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  1. John has returned to "civilian life" after taking 12 years "off" to write H&L. He builds custom houses and manages his investments. His main interest in the JFK case was to understand Oswald. He found out everything he could and quit. He has donated copies of all his research to the Penn Jones Collection at Baylor. Jack First paragraph of article on page 24 of Dec.1964 Pageant Magazine authored by Nerin Gunn:"I feel ."said Marina Prusakova Oswald, "as if I had had two husbands- one was the affectionate father of my children, the other was Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin. For the man
  2. My name is Neil Matheson.I became interested in the Kennedy Assassination in approximately 1992 after reading"Best Evidence"Since then I have collected over 100 books on the assassination and even more documentaries and other commentaries on VHS.I have been a member of Rich Delrosa's JFK Research forum for about 3 years.
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