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  1. Hello. I am Andy Garner, and I teach History to students aged 11 - 19. I began teaching in Cheshire, but moved to Suffolk to be a Head of Department. I am STILL a Head of Department! I am compiler/author of the British Historical Statistics database and student guide for the SECOS set of programs. I was an examiner, but gave that up a decade ago in order to do a Masters Degree. I also have a major stake in teacher trade unionism.
  2. Interesting thread. I don't think the discussion of slavery is off the point. The whole concept of Nazi racism was to use Eastern European 'untermensch' as slaves. Indeed, the earliest internments of Jews was in labour camps to work them to death, and not - at first - to exterminate the race through other programmes. This surely is slavery. It provides an ideal link between our Year 8 course which has a topic on slavery, and Year 9 component on the holocaust. It brings forward appropriate consideration of the continuities rather than just the changes in history. Many years ago there was an a
  3. Hi. I just want to know, do any of you have the same difficulty teaching the history of slavery?
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