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    I play soccer and squash and tennis. I have a special interest in computers and how to use them during my lessons.
  1. I've been an economics teacher for 7 years now. I worked for 6 year at "Veurs College" in Leidschendam, the Netherlands. This year I started working in Alphen aan den Rijn. I'm very interested in using the internet as a source of information for my lesson. I also use the internet to publish own materials. They aid my lessons. You can see my work at: http://www.veursstip.nl click on "leerlingen" then choose vakken in the submenu. After this you have two options: 1 economie and 2 Handel & administratie The page is in Dutch.
  2. In the Netherlands children are also gaining weight. I believe the biggest problem is the fact that sports are no longer a normal hobby for many children. The computer has replaced this. Also at school it's not considered cool to try your best during sportslessons. The schoolcanteen serves mainly snacks en candy. Children start eating this food in the morning. Schools should ban these foods from their buildings and take an active role in making sports more popular. How to do this I don't know. Maybe someone else has a idea??
  3. I teach economics at a small school in the Netherlands. A few co-workers ( Marco Koene amongst others) are very involved in international programms and got me interested. I hope this forum will enable us to share information and experiences. I try to use the internet as a source of information for my pupils. In doing so, I post my work on the schools website: http://www.veurs.nl/veurs3
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