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  1. This film was out only for a short few weeks. Hoped to view it on DVD as soon as it was released. I waited for many weeks on for that to happen and as of yet. No release and not even on the listings for release. Finally I got a chance to view it on the website with a hope that I can barely see the film. I can see why for several reasons the movie is not viewed. Not a great film however, it does show what we have in office and why the world is so upside down as a reault of this man in our office. How his father covered up everything that he did wrong. Drinking, lude conduct and bad problems all the way around. Glad to see the moments drawing soon that his last days in office are about to happen. Hope NEVER again in History does anyone from the Bush family ever come into power again and You know I bet it is his father that pulled the film out and off. Sure glad I got to see it though. If anyone wishes to see it view it on line. Worth watching a bit blurry but worth it. It makes me wonder why we do not have an IQ test for the man in that power to be able to apply for that position as President? I highly doubt if Bush Jr. would have ever passed the test. From what I hear he is the ONLY one to write himself in as a great President regardless of what we feel towards him lack of knowledge abitity and accomplishments or mishaps. Not to mention his making the press not write teh real truth about him. He is the worst President we ever had and I bet ever will have. The fact that he was in jail over braws also should have stopped him from running. His dad covered that up too. Sorry Mr. Simkins but for me this is a relief to say how I feel towards this man who did the damage he did to this country and to the world. I do blame him for the bad ecomony On that issue, I might be wrong but I doubt it.
  2. Compare now of today to Nixon on the issue of war... Today Obama (whom I think the world of, so far) promised to be done the war in just months, as time went by that increased in time to six months now it is much longer but he will bring the troops home. What is it that they feel it is easy to bring a war to a close when Military wants it to go on? The same holds true for Nixon. So does history repeat itself. Books later on show Nixon at a much more broader look than in his earlier years. As a young school kids said to Nixon YOU cannot STOP THE BEAST, CAN YOU? Not even a Pres. can do that? They can start a war easier as Bush did even when the cards were stacked up against it to be of logic? Even Obama said that. Biden as well, WHY? Seems we as American Citizens do not know the full stack of deck as they say they try to put it out, is what I see? I do think Well of Nixon knowing more facts than I did at the time of the 70's. I do hope I will continue to care a great deal for Obama as time goes by... Maybe he will not have as much as a hard time as Nixon once had.
  3. Correct Who made Bob Woodward an expert on FBI info that would be at that level for him when he was just weeks on the job as of being a reporter not even an expert one? Come to the info and then at the end sort of be kicked in the end field as to keep out of it now when they finished the job that was for them to do? Also who was that but none other than Mark Felt who told them to back off now and leave it alone. They knew they were set up and yet they never truely admit that. WHY? it should be at the end of the movie "ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN" stated we feel it was an conspiracy by the way it ended.
  4. John Dean has been on a show quite often here lately it is Keith's show. When he did go on I had written in to someone I knew might help me out. They did and he did respond back on it. In fact it was pushed DOES THIS OPEN WATERGATE AGAIN and he pointed to a paper and stated YES it does and in fact this is Watergate. Soon afterwards the film movie came out called FROST NIXON. Now it seems Ron Howard does do a different version from the first version done way back. There is a few articles done on this saying that Ron Howard is trying to rewrite History onto the Google News section and typing in John Dean. A fee new updated info is out on this. Recently I kept writing in to the program he is on Keith's show and he did seemly try to push away a few issues I wrote. So I did state that perhaps he is more involved than I thought. I knew he could have been used just like so many in this I think was just that USED by the gov. to do and then cause confusions. Making it hard for anyone to know they are in the wrong on Nixon. I wish I could see the movie of Frost Nixon it is not out in a major way have to drive far to get to any theater that has it. He is just not pushing it out like it should be. Many shows where it is filmed for viewing but Good lord have to drive over an hour to get to it. I am in an area that has many theaters so why is this? I know not many go on the Watergate issue on this like JFK but someone should know what is going on. In the google section they have posted up names linked to the conspiracy to Nixon and recently this week John Dean is on that list of a set up on Nixon along with others. It is about time. Not just from the movie but starting to come out. If John Dean does not answer me further this week on the key which I had named to him he might be caught. This is a flub up on their part if they took a print of the key to make the desk fit from Johnny Rosselli key that he had of Sam door. Also the key that was to link to Mafia groups. Hate to say this but Chicago was way to far to be that link from DC of what they tried to claim of the call girl ring of John Deans women. To get the so called photo's. Seems Dean is just not answering me on the more details of this. WHY NOT? Well hope to see what he might say this week if he does choose to answer me. Keep you posted for anyone that might view this....
  5. The full version is so vast into this. I mean for me it is MILITARY, UNDERGROUND, HOOVER, LBJ, and some FBI, CIA and even into some organizational companies of involvement. As for the truth on it most probable will never admit. Only can say the trhreat if the truth does come out America still is under a nuke threat attack because only a few do not want the truth out. Still papers in NARA show the threat to be real on this issue. I have seen them all that hold the cover up and why it is not to come out. I have been told on a phone by some who are underground roots the same thing. SO why examine it totally we are at risk to have that. Hillary Clinton even did a number on that during the election, "I will release out a FEW numbers of JFK papers IF you vote for me?" HER REAL TOTAL QUOTE TO US. I scjffed on it and went at her later on. I mean really at her on it. SHE now made the deal or should I say agreement to do the list I gave her. Time will now tell. It is more than a few papers that still show cover up. It is real and it is there and yet they tell us they gave us the truth on Oswald. Yeah right. There is paper in NARA that hold real questions on Oswald even being involved. The truth of the matter is there is witnesses and they are to frightened to tell openly what they know. Take Military one cried on a phone while talking to me. YES I heard something the day after JFK was shot. "it went rather well yesterday don't you think?" a man in high office saying to another and the other replied back YES IT DID." That is military involvement. As high up as that in our ranks. As low ranks as poor Oswald to take the heat and got shoved into a positon he knew he would be killed by a women. I for one know it snow balled into a major thing and into to many areas of topic. As for motive, WAR the over all excuse to get more involved. As for motive, hate of JFK to certain persons, As for motive, Cuba not getting freedom and casinos to run MONEY. As for motive, Russia and this is a hot one to not have war on them. Why we get threatened today LIGHT SUBJECT AND TO EARLY TO GIVE OUT INFO ON. Our threat when in a woven pattern means their freedon from prosecution on USA people today to get away with the crime of murdering JFK. Why the cover up's there is with worry. They had to have at least ONE perons involved who is from Russia. Maybe more than one. Not sure but one is involved. As for reason, who is the one most behind killing JFK is not so much LBJ but HOOVER. His reason is so sick. Vendetta against JFK father for remarks on him being a gay. So he had to get him hard. Possible reasons more is to help get a war into place and use Russia as a pawn but knew it was to risky with them. SO GO AROUND IT. Vietnam. OH it was a well planned and still the most involved cover up muder and hate crime of ever done in history. When you have top persons involved. I have gone undergrowund and hate to say the darn things go on today as they did years ago. Only undergrownd regrets doing the deeds and bidding of what OUR gov. did to them afterwards of the killings they put on them to do and then to have been killed off so much themselves. ANOTHER MOTIVE OF OUR GOV> get ride of Mafia. Hoover's overall great plans. I will take the Mafia out. SO they used them as the hate which now is not the thing and they know they killled a great man. A man who had the real rights to live. I loved talking to them even though they could not talk to me directly and it had to be done carefully. I will never deny that I have gone all the way and did talk to them to learn. I learned a great deal more than I ever told. They HOLD EVIDENCE more on JFK and many films you use to post your points have been tampered with even though they tell you it was not. IT WAS. There is no films and photo's of showing Files there on the streets why they used him as a front to bring out facts on it. HIS COVER STORY is not the real story. Just a front to help bring out the real story. NO PAM does not have it either and neither does Wim have it. I do. They also have not the rights to say any of it either. I do so I am told. There is something I could do and so far have not done. I keep that to myself and it could be my proof. I wrote it down now but erased it. I have to it is to much to tell you. I am also not sure to do more. IT has to do with codes. IT has to do with a man locked up in Prison in Italy. It has to do with whom told me info that some of it is down here. It has to do with a bible who from gov. of Italy was given out to US to see if they can decode it. Then US could not so it got sent to the Vatican and now is back into Italy's hands. Now they say maybe it is not coded and reason HE reads the bible and prays all the time. I love this man. I learned about him briefly. I know many would be upset that i even come close to him to talk to him indirectly. I wish I knew how to do this another way. What I am now concerned about is what John Dean stated on TV a few days ago. That Bush may not be indited for the things he did wrong. I can and have in hold a message to go back to Gov. Ed Rendell and tell more and in fact get a bit huffy over a few and one being him. See the tragic part of JFK is it hurt and or killed so many and one being also Nixon in Watergate issues. John Dean in his book does tell more and also linked back to JKF as well The book is called WORSE than WATERGATE. In fact it is worse than Watergate even JFK is the timing of now who is in office here. The great one to kills any hopes of any truth coming out, still can not crush it all. THAT IS BUSH The great groupies from Texas. Bush's Johnsons and a few more. Chapman etc. The businesses who corupt businesses is going on still in America under the great one named Bush. Does any of this make sense for Wallstreet. IT is bring you down if you do not cooperate with me. I think a lot of that is now underway. Enron DVD from them shows BUSH and CHENEY involved in the downfall of Enron. I have the DVD don't look for it now into any Blockblusters or any other store it is now taken off the markets and sheelves. Also who killed the Electric car also taken off the shelves in Video stores. Bush does not want OIL to go out of business. WHO LOST THE BATTLE on ELECTION who is now into CLEAN THE AIR that is one person AL GORE to BUSH. OIL is also the business behind JFK as well It went into businesses and for good reasons. Hoover way back knew a day would come. Hoover already had help from Preston Bush and his son young Bush. Indictments should be done to Bush and his father NOW. Also to many who were behind JFK. What John Dean states is that there is little time to indict a president while he is still in office. I hate to say this but how in the heck can a person indict a pres. when he keeps changing the US ATTY in the area when one writes into do that Bush did this to several people and not just to me? Skulls and Bones points are no joke. Bush father was involved and should have been brought down on the mere notes he passed involved with JFK. The notes that got lost in FBI. Later FBI had him as leader. I guess he had to find out if the notes were gone for good.
  6. Duncan fast answer It is about the election mostly and papers that have been a long tine waiting to get done and out. It is about a contact that is being and has now bent sent off to Ed Rendell Gov. Of PA. I am trying to get Hillary to answer and apparently she has. She wants the positon but things of her past are a bit of a baggage as she herself stated she has to much of. TO get that cleared she has to prove herself cleared of it and bring out the papers she has been refusing to release. This is what this thread is about. Not hard not complex only what they in the past made it out to be. I found something from Nixon that is a basic order for Hillary to do the release and bring out the full evidence. Gee, I summed it up in a easy way. NOT BAD.
  7. I would like to know why I can not get some of the answers like the last one from Cigdem Eksi it is saying Forbidden and I get this from time to time and can not read what is stated? Can anyone tell me why that is. I got the last one prior to that but not the very last post before my own. Yet I can write in. If anyone knows why that is please let me know? They deleted it out or someone deleted it for them. I however did not delete anyone off the thread.
  8. No doubt something more will develop in the twilight zone shortly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It already had been my feelings all ready towards the direction of Sarah Palin. God I hope she does not win as VP for McCain and then should something happen to McCain this women runs this nation. SCARY and that was my feelings. Got better for her to go down when she answered an email from me ONLY ONE...... email not many just one. I write in to Rachel Maddow and used her email and placed the email into a manner for not be the one to respond only some comments. Sarch got it. Now for me that was a twilight zone as much as one could think. I said OH MY GOD SHE IS ANSERING ME and LIKE THIS. That is how she answers it. My ring costs 35 dollars and I boutht it. One comment I will have one more child and name it (a truck that clears the ice). What was that she said Zambodie or something like that. One more comment from her. What the inside to that? I said why is it no one goes to how Sarah does treat her children. She placed one into embarrassment on how she is expecting a child and unweb and yet she does not believe in abortion. She also put a infant in a childs hands who is only six or seven years old HER OWN CHILD to young to carry and hold a baby walking down steps. The child started to run after she got down the steps and the baby's head was boucing around like a doll and she held the child like a doll. Sarah never corrected her daughter. This women should go to her home state and be a mom first then the hockey. She puts politics first then hockey then her kids and then pushed out of the way her husband. SO that is how shr responded. As for me being many to send emails to her NO WAY after her response. Gee, what would she come up with next. She embarrassed her husband on the she bought the ring part. To me that has to be the MOMENT OF TWILIGHT ZONE. Only can say with total relief she will not run this country. THANK GOD FOR THAT. I sort of feel bad though is she really does name that next child a truck that clears the ice just to prove OK I AM a MOM to be in the making GIVE BIRTH that is and then the hockey. Nmae the kid that. As for the contact of what they now call the so called contact of being down Hillary should go into office as Sec. of State. Quote from George Stefanosis this moring. He used his hand on to quoe the "so called contact". I still have to keep my word of sending off to Ed Rendell for it to be more of accomplished. As for Sarah I really should write in again and state to her only one email and NO I AM NOT A COWARD. In fact she placed more strength in me to do what I am doing and that I am not that ditzy as her act. I think she pulled it down for a reason and I do think really she is underneath of it all a very smart gal with a great personhood about her. I DO THINK IT WAS A ACT on her part. I should thank this gal she did help Obama to win.
  9. Evening news tonight on our local news they announced this in this manner. As for Hillary Clinton and Sec. to state it is a done deal. That is all that they stated. I was shocked it was to be after Thanksgiving. For them to say DONE DEAL she agreed to the terms and gave out what was asked of her by Nixon to do. This is my final points to this thread. Unless something more developes. I am also hanging my head here because on an earlier program they talked about the lecks that surround Hillary and her team and that there is so many of them. What I hope is that What went on is fully aware by Obama. Now I can sort of settle down and rest.
  10. Last night I did write email to Ed Rendell and did give my findings of what I placed on this thread info of what Richard Nixon stated about Hillary and Bill Clinton. Today in the news Hillary is light and smiles and with a glow about her. She did not say to much except NO ONE IS HOLDING ME BACK. Now, I am not sure at this moment just what that means. I did hold her back and issues of her past held her back and also the number of declining Super delegates held her back. Now, no one does. Something is different but to what extent I am not sure. I will redo more info over to Mr. Rendell this weekend for his Monday mail. Things I realized last night is just not enough in what I did have to say to them and him to get things more pushed forward and out. Now if Wim and or Pam read this thread of any care of what is going on here and just what this does mean. This is what it means. The files of Tosh Plumlee come out into the open. The Files of James Files comes out into the open more to be examined and noted. The Files of William Cooper does come out into the open. I have a feeling there is much more involved that comes out as well. Also the papers that Was withheld of Nixon's that Hillary held. Mr. Simkins if you read this thread please hold it. I will have Mr. Rendell read it or I will paste it over if I can to his email I am not sure it will all go so I might have to used the http index and that means it does need to be up and running. Hopefully this column out to the public might help. MAYBE, right now I am pulling straws as to what to say and do to help this whole issue come out into the open. FOr sure it might only be right now Nixon's papers and what they had to give over. Again I did not get enough of a clue from HIllary to catch onto much. Also have to say, until Obama does confirm her as Sec. of State anything can change and anything can go another way. As for the job I think Hillary can do I think Kissinger is right she will do fine at this job. Nixon also made a note in book she is good at many issues and she could do a good job. This I do not doubt either. The only concern I have with HIllary is what Bush might hold on her and use up against her to sway her directions to a wrong manner. As for wishing her luck, I sure do. I will keep you posted if she says something that just might not make any sense to any of you. As for her holding her back that went a long way prior to now to keep her from her position. The words of Nixon is to grab it and shake all of the evidence out. SO she must have done that today. I HOPE SO. I have a feeling this is to easy right now. Just way to easy and there might be more evidence withheld than that. SO NOW I GO THE MILES DEEPER. Oh God Please let me be right on more and can go out into the open. I have to hold that info until I say it see it happen and learn a great deal more. Keep this in your hopes and prayers please.
  11. Sorry this is a hard issue more than you know I never thought it to be anythnig of entertaining ever. I just wanted an answer something of structure. I mean what are thoughts of a controlled conspiracy. I guess hard for anyone to comprehend, even myself? CONTROL Conspiracy in JFK issues and WATERGATE. ______________________________________________________________________________ I went to a book from Nixon done by Monica Crawley. I went to page 313 in the book titled Nixon in Winter. What to do? this is what I am looking for. An Answer from a learned experienced person. This is what I came up as a quote from NIXON on the subject of HIllary. Clinton and Hillary are guilty of obstruction of justice, Maybe more. Period., he said on April 13, after watching the evening news. "Our people, must not be afraid to grab this thing and shake all of the evidence loose. Watergate was wrong: Whitewater is wrong. I paid the price, Clinton should pay the price. Our people shouldn't let this issue go down. They mustn't let it sink." what I notice in this stricking is OUR PEOPLE and in other parts Richard Nixon says MY TEAM WHERE IS MY TEAM. I am weighing something out that I probably should not weigh out on a forum. Hard to choose and yet the answer is right there. From one whom I have over and over claimed to be so set up. Things in this book show that too. Yet, he paid the price for a set up done to him which comes out in the very next pages. No matter what he would have done it would have happened. He could not have stopped it. Baggage is where FINALLY I asked Hillary over to Ed Rendell this question< "please Hillary tell it what happened and clear yourself." She would not. Over and over again Ed Rendell said I think HIllary is good for the job of Pres. I said over and over again back to him in email NO she did not do anything for Watergate when I sent a letter to the White house and asked to go to Nixon's daughters. A man from the White House told me to send it in care of Bill Clinton and they will mail it over. THEY DID. Yet, I said enough in that letter to help bring out facts on Watergate. There is so much even when Deep Throut was named NOTHING happened. Hillary Held two papers on Nixon and still refused to let it out. SHE FAILED on Watergate and she was in part of the Jud. Comm. on it and she was fried by them. She took two pages and still to this day refuses to let them out to the public. THIS IS A FACT ON THE WEB NOW PUT IN BY SOME WHO WERE DONE BY BAD DEALS and also the Kenneth Starr papers. Yet if she was set up by Bush team why does she not say this? She pushed it off on a team. Left Wing Ithink she said once. NOt sure on this point any more. Yet she never came forward on facts from the past. She downed Nixon. Yet she claimed that Nixon should not be pardoned and should not have legal representives. OK then Nixon was set up then. Yet she will not let the papers out. She was called a xxxx by the Jud. Comm. team and fired. She had a chance to prove her points and she did not do this. This is what is bothering me. It is on a tape on the web showing Hillary herself making faces and at a party speaking to Ron Paul. I think that is whom house she was at. Ed Rendell was there too. I saw him in a tape later on in You Tube. I think Having HIllary back in the sceen in the White House might be a major mistake. I also do not think Obama named her to be in this position and someone else did. Just a feeling I have now.
  12. It has been a while that Hillary was on the path of her campaign. During that time many past, present and I am sure into the future candidates will at one time or another give a pledge VOTE FOR ME and I WILL DO THIS FOR YOU. This is not unusual. However, this year was a bit of an eye opener for me. Hillary did promise if you vote for me I will Release out information on JFK and she gave two numbers of the info. I am sorry I do not remember the numbers but she did state she promised it will be released. The point is she did NAME the numbers and without hesitation. FOR ME this was a pang of fury and then into some common sense. WHY would you do that and or should promise this out to the public release when I am told Bill Clinton wanted ALL info to be released to the public and nothing more to ever hide in this topic of JFK and have them moved into archives in DC? YES there is data moved from FBI and from other areas and that is FINE, they did move them into the archives. I pulled ALL DATA STILL NOT RELEASED when I was there. There is a whole lot more than just two numbers and be released IF and WHEN Hillary gets into office. Her promise was not enough. On the day I was in NARA I did start to write down the numbers of each and then started to write IF it had any reason why they are not released on a paper. Finally, one of the men who pulled the data boxes out for me came up to my table and questioned me in a very solemn voice. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WALK OUT OF THE BUILDING WITH ANY DISCLOSED INFO? WE WILL HAVE TO TAKE THE PAPER FROM YOU ON THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE TODAY OR AT THE DESK. I told (mans name I keep and remember who he is) I know but I am allowed to make copies of restrictive materials. He said YES but not that of covered up issue even though you write it down. I told him it is just the numbers. I am also counting how many of them are there and the reasons why they are still under cover up's. He said. OK that is fine but we have to take the paper when you leave. I told him that is fine. Now I am not allowed to walk out with the numbers. There is far more than two for heaven sakes. Yet, I am not good at remembering even one number let alone more than a dozen. Here is Hillary whose spouse was to have them all released and she gives numbers out I PROMISE IF YOU VOTE FOR ME I WILL RELEASE THE TWO PAPERS. Well, heck she miles well never promised it to start with. IT is not enough. I lost those numbers before I walked out the door, all I had to do was get up and go to the water fountain outside and when I came back it was gone. GONE FOREVER. I know this sort of sticks in my gut the why's on this and also I know she promised one more thing? She promised something more personal to me she would clear up add the two and I got why does she count me as so important to wing over. This was just prior to Something Bill Clinton did to make me furious. I will not go into that since I put that over to the super delegates to bring Hillary down. I know this is a steep subject. Just a fact. If anyone can shed light more let me know. I am open to any common sense answer any one can put out to me and for all of us. I have to weigh something's out, think some issues over and right now I do need help YOUR HELP. You have the right to know this information after all MOST of you have worked on JFK for years much longer and harder on it than me. YES I turned Hillary bribe down. IT was just not enough to give me bait not even on a personal issue of my own. However, I think if Hillary can take care of that any Pres. to be can take care of it as well. Also know if and when it is done it will help many people out financially IF AND WHEN THEY DO THIS. Never guess where the other issues comes from though. TRY TEXAS Yeah and found out some facts on credit cards where most come to and lead from is TEXAS. Yeah. it is bill factors. If they would ease up on amounts of what they charge on the charge and added extra fees compounded on compound then a person like me and most would pay the darn bill off and get ride of it and be into better finances. OK Enough said bribes pay off cover up's it adds up. I am open for anything you wish to say on promises that should have been done when it was ordered to be released to start with.. ==================== Hillary is up to go into Sec. of State. with many questions. Kissinger said yes to and for her. Others have as well. Yet, she is a not in yet. Now Bill Clinton pleads for her. I wrote on this issue as a of POSITIVE note with a condition which I will not name here on this forum I guess she got a NO on that. I do not hate Hillary but have to say somethings are more here than what we know. Even me. I worry of what hangs over her head from any of the past that even on this position can cause a problem in the office? Perhaps it is just that. Maybe I am the leak they talk about. Perhaps. I do not know. This government is run FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE and OBama wishes it more even WITH the people. I see that and that is his change. Yet, we have a lot of the past office the same and have to be. I see why on that. FOR JUSTICE TO START TO SET IN. OK Bottom line is I think you have the RIGHT TO KNOW facts on JFK and what she did state. What I am about is just that THE RIGHTS OF ALL OF US TO KNOW INFO THE GOV> KEEPS TO ITSELF and in a patch up job. TO COVER THE GUILTY is why.
  13. Very confusing, cause you fail to mention that I was not even charged let alone prosecuted for what they hoped to have against me. I was picked up for questioning, they held me at a police station, which is something entirely different than jail. It was an intimidation effort to make me stop prying into the falsification of evidence by the highest authorities as result of which an innocent man was sentenced to 12 years prison for murder. They didn't succeed in intimidating me, and sooner or later they will find that out too! That was because I drove 200 miles with Judyth to the house of some lowlifes that refused to give back Judyth's belongings. When they didn't open the door and left me ringing, while I knew the cowardly thieves were hiding inside, that's when I broke the window. And that's when they opened the door and let us load the goods in my car. When Judyth had not brought some muscle, she would now still be begging for her properties. No shame or regret whatsoever! Or it must be that upon leaving I threw them a hundred bill to have their window fixed . Hence you're lying or your sources are lying! Wim WIM. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING ME ON THESE ISSUES. I HAVE TO SAY TO YOU i AM SORRY FOR SAYING THIS TO YOU. GLAD I DID THOUGH TO CLEAR THE AIR ON THIS. I HAVE YOU OUT AS A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PERSON AND MOST OF THE TIME TOWARDS ME YOU ARE. SO WHAT AM I LEFT TO THINK? I DID NOT KNOW YOU GAVE THEM MONEY TO FIX THE WINDOW. I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU WERE NOT SENTENCED AND PUT INTO PRISON. ALSO THE CIRCUMSTANCES SURROUNDING THIS EVENT. I JUST HOPE ONE DAY YOU BECOME CIVIL TOWARDS ME. AS FOR ME BEING CONFUSED, NO JUST TOLD ISSUES IN A WRONG WAY. AS FOR ALL THEY HAVE OF SOME OF MY THINGS FROM ME,, I MILES WELL PLAN NEVER GETTING THEM BACK EVEN THOUGH THEY PROMISED ONE DAY I WILL. THEY DID GIVE ME MONEY ONCE AND I HAVE TO SAY I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. IT WAS SORT OF OWED TO ME. SO IN A WAY AT LEAST THEY DID DO THAT. AGAIN I DO SAY TO YOU SORRY. PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY. ONE DAY WITH THEM I HOPE THEM WELL STILL BUT ONE DAY I HOPE THEY LIVE UP TO THE PROMISES THEY MAKE. I HOPE I DO SEE THAT. AS FOR MY FEELINGS TOWARDS BRUCE I STILL THINK THE WORLD OF HIM AND ALWAYS WILL. I RESPECT THE MAN AND THINK HE IS A GREAT ASSET TOWARDS HIS WORK. I DO NOT CARE WHAT HE WROTE IN THAT LETTER YES I DO REMEMBER IT WHEN THINGS WENT CRAZY OVER JUDYTH AND ALL OF HER ///// WELL FORGET IT. JUDYTH CAUSED A LOT OF PROBLEMS FROM ONE END DOWN TO THE OTHER. END OF SUBJECT STEPPING BACK FROM ALL OF THIS SEEMS A BIT SOFTER NOW THEN AT THE TIME IT WAS. I MEAN ALL OF THE NONSENSES SURROUNDING EVERYTHING. NOW IT SEEMS CLEARER AND MORE INTO PROSPECTIVE. I AM GLAD I WALKED AWAY ONLY TO COME BACK KNOWING MORE AND LEARING MORE. TAKE CARE AND PLEASE FORGIVE MY OUTBUSTS FROM A LONG TIME BACK.
  14. What I notice is this, Wim Dankbaar does not answer any of the statements on his trouble with the law. NOTICE IT WELL. NOW THAT IS NOT CONFUSING AT ALL. Also notice that Wim Does not go into his friends in Netherlands and leaving them with any thing of nice for a lifetime. What you do not know is Wim in a fit of anger broke a person window and NEVER Paid for it in Holland. So there is things that the reader on this forum does not know. WHY what that Wim? For things you claim as yours and YOURS alone. Yeah well. I wish I did not know Wim and I am certainly not confused on that. Now if anyone wishs to know a puzzle on what you think of me NOT being Busy during the election Here is a riddle to try to figure out. HILLARY CLINTON SITTING UP STAIGHT IN A CHAIR AND SAYING THESE WORDS I WILL NOT ANSWER TO BITTERGATE. Yes I know the whole sceens around it. Barack in a town in Pennsylvania and saying these people know guns ect and they are bitter. Refering to the problems of economy. He sort of let that hang there his words. SO they tore into him. IN the over 250 emails I got there were some that you can talk to Super delegates. Tell your story. SO I put my two cents in. Now here is the test on this Why did Hillary say these words, I can not respond to BITTER GATE. also here is one up Wim's ally a test Wim just for you, Hillary also stated these words and had a person in the news to relate it. If you know someone in the ten most wanted list HOW CAN YOU TURN THAT FRIEND IN. Know the answer to them WIM? Gee you should, Thank you Jimmy for your comment on giving over to Pam this to put on the internet. It is on this forum and I gathered it up. Jimmy knew Hillary and put her on a moter cycle in Chicago. Now Wim can you figure it out on how much I am confused. GO FOR IT WIM FIGURE IT OUT What did Jimmy tell me on Hillary in my letters? ON A RED LETTER FOR HILLARY DID SHE WIN? NO WIM SHE DID NOT WIN she would have though. SO now who is confused here NOT ME Remember Wim on the COOPER TOSH AND FILES FOLDERS IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN FIles letters to me. Why would Jimmy do that? OH they are just letters. I did thank Kenneth Starr for putting out a lot of materials on HILLARY it was a phone call to his office IN CALIFORNIA. Yeah they worked rather well It sure pushed Super delegates from Hillary on the RED LETTER she expected. Now I say that is not any confusing at all. It hits it just about right. Files was good at telling and it left me with DID I DO RIGHT afterwards? Maybe I should have let Hillary win after all but there is the catch 22 to it. What I used on Hillary if Bush was piffed at her on any thing he would have used the past up against her. Now That is what made me know NO WAY NO MORE BUSH IN OFFICE DARN IT GET HIM OUT OF THERE> as for Biden helping I have been in his office wrote to him and let him see a few things. HE SEES WHAT WAS IN A DA OFFICE Just because you do not see things yet WIM and any one else does not mean it is not there. ALL YOU GOT TO DO IS LOOK THe papers is not a letter Wim in the National Archives it was CLARKS Papers on FIles. I know I am told you DO NOT LIKE LIBARIES. Well then it is not my fault Wim you are to stupid to ever learn something. FILES DID KNOW HILLARY WELL He was around her and did write to me on it. FILE GATE Just files papers in the White House Kenneth Starr wanted from them. Tosh was Mean Ark. issue that was the beginning of it. Files was on the plane once and when they got off the plane there sat Hillary for them. Why don't you write to Jimmy about it? Hell he tells it. I did however thank Kenneth Starr in the end with a phone call and it was for letting a lot of papers out that I downdoaded so the super delegates could see them. SO NOW I DO NOT GIVE A DARN on if you think I am confused or not. I DID IT I HOPE I DID RIGHT AND WELL but somehow I do hope that Obama is what I think he is about and Biden. I did met with Biden several days prior to his winning. I caugh his line. WE NOW WILL DO IT BEtTER AND PRIOR WAS REFERRING TO BUSH. i WAS WORRIED ON HIS WORDS A BIT HE STATED THIS BUSH IS NOT BAD HE WAS JUST MISLEAD BIDEN LOOKED AT ME IN THE FIRST ROW OF SEATS WHICH I WAS PLACED THERE BY A GUARD WHO ESCORTED ME UP TO THE BEGINNING OF LINE AND TO THE SEATS. WHEN BIDEN SAID HIS WORDS I SHOOK MY HEAD NO NO NO OH MY GOD NO BUSH IS VERY BAD HORRIBLE ON WHAT HE DOES OH MY GOD BUT ONLY COULD BIDEN SEE WHAT I REACTED THEN HE PAUSED ON THAT AS HE LOOKED AT ME. WHEN I LOOKED UP HE SAID NOW WE WILL DO IT BETTER. HE KNOWS WHO I AM. THAT IS A FOR SURE. SO DOES OBAMA THAT IS A FOR SURE. HOW CAN HE MISS. I NOW WRITE TO ED RENDELL AND TELL WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. I HAVE ANOTEHR EMAIL FROM DAVID TO ANSWER AN OPEN AREA JUST LIKE THIS FORUM AGAIN ON HOW WE NOW MAKE IT BETTER. SO THINK WHAT YOU WILL OF ME I FRANKLY DO NOT CARE. WIM DOES NOT ANSWER THINGS ON HIMSELF HOW WAS JAIL WIM WAS IT FUN DO NOT TALK ABOUT ME BEING CONFUSED WHEN YOU CAN NOT EVEN PICK UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR BEHAVIOR ON YOUR OWN FRIENDS IN HOLLAND. YOU BROKE A WINDOW DID NOT PAY FOR IT YELLED AT PEOPLE ON YOUR FILM THEY WERE ASLEEP AND YOU KNEW IT YOU ACT LIKE A MORON AND CALL EVERYONE ELSE THAT. DID YOU GET THE FILM? i DOUBT IT. DID THEY HAVE IT, i DOUBT IT. YET YOU CARE LESS OF THE PAYING FOR THE BROKEN WINDOW OH PEOPLE WIM DID NOT GO TO JAIL ON THAT ONE BUT HE SHOULD HAVE. IF IT WAS TO ME I WOULD HAVE PUT HIM IN JAIL ON IT. WITHOUT BATTING AN EYE. NO WIM WENT TO JAIL ON SOMETHING FAR MORE SERIOUS FROM WHAT I AM TOLD. I WILL NOT ANSWER AGAIN SO I HAVE NO MORE ISSUES TO TELL JUST THAT I DO HOPE AND PRAY THAT OBAMA AND BIDEN DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY CAN DO SO FAR INDICTMENTS ARE ON CHANEY I HOPE FOR MANY ON BUSH AND WHAT HE HAS DONE TO THIS COUNTRY IF WHAT BIDEN SAYS IS TRUE IT SHOULD TAKE UP TO TWO YEARS TO FINISH THE LONG LIST OF CHARGES THAT BUSH WILL BE FILED ON. THSI MIGHT BE LONGER IS WHAT IS SAY IF THEY DO THEM ALL AND NOT TO MENTION ON HIS FATEHR AS WELL. THEN YOU GET THE TRUTH OUT ON JFK AMEN
  15. I know this is off the subject but is anyone having problems with the forum. I keep getting a error message and then I am off the forum and have to come back in to the forum again. SO I am on this and instead of doing a new thread I am just putting this on this one. Sorry about that. Also I wanted to edit another message and can't seem to find the edit button any more on this forum? so how do I do that As for Gary Mack he is a kind nice person and a man of great respect for others and I do value his feelings and thoughts and knowledge. SO why would he have to hide? Maybe why I did hide for so much. To not get involved with others webs of others problems and bringing the person down as so many seem to wish to do to make themselves right. Does that answer you Wim... hope so because it is the truth on something you asked about another nice person.
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