks, so the appearance of the company next to WikiLeaks news and videos seems to be the result of mistaken identity.

    The web site we want turns out to be Sunshine press.org (dot org, not dot com).

    The Facebook page for Sunshine Press.org lists three URLs http://www.sunshinepress.org http://www.wikileaks.org and http://www.collateralmurder.com and clicking on the sunshine press.org link takes you back to WikiLeaks.

    According to Sunshine Presss Facebook page, the two organizations, WikiLeaks and Sunshine press, are the same. This seems to be borne out by the fact that the Sunshine Press Youtube channel consists of only WikiLeaks videos.

    Some more googling about sunshinepress.org yields several IP addresses; various domain names; its server, everydns.net; the location of the host in Sweden; the page rank (7); links (37); and other information.


    www.sunshinepress.org (http://www.sunshinepress.org/. Wikileaks. Sunshinepress) has one IP number ( , which is the same as for sunshinepress.org, but the reverse is host-88-80-2-32.cust.prq.se. Apple-memory.org, leaks.be, wikileaks.to, sunshinepress.org, apple-memory.de and at least three other hosts point to the same IP.

    Sunshinepress.org is a domain controlled by four name servers at everydns.net.

    All four of them are on different IP networks. The primary name server is ns1.everydns.net.

    Incoming mail for sunshinepress.org is handled by one mail server at wikileaks.org.

    We are missing the IP:s of one server: mail.wikileaks.org. www.sunshinepress.org is ranked #514197 world wide as sunshinepress.org and is hosted on a server in Sweden. It has 37 inlinks.

    The Google Pagerank of sunshinepress.org is 7. backorder sunshinepress.org for 49.95 USD.

    Trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety of this site is excellent. (more on reputation).

    It is not listed in any blacklists.

    I still couldnt find a web page devoted to Sunshine Press itself, although, according to the WikiLeaks site, SP has been in existence since 1996.

    Emails referencing WL at Cryptome goes back to October 2006. Sunshine Press (which doesnt appear in the Cryptome emails) seems to have come into being at the same time and seems to be identical with WL. We can tentatively conclude that there is no separate Sunshine Press.

    Nonetheless, the latest development is a new limited liability company formed on behalf of WikiLeaks called Sunshine Press Productions, which is registered in Iceland:

    The brand new company registered on behalf of Wikileaks is called Sunshine Press Production the same as the formal international name of Wikileaks, RUV reports. The chairman of the company is Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and he shares the board of directors with filmmaker Ingi Ragnar Ingason and journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson. The deputy board member is Gavin MacFadyen, a professor of journalism in London. The company is registered at the home address of one of the board members at Klapparhlid in Mosfellsbaer.

    Researching the names mentioned in this paragraph give us some interesting tidbits.

    Hrafnsson, an Icelandic investigative journalist formerly with national broadcaster RUV and a staff member of WL since April 2010, is now the public face of WL. Hrafnsson is also an outside advisor to the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative (IMMI), started by Birgitta Jonsdottir, an anarchist and member of the Icelandic parliament. IMMI seeks to make Iceland a kind of Switzerland for journalistic freedom. Investigative reporter, Wayne Madsen, has argued that IMMI is a stalking horse for currency speculator George Soros interests.

    Jonsdottirs inspiration for IMMI was reportedly a presentation by Assange and WLs German staffer Daniel Domscheit-Berg in Iceland, just prior to WLs outing of Icelands corrupt Kaupthing bank, which collapsed in August 2009. Other accounts describe IMMI as having been initiated by Soros spokesman, Mark Thompson, even earlier, in May 2009. (Domscheit-Berg has since fallen out with Assange and left to form his own company, OpenLeaks).

    Birgitta Jonsdottir is also, and significantly, a member of International Network of Parliamentarians for Tibet, which brings together 133 Parliamentarians from 30 Parliaments to advance the Tibet issue in governments worldwide. according to the activist website Savetibet.org.

    Now Tibetan autonomy, as championed by the Anglo-American elite, is reported to be a pretext for encroachment on Chinese sovereignty. Tibet, itself, is central to ecosystems and desertification in the region, as it provides water for several countries. Its grasslands also act as a carbon sink. Recall that a recent WL leak, trumpeted by the major media, was the reported assertion of the Dalai Lama that climate change trumps political issues in Tibet.

    Meanwhile, while Westerners consider the Dalai Lama a benign spiritual guru, not everyone else finds him so warm and fuzzy. Many in Asia consider him an ethnic grievance-monger, who wants to segregate Tibetans from Han Chinese. His political positions also fit nicely with Anglo-American imperial ambitions in that region, for which human rights and climate-change are cover for surveillance and control.

    Tibet, after all, is a highly strategic and sensitive area. The Dalai Lama is reported to be financially supported by the National Endowment for Democracy and NED, itself, receives CIA funding.

    Jonsdottir is not the only interesting figure in this group.

    Gavin MacFadyen, with whom Julian Assange is now staying, is also someone with strong connections to the financial elites. MacFadyan is a senior producer-director at corporate mainstream outlets, BBC and PBS, and a director of the NY conference of financial and business journalists at the Columbia Journalism School. He is also the director of the Center for Investigative Journalism, where Assange is listed as a teacher, along with such well-known names as leftist author-activists, Mike Davis, John Pilger, and Vandana Shiva. Sponsors of the CIJ are George Soros Open Society Institute (which, notably, sponsors a number of pro-Tibet projects), the David and Elaine Potter Foundation, the Ford Foundation (another foundation with ties to the CIA), Park Foundation, City University London and several smaller private trusts.

    Theres a third connection to the Anglo-American elites. Assange is staying at the 600 acre Suffolk manor of Vaughan Smith, a former British army captain, who owns a popular journalists club in Paddington in London, called The Frontline Club (along with the related Frontline TV News).

    Frontline, it is reported, has sponsored a documentary that casts doubt on allegations of a massacre at Jenin on the West Bank by the Israel Defense Forces in 2002″ and has received funding from George Soros Open Society Institute.

    On a side note, notice the company Assange keeps. If Assange is a libertarian, then, he travels a lot in very government-friendly circles. He is most certainly not the anarchist hes often portrayed to be and which hackers and computer geeks often really are.

    To return to the question of WLs origins, the first part of this series pointed out that many of WLs earliest staffers were Chinese dissidents and pro-Tibet activists.

    To sum up, the Soros connection turns up in six separate WL relationships:

    Its Chinese and pro-Tibetan volunteers/advisors, some of whom worked at Soros connected Radio Free Asia and National Endowment for Democracy

    Its connection through Hrafnsson to IMMI, considered by many to be a stalking horse for Soros in Iceland

    Its connection to Jonsdottir and her Tibetan advocacy, which parallels objectives of Radio Free Asia and OSI

    Assanges and MacFadyens sponsorship by the Open Society Institute, with its pro-Tibetan positions

    Frontline Clubs funding by the Open Society Institute

    Direct requests by WL in 2007 for funding from the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House, both CIA connected. (Note: Open Society Foundation denies funding WikiLeaks).

    In this regard, its relevant that the Open Society Institute had no critical comment about Wikileaks until recently, when it suddenly joined the chorus of voices suggesting that WLs actions could have jeopardized the lives of Afghan informants (WSJ, August 9, 2010).

    This happened about a week after border security detained WLs Jacob Applebaum for several hours. (Applebaum is a security researcher and hacker who works for the Tor privacy protection project as well as for WL).

    Next question. Who specifically set up WikiLeaks?

    A little research into the first appearance of WikiLeaks on the web shows that Assange is not the only name associated with it from its inception. On the Internet archive (the Wayback machine) the earliest archived pages for WikiLeaks go back to January 14, 2007. There are 60 pages in 2007 for the outfit, 19 for 2008, 0 for 2009, and 87 for 2010.

    A click on January 14, 2007, gives us mostly dead links, but the contact page produces two web addresses: w i k i l e a k s @ w i k i l e a k s . o r g & p r e s s @ w i k i l e a k s . o r g, a phone number (a cell number) in Washington DC, +1 (202) 657-6222, and a skype address, wikileaks.

    The DC cell number turns out to be registered in Adelphi, Virginia, and it traces back 20 miles to Reston Virginia, which seems a bit odd, considering that WLs professed interests originally were in Asia and Africa and its volunteers were supposedly mostly from the Pacific and Europe.

    Reston is a center for outfits working on US cybersecurity, information technology, and defense, as indeed is the whole DC-MD-Va metropolitan area. Among many similar companies HQd there, one finds NCI, whose website announces that it is an industry leader and provider of full-spectrum IO (Information Operations) enabling technologies and services to promote and protect our US federal government customers information and information systems.

    IO, electronic warfare (EW) and Cyberwar are its specialties.

    Wondering why I hadnt come across the Reston cell phone in articles about Wikileaks, I did another search and found that, in fact, in March, 2007 a Columbia Journalism Review intern, Dan Goldberg, had published something about it, only the piece had been removed from the web.

    This is one angle for further research.

    Next, double-checking the domain information, I did a whois search for WikiLeaks.org which pulled up the following information:

    Domain ID: D130035267-LROR

    Domain Name: WIKILEAKS.ORG

    Created On: 04-Oct-2006 05:54:19 UTC

    Last Updated On: 17-Dec-2010 01:57:59

    UTC Expiration Date: 04-Oct-2018 05:54:19

    UTC Sponsoring Registrar: Dynadot, LLC (R1266-LROR)


    Registrant ID: CP-13000

    Registrant Name: John Shipton c/o Dynadot Privacy

    Registrant Street1: PO Box 701

    Registrant City: San Mateo

    Registrant State/Province: CA

    Registrant Postal Code: 94401

    Registrant Country: US

    Registrant Phone: +1.6505854708

    The address of the registrar, Dynadot, as it appears at page insider is PO Box 1072, Belmont, CA 94002, the email is privacy@dynadot.com and the phone number is 1-866-652-2039.

    I called, and Dynadot confirmed that it is the current registrar for Wikileaks.

    A Cnet blog article and documents from the Julius Baer court case also confirm that the registrar in 2008 was California LLC, Dynadot, and that the registrant/owner was John Shipton, an Australian citizen resident in Nairobi. This is also confirmed by the Notice of Intent to Appear filed by Shipton and his California law firm, Chadwick, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton. Shipton has a Nairobi address in the notice and Dynadot has its usual San Mateo CA address. 1-650-585-1961.

    Now who is John Shipton? Does he exist in his own right or is he simply a nom-de-plume of Julian Assange? Most likely the second, since it would be grotesquely coincidental to have two Australian nationals resident in Kenya, both involved in human rights activism at the same outfit. Again, more research is in order.

    The original whois information for WikiLeaks appears at Cryptome.org, where the registrants name is given as John Young, the owner of Cryptome and a co-founder of Wikileaks. The Cryptome site carries the email correspondence between Young and Wikileaks from a restricted mailing list housed at the collective, rise-up.net, in 2006-07.

    The letters show Young to be first enthusiastic about WL and then increasingly frustrated and annoyed by its methods. He calls the claim of over a million documents exaggerated and the repeated assertions of superior ethics and confidentiality deeply suspect, in the absence of a track-record.

    The final straw comes when WL says it needs $5 million in funding by the summer of 2007 to stay alive. Young erupts with accusations that WL is a CIA hustle.

    On the plus side for WL, the Young correspondence suggests how WL might have got hold of names of activists. Members seem to have been regular readers of Counterpunch, Z Mag, and Mother Jones. Id written several pieces for Counterpunch in 2005-06, and its possible thats how they got hold of names that way.

    So that is an explanation that does not undermine WL.

    However, the Cryptome emails note another problem that the review site, Wikileak.com (no S) describes in great detail:

    Wikileaks.org (with an S) makes extraordinary claims about confidentiality and anonymity that are just that claims. Theyre not justified by an examination of the actual procedures involved in uploading documents to the site. These procedures are often shoddy, incompetent, uncoordinated, or even deliberately misleading, as Wikileak.com (no S) notes pointedly.

    Anyway, taking all this into account, WL seems to have been founded and registered in 2006 by Julian Paul Assange/John Shipton and John Young OR by a group of activists who, for whatever reason, let Assange and Young wear the public face of the company.

    Who were these activists?

    The original web entry on the subject (since changed) said WL was the creation of Chinese dissidents and other activists. This is also the claim of an article by Cass Sunstein, Obamas Information Czar, in The Washington Post in February 2007, A Brave New Wikiworld.

    John Young says that the Sunstein article was the first public introduction of WikiLeaks and that WikiLeaks might well be the cointelpro operation to infiltrate conspiracy groups that Sunstein seemed to be arguing for in a later (2008) white paper.

    But this isnt accurate. WikiLeaks had already been introduced to the public by a Time Magazine story, A Wiki for whistle-blowers a month earlier than the Sunstein piece, in January 2007. Time, Washington Post this is pretty high-profile coverage for an outfit that had just begun three months earlier. Whats even more interesting is that the Time piece, like the Post piece, both point out the concurrent start of Intellipedia, the intelligence-sharing project started by US intelligence in October 2006, the month when WikiLeaks began.

    Both articles also explicitly mention rumors about WikiLeaks possibly being a CIA front. This is quite curious. Were these papers simply reporting all the information available to them? Were they going on Youngs statement at the time, or did they have other sources for this suspicion? If the suspicions were credible, if WL was plausibly an intel operation, why the full-court press? If the suspicions were not credible, why mention them so pointedly?

    Again, its impossible to say for sure without first-hand information.

    One explanation of how activists created WL, comes, once more, from John Young.

    In his latest Cryptome posts on the subject, Young talks about Assange as a craven spokesman for WL, seduced by money and the promise of fame to betray the original ideals of the outfit. Those ideals, says Young, grew out of a cypherpunk mailing list going back to 1992 that debated issues around cryptography and privacy. Wikipedia has the list with individual descriptions.

    Its a distinguished group.

    Besides Assange, who is described as WLs founder, the inventor of deniable cyptography and the co-author of Underground, there are three Bell lab researchers; two elite university professors; the Chief Technical Officer of PGP corporation; the creators of Bit Torrent and other software/technologies; the founders of Anonymizer.Inc., Interhack Corp., HavenCo., C2Net and of Cypherpunk itself; a researcher at Lawrence Livermore labs; the founder and lawyer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; a former Chief Scientist from Intel; authors of several books Assassination Politics, A Cypher Punks Manifesto, God Wants You Dead, and A Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto; Sun Microsystems employees; and a noted blogger and author on computer security issues.

    These are accomplished activists, no question. And if they were at some point involved with the creation of WikiLeaks, or were aware of it, or promoted it, then its no wonder that the project quickly got such a high level of media attention. On the other hand, the involvement of the high-profile cypherpunks lends weight to the notion that intelligence played a hand in the creation of WikiLeaks. It is well-known by now that important American businesses have often been co-opted by the intelligence community.

    Given that, its impossible that companies in the vanguard of technological development in encryption, security, privacy, and espionage, especially as it relates to nuclear energy (Lawrence Livermore labs), could have operated without some monitoring or input from the CIA. Ergo, if WikiLeaks were, in fact, the creation of the cypherpunks, I believe intelligence would have been aware of it and involved in it, as private contractors are deeply involved in Homeland security at every level.

    Of course, its not only US intelligence that is involved in Homeland Security. Many have seen the hand of the Israeli intelligence and security business in it too.

    Whether WikiLeaks grew out of the cypherpunk list or not, its not in dispute that Assange was quickly WLs public face. In fact, hes repeatedly and abrasively insisted that he was the the heart and soul of the outfit, angering colleagues and eventually leading to public fall-outs with some of them (Young, Domscheit-Berg).

    Besides the cypherpunk list, another group of activists have been treated as the creators of WL the Chinese dissidents originally named on WLs website.

    Who were these activists?

    Here are the ones mentioned on the web page originally: Chinese dissidents, journalists, mathematicians and startup company technologists, from the U.S., Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa

    But there is another list mentioned in an email dated December 9, 2006 from Cryptome.orgs exchanges with Wikileaks which refers to WL activists by their work (I have guessed at three of them in brackets).

    1) Retired New York architect and notorious intelligence leak facilitator (John Young of Cryptome.org?)

    2) Euro cryptographer/programmer

    3) Pacific physicist and illustrator

    4) A pacific author and economic policy lecturer

    5) Euro, Ex-Cambridge mathematician/cryptographer/programmer

    6) Euro businessman and security specialist/activist

    7) Author of software than runs 40% of the worlds web sites (Phil Zimmerman?)

    8) US pure mathematician with criminal law background

    9) An infamous US ex-hacker

    10) Pacific cryptographer/physicist and activist (Julian Assange?)

    11) US/euro cryptographer and activist/programmer

    12) Pacific programmer

    13) Pacific architect / foreign policy wonk

    This doesnt sound quite like Chinese dissidents, journalists etc., but both lists do refer to technologists. That fact makes it plausible that some, or all, of the original WL material came from hacking, and not whistle-blowing, a theory that fits with a WL letter to John Young on January 7, 2007 suggesting that hackers were involved with some of the material, and that WL was gathering so much material it didnt know where 90% of the material came from or what was in it:

    We are going to xxxx them all. Chinese mostly, but not entirely a feint. Invention abounds. Lies, twists and distorts everywhere needed for protection. Hackers monitor chinese and other intel as they burrow into their targets, when they pull, so do we. Inexhaustible supply of material. Near 100,000 documents/emails a day. Were going to crack the world open and let it flower into something new. If fleecing the CIA will assist us, then fleece we will. We have pullbacks from NED, CFR, Freedomhouse and other CIA teats. We have all of pre 2005 afghanistan. Almost all of india fed. Half a dozen foreign ministries. Dozens of political parties and consulates, world bank, apec, UN sections, trade groups, tibet and fulan dafa associations and… russian phishing mafia who pull data everywhere. Were drowning. We dont even know a tenth of what we have or who it belongs to. We stopped storing it at 1Tb.

    However you interpret this, one thing is clear, right from the start, Wikileaks was a conduit for a lot of material that the WL staff themselves could not identify or source. If an intelligence agency wanted to plant its own slanted disclosures in the welter of documents being dumped on the site, it would be only too easy to do.

    Lila Rajiva is a freelance journalist and the author of The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the US Media (Monthly Review Press, 2005) and Mobs, Messiahs and Markets (with Bill Bonner-Wiley, September 2007). She has also contributed chapters to One of the Guys (Ed., Tara McKelvey and Barbara Ehrenreich, Seal Press, 2007), an anthology of writing on women as torturers, and to The Third World: Opposing Viewpoints (Ed., David Haugen, Greenhaven, 2006). She can be reached at lrajiva@hotmail.com. Read other articles by Lila, or visit Lila's website.

    This article was posted on Monday, December 27th, 2010 at 7:00am and is filed under Espionage/"Intelligence", Science/Technology, Wikileaks. ShareThis

    9 comments on this article so far ...

    #######################Comments below

    MichaelKenny said on December 27th, 2010 at 9:03am #

    Very interesting! Our friend Soros pops up again! More importantly, this very detailed analysis shows just how easy it is to engage in false flagging on the internet and how hard it is to unmask such people. It is perfectly possible that the whole Wikileaks thing was a stunt to reinforce the myth of the free and independent internet, giving a voice to the little people and revealing the inside story, thereby protecting the net as a useful disinformation machine. The weakness of the net in that regard is that, without the need to pay, readers can visit sites whose ideology they oppose. In print days, people tended to subscribe to publications that more or less agreed with their own ideology. They didnt see what the enemy was saying. Now, people can see the same bottom line being peddled by supposedly opposing ideologies, the only difference being the ideological jargon used and whether we are asked to cheer or to lament. It certainly seems odd that Wikileaks could get its hands on such a vast number of documents without high-level connivance and it also seems odd that, if the documents are taken at face value, they all seem to support well-established bottom lines of US propaganda of both right and left. Thus, if Wikileaks was a false flag operation, it seems to be blowing up in its originators faces!

    Report this comment

    David Silver said on December 27th, 2010 at 9:06am #

    A Front for ntelluigencem, hardly likely. Yes there is an omission of Israels crinmes or activists for the Dalai Lama maybe. Soros behind WL


    But as a Marxist and anti-imperialist reading on grade level the overwhelming cable leaks released showing the crrupt and evil behavior

    of US imperialism and its global corporate handlers is a contribution to the strugle against capitalism

    Report this comment

    Max Shields said on December 27th, 2010 at 10:26am #

    Sometimes I truly think writers like Lila are living in a separate universe. The overwhelming and dominant narrative by the established powers is anti-Wikileaks. Very simply I agree with Mr. Silvers general statement. There may be issues with Wikileaks, but as a false flag, hardly. Whos reading these cables?

    The world functions at at least two levels. The large mass of people wont ever read a single cable from Wikileaks. The largest impression Wikileaks left was visual when it showed the killing of civilians in Iraq by the US military. Beyond that dear Lila: get a life!

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    shabnam said on December 27th, 2010 at 2:10pm #

    Ms Lila Rajiva:

    Thank you for your work. It is strange to watch a group of people who are associated with phony anti war organizations, CPD, willing to sell Assange as a credible Whistleblower. Other writers like you are suspicious of Assanges motive especially that he selects certain information to be released for appropriate SPIN to help the Zionist war efforts. Other writes have indicated that he may have ties with intelligent services and democracy promoter such as George Soros who has funded color revolution around the world.

    It is interesting, however, to know that the organizations funded by GEORGE SOROS like , Freedom House, NED, phony Human rights watch, are also funded Iranian opposition groups supported by CPD and its supporters, Zmag.

    One of the NED agents close to Dali Lama (CIA agent) is Jahanbegloo who was arrested as NED agent acting on behalf of the West in Iran for a short time. The same group, Zmag, CPD and other NED students namely, Lila Aliyev from Azerbaijan, who attended a conference held in Czech Republic with George Bush, Havel, Kennan Makiya, for regime change, signed CPD petition demanding Jahanbegloo to be released. Jahanbegloo has dual citizenships, Iranian and Canadian, and lives in Canada now where has close relations with other NED agents like Payam Akhavan, board member of rights and Democracy, Canadian NED, close to Jason Kenny, a staunch supporter of Apartheid state of Israel, and Nazanin Afshin-jam, a monarchist supportive of Green. It appears that all NED agents are in close contacts.

    The following photo shows Nazanin Afshin-Jam next to NED agent Dali Lama


    The photo below shows Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Payam Akhavan and Jason Kenny, supportive of apartheid state of Israel.


    The photo below captures the moment that Jahanbegloo meets Dali LaMa for consultation. These two NED AGENTS took advantage of the moment to criticize Islam for not being open enough and is in need of establishing CLOSE relations with the West, I guess like themselves.


    Indeed, our world has become very small.

    Jonathan Azaziah in his latest article on WikiLeaks expresses strong doubt against WikiLeaks. He writes:

    {Not since Zionist warmonger Barack Obamas ascension to the US presidency, has there been such a hysteria in the anti-war/anti-Zionist community as there is with Julian Assange and his organization, Wikileaks. Just like Obama, whose smooth-talker persona duped millions of awakened individuals, lulling them into a false sense of security with lies and trickery, Wikileaks has pulled the wool over the eyes of average people and distinguished activists and writers alike with its whistleblower image. Even after Obamas Zionist roots were exposed, in which powerful pro-Israel figures like Abner Mikva, Joel Sprayregen, Newton Minow, Bettylu Saltzman of the dynastic Saltzman family, Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, Lester Crown of the vastly wealthy Crown household and Penny Pritzker of the Pritzker dynasty nurtured his rise to political stardom in Chicago (1), the current puppet of the Zionist entity was no less supported and no less loved by his starry-eyed followers…..}


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    lichen said on December 27th, 2010 at 3:10pm #

    Yes, how dare wikileaks not pimp themselves out to every single issue out thereeveryone who doesnt give voice to your conspiracy theory is in on it; the evil bilge-burg mossage agent in conjunction with the has-bar-sat and say-em&m have struck again. Its the happiest way of life to stay locked inside ones own little hole.

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    hanspanzer said on December 28th, 2010 at 10:01am #

    Lila if you are on of those who think the Dalai Lama is an ethnic grievance-monger you really need to cancel your bank account with the Chinese government and try to regain your impartiality such as it is. And that he is someone who wants to segregate Tibetans from Han Chinese! surely you jest! The Chinese government are pursuing an aggressive policy of ethnic cleansing and Han supremacy/population replacement in Tibet if you dont see that then there really is no hope for you.

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    jvwalshmd said on December 28th, 2010 at 1:54pm #

    This article and others like it are indeed coming from a parallel universe.

    First the reason much of the material on Israel from Wikileaks has not appeared is because the mainstream media would not print it! This was first reported in the Hebrew edition of the Israeli paper Haaretz. By now it is well known.

    Second, if Assange had done nothing else but publish the video of the US helicopter gunship cutting down civilians and journalists and children in cold blood, it would have done a great service. The media has not been anxious to follow up on what is certainly Standard Operating Procedure.

    As for all the secrets about 9/11 that the writer and others posit, is it possible that they do not exist? ;-)

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    Mulga Mumblebrain said on December 28th, 2010 at 2:44pm #

    hans panzer-the Dalai has been a CIA asset since the 1950s, and Tibetan and Uighur separatists are agents of the West being used to destabilise China, because the Yankee Reich will tolerate no other power on this planet. Its got to do with racist and cultural delusions of total supremacy, which are very widespread in the West. Your accusation of Chinese ethnic cleansing in Tibet is pure bunkum, whether a lie or the utterance of a deluded Western chauvinist, who cares? Cleansed where? The Tibetans, like all ethnic minorities in China, were not even covered by the one child policy.

    As for jvwalshmd, the claim that the Israeli cables were simply not published is more bunk. All the cables released are available on the net, and while the role of the Zionazi Western mainstream media has, indeed, been typically vicious, hypocritical, dishonest and cynical, if the Israeli cables had been released we would be able to access their contents. A little effort allows one to learn of US interference in other countries legal systems, US sabotage of Copenhagen and other crimes. Numerous sources say that Assange has sole access to the Israeli cables, or has destroyed them, or has made a secret deal with Israel. What is the truth-the truth is that no cables, crucially concerning the attack on Lebanon in 2006, have emerged. And to simply dismiss Ms Rajivas excellent investigatory research, that is so revelatory of Wikileaks links to the very crooks that are so closely and pervasively linked to the Zionazi terror state and de facto global hegemon, is rather suspicious.

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    RichardKanePA said on December 30th, 2010 at 3:49pm #

    Wilkileaks is an information dump, no way anything can be totally screened for false info. Im glad none of the Arab leaders who secretly are angrier at either Shiites or Sunnis than they are of Israel have been attacked. However this makes it clear that Obama is stopping a nuke race, between Saudi Arabia and Iran, know what they are talking about. But I think we are getting a lot of important info anyway. Iran keeps giving tidbits to the Palestinians to go over the leaders and have the Arab masses believe Iran belongs. They have no intention of nuking Israel, nuking each other an arms race deveopes. if things get out of hand is more likely, like between India and Pakistan.

    However a future leak may inadvertently cause real harm.

    What I fear is the overreaction to wilkileaks. Those asking to assassinate Julian Assange or new repressive laws which actually be the intent of a few claiming to be part of it. I people worried about wilkileaks would cry out against cries for executing Julian Assange those who want new repressive laws, and who are aiding bin Ladens efforts to culturally divide the Muslim and non Muslim worlds,

    A lot of details at,


    I wish my attempts to post articles on Dissent Voice went through.

    Anyway Obama is the most evenhanded President on the middle east since Carter and the Israeli lobby helped punish him in the last election for it. As far as agents go I might violate the comment policy of this blog if I continue my train of thoughts.


  11. BACK TO THE TOPIC OF WIKILINKS or as I call them Trickylinks......

    Veterans Today has been informed by sources within the ADL that, in coordination with Julian Assanges announcement, they were tasked by the Tel Aviv government to begin operations against journalists and online publications that had let to Wikileaks being discredited as an Israeli intelligence operation. Sources indicate that Tel Aviv values Wikileaks as a vital asset in molding public opinion and providing cover for high risk operations.

    ADLs website is loading up with warnings and attacks, all defending Wikileaks and Julian Assange and attacking news sources that print materials either critical of Julian Assange or citing Israels involvement in Wikileaks agreement to allow material critical of Israel to be censored.


    VERY VERY GOOD LINK >>>>>real research not parroting the official line


    ############# also

    The WikiLeaks.org website has moved again and now appears to be hosted within walking distance of the CIA’s headquarters. The site was previously hosted by Silicon Valley Web Hosting, but has now switched to ServInt, whose offices are adjacent to the CIA in McLean, Virginia.

    Hosting the WikiLeaks.org site within such close proximity of the CIA headquarters is surprising given that earlier this year, WikiLeaks asked the CIA to stop spying on it, though it will presumably be helpful for the CIA’s WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF!)



    Suspicions abound that Wikileaks is part of U.S. cyber-warfare operations – CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks

    Posted in Education / Awareness by vRRitti.com on 2010/12/13

    In January 2007, John Young, who runs cryptome.org, a site that publishes a wealth of sensitive and classified information, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front. Young also published some 150 email messages sent by Wikileaks activists on cryptome. They include a disparaging comment about this editor by Wikileaks co-founder Dr. Julian Assange of Australia. Assange lists as one of his professions “hacker.” His German co-founder of Wikileaks uses a pseudonym, “Daniel Schmitt.” WMR has confirmed Young’s contention that Wikileaks is a CIA front operation. Wikileaks is intimately involved in a $20 million CIA operation that (recruits) U.S.-based Chinese dissidents that hack into computers in China. Some of the Chinese hackers route special hacking program through Chinese computers that then target U.S. government and military computer systems. After this hacking is accomplished, the U.S. government announces through friendly media outlets that U.S. computers have been subjected to a Chinese cyber-attack. The “threat” increases an already-bloated cyber-defense and offense budget and plays into the fears of the American public and businesses that heavily rely on information technology.

    In China, Wikileaks is suspected of having Mossad connections. It is pointed out that its first “leak” was from an Al Shabbab “insider” in Somalia. Al Shabbab is the Muslim insurgent group that the neocons have linked to “Al Qaeda.”

    Asian intelligence sources also point out that Assange’s “PhD” is from Moffett University, an on-line diploma mill and that while he is said to hail from Nairobi, Kenya, he actually in from Australia where his exploits have included computer hacking and software piracy.

    It is also pointed out that on Wikileaks advisory board is Ben Laurie, a one-time programmer and Internet security expert for Google, which recently signed a cooperative agreement with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and has been charged by China with being part of a U.S. cyber-espionage campaign against China. Other Wikileaks advisory members are leading Chinese dissidents, including Wan Dan, who won the 1998 National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Democracy Award; Wang Youcai, founder of the Chinese Democracy Party; Xiao Qiang, the director of the China Internet Project at the University of California at Berkeley, member of the advisory board of the International Campaign for Tibet, and commentator on the George Soros-affiliated Radio Free Asia; and Tibetan exile and activist Tashi Namgyal Khamsitsang.

    More: http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/2010/03/is-wikileaks-ciamossad-front.html

    See also:

    Wikileaks’ estranged co-founder becomes a critic

    When other Wikileaks founders started to talk about the need to raise $5 million and complained that an initial round of publicity had affected “our delicate negotiations with the Open Society Institute and other funding bodies,” Young says, he resigned from the effort.


  12. I saw this posted over at DPF. Israel Shamir was the person who pointed out that one of Assange’s Swedish accusers has ties to anti-Castro groups. Shamir and his son are the spokesmen for Wikileaks in Russia and Scandinavia. Shamir who seems to have been born Jewish but converted to Christianity is a rabidly anti-Semitic Holocaust denier with ties to neo-Nazis. Shamir was also a big favorite of the forum’s erstwhile anti-Semitic Holocaust Sid Walker.





    born Jewish but converted to Christianity , Is that a flame about me ?? Your flame isnt real research.....here is how to do real research...........



    ** LEN COLBY GETS HIS MARCHING ORDERS FROM MEMRI..?? Does Colby get his orders from Israeli intelligence ?? Please remember his company helps in the education of many "rich" Colombian youth. SEE http://www.washington-report.org/backissues/1089/8910012.html

    Please read all (all) below to see my argument that there is a reason to look at why they leak and post.


    PROPAGANDA ALERT - Phony Al Qaeda bomb manual published on internet.



    Al-Qaeda has produced a new bomb-making manual in English with the aim of encouraging self-starting terrorists to launch their own attacks.

    Webmaster's Commentary:

    This is a replay of a hoax from the late 1960s called the "Black Panther Coloring Book." Actually created by the FBI (and exposed during the COINTELPRO leaks), this was a book filled with highly racist drawings that was mailed into American homes (even we got one in West Covina) in order to give the US Media an easy means to demonize the growing civil rights movement that was pointing out that the Vietnam draft seemed to place most of the black kids on the front lines and most of the white kids in the rear support areas. Likewise, as the white population began to listen to the legitimate concerns of the black population, and as Martin Luther King gained popularity, young people, "The Hippies", also started mobilizing against the war, which led to a second fraudulent book released in the early 1970s called "The Anarchist Cookbook." Like the above "Al Qaeda" manual, the Anarchist Cookbook was filled with recipes for making bombs. The Anarchist Cookbook was created to allow the media to scare ordinary Americans that dangerous anarchists were in their midst, requiring draconian police and FBI powers. Hoaxes by the Nixon administration, including the "Peacnik" riot at Disneyland and the SLA, were used to further terrorize the American people.

    Here is the point that relates to the current hoax. The recipes for explosives in the Anarchist Cookbook were intentionally flawed. Key stabilizing ingredients were left out in the hopes that some idiot playing with the formulas would blow up his own house, thereby handing the media another "terrorist bomb lab" for the media to wave around.

    So, along with guaranteeing you that this Al Qaeda bomb making manual is another intelligence agency fake, I can also promise you that the formulas in it are intended to trick you into killing yourself in a spectacular manner intended to allow the media to claim you are an "Al Qaeda" terrorist in our midst to justify further removal of our Constitutional Bill of Rights.

    UPDATE: The source for this "Al Qaeda" bomb book is none other than MEMRI.

    MEMRI is a known Israeli propaganda front. (Connected to Israeli intelligence)

    #### NOW PLEASE READ BELOW ######### (from the Guardian)

    Brian Whitaker investigates whether the 'independent' media institute that translates the Arabic newspapers is quite what it seems

    Brian Whitaker

    guardian.co.uk, Monday 12 August 2002 11.29 BST

    Article history

    For some time now, I have been receiving small gifts from a generous institute in the United States. The gifts are high-quality translations of articles from Arabic newspapers which the institute sends to me by email every few days, entirely free-of-charge.

    The emails also go to politicians and academics, as well as to lots of other journalists. The stories they contain are usually interesting.

    Whenever I get an email from the institute, several of my Guardian colleagues receive one too and regularly forward their copies to me - sometimes with a note suggesting that I might like to check out the story and write about it.

    If the note happens to come from a more senior colleague, I'm left feeling that I really ought to write about it. One example last week was a couple of paragraphs translated by the institute, in which a former doctor in the Iraqi army claimed that Saddam Hussein had personally given orders to amputate the ears of military deserters.

    The organisation that makes these translations and sends them out is the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), based in Washington but with recently-opened offices in London, Berlin and Jerusalem.

    Its work is subsidised by US taxpayers because as an "independent, non-partisan, non-profit" organisation, it has tax-deductible status under American law.

    Memri's purpose, according to its website, is to bridge the language gap between the west - where few speak Arabic - and the Middle East, by "providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media".

    Despite these high-minded statements, several things make me uneasy whenever I'm asked to look at a story circulated by Memri. First of all, it's a rather mysterious organisation. Its website does not give the names of any people to contact, not even an office address.

    The reason for this secrecy, according to a former employee, is that "they don't want suicide bombers walking through the door on Monday morning" (Washington Times, June 20).

    This strikes me as a somewhat over-the-top precaution for an institute that simply wants to break down east-west language barriers.

    The second thing that makes me uneasy is that the stories selected by Memri for translation follow a familiar pattern: either they reflect badly on the character of Arabs or they in some way further the political agenda of Israel. I am not alone in this unease.

    Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations told the Washington Times: "Memri's intent is to find the worst possible quotes from the Muslim world and disseminate them as widely as possible."

    Memri might, of course, argue that it is seeking to encourage moderation by highlighting the blatant examples of intolerance and extremism. But if so, one would expect it - for the sake of non-partisanship - t o publicise extremist articles in the Hebrew media too.

    Although Memri claims that it does provide translations from Hebrew media, I can't recall receiving any.

    Evidence from Memri's website also casts doubt on its non-partisan status. Besides supporting liberal democracy, civil society, and the free market, the institute also emphasises "the continuing relevance of Zionism to the Jewish people and to the state of Israel".

    That is what its website used to say, but the words about Zionism have now been deleted. The original page, however, can still be found in internet archives.

    The reason for Memri's air of secrecy becomes clearer when we look at the people behind it. The co-founder and president of Memri, and the registered owner of its website, is an Israeli called Yigal Carmon.

    Mr - or rather, Colonel - Carmon spent 22 years in Israeli military intelligence and later served as counter-terrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin.

    Retrieving another now-deleted page from the archives of Memri's website also throws up a list of its staff. Of the six people named, three - including Col Carmon - are described as having worked for Israeli intelligence.

    Among the other three, one served in the Israeli army's Northern Command Ordnance Corps, one has an academic background, and the sixth is a former stand-up comedian.

    Col Carmon's co-founder at Memri is Meyrav Wurmser, who is also director of the centre for Middle East policy at the Indianapolis-based Hudson Institute, which bills itself as "America's premier source of applied research on enduring policy challenges".

    The ubiquitous Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon's defence policy board, recently joined Hudson's board of trustees.

    Ms Wurmser is the author of an academic paper entitled Can Israel Survive Post-Zionism? in which she argues that leftwing Israeli intellectuals pose "more than a passing threat" to the state of Israel, undermining its soul and reducing its will for self-defence.

    In addition, Ms Wurmser is a highly qualified, internationally recognised, inspiring and knowledgeable speaker on the Middle East whose presence would make any "event, radio or television show a unique one" - according to Benador Associates, a public relations company which touts her services.

    Nobody, so far as I know, disputes the general accuracy of Memri's translations but there are other reasons to be concerned about its output.

    The email it circulated last week about Saddam Hussein ordering people's ears to be cut off was an extract from a longer article in the pan-Arab newspaper, al-Hayat, by Adil Awadh who claimed to have first-hand knowledge of it.

    It was the sort of tale about Iraqi brutality that newspapers would happily reprint without checking, especially in the current atmosphere of war fever. It may well be true, but it needs to be treated with a little circumspection.

    Mr Awadh is not exactly an independent figure. He is, or at least was, a member of the Iraqi National Accord, an exiled Iraqi opposition group backed by the US - and neither al-Hayat nor Memri mentioned this.

    Also, Mr Awadh's allegation first came to light some four years ago, when he had a strong personal reason for making it. According to a Washington Post report in 1998, the amputation claim formed part of his application for political asylum in the United States.

    At the time, he was one of six Iraqis under arrest in the US as suspected terrorists or Iraqi intelligence agents, and he was trying to show that the Americans had made a mistake.

    Earlier this year, Memri scored two significant propaganda successes against Saudi Arabia. The first was its translation of an article from al-Riyadh newspaper in which a columnist wrote that Jews use the blood of Christian or Muslim children in pastries for the Purim religious festival.

    The writer, a university teacher, was apparently relying on an anti-semitic myth that dates back to the middle ages. What this demonstrated, more than anything, was the ignorance of many Arabs - even those highly educated - about Judaism and Israel, and their readiness to believe such ridiculous stories.

    But Memri claimed al-Riyadh was a Saudi "government newspaper" - in fact it's privately owned - implying that the article had some form of official approval.

    Al-Riyadh's editor said he had not seen the article before publication because he had been abroad. He apologised without hesitation and sacked his columnist, but by then the damage had been done.

    Memri's next success came a month later when Saudi Arabia's ambassador to London wrote a poem entitled The Martyrs - about a young woman suicide bomber - which was published in al-Hayat newspaper.

    Memri sent out translated extracts from the poem, which it described as "praising suicide bombers". Whether that was the poem's real message is a matter of interpretation. It could, perhaps more plausibly, be read as condemning the political ineffectiveness of Arab leaders, but Memri's interpretation was reported, almost without question, by the western media.

    These incidents involving Saudi Arabia should not be viewed in isolation. They are part of building a case against the kingdom and persuading the United States to treat it as an enemy, rather than an ally.

    It's a campaign that the Israeli government and American neo-conservatives have been pushing since early this year - one aspect of which was the bizarre anti-Saudi briefing at the Pentagon, hosted last month by Richard Perle.

    To anyone who reads Arabic newspapers regularly, it should be obvious that the items highlighted by Memri are those that suit its agenda and are not representative of the newspapers' content as a whole.

    The danger is that many of the senators, congressmen and "opinion formers" who don't read Arabic but receive Memri's emails may get the idea that these extreme examples are not only truly representative but also reflect the policies of Arab governments.

    Memri's Col Carmon seems eager to encourage them in that belief. In Washington last April, in testimony to the House committee on international relations, he portrayed the Arab media as part of a wide-scale system of government-sponsored indoctrination.

    "The controlled media of the Arab governments conveys hatred of the west, and in particular, of the United States," he said. "Prior to September 11, one could frequently find articles which openly supported, or even called for, terrorist attacks against the United States ...

    "The United States is sometimes compared to Nazi Germany, President Bush to Hitler, Guantanamo to Auschwitz," he said.

    In the case of the al-Jazeera satellite channel, he added, "the overwhelming majority of guests and callers are typically anti-American and anti-semitic".

    Unfortunately, it is on the basis of such sweeping generalisations that much of American foreign policy is built these days.

    As far as relations between the west and the Arab world are concerned, language is a barrier that perpetuates ignorance and can easily foster misunderstanding.

    All it takes is a small but active group of Israelis to exploit that barrier for their own ends and start changing western perceptions of Arabs for the worse.

    It is not difficult to see what Arabs might do to counter that. A group of Arab media companies could get together and publish translations of articles that more accurately reflect the content of their newspapers.

    It would certainly not be beyond their means. But, as usual, they may prefer to sit back and grumble about the machinations of Israeli intelligence veterans.

    The following correction was printed in the Guardian's Corrections and Clarifications column, Wednesday August 21 2002

    In an article headed Atrocity stories regain currency, page 13, August 8, and in an article headed Selective Memri on the Guardian website, we referred to Dr Adil Awadh, an Iraqi doctor who alleged that Saddam Hussein had ordered doctors to amputate the ears of soldiers who deserted. Dr Awadh has asked us to make it clear that he has no connection with Memri (Middle East Media Research Institute), and that he did not authorise its translation of parts of an article by him. He is no longer a member of the Iraqi National Accord (INA). He is an independent member of the Iraqi National Congress (INC). His reference to orders by Saddam Hussein to cut off the ears of deserters has been supported by evidence from other sources.

    ###########################COLBYS BELOVED MEMRI .... ############ Israeli INTEL.??..you decide ????######################

    ########################### TWO POSTS BELOW by COLBY ##########################################################

    So Ron you are speaking based on your years of experience in structural engineering and failure analysis? You have yet to give an adequate answer to the question I posed at the start of this thread, if they collapse theory so obviously violates the laws of physics and engineering, of the millions of civil engineers and architects WORLDWIDE why has not a single one spoken out? Not even from countries like Iran, Pakistan, Cuba or (pre-invasion) Iraq? There was an Iranian PhD who declared that "The Jewish Walt Disney Company" made Tom and Jerry "in order to change the Europeans' perception of mice", "Jews were degraded and termed 'dirty mice.' ( http://www.memri.org...cgi?ID=SD110106 ) yet not a single engineer from that country said there was anything suspicious about the collapse

    Posted 22 January 2007 - 04:18 PM

    ########## and again Colby posts ################################################

    Posted 22 January 2007 - 04:18 PM

    "'I do not doubt that the new wave which has begun in our dear Palestine and which today we are also witnessing in the Islamic world is a wave of morality which has spread all over the Islamic world. Very soon, this stain of disgrace [i.e. Israel] will be purged from the center of the Islamic world – and this is attainable.


  13. Golly I gave u google cause "pal" u didnt read the thread, u DIDNT READ THREAD. Rothschild were mentioned earlier by me in in in in in in the thread . OK ??????????? Now if you read some of these links u ,yes u would know and not imply the only ROTHSCHILD connection to

    Assange is the lawyer but Soros (who is IDENTIFIED as Rothschild AGENT) who gave founding money for Wikileaks project. Now to mention Rothschild is to be ANTI JEW....golly I would check your memory functioning ==cause I posted before.

    I cop to being trying to be fair. Since I posted I have a big work week and I have also Thanksgiving matters. I cop to thinking you are a poor reader. I never used the term Jewish Conspiracy. Here is what I have said before. The Rothschilds work within (within ,yes within, go back and look what I posted) the frame work of Banking Interests centered in London that want a federation of central banks that dominate the worlds countries. Now amoung these interests are old monied families of Europe like the Catholic Royals of Spain and other non-Jewish Royals of Europe and many of the Protestant banking families of the Netherland and yes Jewish Banking families. The Rothchild were one of the first international then globalist banking houses. They are contra-similar to the indicator animal used when looking at environmental degredation of a particular ecosystem. If this animal is down in number,then ecological problems are indicated in this area. If Rothschild are there ,then there is likelihood of the British Centered Banking power grab/influence is high in said particular issue►


    What exactly is your point? What do the Rothschilds have to do with Wikileaks ? COLBY

    Damn it ,just read the thread !!!!!!!!! GAAL

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// So a link to pages of Google results is supposed to substitute evidence. I lloked though some of them the links are quite tenuous. The law firm that represents Assange also represents a foundation dedicated to preserving an old manor whose board is dominated by members of the family. The Economist which is supposedly partially owned by the family gave him an award (so did Amnesty International and Le Monde). The next question is why exactly it would be a problem if he has tenuous links to the family? Does this have something to do with your hostility to Jews?

  14. Julian Assange is looking to hit pay-dirt once again as reports of a new book deal with a subsidiary of Random House are surfacing.

    HOW ? ;) HOW? HOW? HOW? ;) HOW? HOW? ;) HOW? HOW? ;) HOW? HOW? HOW ? HOW ? ;) HOW? ;)

    Matt Rothschild - Authors - Random House

    Random House will send you an email when Matt Rothschild's next book is ...

    www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid... - Cached - Similar

    Jennifer Rothschild - Authors - Random House

    Random House will send you an email when Jennifer Rothschild's next book is ...

    www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid... - Cached - Similar

    Dumbfounded by Matt Rothschild - Trade Paperback - Random House ...


    What exactly is your point? What do the Rothschilds have to do with Wikileaks?

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Please see


  15. armageddinouttaere...

    so long and thanks for all the fish


    Yes as Julian Assage would say,"Ja wohl, mein Führer !!".

    see http://www.henrymakow.com/stranger_than_fiction_life_of.html outta here tooooooooo

    Julian Assange was born in 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

    Reportedly, Julian, together with his mother Claire and his half-brother, spent his childhood fleeing the father of Julian's half-brother.

    That father was a member of a cult, called The Family, run by a Anne-Hamilton Byrne.

    Anne-Hamilton Byrne ran her 'child-kidnapping cult' on the outskirts of Melbourne.

    "Byrne dyed the stolen children’s hair blonde and fed them LSD." (Julian Assange of WikiLeaks: “Destroyer of Worlds)

    "The San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion of Anne Hamilton-Byrne con­di­tioned chil­dren with drugs, sen­sory depri­va­tion, sleep depri­va­tion, tor­ture and rit­ual sex­ual abuse in order to pro­duce sub­jects who bent to the will of the group’s leader." (Wiki of the Damned)

    "Assange claims that Aus­tralian intel­li­gence has advised him, and there is an appar­ent link between Aus­tralian intel­li­gence and the cult." (Wiki of the Damned)

    Australian intelligence works closely with the CIA and Mossad.


    "Among those on the receiv­ing end of the cult’s ser­vices was Lord Casey, for­mer Governor-General of Aus­tralia and the min­is­ter in charge of over­see­ing the Aus­tralian intel­li­gence ser­vice, with which Assange claims to be connected." (Wiki of the Damned)

    "Another indi­ca­tion of seri­ous insti­tu­tional sup­port for the cult con­cerns the par­tic­i­pa­tion in their activ­i­ties of Ronald Con­way. One of Australia’s most promi­nent Catholic intel­lec­tu­als, Con­way appears to have engaged in molesta­tion of chil­dren placed in his care." (Wiki of the Damned)

    Anne Hamilton-Byrne acquired fourteen infants and young children between about 1968 and 1975.

    Assange was born in 1971. ("Village of the Damned," meet Julian Assange)

    Sarah Moore, a 'daughter' of Hamilton-Byrne, was a victim of the cult.

    "Unseen, Unheard, Unknown" is the book by Sarah Moore (Hamilton-Byrne).

    Sarah Moore alleges that Sandoz, part of the old I.G. Far­ben complex, pro­vid­ed the cult with free LSD.

    San­doz bought the fam­ily busi­ness of 'Swiss Nazi financier' Carl Lund­strom.

    One of Lundstrom's endeav­ors is Pirate Bay which hosts WIKILEAKS, in Sweden.



  16. Julian Assange is looking to hit pay-dirt once again as reports of a new book deal with a subsidiary of Random House are surfacing.

    HOW ? ;) HOW? HOW? HOW? ;) HOW? HOW? ;) HOW? HOW? ;) HOW? HOW? HOW ? HOW ? ;) HOW? ;)

    Matt Rothschild - Authors - Random House

    Random House will send you an email when Matt Rothschild's next book is ...

    www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid... - Cached - Similar

    Jennifer Rothschild - Authors - Random House

    Random House will send you an email when Jennifer Rothschild's next book is ...

    www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid... - Cached - Similar

    Dumbfounded by Matt Rothschild - Trade Paperback - Random House ...

    In the privileged world of old-money New York aristocracy, young Matt ...

    www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn...view=print - Cached

    Hide more results from randomhouse.comColonial Encounters in a Native American Landscape by Nan A ...

    Written by Nan A. Rothschild · Author Alerts: Random House will alert you to new works by Nan A. Rothschild. Colonial Encounters in a Native American ...

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    Lessons I Learned in the Dark by Jennifer Rothschild - eBook ...

    At the age of fifteen, Jennifer Rothschild confronted two unshakable realities: Blindness is inevitable ... and God is enough. Now this popular author, ...

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    Dumbfounded by Matt Rothschild - Trade Paperback - Random House ...

    Written by Matt Rothschild · Author Alerts: Random House will alert you to new works by Matt Rothschild. Online Bookstores--Direct Links: ...

    www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn...view... - Cached

    Lessons I Learned in the Dark by Jennifer Rothschild - eBook ...

    Written by Jennifer Rothschild · Author Alerts: Random House will alert you to new works by Jennifer Rothschild. Buying the eBook is just a click away! ...

    www.randomhouse.com/catalog/display.pperl?isbn...view... - Cached

    Nan A. Rothschild - Authors - Random House

    Random House will send you an email when Nan A. Rothschild's next book is available. Enter your email address below to sign up. ...

    www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid=124132 - Cached

    Show all results from randomhouse.com »

    Rothschild | Define Rothschild at Dictionary.com

    Rothschild definition, English banker: first Jewish member of Parliament (son of Nathan ... Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010. ...

    dictionary.reference.com/browse/Rothschild - Cached

    Guy de Rothschild - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Whims of Fortune: The Memoirs of Guy de Rothschild by Guy de Rothschild. Random House (1985) ISBN 0-394-54054-9 / Contre bonne fortune (French) by Guy ...

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_de_Rothschild - Cached - Similar

    Balfour Letter to Rothschild Sowed Dragon's Teeth: Lewis Lapham ...

    Oct 9, 2010 ... Photographer: Steven Henderson/Random House via Bloomberg ... 2, 1917 Lord Rothschild received a letter from British Foreign Secretary ...

    www.bloomberg.com/.../balfour-letter-to-rothschild-sowed-dragon-s-teeth-lewis-lapham.html - Cached

    ROTHSCHILD BUILDINGS - Paperback - Books - Random House Australia

    Jan 15, 2003 ... ROTHSCHILD BUILDINGS. 'Jerry White has written a moving and richly detailed history of those times and those people.

    www.randomhouse.com.au/Books/ROTHSCHILD.../Paperback/ - Cached

    Dumbfounded by Matt Rothschild - Excerpt

    memoir, memoirs, Random House, New York City, crown publishing, old money, personal memoir, personal memoirs, dumbfounded, matt rothschild, dumbfounded, ...

    www.scribd.com/doc/.../Dumbfounded-by-Matt-Rothschild-Excerpt - Cached

    Paradise Lost: The Decline of the Auto-Industrial Age by Emma ...

    Paradise Lost: The Decline of the Auto-Industrial Age, Unknown binding (1973) by Emma Rothschild. Random House (NY) ISBN: 0394460324. ISBN-13: 9780394460321 ...

    www.alibris.com/.../Paradise%20Lost%3A%20The%20Decline%20of%20the%20Auto-... - Cached



  17. http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=22499

    The Belarusian working class and the veterans of the Great Patriotic War vote for Lukashenko because he has refused to succumb to the hegemony of financial capitalism under the authority of the European Union. They vote for Lukashenko because salaries are rising every year, pensions are secure, there is free universal healthcare, full employment and free education. These are the concrete freedoms millions of Soviet citizens died for. They did not give in to the fascists in the past and they will not give in now.

  18. All this to increase your fear. Tongue in cheek,Oh farewell great needle !!



    Just days before Christmas, the White House asked Americans to be vigilant this holiday season, warning of a possible — though unspecified — terror threat from Al Qaeda. The caution echoed a weeks’ worth of warnings from law enforcement authorities.

    A spate of bombs found today in foreign embassies in Rome, Italy has again ratcheted up concern, with authorities calling on people to be on the lookout.

  19. I do agree with Miller, “brilliantly acted”.

    Fair Game Director Doug Liman Responds to Judith Miller

    “She’s got it wrong.”

    By Doug Liman

    Editor’s note: Last Thursday, Judith Miller penned a column for The Wall Street Journal in which she accused the new film Fair Game of pushing “untruths” in its telling of the outing of former CIA agent Valerie Plame. Miller described the film, which focuses on the relationship of Plame and husband Joe Wilson, as “brilliantly acted,” but a “gross distortion of a complicated political saga.” She challenges seven of what she calls the film’s “untruths”; among them, claims that Plame played a “key role” in the CIA’s counterproliferation division, charged with gathering evidence on Iraq’s WMD programs, and that Plame was involved in missions to provide safe havens to Iraqi scientists. Miller also takes issue with a subplot in the film in which Plame, played by Naomi Watts, recruits an Iraqi-American woman to visit her scientist brother in Iraq, where is working on the country’s WMD program. CJR approached Fair Game director Doug Liman (Swingers, Mr and Mrs Smith, The Bourne Identity) for comment. He wrote back with this response to Miller’s piece.

    Judith Miller demonstrated in her recent WSJ story about my film, Fair Game, the same cavalier attitude towards the facts that led to her departure from The New York Times in disgrace. And we should never forget that Scooter Libby outed Valerie Plame to Miller in June 2003—more than two weeks before Richard Armitage outed Plame to Novak. Somehow Miller neglected to mention that in her op-ed piece. But she also forgot about that before—in her early grand jury testimony—until she was forced to come clean about it in a subsequent grand jury appearance and under oath at Libby’s trial. Miller’s belated testimony helped convict her “source” Libby, but not until she did everything she could, as a forceful proponent of the war in Iraq, to avoid telling the truth to the American public.

    And so here we go again.

    Judith Miller writes that her supposed anonymous sources told her that Valerie Plame did not play a “key role” in the CIA’s effort to penetrate Iraq’s presumed WMD program. In truth, Valerie Plame was head of operations for the CIA’s Joint Task Force on Iraq (JTFI). My sources: former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet and U.S. attorney Pat Fitzgerald.

    Valerie’s specific actions as head of operations for the JTFI were and still are classified. Valerie Plame, a loyal intelligence officer from a military family, has always honored and continues to honor the secrecy agreement she signed when she joined the Agency more than twenty-five years ago. As filmmakers, we did the best job we could to piece together her activities in covert CIA operations specializing in nuclear counter-proliferation. This is not easy, especially since Valerie was a NOC, a form of deep cover operative with no official ties to the U.S. government. To be drawn into debating what this deep cover operative may or may not have done is to miss the big picture—this was no “glorified secretary” who was outed by the White House. Far from it.


    Obviously WMDs remain a sore subject for Miller, who wrote many erroneous stories that badly misled the American public about their existence in Iraq in 2003. Fair Game doesn’t much focus on the WMDs, except to recount an episode showing the dangers of politicized intelligence, which is now common wisdom on both sides of the political aisle. Indeed, Fair Game doesn’t even state an opinion about the war itself, however disastrous its consequences are in hindsight. Rather, Fair Game is about the president of the United States lying to the American people, and what happened to the people who challenged him. The wagons were circled around the president of the United States on the trust issue.


    So although neither Miller nor Armitage are in the film Fair Game, both of them were involved in the whole sorry episode up to their eyeballs. Actually, I would have loved to have included Richard Armitage, Cheney, and others in Fair Game, had Scooter Libby not obstructed the investigation, for which a unanimous jury convicted him on five serious counts with jail sentences.

    So was there a conspiracy in the White House to punish Joe Wilson for speaking out? The film leaves that up to the viewer to decide. Pat Fitzgerald did say “there’s a cloud over the Vice-President, a cloud over the White House.” People can go see Fair Game this holiday and decide for themselves who was naughty and who was nice.

  20. Dear John,Yes JA is the main focus,but to many as victim.If as I contend this is all a PSY-OPS play,he will feel safe. I would beware of the double cross. TO REPEAT in the same vein.

    Is the End Game of Wikileaks Internet Censorship?

    F. William Engdahls first book, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, discussed the roles of Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Ball and of the USA in the 1979 overthrow of the Shah of Iran. Engdahl claims that Brzezinski and Ball used the Islamic Balkanization model proposed by Bernard Lewis to accomplish US policy goals in Iran. Not coincidentally, Brzezinski was a key figure in US President Barack Obamas 2008 election campaign and played a key role in helping former US President Jimmy Carter get elected. In 2007, he released a book that exposed the massive dangers of GMO foods called, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of GMO.

    One of F. William Engdahls latest articles is titled Wikileaks, a Big Dangerous US Government Con Job. In this article, Engdahl implies that Wikileaks is a US government-run propaganda and disinformation operation with an end goal of restricting freedoms on the internet. Here are some of the key excerpts from this article.

    "A closer look at the details of what has so far been carefully leaked by the most ultra-establishment of international media such as the New York Times reveals a clear agenda. That agenda coincidentally serves to buttress the agenda of US geopolitics around the world from Iran to North Korea. It is almost too perfectly scripted to be true. A discontented 22-year old US Army soldier on duty in Baghdad, Bradley Manning, a low-grade US Army intelligence analyst, described as a loner, a gay in the military, a disgruntled computer geek, sifts through classified information at Forward Operating Base Hammer. He decides to secretly download US State Department email communications from the entire world over a period of eight months for hours a day, onto his blank CDs while pretending to be listening to Lady Gaga. In addition to diplomatic cables, Manning is believed to have provided WikiLeaks with helicopter gun camera video of an errant US attack in Baghdad on unarmed journalists, and with war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is almost too perfectly scripted to be true. A discontented 22-year old US Army soldier on duty in Baghdad, Bradley Manning, a low-grade US Army intelligence analyst, described as a loner, a gay in the military, a disgruntled computer geek, sifts through classified information at Forward Operating Base Hammer. He decides to secretly download US State Department email communications from the entire world over a period of eight months for hours a day, onto his blank CDs while pretending to be listening to Lady Gaga. In addition to diplomatic cables, Manning is believed to have provided WikiLeaks with helicopter gun camera video of an errant US attack in Baghdad on unarmed journalists, and with war logs from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    "Manning then is supposed to have tracked down a notorious former US computer hacker to get his 250,000 pages of classified US State Department cables out in the Internet for the whole world to see. He allegedly told the US hacker that the documents he had contained "incredible, awful things that belonged in the public domain and not on some server stored in a dark room in Washington, DC." The hacker turned him in to US authorities so the story goes. Manning is now incommunicado since months in US military confinement so we cannot ask him, conveniently. The Pentagon routinely hires the best hackers to design their security systems. [Assange] selects as exclusive newspapers to decide what is to be leaked the New York Times which did such service in promoting faked propaganda against Saddam that led to the Iraqi war, the London Guardian and Der Spiegel. Assange claims he had no time to sift through so many pages so handed them to the trusted editors of the establishment media for them to decide what should be released. Very anti-establishment that. The New York Times even assigned one of its top people, David E. Sanger, to control the release of the Wikileaks material. Sanger is no establishment outsider. He sits as a member of the elite Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Aspen Institute Strategy Group together with the likes of Condi Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, former CIA head John Deutch, former State Department Deputy Secretary and now World Bank head Robert Zoellick among others. Indeed a strange choice of media for a person who claims to be anti-establishment. But then Assange also says he believes the US Government version of 9/11 and calls the Bilderberg Group a normal meeting of people, a very establishment view. Most important, the 250,000 cables are not "top secret" as we might have thought. Between two and three million US Government employees are cleared to see this level of "secret" document, [1] and some 500,000 people around the world have access to the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRnet) where the cables were stored. SIPRnet is not recommended for distribution of top-secret information. Only 6% or 15,000 pages of the documents have been classified as even secret, a level below top-secret. Another 40% were the lowest level, "confidential", while the rest were unclassified. In brief, it was not all that secret. What is emerging from all the sound and Wikileaks fury in Washington is that the entire scandal is serving to advance a long-standing Obama and Bush agenda of policing the until-now free Internet. Already the US Government has shut the Wikileaks server in the United States though no identifiable US law has been broken."

    "The process of policing the Web was well underway before the current leaks scandal. In 2009 Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller and Republican Olympia Snowe introduced the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (S.773). It would give the President unlimited power to disconnect private-sector computers from the internet. The bill "would allow the president to declare a cyber-security emergency relating to non-governmental computer networks and do whats necessary to respond to the threat." We can expect that now this controversial piece of legislation will get top priority when a new Republican House and the Senate convene in January. US Department of Homeland Security, an agency created in the political hysteria following 9/11 2001 that has been compared to the Gestapo, has already begun policing the Internet. They are quietly seizing and shutting down internet websites (web domains) without due process or a proper trial. DHS simply seizes web domains that it wants to and posts an ominous "Department of Justice" logo on the web site. See an example at http://torrent-finder.com (My note: Do click on this link. It's worth checking out.)"

    On the political front, I agree with Engdahls assessment of Assanges leaked government cables. In the cables I have seen discussed in various newspaper articles thus far, there is nothing more than the occasional embarrassing quote, nothing top-secret, and nothing remotely damaging to any US allies revealed in any of these supposedly top-secret government cables. And regarding Assanges threat of leaking thousands of confidential documents contained in a 5 gigabyte drive regarding a big US bank believed to be Bank of America as an anti-establishment act, Im not buying it. According to a Forbes interview, Assange stated that his leak would give a true and representative insight into how banks behave at the executive level in a way that will stimulate investigations and reforms, I presume. I say, so what if this big leak Assange is in possession of pertains to Bank of America and if it reveals documents that result in the demise of BofA? If this is how this drama plays out, this event would ultimately be more pro-establishment and pro-elite than anti-establishment. The demise of BofA would only mean that JP Morgan, as they have already done with Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual, would have yet another opportunity to stamp out their competition, swoop in like vultures, and pick up BofAs carcass for pennies on the dollar. Or perhaps Goldman Sachs will be given this carcass to pick clean. Either way, if this happens, it consolidates power for the elites at the top and could not have worked out any better if Assange was a paid employee of Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. Remember that BofA bought up Merrill Lynch when Merrill Lynch failed, so an acquisition of BofA would translate into a delayed acquisition of Merrill Lynch.

    In the book, The Great Depression of the XXI Century, Tanya Cariina Hsu wrote:

    In 1907, J.P. Morgan, a private New York banker, published a rumor that a competing unnamed large bank was about to fail. It was a false charge but customers nonetheless raced to their banks to withdraw their money, in case it was their bank. As they pulled out their funds, the banks lost their cash deposits and were forced to call in their loans. People therefore had to pay back their mortgages to fill the banks with income, going bankrupt in the process. The 1907 panic resulted in a crash that prompted the creation of the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel with the veneer of an independent government organization. Effectively, it was a coup by elite bankers in order to control the industry."

    "When signed into law in 1913, the Federal Reserve would loan and supply the nations money, but with interest. The more money it was able to print, the more "income" it generated for itself. By its very nature, the Federal Reserve would forever keep producing debt to stay alive. It was able to print Americas monetary supply at will, regulating its value. To control valuation, however, inflation had to be kept in check. The Federal Reserve then doubled Americas money supply within five years, and in 1920, it called in a mass percentage of loans. Over five thousand banks collapsed overnight. One year later, the Federal Reserve again increased the money supply by 62 percent, but in 1929, it again called the loans back in, en masse. This time, the crash of 1929 caused over sixteen thousand banks to fail and an 89 percent plunge on the stock market. The private and well-protected banks within the Federal Reserve system were able to snap up the failed banks at pennies on the dollar."

    If this sounds familiar, it should. This seems to be the blueprint by today's banking elites for todays banking industry as well. During the Bank Panic of 1907 and the Great Depression, JP Morgan was one of the biggest beneficiaries of a panic that many historians claimed they, along with the Federal Reserve, helped to manufacture (JP Morgan is alleged to have helped engineer both the Panic of 1907 and the Great Depression while the Federal Reserve helped engineer the Great Depression). If the future scenario regarding Wikileaks's release of incriminating big bank documents plays out anywhere close to the one I presented above, Julian Assange would, in essence, be performing a massive favor for the most favored private banks of the Federal Reserve system. One must remember that during this manufactured global monetary crisis, not all banks are created equal and a handful of banks are hand picked for survival and prosperity at the expense of hundreds of others. Just because Wikileaks threatens to release incriminating documents on a big bank that could make it look bad, this should not be naively or blindly interpreted as an anti-establishment act.

    Admittedly, like millions of others, I was fooled by Wikileaks's intent in the beginning. But the more and more I research them, the more it seems as though Wikileaks is cooperating with governments and banks rather than serving as their adversary or as their watchdog to increase transparency. Now, if Mr. Assange releases cables that expose detailed correspondences between the US Federal Reserve and JP Morgan regarding silver price suppression schemes or how Goldman Sachs deliberately releases misinformation about gold prices, or if he releases diplomatic cables exposing secrets between the US and Israel that have been concealed from the public, I might start once again believing that the goal of Wikileaks is to provide greater transparency about government and banker actions. One thing I have learned over the years about the shadowy world of banking and politics is that if something appears to be a great coincidence, it usually is not, and that things rarely are what they seem to be on the surface.


    and also in same vein


  21. Steven, I'm always interested in your posts. I mean that. I've asked you in the past to include some synopsis. I have a reason for this. Purely selfish.

    During the time I've been a member on this forum on a number of occasions I've followed links that intrigue me and are relevant and suddenly I had a bug of some sort loaded.

    I even found one on a gif on the US Gov Mil site which I alerted them to and got a nice reply, : so, I seldom follow links. That's just a choice I make. So, I wait till someone posts something of it or ask for an elaboration I sometimes get.

    edit add something dfferent. since this started apparently paypal has opened an account for me (stick it) and pfizer are floooding me with discount offers (ditto)

    edit typo


    Dear John, I commented (in this Wikilinks thread) that maybe Assange was MI6 in a two part post == no one responded to the post at all. If no one responds , you wish I comment to a link ???? Wikilinks is being used as a method to stop the flow of information by the elites. Mr. Chossudousky has expressed my views. (from first link below)

    Manufacturing Dissent

    Wikileaks has the essential features of a process of "manufactured dissent". It seeks to expose government lies. It has released important information on US war crimes. But once the project becomes embedded in the mould of mainstream journalism, it is used as an instrument of media disinformation:

    "It is in the interest of the corporate elites to accept dissent and protest as a feature of the system inasmuch as they do not threaten the established social order. The purpose is not to repress dissent, but, on the contrary, to shape and mould the protest movement, to set the outer limits of dissent. To maintain their legitimacy, the economic elites favor limited and controlled forms of opposition... To be effective, however, the process of "manufacturing dissent" must be carefully regulated and monitored by those who are the object of the protest movement " (See Michel Chossudovsky, "Manufacturing Dissent": the Anti-globalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites, September 2010

    BTW Levesque (second link below) doent say Mark Stephens ( a Assange lawyer) is a Rothschild attorney -as I showed in my uncommented upon post. BTW2 How funny for if this whole Wikilinks thing is a psyops, for ange is old French for angle,thus you have ASS ANGLE. SG see


    then below, then I hope you rethink Wikilinks as really Trickylinks


    These two links are not much to read and I think they are very worthwhile. THANKS Steve Gaal

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