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  1. Hi there folks!! As you may have seen from my biography I have been working closley with BECTA and the Dfes looking at the way in which ICT has influced the education sector in the last 5 years. With schemes such as Laptops for Teachers and the Interactive whiteboard initiative there is growing interest within the sector to see which way the ICT market will go now. We supplied many of the schools in the UK this year with their Laptops and Audio Visual needs, and was suprised by the lack of basic understanding that teachers had in regards to the technology. We have also trained teachers to
  2. I am currently working for an ICT company where I am heading up the Education team. We provide support and technical help for all schools and teachers in the UK should they need it. We work closely with BECTA and BESA to ensure education ICT standards are met that have been set out by the DfES (Department for Education standards). We have been involved with the LFT and whiteboard initiatives providing all round support to ICT coordinators and head teachers. I am currently involved in a scheme which looks at the route the education sector is following with regards to their Information Techno
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