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    I teach Design and Technology in Key Stages 3/4/5, mainly Graphic Products.<br><br>I have also developed an unhealthy obsession with 'cooperative learning'. Please visit www.macpan.info to see what I am obsessing about.<br><br>I run the designandtech.com website

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  1. We extensively use Adobe Photoshop for Graphics at our school, from Year 7 to 13. It's an amazing program, but takes time to master. I recently ran a photoediting competition for Y12 with amazing results.. about two thirds of the class went of and taught themselves the basics, just to enter the competition!!! I even had Y8 pupils submit entries after seeing Y12 working on pics a lunchtime. I've set up this website to inspire a few more in my school. Feel free to let your pupils know about it if you feel it might spark some interest. www.fotoshop.designandtech.com Andy Jones
  2. Hello, I'm Andy Jones, a Design and Technology teacher currently working at Fallibroome School in Macclesfield. Though i have also taught in Basingstoke. I studied for a Degree in Product Design at UCLAN before doing a PGCE in Sheffield. I'm loving teaching mainly Graphic Products and Product Design in KS 3/4/5 at the moment I run the DesignandTech.com website Check out what my pupils have been up to at... www.torch.designandtech.com www.Y12.designandtech.com (Owning that domain name has come in handy).
  3. Have you seen 'bridge builder'? It is a freeware program that allows you to design, build and test bridge structures. The pupils at my school in macclesfield are addicted to it! Download it from www.designandtech.com (it's in the 'free software' section) Then check out the sequel. You can download the demo which has loads of levels, enough to keep my pupils busy for hours The sequel allows you to choose different materials, such as cable and steel frames. You can even ride a train across the bridge as it crumbles around you! Both programs are very easy to use. Don't panic if you don't have broadband, the program files are tiny. The Bridge builder one is so small you could get about ten copies of it on a floppy disk. The sequel will also fit on a floppy disk. Though, they both require the PC running them to have a 3D graphics card... but all do now a days. Check out the software. Does anyone else have free, fun and educational software they use in school? Please share it with us all Andy Jones
  4. This is shameless self promotion, but have a look at www.designandtech.com and let me know what you think. I am always looking for ways to improve the site. The main purpose for the site is to be a list of links to DT related websites. It also has a opinion poll, links to DT department websites, a list of free software etc... I'll include any links that you regularily use in your school. Andy Jones
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