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  1. The right column hides a small section of the wall.
  2. You are correct - there is direct light and indirect light. There in no mistaking the direct sunlight in the Darnell film.
  3. Andrej says there are no measurements of the depth of the top platform, but what has he really done to find out? I would bet that Dale Myers who made a 3D model of the plaza will know the measurements of the landing/steps/doors/wall/etc - and if he doesn't know them - the TSBD Museum will have them archived somewhere. This is where Gary Mack is truly missed for he would go out of his way to get this kind of information of a researcher.
  4. Part of the out-copping hides a portion of the wall from view. And there is no sunlight hitting PM's hand as it takes computer generated lighting to see his hand at all.
  5. I have a problem with your cartoon landing. Having been on the landing myself on several occasions - I find it deeper than your cartoon image has it. Prayer Man is further back in the corner and couldn't be located at that location and have his right foot on the first step down from the landing. The doors open to the outside and they do not hang out over the steps when open from what I remember. See below .... There are seven steps to take before reaching the landing ... The front entrance door demonstrates just how deep the landing is ... In the cartoon model - PM is too far out from the corner so to have the appearance that he is standing with a straight leg on the first step down. However, the real world image of PM shows him backed up in the shade in my opinion.
  6. Occams Razor to me and many others who I have heard and read using the term is telling us that the solution is most often the simplest one and not one that has to be complicated. In the case of Prayer Man being LHO - one could find that had Oswald been standing next to Frazier - Molina - Shelley - Lovelady - etc., that any one or all of them would have said so regardless if Lee was later said to have been involved in some way or another with the shooting of the President before entertaining that so many witnesses decided to lie about his whereabouts so to become involved in a plot to frame him as the assassin who killed the President. And how can I say this with such confidence one may ask? I say this because had Lee Oswald been standing with fellow workers who knew him and some photograph or film became known in the days, weeks, and months following the assassination that proved he was standing there as Prayer Man .... anyone who withheld that information would be looking at a list of federal charges because no one would believe that those witness all forgot that Lee was standing there with them. That would have been all it took to become seen as part of a conspiracy to assassinate the President by conspiring to mislead a federal investigation with an effort to frame someone as the shooter so to allow the real gunman to go free. One image whether it been a still photo or a movie showing Oswald anywhere but on the 6th floor during the shooting - the alleged mass intimidation plot would become exposed to the point there wouldn't have been enough jail cells in Dallas to have housed everyone. That would have been as reckless as having the gunmen use machine guns when the plan was to blame the murder on one man with a bolt action rifle and only four shells. Those who were involved in the assassination and cover-up had to be careful to not overplay their hand or else a whole house of cards would have collapsed to the likes that no one ever imagined. I believe before any of that happened - someone else would have gotten the blame for JFK's murder.
  7. PM is in the corner and cannot be there and have his left foot on a lower step because he never moves and is a half a head taller than Lovelady when Billie went down a step as demonstrated in the Gif animation.
  8. Someone here brought to my attention the following statement by a guy named Doyle - " ............ Miller has now stolen my height argument without attribution ................. over on the Education Forum with it. That's pretty dirty and dishonest." For the record - I do not know "Doyle", nor am I aware of his thoughts on the JFK assassination. If he has said the same thing as I, then all I can say is that we agree that PM is too short to be Oswald. Until coming back to the ED forum - I had never heard of Prayer Man. The equation I used in my inquiry was simple ....... If Prayer Man = Oswald, then Prayer Man should be taller than Lovelady when both are standing on the landing atop of the stairs leading into the TSBD. I then laid out how I reached my conclusion. At best - my conclusion may have been the same as someone named Doyle and counless other researchers who have looked into this matter. I see no stroke of genius on my part in the way I approached this. It was as simple as checking if 2 + 2 = 4 - then 4 - 2 = 2. I also don't know the name of the first person was who ever came up with this method of checking one's work, but I am reasonably certain that it was established long before Mr. Doyle was born. I can say there were three JFK Assassination researchers who I sought information from so to apply the method I chose to use and none of them were named Doyle. I will add that there were two other things that I looked at in this inquiry and one was the hairline on the right side of PM's head and the physical appearance of of him compared to Lee Oswald on the day of the assassination. I don't know if Mr. Doyle looked at this as well, nor do I know who was the first investigator on record who ever thought to compare physical appearances of suspects to one another. So I wish to say thanks to all those people who assisted me which would include the person who typed the report that detailed Lovelady's height - the individuals who took the photos of Oswald's measured height - those researchers who supplied me with the information I had requested - the individual who built the laptop I used to type my posting - the person(s) who created the software for me to apply images to my post - the individual who came up with the method on how to check one's work - and all those who are responsible for there being a forum where I and others can work together on these various issues. And last but not least - I wish to give credit to any and all petty glory seekers who I was not aware of that feel they deserve credit for any findings mirroring their own.
  9. My use of Occams Razor applied to the single question as to whether Oswald was standing next to Frazier or not around the time of the shooting. I had two choices - one was to believe Frazier when he said he had not seen Lee during the parade because Lee wasn't really standing outside the main entrance to the TSBD beside him or Frazier didn't mention seeing Lee outside the main entrance to the TSBD because he was immediately intimidated/threatened by sinister individuals who not only got to him, but others as well, to frame Lee as Kennedy's killer. I found that the simplest of the two competing theories made more sense than believing that so many witnesses conspired to frame an innocent man while not caring that the real killer(s) of the President went free.
  10. The way I see it ... Occam's Razor is a principle that says that if a handful of witnesses standing on the TSBD stairway claim they did not see Oswald as the shots rang out - then one should consider they are telling the truth before believing they all, as well as others, all joined into a conspiracy to allow Oswald to take the blame for a murder they knew he did not do. Definition of Occam's razor : a scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities
  11. When one breaks down the evidence by studying the Zapruder film frame by frame along with Conally's statement - not to mention the near pristine condition of 399 - Occams Razor in my view points away from the SBT.
  12. I wouldn't go that far. However, the more we look at Prayer Man - the more we start finding out that there are plenty of reasons why he could not be Oswald. And those reasons do not need for us to call all the witnesses liars or conspirators in wanting to hide Lee's innocence. We start to understand why Buell Frazier wasn't able to say that he was standing next to LHO as the motorcade passed by. Prayer Man was simply not Lee Oswald. I have often said that anyone can make something out of nothing when using such poor faceless images. His height compared to others around him - his mid-section looking rather well fed were red flags. It was true that we couldn't see if Prayer Man had Oswald's face, but there were other comparisons that could be made with the information we had to work with. In the end it was Occams Razor that stands tall. The simplest theory that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities teaches us an important lesson and reminds us that it is a tool that should be introduced more often in our search for the truth.
  13. It was Robin who had this document ... he sent it to me again ............... This was how I knew for certain that PM wasn't tall enough to be Oswald. To think that all the smack talk about PM being Lee was just nonsense.
  14. I have been kicking myself the past couple of days as I have been searching my files to see if I could find that info because it wasn't a couple of weeks ago that someone I was chatting on facebook with had attached Lovelady's height information. I have not found it yet, but it seems to me that he was 5'7" or 5'8". What I do remember was that he was shorter than Oswald.
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