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  1. Hello, I'm Chris Gardner and I'm working at Cadbury Sixth Form College in Birmingham, where I teach AS and A Level Sociology to students in a mutlicultural environment. We use IT a lot in our department, and I have put together materials for my students at Sociology Learning Support http://www.chrisgardner.clara.net/ . This consists mostly of self-assessment exercises for students to check their understanding and receive feedback. I have also co-authored a CD Rom for AS Sociology students with two other teachers from the ATSS for Sociology teachers - Janis Griffiths and Mary Morgan. I'm looki
  2. This site was set up to enable students and teachers to use materials online in short, byte-size chunks when they had a free period. The site includes over 70 self-assessment exercises for AQA and OCR AS and A2 courses. These are mostly designed for students to check their understanding of key issues. They include multiple-choice with feedback on correct and incorrect answers, matching items exercises, crosswords, hangman exercises and wordsearches. There is also a teacher section with links to other sites. The site is part of the National Grid for Learning. Sociology Learning Support
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