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  1. I am about 400 pages into this massive book. One minor quibble. He writes that the Milteer-Touchstone correspondence, including the "top gun" memo, is first revealed in his book, when actually i had posted it here and in my blog ten years ago. http://coverthistory.blogspot.com/search?q=touchstone I had come across it following up a lead from Joan Mellon's book, and attained it from the Louisiana library at Shreveport. Also, from what i have read so far, he disposes of David Atlee Phillips in a paragraph, and suggests that Veciana mistook de Morenschildt for Phillips, which is ludicrous.
  2. Has anyone here ever corresponded with Bugge? The new forward he wrote for the book was most interesting and he backs away from the Castro theory and seems to suggest that his "mentor" David Phillips may have had some involvement.
  3. I would like to re-introduce myself to this forum. Some here may remember me but it has been years since i posted here. I had a blog coverthistory.blogspot.com which often contained material on the Kennedy assassination but I have neglected that blog in recent years. I am planning a new blog, focused more on the JFK assassination, and I am looking for a cool name. Any suggestions? I also have blogs on the Gemstone File and one on the McCone-Rowley document. My correspondence with Shawn Phillips, about his father's conversation with his uncle David Atlee Phillips has been included in a number of assassination books.
  4. I have decided to put my entire email exchange with Judyth Baker on this matter on record, deleting only her email address, as she had requested it not be made public and the name of a friend of hers. I will follow it up with some comments of my own. To read it in chronological order start at the bottom. I never promised Judyth confidentiality although she at one point trys to claim it after the fact. Begin exchange: Thu, May 13, 2010 5:23:58 PMRe: hi judyth From: [deleted] To: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok, I could only see the one page i was sent, Gary. i cannot reply again for a long time, used up all my dimes here! Thanks to [deleted] for providing an interface between me and all of you!...."Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light." Tzvi Freeman --- On Fri, 5/14/10, gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> wrote: From: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Subject: Re: hi judyth To: [deleted] Date: Friday, May 14, 2010, 2:11 AM Judyth, The only thing I posted on the forum was the comment you left on my blog. Comments left on blogs are public obviously as any visitor to my blog can read them. Since you asked me to keep the email address private I deleted the comment and copied and pasted your reply on my blog and later on the forum, but without the email address. In any event, Professor Fetzer indicated that he had a copy of your reply but had not yet posted it. I have not posted any of our subsequent email exchanges. Gary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [deleted] To: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 4:57:21 PM Subject: Re: hi judyth GARY, i WAS SENT THE INFO FROM ANOTHER PERSON A FEW MINUTES AGO AND SAW FOR THE FIRST TIME THAT WHAT I HAVE BEEN WRITING TO YOU, YOU HAVE POSTED ON THE FORUM WITHOUT TELLING ME THAT YOU WERE DOING THAT. I HAD NEVER INTENDED TO START YET ANOHER FIRESTORM. I THOUGHT YOU KNEW THIS WAS A PERSONAL EMAIL. I WAS WRONG. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO ARGUE WITH THE FORUM MEMBERS AND DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE FORUM. I HAVE TO PAY FOR TIME ON THIS COMPUTER AND NOW I SEE THAT YOU WENT AHEAD AND POSTED WHAT I THOUGHT YOU KNEW WERE JUST PRIVATE EMAILS TO YOU. WITHOUT SAYING A WORD TO ME ABOUT IT. LEAVIG ME UNABLE TO DEFEND MYSELF AGAINS EIR REMARKS, OF WHICH YOU TOLD ME NOTHING. YES, I WROTE THAT MATERIAL. BELIEVE AS YOU WISH THAT THE MATERIAL THERE THAT I QUESTION WAS N-O-T INSERTED. OR THAT I USED THAT EMAIL ADDRESS. I INDEED WROTE A LONG EMAIL TO REITZES. BUT PERHAPS YOU DID NOT NOTICE THAT I SAID I SENT HIM A TEST EMAIL AND THEN SAID I WOULD WRITE TO HIM IF HE RESPONDED, USING MY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS. MR. REITZES ALSO PROMISED TO KEEP MY EMAILS CONFIDENTIAL. YOU CAN READ THAT FOR YOURSELF. WAS HE A MAN OF HIS WORD? WOULD YOU TRUST MR. REITZES TO KEEP EMAILS CONFIDENTIAL AFTER SEEING WHAT HE DID WITH MINE, TO HIM? AFTER RECEIVING THEM, HE BROKE HIS PROMISE AND PUBLISHED THEM. DO YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THIS MAN, WHO BROKE HIS PROMISE? IS HE A MAN OF HONOR? . AS FOR THE CIRCUMCISION MATER, I SAID THAT WHEN LEE WAS FLACCID, THERE COULD BE A FOLD. I HAVE NOT SEEN MANY MALE ORGANS IN MY LIFE. I NEVER, EVER DESCRIBED HIM AS UNCIRCUMCISED. I NOTE THAT REITZES (TYPICALLY) DOES NOT SHOW THE TRUE AND COMPLETE HEADER FOR THIS EMAIL. HE KNOWS WHAT A COMPLETE HEADER LOOKS LIKE. THEY USED TO BE ON ALL EMAILS: THESE DAYS, THEY ARE LESS COMMON AND GMAIL NEVER HAS THEM. I SAVED MARY FERRELL'S HEADER ON THE 'DENUNCIATION' EMAIL AND ATACHMENT THE INSANT IT WAS PUBLISHED. GUESS WHAT, GARY? IT WAS MR. REITZES WHO ALTERED THAT HEADER. I ATACH HE ORIGINAL HEADER THAT HE RERPLACED WITH A AND-TYPED ONE HE CLAIMED WAS THE 'REAL' HEADER. IT WAS MUCH TRUNCATED AND DID NOT RESEMBLE THE REAL ONE. IF YOU BELUIEVE REITZES IS AN HONEST, HONORABLE MAN, WHY DID HE CHANGE THE HEADER TO THE MARY FERRELL EMAIL? I AQM VERY DISAPPOINED THAT YOU HAVE POSED THE EMAILS I WROTE TO YOU WITHOUT TELING ME, AND WITHOUT EVEN MENTIONING THE RESPONSES. PERHAPS YOU BELIEVED I COULD READ THEM? I AM BLOCKED FROM DOING SO. IF YOU PREFER TO TRUST MR. REITZES, WHO BROKE HIS PROMISE TO ME, AND WHO ALSO RE-CREATED A FAKE HEADER FOR THE EMAIL THAT MCADAMS PUBLISHED, THAT IS UP TO YOU. ATTACHED IS THE HEADER THAT MR. REITZES ERASED. THAT IS THE KIND OF MAN THAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE? IF SO, ADIEU. J Thanks to [deleted] for providing an interface between me and all of you!...."Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light." Tzvi Freeman --- On Fri, 5/14/10, gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> wrote: From: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Subject: Re: hi judyth To: [deleted] Date: Friday, May 14, 2010, 1:37 AM Here is the email as posted on the forum. The bolding was added. It certainly sounds like you. Subj: Re: test Date: 10/6/00 3:49:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: Americanwebworks To: Dreitzes CC: Howpl In a message dated 10/06/2000 12:20:44 AM Central Daylight Time, Dreitzes writes: > Judyth, > > I would not object to receiving e-mail from you, and any such correspondence > would be kept strictly confidential. > > Please be advised that I am trying to abstain from the current newsgroup > brouhaha, as I don't think such exchanges are especially productive. > > Dave ==you're not the only one...I am just heartsick that i am not going to be given a chance to just say what happened in a simple way....OK, Dave, i believe you, because Howard has told me you're trsutworthy (oh, Debra conway told me David Lifton was trustworthy, too. She told me he had been working on a book . i know the name of the title of his book, even 9or at leats, what it was Jan.. 2000). Debra told me how many years he had worked on it, and how it would support much of what i had been talking about, in her opinion. She contacted robert Chapman, they talked about it, then told Lifton to contact me. i never initiated anything, but everything gets twisted on the newsgroup. I did not know where to turn when i decided, after my last child left home, to write everything down. i do not need books, and read nothing, just marina and lee because she was the other woman. it was so outrageous, some of what i read in there, that all the old feelings came rushing back. i knew everything that had been going on, she knew almost nothing, and much was misrepresented. especially 9laughable) his being home all the time). Anyway, i had avoided looking at everything. it literally made me sick. i had seen him shot on TV and had a blackout. When i tried to think about him, I had flashbacks to his murder. So i jusy blocked it out. Sometimes when i talk about it, which am doing for the first time, it is as if it happened to somebody else. And then suddenly i smell something, or hear a word or a name, if they ask me something, and suddenly, i can;t keep it far away any more, and then i start to cry. for this, mr. Lifton made fun of me. I had no idea where to go at first. my children? They were raised by me, four of them., as a single parent. three became valedictorians. i swore they would all have their chance to succeed, i was not going to impede them by blighting their names and lives with what had happened to me. I was trained to become a research scientist. i attracted national attention when only sixteen by inventing a new metod to get magnesium out of seawater, and i was also doing cancer research with doctors trained at Oak Ridge. To make a long story short, being located in Florida, I dated Tony Lopex-Fresquet (son of Rufo L-F, finance minister in Fidel's cabinet) who had fled with his American mother along with his brother, Vincent, and i learned about the Ruston coalition against Castro. i became interested in canceling Castro out after more experiences, not the leats was having castro aim missiles at me and my parents in Florida, if you see what I mean. I knew important people, and in indianapolis got conscripted into the CIA though was just a minor. i was trained in cancer research techniques, and I have tousands of detials from 1960 through January of 1964. My life was destroyed when i was asked to go to New Orleans from gainesville, FL spring of 1963. I met lee, but in rebellion eloped with a man i thought I loved. they fixed that--sent him offshore almost entire summer, and out of the way, and continued to us eme. i was used, used, and so was Lee. It is impossible to go into the kind of details that you would wish to hear. it takes hours to get it all to somebody. Plus, i have proof of my special training, and links to New orleans. as a cover, i was put on at Reily's--me, a trained research technologist, working with Monagahn as his finance and credit adssistant! but i warped up lee's records for them there, and many other things, worked with INCA people, and Ochsner was the common link there. David Lifton gave me less than an hour and a half, plus another half hour asking about the book, etc. i am not interested in maing any money or peddling a book. I got an agent hoping to get the book i wrote--which put everything down in detail before i talked to anybody, and then had a professor keep a truncated version of it in caseanything happened to me--that shows i have never deviated from my account from the first. however, if people ask me something, i will add information. For exakple, Debra Conway asked me intimate questions about Lee, since she knew information from things i never knew existed. Example: was lee circumcized? (no). The pointnis that whatever i might not have thought to put down, if somebody asked, i emailed them, usually with a witness (John, kelly, Sarah, cassie, etc.) present, so that there was proof i wasn;t 'looking it up.' i have NO books, Dave. i don;t need any books. I've got it all in my head. I mixed some things up. i remembered Sam Termine as Sam Terminator and knew it wasn;t right, finally somebody mentioned termine and bingo, i recognized it. usually, though, I am asked something and respond at once in reply to somebody asking more details. For example, litrtle things like when lee and i walked together, our wedding bands clicked, which embarrassed me, and him, so he moved the band to his other hand, or, more often, we walked with his left hand holding my right hand instead of his right hand holding my left hand. little things like that in my memory. I had been trained to speak some Russian, all is verified, and i have photos proving i looked like marina. i often passed as her. lee and i hit it off: i was marina's exact height, figure, and same eyes, eybrows, even hairline. of course, we were not the same women. I am not nearly so moody. There is no possible way that mr. Lifton could get a smidgen of the details. martin said he has a stack of email messages four feet high. Martin does not have ALL the messages. Howard has the most. Thousands of answers to questions, chronologies, yes, new names, new faces, where they fit in, and atop this, David, i have witnesses on tape, half a dozen mag=fia people here where i live who will testify who I was, for they all knew about me at least by rumor, and a witness also on film as well as tape. And that witness doesn't just say they knew me. this person talks for almost fifteen minutes about the things we all did together . There is much more. private investigators for almost three months now have looked into every aspect of my life, into every nook and cranny, and especially into the leads i gave them. The evidence is rolling in. Because there are people lwho will make fun, lie, and distort, no doubt I will never be believed by some percentage of the people. lookmwhat they've said about the ex-lax thing. they twisted it all around. we were trying to save JFK, you don;t have to believe me. i wouldn;t believe me, Dave, if i hadn;t gone through it. You wouldn;t believe the life i have led. I and husband joined Mormon churcvh. i wanted my sins washed away. Sins of having cheated on this man whose name protected me from death. they would have killed me if i had so much as lifted my head. By becoming a Mormon, i subsumed myself into a society that was totally isolated from my old world. And there I stayed. In 1986, i got a degree at last, after 25 long years--here i had been the smartest, highest IQ in state of Florida, and didn;t get my degree for 25 years! but i was terrified to do so. Anyway, i had learned in 13 yrs. time to translate Egyptian, found out documents of the Mormon church "translated from ancient Egyptian" were hoax translations, confronted the chuch, and asked for excommunication. my former husband divorced me a year later, because he believes I'm going to hell. it was an ethical matter, a matter of integrity. My former husband is a miollionaire lving in Houston who, in bitterness, fought hard to pry the children away. he did not get them, i am a tiger when it coms to them. So only one of the children ended up, ultimately, Mormon. But i went into poverty. i did not dare risk background checks, and had no way to use my mormon friends as reference because had been excommunicated. I dared to tell news media my story and a subsoifdiary of BBC made a film in England about me, and I also had a film made in israel onthe mount of Olives, and appeared all over by satellite, live, besides. Received death threats from mormon fanatics (I'm dead meat if you are a Mormon, aren't I?--yet Joseph Smith faked the translation of the ook of Abraham, and i proved it!). mark Hoffman and the mormon bombings will give you an idea, if you look on internet, of what i risked. I did it under name of J.J. Michael and other fake names becauseof the danger that they'd find my maiden name. If i would roisk all to uncover the mormon hoax like that, and lose a 24 year marriage, do you think i would destroy the reputation I have as a woman of honor and integrity to pretend i had been lee's mistress? Do you have any idea how distressful it has been to bring this up, especially to my super-conservative family? Several of my children are so offended. one son refuses to speak to me. So i could go on and on. I have documents, proof of residence, some of Lee's handwriting, proof of reily's, but most important, proof of special training, and that i looked like marina, and indeed, i am the 'woman" that was in jackson with lee, on and on, there's much, much more. I thought to take it to my grave because thought they would never open up the files. I knew nothing except that Lee had been blamed, and knowing all along what would happen if he didn;t get out of there in time, I knew he would be lied aout, etc. and could not stomach looking into any of it. i am not morbid like that. All i hadto do was mention his name and i could see the reactions of disgust or anger or puzzlement, so i needed nothing else to test the waters. Anyway, if you would meet me (others have done so--i realize it is expensive, but if you spend two days, you get a good batch of information, and you also see all the evidence). i have asked people to do this. if they come, they believe. Why? You know i am not lying when you talk to me. You see what i have. You learn details that do not vary, that's why Lifton;s stuff looks so bad right now. There's a quote there about ex-lax *(besides, i think it was feen-a-mint!) but to not sound absurd, the problem is that this is one of the most important quotes, burned into my brain, and it makes me cry when i think of it, yet Lifton made fun of me for sarting to cry, and he also MISQUOTED the quote, causing some people to think that lee wanted to kill JFK and inspiring some to think i was glad to see it and put out chairs to see it at the lab, and all of that, how gross. Davoid Blackburst politely declined to get information forsthand from me: i aslked him to come look. People have done so: about thirty-five, altoegther, twenty-five taking enough time to do it right. Major persons in news media have also spent days with me, interrogating me. these expert interviewers know when people are lying. Further, they recognize truth, their whole journalistic reputation, etc. depends upon it. please forgive my typos, i have a rebuilt back and some nerve damage in my left arms and both hands. If you come, you will become like a brother to me, because I will pour out my heart, and you will see what i have been through, which is an awful lot, and you will sense, and learn, and then make up your mind about if i could tell you such massive untruths. i am not perfect and make mistakes, those, too, i bring up freely. For example, I thought Lee told me about a Sawtooth Mountain that somebody asked me about, and i said, yes, that was the mountain. well, it was not.....I went into a box and looked at the postcard he had given me, and it was BEARtooth Mountain. So it did not match with this rumor, convcenient as that might have been for what I owned. It had to be just exactly right.....This is an example of my correcting something I reported wrong. And i will do that again rather than report anything erroneously. strangely, Debra Conway got to see about half the stuff and visited me perhaps half a day and a couple hours that night as we lay talking in the dark, talking about Lee. Anyway, she believes everything up to where i stopped talking to her and stopped showing her lots of evidence. She doesn't believe Lee would contact me. I reminded her that hurricane Flora had devastated Cuba, and it was a greatdisaster that Castro still remembered years after. But when i first brought up how hurricane Flora wrecked the penetration plan into Cuba, everybody said, HUH? What hurricane? And so on.... There is much more. Again, i ask for confidentiality (mainly against fools, look what they do with it on internet!) . God bless you,Dave. Judyth V. Baker I hope you are above some of the ways of some critters on the net. it's 3 am, i am tired, and have 170 papers to grade. i teach English at UL, am not merely a student, though getting a degree in literature, a doctorate.....and in linguistics.....got disgusted at how you were attacked. I hope your m---pooey, i just fell asleeep at the keyboard...later, then, if you are game.... j <QUOTE OFF>----------------------------------- Dave -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [deleted] To: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 3:48:36 PM Subject: Re: hi judyth AM STILL UP, BECAUSE IT IS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY AND [deleted] IS STAYING UP FOR ME (EMAILS GO THROUGH HIM, HE IS IN SWEDEN AN HOUR LATER)...MY EYES ARE GOING, THOUGH, WHICH IS WHY IT IS IN CAPS... GARY, I AM BLOCKED FROM SEEING EVERYTHING ON EDUCATION FORUM, THEY SAY I AM A MEMBER, BUT I CAN ONLY SEE WHAT IS POSTED IF SOMEBODY SENDS IT TO ME....NOR HAVE I BEEN ALLOWED TO REGISTER...THEY WLL CLAIM OHERWISE...SO I CANNOT POSSIBLY RESPOND UNLESS I SEE WHAT THE EMAIL LOOKS LIKE...HOWEVER, I HAVE WRITTEN SO MANY EMAILS THAT IT IS EASY TO 'FAKE' THEM, GARY. JUST CUT AND PASTE. JUST REMEMBER, YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY 'AMERICAN WEBWORKS' EMAIL FROM ME ANYWHERE, UNLESS YOU BRING IT UP OR TELL SOMEBODY ON THE SIDE. THEN I EXPECT SOME MIGHT SHOW UP. I HAVE NOW SENT EMAILS TO OTHERS, APPRISING THEM OF THE FACT THAT I DID NOT USE THAT EMAIL ADDRESS, AND THAT ONLY AFTER THIS DATE MIGHT SOME SHOW UP. I HAVE DONE A SEARCH, MYSELF, AND THERE ARE NO 'AMERICAN WEBWORKS' EMAILS ANYWHERE. IF ANY SHOW UP AFTER THIS DATE, DO NOT TRUST THEM AS AUTHENTIC. J Thanks to [deleted] for providing an interface between me and all of you!...."Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light." Tzvi Freeman --- On Fri, 5/14/10, gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> wrote: From: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Subject: Re: hi judyth To: [deleted] Date: Friday, May 14, 2010, 12:42 AM I do indeed remember the electlady63 email address and later others but not americanweb. The email in question sounds so much like you that it is difficult to believe it was invented. Altered, perhaps, but then there should be an original, very much like this one but with small differences. Do you remember sending that email? Reitzes has posted the entire email now and I would encourage you to read it carefully. And I hope that you don't see this till morning. Gary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [deleted] To: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 3:11:44 PM Subject: Re: hi judyth well, Gary, all I can say--and i have to get ioff this computer in jus a minute-- as my friend [deleted] has to go to bed, and it is 1:00 AM in ISTANBUL, that several things could have happened: 1) He received an altered email. Before you discard this idea, undersand that I always wrote using ELECTLADY63. Though I owned the email address "American webworks" this was to use to create websites and IT WAS NEVER USED FOR EMAILS TO PEOPLE. yOU WILL NOT FIND ANY EMAILS TO ANYBODY ELSE USING 'AMERICAN WEBWORKS.' T 2. I defy you to find anybody such as Shackelford, Platzman, Mary Ferrell, or anybody anywhere else on the pkanet with an email from me using AMERICAN WEBWORKS. Gary, i never, ever used that email address. It was always "elect lady." I haven;t brought this up before now because McAdams or somebody else might alter an email address and use it. I'm just telling you that you can look high and low and NEVER SEE THAT EMAIL ADDRESS. BUT GIVE IT AWAY -- BRING IT UP, AND I'M SURE ANOTHER ONE WILL MAGICALLY APPEAR, BUT YOU GO LOOK FOR THA EMAIL ADDRESS YOURSELF--I POSTED ALL THROUGH THIS PERIOD USING ELECLADY63, GARY--AND YOU WLL NOT FIND A SINGLE ONE. JUST REITZES HAVING IT! BUT BECAUSE ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CHANGE THE EMAIL ADDRESS, I HAVE NOT BROUGHT THIS UP UNTIL NOW. BUT I'M TELLING YOU THAT YOU NEVER GOT ONE FROM ME WITH THAT EMAIL ADDRESS, AND NOBODY ELSE EVER DID. Again, as I broke wih Conway, why would I bring up her name in October 2000? At this time she withheld the Anna Lewis tapes. I already had the autopsy report, remember, I repeat, this email is 20 months after I first spoke out. Common sense should tell you that I would not bring up THART as an "example." It is too peersonal and private for me. Think how personal, how private. I just would not do it.. And finally, of course, I expressed my anger and concerns about this very matter IN JANUARY 2000 -- NINE MONTHS EARLIER--TO EVERYBODY RIGHT AFTER CHAPMAN CALLED ME. If I expressed anger and concern in January, why would I 'backtrack' in october and bring it up, having been aware that Chapman actually stated Debra said I said this 'WAY BACK IN JANUARY? out of ime (sorry, [deleted], thanks for staying up---) Wonder if i have to blind cc all emails to prove they are from me? j Thanks to [deleted] for providing an interface between me and all of you!...."Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light." Tzvi Freeman --- On Thu, 5/13/10, gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> wrote: From: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Subject: Re: hi judyth To: [deleted] Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 11:11 PM Judyth, Let me respond briefly as you have mischaracterized my position. On Sodium Morphate, I never decided that you got the information from the Gemstone documents. I decided only that you did not hear David Ferrie use the name "sodium morphate." I have a vague recollection myself of reading somewhere that Ferrie had claimed knowledge of how to kill someone and make it look like natural causes. Perhaps Blackburst could pin that down for me. As to the circumcision issue I am only trying to clear up an apparent discrepancy. The 2000 email certainly appears to say that you answered "no" to the cirucumcision question. And again I do not believe that Dave Reitzes invented this email, and indeed I see that he has now posted the email in it's entirety. It certainly makes sense that 60 Minutes would have asked you this question. I would certainly be interested in anything that would indicate the answer you gave to them. If you told them prior to 2000 that LHO was circumcised then I would be inclined to believe that the 2000 email somehow mischaracterizes either the question or the answer, although in what way I am not sure. You are right, I am evaluating this from my armchair, but with a cold intellect, not a cold heart, I hope. Warm Regards, Gary Buell -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: [deleted] To: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 1:26:15 PM Subject: Re: hi judyth Gary, On the sodium morphate thing, I repeat that Dave Ferrie did tell me about such a chemical. I believed the name I found on the Internet was its name, as its description fit what Ferrie had told me. Others know that I spoke of such a chenical, but had no name for it, until I found the name on the Inernet. That does not mean the chenical described to me never existed. It only means that the name I found onm the Internet was not correct for it. I stand firm that he told me a chemical existed that could cause death by ingestion without being detected. You decided I got the information from those documents and THEN spoke about it. But others heard me talk about it long before I ever wrote to you -- though I could not name it and still don't know its name. As for the Debra Conway matter, I believe you misunderstand me. 1) SHE told me she had a photo, but NEVER described it in detail 2) I NEVER told her any detail about Lee's anatomy, except for ther satement that he was 'well endowed." Period. I had never said more than that until forced to. It was a subject I have always tried to avoid. However, people have always asked. CONSIDER THE FACT THAT I HAD BEEN ASKED ABOUT THIS DETAIL WELL BEFORE OCTOBER, 2000. THINK ABOUT IT. I HAD BEEN GRILLED BY SIXTY MINUTES INVESTIGATORS BEGINNING IN APRIL, 1999. DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD HAVE LEFT THAT QUESTION OUT? IT WAS ONE OF THE FIRST DETAILS I WAS ASKED, AND I RESPONDED. LONG BEFORE OCTOBER, 2000, I HAD THE AUTOPSY REPORT. ONLY. DUE TO MY CONCERN FOR DEBRA CONWAY'S REPUTATION, DID I TRY TO SKIRT THE MATTER WHEN CHAPMAN SAID HE HAD BEEN TOLD THAT I "HAD AGREED WITH DEBRA CONWAY THAT OSWALD WAS NOT CIRCUMCISED." The bottom line, despite all the suffering I have endured because of it, is that I spoke out because I loved --and in fact will always love --Lee Oswald. I'm fighting for his exoneration even though it has destroyed my life and my reputation. YOU ARE IN YOUR ARMCHAIR, LOOKING ON, WITH A COLD HEART. Say what you will, my love is stronger than all the hatre and lies thrown against me. J Thanks to [deleted] for providing an interface between me and all of you!...."Fight evil with beauty. Defy darkness with infinite light." Tzvi Freeman --- On Thu, 5/13/10, gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> wrote: From: gary n <garyn2000@yahoo.com> Subject: hi judyth To: [deleted] Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 9:50 PM Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I was busy yesterday. I remember when you joined Rich's group. You posted a good deal of information but I must admit I only skimmed some of it leaving it to the others to sort out. Nor did I save any of your posts. I was on your mailing list for a time but only quickly skimmed most of those as well, except for a few that were directed to me personally, as in the sodium morphate matter. Which also involved Dave Reites. I did read your book, which you quickly disavowed, and was led to believe that you were probably telling the truth as you knew it. I watched the Men Who Killed Kennedy video but not another one that I purchased from Wim but have not yet gotten around to. I go over this only to explain why I have not made a final conclusion regarding the Judyth Baker affair. There were also some points that rang true to me, as in the matter of Charles Thomas, if I have the name right. Now onto your email to me. As to Dave Reitzes, I do not agree with him on the assassination but I see no reason to question his honesty at this point, and so I am very skeptical of any claim that he invented or even altered your email to him. The fact that it contains typos in no way leads me to question it's authenticity, as I have seen numerous emails of yours with substantial numbers of typos. Although you are intelligent and educated, it seems to me that yours emails are sometimes hastily jotted off and, as you have said, you have had vision and health problems that could affect your typing. Your point that if you were inventing your story you would be unlikely to simply guess as to this matter is well taken and it is in the autopsy report. Still it is possible that you might not have seen that in 2000 when the first email was written. And, although this is speculative, if Debra Conway did receive a bogus photo showing Lee was not circumcised you might have felt safe in confirming this. Professor Fetzer seems to be trying to split the difference, as it were, by speculating that Lee was "partially cirucumcised." Perhaps, but I do not find this persuasive. If you were his lover then you would either think he was or he was not, it seems to me, and would not answer the question in different ways at different times. I know how my girlfriend would answer that question. I look forward to reading you new book when it's out. Regards, Gary Buell End of exchange. My comments: Judyth initially suggests that the 2001 email was perhaps invented. She maintains that she never used the americanwebworks address and later she questios the header. However, eventually she acknowledges writing the email while mantaining that the circumcision paragraph was added or altered. But if there was an original email then why alter the web address or header? As Stephen Roy said earlier, Howard Platzman could perhaps settle this as he was copied on the email. Judyth says that "60 Minutes" had asked her the same question in 1999,which makes sense, and if she has any evidence as to her answer to them I would be most interested in seeing it. Professor Fetzer has said that the matter is moot as LHO was "partially circumcised." I do not find this argument persuasive. It seems to me that Judyth, if her claims are true, would answer "yes" or "no" on the question and not both at different times. In our exchange, we comment several times on an earlier exchange on "sodium morphate." If there is interest perhaps I could post that exchange as well, athough it would take a bit of digging. Briefly, Judyth had said (to David Reitzes again) that Ferrie had mentioned sodium morphate to her. As no such substance exists, and there is no mention of "sodium morphate" prior to the publication of the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File in 1975, I naturally found this of interest. Some months ago I concluded that Judyth was probably telling the truth. I am much less certain of that now. Yet there are matters that puzzle me. Parts of her story ring true, such as the part concerning Charles Thomas, and I would like to see more research done. Then there is the matter of the second Judyth Vary Baker, as Haslam related. I am not ready to call Judyth a xxxx, however extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Judyth has supplied some evidence but not such as to be sufficient to prove her claims, and there are certainly some problems with her story.
  5. Judyth responds Dear Gary: Thank you for giving me an opportunity to respond to this. 1) In October, 2000, Conway and I were not friends. I would not have used Conway as an example to Mr. Reitzes. I am not in the habit of bringing up private matters as "examples." 2) Note that only Howard Platzman is cc'd. However, I always cc'd Martin Shackelford as well. 3) Reitzes has written large, complex website attacks against me, employing stolen emails, emails with quotes taken out of contex entirely, and so on. We have seen "quotes" where he has posted "emails" supposedly from me but replete with so many typos that they were hardly legible. The email he cites is poorly written--does it really sound like me, Gary? 4) with all he above, you might still wonder if the email could be a legitimate one in its entirety--it is true that I did write Reitzes several times, after all--but ask yourself why this 'gem' is NOT MENTIONED IN ANY OF HIS WEBSIES ATTACKING ME? It might be added to one of his atack sites NOW, but until now, it wasn't to be seen anywhere? WHY? Answer: it has been altered, oh-so-conveniently, Gary. I NEVER bring up private matters such as this about Lee. To Mr. Chapman, in response to his statement that I had AGREED WITH DEBRA CONWAY--this was ten months earlier, mind you--that Lee had not been circumcized (and of course, I'd read the autopsy, so how could I have made such an 'error' even if I were not telling the truth? The subject is too important!)--was worried about Debra AT THAT TIME, -- for she had told me how important Lancer was to her--she had formerly been a merchandising agent (1994) and Lancer at this time was only 5 years old--she was building her reputation, she old me. Was going to move from California and "take Mary ferrell's place." She confided to me that she helped David Lifton for two years writing his biography on Oswald. I did not know who Chapman was. I had to worry that he might be trying to destroy her reputation, for she had told me she had received autopsy photos of Lee and had shown them recently, with a black patch over the private area. What if she had received fakes??? I have always stated such, Gary. Yes, that was my thought, and to protect her, I refused to tell Chapman a single detail except what I had said to Debra--that he was 'well-endowed.' Even THAT --'his' very size--seems now to be altered in photos from the original. Dr. Fetzer agreed with me when I did recently decribe Lee in the very same terms--"well endowed." He expressed his concern because he'd seen an altered full-body autopsy photo of Lee recently. Now, Gary, you will not find any such statement as Mr. Reitzes pretends I made residing with Dr. Platzman, Martin Shackelford, or anyone else who is reputable. However, if you believe Mr. Reitzes to be reputable -- he once wrote some good stuff, yes--but then 'turned'--interestingly, in an email to ME he said McAdams was paying for his website. Just think to yourself: Reitzes threw everything at me but the kitchen sink on his websites. For years. Except for this. I do hope you will consider that. If you read his "Judyth saniizes her story" you wll see some of the malice Mr. Reitzes has. He faults me for removing some information from my high school website. But understand -- I had used up ALL the room there, and to update it, had to remove some things. I removed items rather at random to make room for an update. THIS he called 'sanitizing' my story! He took great pains to try to 'prove' how terrible that was, when I did it without much thought. After all, this was to my high school friends. Please write to me at emaildeleted@yahoo.com and I will answer all questions. I would prefer that you erase my email address, though, from common view. I urge you to consider that it took ten years for Mr. Reitzes to come up with this one. best regards always--JVB My first thoughts on this: Judyth Baker maintains that the email in question was either invented or altered by Dave Reitzes. I would certainly urge Mr. Reitzes to release the entire unedited email. It is true that Dave Reitzes is a Lone Nutter affiliated with John McAdams. I do find it difficult to believe that he would simply invent an email from Judyth, who admits to having sent him emails in the past. Judyth writes, "We have seen "quotes" where he has posted "emails" supposedly from me but replete with so many typos that they were hardly legible. The email he cites is poorly written--does it really sound like me, Gary?" Yes, I am afraid it does. Judyth Baker is an intelligent and educated woman but most of her emails appear to be hurriedly written and contain numerous typos. She has also suffered from eye and other health problems. Her strongest point is that even if she were faking it would not make sense for her to simply guess as to whether LHO was circumsized or not, especially since that information was in the autopsy record.
  6. David whilst trawling through some of the batches of files relating to JFK I came across the name of James Earl Ray this was in connection with JM/WAVE . The file contained hand written notes which appear to be a list of people involved in various missions .Ian HSCA Segregated CIA Collection, Box 9 Ian, I for one would be most interested to see that document.
  7. Judyth's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Judyth.vary.baker?ref=ts Looking at her page, I see we have a Facebook friend in common: Marina Oswald!
  8. According to NARA these documents are contained in four boxes, each containing 800-1500 pages. I live in California and cannot make a trip to the archives but am curious about these QK projects. According to Lisa Pease QKACTIVE was a program to send defectors to the Soviet Union but that has not been confirmed. No idea on the others but certainly they might shed some light on what the digraph QK represents at least, of interest of course because of QKENCHANT.
  9. You just recently saw this document?? It has been discussed on this forum before. I was the first one to post this document on Rich dela Rosa's forum and JFKLancer. And with all respect to Bill Kelly it's not one the Gregory Douglas documents a lthough it is in my opinion a fake. I've posted some info on it at: mccone-rowley.blogspot.com Wim Dankbaar if I recall correctly added the yellow hilighting.
  10. Through his website : www.edwardjayepstein.com click on "Ask Ed (anything)
  11. Part One shows Maher holding up a copy of the book. This segment is 8:34 minutes long - If you skip up to 4:22 - they get into it briefly before Maher asks Stone about drugs and they get off on different topics. I don't think Maher wants to talk about the assassination. He says he read the books, but wants to talk about drugs. http://broadcatching.wordpress.com/2009/06...r-june-26-2009/ It's a plug. Here is the relevant part: 4:22 Oliver Stone: I’m doing a ten part documentary. I’ve been working on it for a year and a half about the American national security state and how it came to be. It’s a fascinating story. And one of the stories is the Kennedy story. And there’s book I was talking about…. Bill Maher: Yes, you sent it to me. I read it. OS:James Douglas is a Catholic...this is very factual book about his murder it says here, ‘why he died and why it matters….the Kennedys - they had that moment in the sun when there was almost this nuclar war that almost wipped us out. If Bush was in the White House we would have had a nuclear war. Kennedy saying no. If Reagan was in the White House. If Bush Sr. was in the White House. Maybe Clinton. Let’s be honest here. Will Obama resist the military when they say push the button when the military says action is required…..? BM: Everyone in the public’s eye is characterized in some way….. It must be terribly annoying to be caracturectured as the conspiracy guy, because you’re a lot more thoughtful than that. OS: We’re in the same boat. Let’s fight for it. It’s a question of knowledge and you bring people on this show who are knowledgeable and smart, young. There’s hope. It’s gridlock verses knowledge. We know these things. Obama knows it. He’s an analytical man and ethical man…..How do you change health costs? The people on Wall Street tell me that the health care is the 600 pound guerilla in the room, or is it 800 pound guerilla in the room, followed by The Pentagon, climate control…these are three big guerillas….. I saw the show Friday. I wish Stone had actually mentioned the name of the book as some might not be able to see it on the cover, but I guess enough people have. This show will be rerun all week on HBO and should be available "On Demand" as of Monday.
  12. The July 8, 1974 Time article can be found here: http://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,943904,00.html
  13. Chuck Colson told Tme Mag. on 7/8/74: "I don't say this to my people. They'd think I'm nuts. I think the CIA killed Dorothy Hunt". The July 8, 1974 Time article can be found here: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/...43904-1,00.html But not a word about Dorothy Hunt. Update: oops - the link i quoted doesn't show the whole article. The quote is actually in the article. See: http://www.time.com/time/printout/0,8816,943904,00.html sorry
  14. This may be of interest: http://www.geocities.com/denismorissette/M...0076-10057.html Shows a 'William Kloepfer" co-owning a property with Clay Shaw and allegedly related to Ruth Kloepfer. Don't know if this is the tobacco guy.
  15. Another major piece of corroborating information can be found in this article, where Dr. Warner Kloepfer becomes the SECOND Draper pseudo-scientist of German origin and a close Draper crony, along with Dr. Hans J. Eysenck, to publish puff-piece footnotes in articles about the "lack of danger" involved with the smoking of cigarettes. Why am I not amazed? Because Draper got his first real opportunity at the Bowman Gray Medical School in North Carolina at Wake Forest, to run his involuntary sterilization justification programs courtesy of the Grays from the American Tobacco Company family. Draper also gave and received favors from Sen. Robert Reynolds of the Reynolds Tobacco Company and Draper was close to the owners of AMF Corp. who had the patent on the cigarette rolling machines for decades and decades. And of course, Draper funded Jesse Helms from "Tobacco Country" in North Carolina in his run for Senator. What goes around comes around. AMF also made a rifle capable of firing Manlicher Carcano shells from a semi-automatic 7-shot magazine tested for the Navy in both 1962 and 1963 which would go a long way toward explaining how a single marksman could dump 3 or 4 or more Carcano shells into a slow traveling limousine in what only 3-4 seconds? Woops, gave away another little secret there. See my posting on Troubling Trends in Tobacco, Tomahawks and Textiles from about a few dozen months ago now. God I am good. http://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/cgi/content/full/17/3/211 Not to rain on your parade but I believe this refers to a William Kloepfer, a completely different person for worked for the tobacco industry. Not known if there is any family relationship. And neither Eysenck nor Kloepfer received any obvious Pioneer Fund money for their tobacco 'puff-piece' articles either, did they now? (Get it? 'tobacco puff-piece?')
  16. I am currently re-reading the same book. As for a direct Kloepfer/Draper connection, it is plausible enough although apparently John has not completely nailed it down as yet. Did Kloepfer leave papers? It seems that during his liftetime most of Draper's contributions did not go through the Pioneer Fund and unfortunately most of the actual records are unavailable. The Twins study is one of the few Pioneer-related studies that everyone agrees had actual scientific value.
  17. Can you document a Draper/Kloepfer connection? Did he receive Draper or Pioneer Fund money?
  18. Some notes on Ned Touchstone's investigation of the assassination, a 46-page manuscript from the Noel Memorial Library, at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, which I obtained by mail after reading of it in Joan Mellon's book: http://coverthistory.blogspot.com/2005/12/...ie-and-jim.html http://coverthistory.blogspot.com/2005/12/...igation-of.html
  19. I was once in contact with a guy who knew Walker when he was younger. I recall he said "The old fruit came on to me." FWIW.
  20. I would say this is not CIA disinformation, having read the book. It is practically illiterate and no one is going to read this book. The author is some nut who barely finished high school and has his or her own opinion on the assassination, and paid someone to publish it. Hey Gene, Indeed. She also reminds me, not only of Gregory Douglas and his bogus Zipper docs, but the guy who wrote Were We Controlled?, the really bizarre book that entwines the assassination with the manipulation of the stock market and programed assassins. I think Kenn Thomas republished it (Steamshovel Press - All Conspiracy, No Theory). Whoever wrote that book (Lincoln Lawrence?), Oswald's mother said, really knew something. BK
  21. This looks like an interesting read: http://books.google.com/books?id=ifSnu-6-8...p;cad=0#PPP1,M1
  22. Bill, if the above is correct, then Flinders has two Robin Haines associated with it. http://authortree.com/9781425982980 Greg, I would think only one, and I don't know if its a he or a she, but I don't think they are affiliated with Flinders anymore. The link you provide sells Probable Cause by Robin Haines, but the web site was probably put together by someone who got it off the web, from another bookseller, like Barnes & Noble, who list the Australian books along with the two JFK books as if they are by the same author, but they too, I believe make the same mistake. The Author House, self-publishing web site would promote, at least in the press release, that the author has also published the other historic works, by mainstream presses, that are much more academic than the JFK assassination books, according to Gary. I would also think the book Gary has would also mention the other works by the same author. It is odd that there isn't more on the Robin Haines of academia. It's pretty arcane to write a book about the JFK assassination that few have ever heard of, and taking the position that we killed the bastard and he deserved it, but its really arcane to also write a book about the daily lives of 18th century ship surgeons. I say they're different people with the same name. And I'm so sure I'd bet a case of Fosters on it. BK Bill, what you say does make sense insofar as it explains the quality of writing issue. I just read some more of the JFK book through Amazon. According to author: JFK agreed to be killed and signed an Executive Order to that effect. Oswald was a genuine Leftist. Maurice Bishop was Howard Hunt. Ruby was a Kennedy man thru and thru. From my further reading, I conclude that not only are you correct, but I'll take it one step further -- this person is an All-American loop-de-loop - not Australian. An apology is owed to Robin F Haines and to Flinders University. That apology should come from places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Robin Haines and Authorhouse for allowing buyers to be deceived as to the credentials of the actual author (you were right about that, too - Amazon etc have linked Robin F Haines to this book...) Bet against an Irishman where alcohol is concerned? To you think I'm totally crazy???? I agree that we must be dealing with two different people. Why would the author note that she/he graduated from high school and not mention any higher education?
  23. I will do that. She is going to send me a book for review. I haven't read the new book but I read "Deception in Dallas." Save your money. Not only is it barely over 100 pages, it achieves that length only by using large type and triple-spacing. This book is the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" of assassination literature. No research, nothing new, and an incoherent, barely literate, writing style. Gary, Can you summerize it in fewer words then? What does she mean that JFK committed suicide when he signe off on Executive Orders? Also, is this the same Robin Haines who wrote serious historical research on Australia and was a visiting professor at Flinders University? Is that a legitimate institution? Thanks, BK I took another look at this book. The writing is a slightly better than I remembered it earlier but it is still not a very good book. I do no believe that Haines is an historian. The biographical note says that she graduated high school and has worked in many jobs in various industries. Basically Haines argues that the assassination was not a crime but a legitimate and necessary covert action and was approved in writing by JFK himself. There is no evidence presented to support this. Kennedy is portrayed as physically and mentally ill, a psychopath really, and a clear and present danger to the country and the world. His assassination was therefore legally and morally justified. Haines believes that David Phillips, Richard Helms and E. Howard Hunt were behind the assassination. She also notes that as of the writing of Deception in Dallas (2001) all three were alive, although in fact Phillips died in 1988. Oops. Kennedy was forced or manipulated into approving his own assassination, and into signing an Executive Order, probably by Helms. No evidence is given to support this.
  24. I will do that. She is going to send me a book for review. I haven't read the new book but I read "Deception in Dallas." Save your money. Not only is it barely over 100 pages, it achieves that length only by using large type and triple-spacing. This book is the "Plan 9 from Outer Space" of assassination literature. No research, nothing new, and an incoherent, barely literate, writing style.
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