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  1. It eventually crossed my tired mind that my up-loading problems actually started with SP2 - and that would naturally mean with the new firewall arrangements. So I have been experimenting with the free version of ZoneAlarm - and this seems to have made life much easier. This also includes up-loading while OutLook is running! So my original theory may have been true but only while using the SP2 Firewall. Now using ZoneAlarm 5.1 - you live and learn!
  2. Can I also suggest that as someone about to enter the profession you might like to subscribe (free of course) to New2Computers. This is run by BECTa (and I have to confess a vested interest here as I am one of the consultants!!) and can be subscribed to at the following URL http://www.ictadvice.org.uk/new2computers/index.php I hope that you may find this useful.
  3. The answer to John's question comes in two parts. Firstly you need software which can be scheduled to run in the back ground and at preselected times back up your chosen files to a suitable destination. This might be CDs, ZIP discs, a flash drive, a virtual drive on the web, another disc drive in your computer, a drive on another machine on your network or an external disc drive which is easily disconnected and taken away if required. One of the easiest programs to use and one which I have found to be very reliable can be downloaded for free from http://www.karenware.com/powertools/powertools
  4. It depends really what you mean by 'filtering'. Mail washer seems to me to add to ther problem by, if you set it thus, bouncing stuff back to the sender and just incraesing the amount of traffic on the NET. I gave this system some extensive trialling and found it to take up too much of my time. Although I hold no particular brief for MS I have to say that since I started to use Outlook 2003 I've hardly seen any spam - that which I have seen is very easily added to the banned user list. The important thing is that this package actually knows about a huge number of the spammers and their techn
  5. Thanks for all the replies - its quite reassuring to find that one is not alone! The work around does seem to be to shut down Outlook and then open Front Page - this seems to keep port 21 free for Front Page to use. So why do I use Outlook (2003)? - simply because it is very good at dealing with spam in emails and I like the calendar and reminder systems. I tend to keep it running all the time on a second monitor so it was some time before I realised that it might be affecting what I was doing with Front Page - after all they are both from Office 2003 - you'd think that this sort of thing wou
  6. Has anyone else experienced difficulties uploading websites from FrontPage 2003 (or any other version) while Outlook 2003 is running at the same time? I seem to find that I can up-load my websites if I close down outlook before opening front page but I'm not sure that this really is the answer - just a bit of a co-incidence. Windows xp, sp2 - no other firewall.
  7. Trained originally as a music specialist at Brighton College of Education - soon changed my mind and began to specialise in science. During an in-service B.Ed degree course in science and education learnt some BASIC programming and have been hooked on using computers both in and out of education ever since. Eventually did an MA (Computer Studies and Education) at Sussex University. Over 30 years experience as a primary school teacher and deputy head. I worked for MEP as a technical information officer for four terms and then went on to do 2 years as an advisory teacher for ICT. I'm now
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