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  1. As I believe that the state should be secular, opposing the passing of laws that might encourage behaviour that is contrary to religious teaching would be a fruitless path to pursue. Laws enacted to provide and protect teenage mothers may be said to 'encourage' such pregnancies outside marriage, but on the other hand fit in with religious obligations such as charity and compassion. Doug Whose religious teaching should that be, then?
  2. I do not understand why the level of taxation should be linked to morality. I also do not understand why the level of 40% has been picked (well I do really, you're in the UK aren't you?). Here in Denmark the top level of tax is 61%. Taxation is determined by three tiers of government, state, regional and local and if the three add up to more than 61% then 61% is the maximum you pay. So here the question would be 'Is it morally acceptable for taxation to be above 61%'. Again though, the figure is completely arbitrary. It is a headline figure which, in the UK, takes no account of National Insur
  3. Oh dear yet another leftie but beyond that vague label I wouldn't know exactly how to express my political idealogy. Like many who have already replied, my family background may account for this since I come from a Labour voting household plus I lived in Harold Wilson's constituency. Like John I was interested enough in politics in my late teens to read biographies and autobiographies of prominent politicians. I acted as polling officer at a couple of elections which gave me a bit of insight into the political process and at one point in my career I was even union rep (mainly because it was a
  4. I am an EFL teacher in an adult vocational center in Denmark. I also run a website to help people learning French at http://Anne_Fox.homestead.com Lately I have become more involved in developing blended EFL courses and I am now heavily involved in European projects. So far these have to do with increasing inter-cultural competence of adult education teachers, the creation of a portal to help disabled people study IT and languages and more are in the pipeline.
  5. My name is Anne Fox, half British and half French and been living in Denmark for the last ten years. My day job is as an EFL teacher and in this regard I am involved in three major EU projects with emphasis on inter-cultural competence, helping the disabled enter the labour market and strengthening local democracy through IT. As all three are kicking off this month, I am not entirely sure what I have let myself in for yet. I just know that it all sounds incredibly interesting. My hobby is running a website for learners of French for which I both develop interactive exercises and collate usefu
  6. Learn French is designed to give learners advice and opportunities to improve their French especially spoken. Special features include a Talking Page into which any text can be pasted and then heard plus an oral forum in which participants can post spoken contributions. The site aims to identify other helpful websites and distributes a regular newsletter highlighting one or two such sites approximately 15 times a year. Users also have the opportunity to request personalised vocabulary games.
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