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  1. Great reminder for us all to get active again. Unfortunately it is near the end of the year for Australians. I will look at yr 10 students instead of senior ones. I had even forgotten my password because lazy me usually replies to an RSS message. I will be more proactive because I have been relying on others.
  2. What is happening in the World? A prominent Australian politician has spoken out against head scarves. That was followed by a round of comments that showed this was contrary to Australian legislation to discriminate against any groups. Doesn't Royalty wear skirts on official occassions? Do clotes really "maketh the man" or are we able to look past external ornaments to the person?
  3. I haven't accessed this forum for a while and I am gobsmacked at the increased number of members and posts. Well done international team.
  4. What a great idea. I read some monstrosity called "My Mother's House" in yr 10 at school. We had compulsary books and this was from the free choice section. I can't remember it now, but there was something shocking in it. Perhaps there were bodies under the floorboards, but it was the first "wicked" book I ever read. As I was a voracious reader as a child, I suspect that all the books in the Children's Library in Adelaide had been checked for a body count. I must admit to being absorbed in Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little house" series. That was my first introduction to another family and
  5. It would be interesting to read about the values and norms important to this group. Blind obedience? Critical questioning? Evaluation of resources? Discussions from another's point of view. It might be difficult to teach debating, where it is important to be able to take a position contra to your personal beliefs. I am usually a pinkie leftie, but this mrning I am feeling right wing enough to suggest that in order to register as a school, the curriculum must show these aspects. PS Will my signature automatically appear?
  6. Maggie, There is a discussion about Assimilate taking place on the History Forum <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Assimilate discussion is interesting because their website seeems to imply that everyone is really happy with the product. Good to see the forum back on line
  7. As a parent I am constantly besieged by my 11 yo to include chips with lunch. "every" does it. He doesn't want to be the unusual one. But I insist and we "discuss". I am told that if school frowns on fatty food it infringes civil liberties. Probably one weighty thought is that the fat levels are not important to the invincible young. Try telling them about clogged arteries and middle age spred. Even tooth decay will never happen to them.
  8. In South Australia a relief teacher is paid more than a permanent teacher, and is expected to deliver work set and marked by the absent teacher. We all "do reliefs" in our regular role (often one a week, depending on the absence rate at the school). The absent teachr marks work and the relief teacher tries to engage students with meaningful tasks. YEUCH One school I taught at required all teachers to submit a "relief" for every class to be held in case of an emergency. On my first day teaching in Singapore I was presented with a piece of paper with Chinese writing on it that looked suspic
  9. I read somewhere that this debate has started. Two of my students have recieved emails about the project. But where can I follow the discussion? Please? Pauline
  10. Back before my time, a knowledgable person collection a parcel of information and published this as a "book". Teachers took this to classrooms and students all had to look at the same page and learned together. It certainly made exams easier to set and mark. Next, teachers read widely, photocopied information and took sheets of paper to classrooms. Now, we skim and scan widely, download and ask students to watch a screen at school or work from home. I cannot teach the same material over and over. I change to suit the needs of my class members. (Remember skimming through a variety of
  11. HI Grzegorz At this point are you asking for information about sportspeople? Can students nominate a person from their own country but afterwards not vote for someone from their counrty? Is that the idea? If there is a nomination from Australia, would we be considered? Pauline
  12. I am looking forward to the debate structure. I have two students primed and both are aware that the discussion is starting in Europe and that they will probably not be aware of some of the content. But I think it is important that students realise that they are part of a whole world. If students can be aware that not all participants have access to the same information it would be good. After all, we southerners could happily debate the impact that the Asian Bird Flu has had on tourism and employment in the travel industry. Not a topic of great interest above the equator I believe. I
  13. This sounds thorough Richard. When do you want the names of students? I think an Australian input will be useful in that Europeans will need to explain many of these concepts. Australia has the geographical size and the cultural diversity, but of course not the population. We don't have the land borders and immigrationis a very contentious issue. eg Where does "Europe" begin? I guess it ends with Ireland. Is Greenland part of "Europe"? (Tasmania is always being left off the map of Australia.) As an outsider to the issue I would also like to consider the local laws. We now have nation
  14. You have challenged me to find that book. South Australian students have a range of choices with the novels and plays they study. In fact a percentage of the final year English Studies assessment is given to an individual projest. Yes, literatue of the working class is available through biographies or similar. Angela's ashes, "Tis ect. Sally Morgan's My Place follows the early life of an aboriginal girl who has been denied her heritage. Several Bryce Courtney novels follow a recent similar theme. Even "My left foot" reflects working class families. I'm not sure of the content of ‘The Ra
  15. Hi, I am Pauline Crawford, a secondary teacher from Adelaide, South Australia. Having taught a range of subjects for the last 22 years, I am now at the Australian Science and Maths School in Bedford Park. We are a secondary school within the state system in a joint project with Flinders University. Our brief is to reform Science and Maths teaching an interdisciplinary curriculum that is ICT rich. This involves writing, delivering and evaluating curriculum for students in their 10th, 11th and 12th year of schooling in preparation for tertiary study. It also involves working with teachers
  16. I have been teaching 100 minute lessons for six years and I like it. This year I will have 1x100 and 2 x 50 min. I am going to give it my best. With the 100 min lessons you can do a variety of tasks in one lesson and also finish things off. It menas that if students are absent, they miss a capsule of work but I find it easier to track. Here in South Australia we used to have 3 x 13 week terms. For 15 years we have had 4 x 10 weeks and this is administrative so that replacement teachers are not paid for the 2 week vacation between terms. I do not like the four term option because we now
  17. I have two students from an Australian school, but they will not be back from summer holidays until the first week in February. What do you mean by "debate"? Are you thinking of a formal comment and rebuttal style or an educated on-line discussion?
  18. Congratulations John. You have spiked debates on such a variety of issues. As I mentioned elsewhere, I am an Australian trawling overseas lists for interest. (While guzzling white wine on a hot afternoon.) I find the enthusiasm of some of these responses invigorating. Here in SA we are beginning to allow our students to ignore the world they live in. That so few could identify the politicians responsible for Education decisions is deplorable. It is patronising to think that the "powers that be'" will be responsible and we as teachers and students need to sit back and just let this all
  19. Reading bulletin boards is so much like being the office worker at the Nurses' social gatherings. There are so many subject specific words and language as to exclude yet encourage a foreigner. Although I recognise that this is a British education initiative, as a non-Brit I want to learn. I always enjoy Graham's comments (having been a sleeper on a MFL list for some time.) But I actually still have access to a "blackboard" with chalk and think it has merit. One thing I miss with the electronic age is the immediacy of blackboarding interesting ideas (spelling even) and asking students to
  20. It has just been reported that Becta has just negotiated a new deal with Microsoft. According to the press release schools will be paying between 20% and 37% less for licences, saving them around £47m in total. I know little about software prices but is this really a good deal? I respond to your literacy comments with interest as an Australian teacher watching from afar. It is interesting to see the number of ads in our newspapers for teachers for England, particularly the London area. What is happening? Why can't the UK education system supply teachers? Are conditions so bad that few want to
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