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  1. From September AQA GCSE candidates are only required to do ONE coursework composition which must be for a special event. With the Integrated Assignment the course now has two specified compositions. Where does that leave students who want to work in styles that do not fit the specifications - where is the opportunity for free composition? Am I alone in feeling that under the flag of easing workload, the range of the exam has been reduced. What has happened in other Boards specification?
  2. Does anyone have any experience of using Tablet PC's for music technology. There is a debate raging at school about how to equip the new music facilities, the ICT manager is saying desktop machines, the advisor is advocating notebooks and the head is pushing tablet machines. I am totally confused and required to make a decision in the next two weeks! Any advice, experience (good or bad) would be welcome.
  3. I liked this one: If you think technology has changed the work world, just take a look at what's happening in storyland. - Little Bo Peep never loses sheep because of their embedded silicon identity chips. - Cinderella searches for her prince on Match.com - and leases her pumpkin-coloured Range Rover at Avis.com. - Hansel and Gretel use the GPS rather than breadcrumbs but have reported problems stuffing the wicked witch into her microwave oven. - To avoid travel stress, Alice now plans her Wonderland vacation with LastMinute.com. - A reformed Ebenezer Scrooge sends Bob Cratchett to update his certification for Excel and Quicken. - Jack's making a fortune on his beanstalk bioengineering break- through. - Old McDonald uses voice recognition to make ordering easy at his agricultural auction site eieio.com. - Romeo and Juliet avoid tragic problems by keeping in touch through their cell phones. - With her early Web capabilities, Charlotte is now a motivational speaker at tech conferences around the world. - The Pied Piper switched career fields after his tunes were boot- legged on Napster. - King Arthur has replaced that expensive round table with satellite videoconferencing. - Jack and Jill order their Evian on www.tesco.com
  4. Hi All, Has anyone on the forum had experience of the Edexcel AVCE Performing Arts Course. We are planning to offer a vocational course along side the traditional A level courses and this seems a possibility. Comments very welcome. Trevor.
  5. I have been asked to make a presentation on how music can be used in other subjects. If you have any examples eg a song about spelling rules etc please contact me either via this topic or diectly by Email. Thanks in advance
  6. I have been asked to make a presentation on how music can be used in other subjects. If you have any examples please contact me via this topic or Email me directly. Thanks in advance
  7. I have been asked to make a presentation on using the ways music can be used in otehr subjects. If you use music in any way eg: tables to music, Mozart as background music etc. please let me know either through this topic or Email me directly. Thanks in advance
  8. I suppose the first book that really turned me on to reading was 'The Hobbit'. My 3rd Year Junior School teacher (Y5 now), Mr Quick, used to take us out into the school field and sit us under a tree and read the story to us. It gripped my imagination so that I made my mother take me to the central library in Gloucester so I could join the children's library and take the book out. By the time the class finished the Hobbit I was half way through 'The Lord of the Rings'! By the age of 15 reading had become a little bit of a chore, reading the Silver Sword for the third time at school. A student teacher, whose name I never remembered, introduced us to 'Hobson's Choice' as an 'O' level set book. That was a wonderful experience. These days most books take weeks to read as I tend to fall asleep reading them in bed after a long day at school, so the summer holidays are eagerly anticipated as my opportunity to catch up and read all the books I've bought during the year.
  9. Does anyone out there have a copy of the old Mary Glasgow publication 'Music File'? I'm looking for Series 2 Issue 1 (1989) 'Unit 1 Underground Music' by Graham Hamlett which contained John Paynter's 'And all stations to...'. I lent mine to a student teacher who never returned it. If anyone does have the relevent pages and the tape recording I would love to make contact. I've tried Stanley Thornes who took over Mary Glasgow with no luck.
  10. Thanks Rob. I've set up a meeting with one of regional people to go through all the bits and pieces. Seem to be very helpful.
  11. Is anybody out there mentoring trainee teachers on the OU Flexible PGCE course next year? The whole thing looks quite complicated compared to the GTP mentoring I've done. Any advice welcome. Hope you all had a good summer - roll on Christmas!
  12. Presently Head of Music at Mascalls School in Kent after nearly twenty years teaching in Surrey and South London. Interests in music education are ITT and ICT and work towards an early retirement! http://www.beckenhamconcertband.com/
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