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  1. If the BY photos were faked and latter planted as the photographic 'experts' claim then how is it possible that Oswald's own mother not only saw one of the set but actually helped destroy it on the very same day Kennedy was assassinated? This is the testimony from Marguerite Oswald, clearly stating that she not only saw one of the photos but also helped Marina in its destruction. It forms part of an article by the highly respected researcher Ian Griggs, hardly someone who could be accused of being a LN'er. Here's just a short piece:"Mrs. Marguerite Oswald, mother of Lee Harvey Oswald, testifie
  2. Good for you Brian, I think you already realise from previous posts that I personally dont go along with your theory. But I wouldn't dream of trying to stop you presenting it. Brian, as long as its withing the forum rules, I would encourage you to post what you want, when you want. Denis.
  3. Evan, I really wouldn't worry about it mate (not that I think you particularly are) any sensible member reading these crazy accusations would immediately realize that If you had in fact sent Mad Maggie "nasty" emails she would have posted them a long time ago with the utmost glee and satisfaction. These slurs on your character will reflect for more on Mad Maggie than they ever will on yours. All the best.
  4. Thanks for that Kathy, extremely interesting.
  5. lol C,mon now Bill, sarcasm really doesn't become you. Bury the hatchet, yeah?....and I dont mean bury it in me!!!
  6. Tom Wilson believed [and believed he could prove in court] that one shot did come from the sewer below the GK, but he was NOT the first person to suggest that. Not by a long shot. O.K. Peter, thanks for answering, may I ask what you think of that particular theory?
  7. Bill, Anyone reading that political essay by Oswald or listening to him being interviewed on radio couldn't help but be impressed by Oswald's extremely high intellect. I stand by that. But the second part of my post was meant to read firmly 'tongue in cheek'. To be honest I found it amusing that by posting that essay you were, albeit inadvertently, seemingly backing up the old LN claim that Oswald was a frustrated genius with a grudge against society. Forget that, I apologise, it really wasn't very nice to 'yank your chain'. But I'm going to play devil's advocate and pick up on a few
  8. Hi Jack, is this the same Tom Wilson who came up with the 'sewer theory'?
  9. Brian, good to see your still convinced in your theory, I can respect that. But can you answer something for me? Why didn't Mrs Kennedy or the Connolly's see the guns/blast coming from the interior of the doors? How could the assassins be sure they wouldn't?
  10. It is a conspiracy to get you both to remember your passwords. Ah yes, and of course Len (special agent) Colby 'just happens' to be 'involved' yet again. VERY suspicious!!! I for one dont belive in coincidences. C'mon Len, own up...what are you doing to poor old Jack?
  11. Mark, there are "facts or reason either way" I gave some in my post which you dont seem to have read properly, I shall repeat them. " A member of an assassins team would never act so conspicuously, why would he have to? A simple raising of the arm, waving a hat or lifting a placard welcoming the president would have done the job just as well and gone completely unnoticed." Can you or anybody else counter that argument with a sensible argument? I'm really not interested in peoples belief or gut feelings. Thank you.
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