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  1. This film was out only for a short few weeks. Hoped to view it on DVD as soon as it was released. I waited for many weeks on for that to happen and as of yet. No release and not even on the listings for release. Finally I got a chance to view it on the website with a hope that I can barely see the film. I can see why for several reasons the movie is not viewed. Not a great film however, it does show what we have in office and why the world is so upside down as a reault of this man in our office. How his father covered up everything that he did wrong. Drinking, lude conduct and ba
  2. Compare now of today to Nixon on the issue of war... Today Obama (whom I think the world of, so far) promised to be done the war in just months, as time went by that increased in time to six months now it is much longer but he will bring the troops home. What is it that they feel it is easy to bring a war to a close when Military wants it to go on? The same holds true for Nixon. So does history repeat itself. Books later on show Nixon at a much more broader look than in his earlier years. As a young school kids said to Nixon YOU cannot STOP THE BEAST, CAN YOU? Not even a Pr
  3. Correct Who made Bob Woodward an expert on FBI info that would be at that level for him when he was just weeks on the job as of being a reporter not even an expert one? Come to the info and then at the end sort of be kicked in the end field as to keep out of it now when they finished the job that was for them to do? Also who was that but none other than Mark Felt who told them to back off now and leave it alone. They knew they were set up and yet they never truely admit that. WHY? it should be at the end of the movie "ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN" stated we feel it was an conspiracy by
  4. John Dean has been on a show quite often here lately it is Keith's show. When he did go on I had written in to someone I knew might help me out. They did and he did respond back on it. In fact it was pushed DOES THIS OPEN WATERGATE AGAIN and he pointed to a paper and stated YES it does and in fact this is Watergate. Soon afterwards the film movie came out called FROST NIXON. Now it seems Ron Howard does do a different version from the first version done way back. There is a few articles done on this saying that Ron Howard is trying to rewrite History onto the Google News section and
  5. The full version is so vast into this. I mean for me it is MILITARY, UNDERGROUND, HOOVER, LBJ, and some FBI, CIA and even into some organizational companies of involvement. As for the truth on it most probable will never admit. Only can say the trhreat if the truth does come out America still is under a nuke threat attack because only a few do not want the truth out. Still papers in NARA show the threat to be real on this issue. I have seen them all that hold the cover up and why it is not to come out. I have been told on a phone by some who are underground roots the same thing. SO
  6. Duncan fast answer It is about the election mostly and papers that have been a long tine waiting to get done and out. It is about a contact that is being and has now bent sent off to Ed Rendell Gov. Of PA. I am trying to get Hillary to answer and apparently she has. She wants the positon but things of her past are a bit of a baggage as she herself stated she has to much of. TO get that cleared she has to prove herself cleared of it and bring out the papers she has been refusing to release. This is what this thread is about. Not hard not complex only what they in the past made i
  7. I would like to know why I can not get some of the answers like the last one from Cigdem Eksi it is saying Forbidden and I get this from time to time and can not read what is stated? Can anyone tell me why that is. I got the last one prior to that but not the very last post before my own. Yet I can write in. If anyone knows why that is please let me know? They deleted it out or someone deleted it for them. I however did not delete anyone off the thread.
  8. No doubt something more will develop in the twilight zone shortly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It already had been my feelings all ready towards the direction of Sarah Palin. God I hope she does not win as VP for McCain and then should something happen to McCain this women runs this nation. SCARY and that was my feelings. Got better for her to go down when she answered an email from me ONLY ONE...... email not many just one. I write in to Rachel Maddow and used her email and placed the email into a
  9. Evening news tonight on our local news they announced this in this manner. As for Hillary Clinton and Sec. to state it is a done deal. That is all that they stated. I was shocked it was to be after Thanksgiving. For them to say DONE DEAL she agreed to the terms and gave out what was asked of her by Nixon to do. This is my final points to this thread. Unless something more developes. I am also hanging my head here because on an earlier program they talked about the lecks that surround Hillary and her team and that there is so many of them. What I hope is that What we
  10. Last night I did write email to Ed Rendell and did give my findings of what I placed on this thread info of what Richard Nixon stated about Hillary and Bill Clinton. Today in the news Hillary is light and smiles and with a glow about her. She did not say to much except NO ONE IS HOLDING ME BACK. Now, I am not sure at this moment just what that means. I did hold her back and issues of her past held her back and also the number of declining Super delegates held her back. Now, no one does. Something is different but to what extent I am not sure. I will redo more info over to Mr. Rendell
  11. Sorry this is a hard issue more than you know I never thought it to be anythnig of entertaining ever. I just wanted an answer something of structure. I mean what are thoughts of a controlled conspiracy. I guess hard for anyone to comprehend, even myself? CONTROL Conspiracy in JFK issues and WATERGATE. ______________________________________________________________________________ I went to a book from Nixon done by Monica Crawley. I went to page 313 in the book titled Nixon in Winter. What to do? this is what I am looking for. An Answer from a learned experienced person. This is
  12. It has been a while that Hillary was on the path of her campaign. During that time many past, present and I am sure into the future candidates will at one time or another give a pledge VOTE FOR ME and I WILL DO THIS FOR YOU. This is not unusual. However, this year was a bit of an eye opener for me. Hillary did promise if you vote for me I will Release out information on JFK and she gave two numbers of the info. I am sorry I do not remember the numbers but she did state she promised it will be released. The point is she did NAME the numbers and without hesitation. FOR ME thi
  13. Very confusing, cause you fail to mention that I was not even charged let alone prosecuted for what they hoped to have against me. I was picked up for questioning, they held me at a police station, which is something entirely different than jail. It was an intimidation effort to make me stop prying into the falsification of evidence by the highest authorities as result of which an innocent man was sentenced to 12 years prison for murder. They didn't succeed in intimidating me, and sooner or later they will find that out too! That was because I drove 200 miles with Judyth to the house of s
  14. What I notice is this, Wim Dankbaar does not answer any of the statements on his trouble with the law. NOTICE IT WELL. NOW THAT IS NOT CONFUSING AT ALL. Also notice that Wim Does not go into his friends in Netherlands and leaving them with any thing of nice for a lifetime. What you do not know is Wim in a fit of anger broke a person window and NEVER Paid for it in Holland. So there is things that the reader on this forum does not know. WHY what that Wim? For things you claim as yours and YOURS alone. Yeah well. I wish I did not know Wim and I am certainly not confused on
  15. I know this is off the subject but is anyone having problems with the forum. I keep getting a error message and then I am off the forum and have to come back in to the forum again. SO I am on this and instead of doing a new thread I am just putting this on this one. Sorry about that. Also I wanted to edit another message and can't seem to find the edit button any more on this forum? so how do I do that As for Gary Mack he is a kind nice person and a man of great respect for others and I do value his feelings and thoughts and knowledge. SO why would he have to hide? Maybe why I did hi
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