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  1. I see that Oswald's letter is not signed by him and has no return address... nor is there any indication of a mode of transportation, and there is another follow up letter in his handwriting which makes no mention of the January 61 letter. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11279#relPageId=8&tab=page There is no indication in any of the other related exhibits that this was a letter he actually was involved in producing. Here is the WCR list of all letters FROM LEE HARVEY and does not include the one to IRC... In chrono order it's easier to trace these letters' timelines. LEE wrote MARGE quite often yet they are not part of the record as they have addresses at which the short fat Marge never lived. Another discussion for another day... What significance do you attribute here ?
  2. The same way I would address June Cobb, ELANA de la PAZ, Alvarado, Eladio Villanuva, Oleg Netchiporenko, Teresa Proenza, Duran, Azcue.... The overwhelming evidence is that Harvey Oswald was in Texas for that period working for the FBI (possibly on assignment from CIA to get info on what the FBI was doing). These people supported a story which REQUIRED Oswald to be in Mexico at that time. He was not. Did Fabian gets his information from Veciana's testimony who said: ( the "he took part" referred to is BISHOP/PHILLIPS. Cause this kinda blows FABIAN's veracity out of the water... ) and he goes on in later years to ID the shooters... The overwhelming evidence is that the FBI completed fabricated the trip with the help of OCHOA. In 1993 we get this report claiming FABIAN can ID the JFK Assassins which become Eladio Del Valle and Hermanio DIAZ Not a single word about the accused and killed suspect - Lee Oswald.... A senior member of the Cuban Secret Service, Fabian Escalante, agreed: "In 1962 Eladio Del Valle tried to infiltrate Cuba with a commando group of 22 men but their boat had an English key - a little island. In the middle of 1962. Of course, we knew this. I tell you about this, because one of our agents who was one of the people helping to bring this group to Cuba, was a man of very little education. They talked English on many occasions on this little island with Eladio Del Valle told this person, on many occasions, that Kennedy must be killed to solve the Cuban problem. After that we had another piece of information on Eladio Del Valle. This was offered to us by Tony Cuesta. He told us that Eladio Del Valle was one of the people involved in the assassination plot against Kennedy." Morrow "First Hand Knowledge" In 1978 President Jimmy Carter arranged for a group of imprisoned exiles to be released. This included Tony Cuesta. Just before leaving Cuba Cuesta asked to see General Fabian Escalante, the head of Cuba's G-2 Spy Agency. Cuesta told Escalante that he had been involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He also named De Valle and Herminio Diaz Garcia as being involved in the conspiracy. DJ Some thoughts... What point would there be to have Oswald there yet send photos, tapes and transcripts which conflict with who he is, how he speaks and the things he does. AMMUG-1 provides support that AZCUE behaved completely inappropriately in confronting an American wishing to travel to Cuba/Russia... AZCUE's job was to discover if this was a spy and try to double-him back on the US... not get into an argument and throw him out... That would provide next to nothing for him to report to CUBA as one would have to think he'd be reprimanded for letting this obvious doubling opportunity slip away. Finding the notes from the 1977 visits asking if Oswald was impersonated, if he was even ever there... ALL the Cubans saying there was no Oswald. LITAMIL-9 & 7 reconfirming it. Contemporaneous reporting is basically stopped with the Nov 7th LIENVOY Summary report not sent until January '64. That we do have offers no indication that even privately the Russian were talking about this AMERICAN coming to their Embassy/Consulate after calling a the Soviet Military Attache #, incorrectly, at least twice... and then showed up on a closed Saturday to conduct business. Bill - Lee Harvey being in Mexico is a MUST for all of these organizations and groups of people... like him having bought and received and transported the rifle as needed.... Props in a set-up DAP is clearly behind much of the propaganda campaigns - his specialty - and one would surmise HUNT was somehow involved....
  3. Many of these come from Malcolm via Bart. Like much of Armstrong's document collection, they're copies of documents that may have not seen before.... Where John scanned 10 pages, Malcom copied 100's. They went together to the Archives throughout the 90's.... thankfully. This is the cover page to that MANN via CIA note: Upside down at the bottom of each page:
  4. Mr. JENNER - Your wife Margaret is--she was born where? Mr. PIC - New York City, sir. Mr. JENNER - Her parents are native Americans as well as she? Mr. PIC - No, sir; they are not. Mr. JENNER - What do you know of them? Mr. PIC - Her father died; I never met the man while we were going together. Her mother and father were separated. Her mother was born in Hungary, I think. Her father was also, sir. There is a 1920 census record for Alexander and Mary Fuhrman. It identifies them as being Magyar or Hungarian. At the time, 1920, they are living in Kentucky and Fuhrman is working as time keeper at a coal mine. This was probably in Harlan, KY. I see KORTH involved in securing business contracts coming to Texas. I see KORTH intimately involved with EKDAHL who goes to Ft Worth for EBASCO and has an office across the street for KORTH, goes to the same clubs moves in the same circles as the Dallas-Ft Worth business elite. EBASCO was much more than nuclear power, I believe I've written about it at some point but again, tech problems preclude me from putting my finger on it at the moment. What do you suppose he was doing for EBASCO during those years in Ft Worth then New York City which EBASCO doesn't want to let go? Appears to me he may have been involved in the formation of Texas Utilities and the attempted "Morgan-like" monopolization of electric service... again, just a hunch connecting the few dots we have. http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/texas-utilities-company-history/ Texas Utilities was formed in 1945 as a holding company for three utilities: Dallas Power & Light Company (DP&L), Texas Electric Service Company (TESCO), and Texas Power & Light Company (TP&L). DP&L had been formed in 1917, TESCO in 1929, and TP&L in 1912, while predecessors of these companies dated back as far as the 1880s. Each company had its own electricity generation and distribution system. Before the formation of Texas Utilities, DP&L had been a subsidiary of Electric Power & Light Company, while TESCO and TP&L had been subsidiaries of American Power & Light Company. Both parent companies, in turn, were subsidiaries of Electric Bond & Share Company (EBASCO), which had been set up by General Electric Company in 1905 to finance electrical power systems and form operating companies. The entire point of EBASCO was to monopolize the electrical supply for as many locations in the world as possible... I have only begun to look, yet the coincidence that EKDAHL is in Texas while this Texas Utilities Holding company is formed for 3 EBASCO companies... AND his close connection to Korth and his business involvements suggests to me there might be a connection... Might. This is in the EKDAHL report. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7460485 Fred KORTH is not listed. Comes from the JFK Assassination collection: Key Persons File: Edwin Ekdahl... So I hope the added references and clarification of my position works for you Bill. You've most certainly made me a better researcher... thanks! DJ
  5. Let's throw another little monkey wrench in here... at the bottom of the post is a Garrison report re: Marge and what she says about KORTH. In EKDAHL's reports I found this passage re: the IRC. Interesting that the same report discusses EDWARD PIC's mother-in-law without naming such... she was a refugee from Hungary living in Yorkville... Not only was KORTH Ekdahl's lawyer in the divorce, he was his trustee buying and selling land for Ekdahl in Ft Worth. Not sure if there's an EBASCO-KORTH relationship. Fort Worth was booming at the time (yet so were many places) yet his buddy FRED is in Ft Worth. The company he EKDAHL worked for consolidated electricity availability And these interview notes - sadly this is second-hand but interesting none the less... Korth "played a part in Lee's life"... as in not upgrading his discharge or ??? Whether this report can be considered "accurate" IDK. Thanks for all the excellent info in this thread... DJ
  6. That FM11 was “annotated” by OCHOA.. Everything that comes from Mexico is from Ochoa, an FBI asset. worse yet, on the master FM11... Mr. OH LEE is alphabetized as if his last name was OSWALD. ooops
  7. I’m saying he never went to the consulate... no photo needed for tourist visa... Tejeda claims the original was burned along with most everything else in 1965. That Gaudet is the key to Sept 17th. Remember 15 days from the 17th is Oct 1st... the planners thought he had to leave... 5 days from the 27th.. Oct 2. Alvarado was insistent it was Sept 18th with Oswald... DAP arrives Oct 7 and on Oct 8 all hell breaks loose. I highlighted the list.... Also analyzed the statements of all those on that list....
  8. Below is an excerpt from another of Bart's scans from Malcolm's collection.... This follows directly in line with the theory that CIA Asset GAUDET acquires the necessary paper documents.... which also works with the conflicting stories of those in the consulate between the times NORTH and DE MEN get their Visas. OCHOA, a FBI asset as Echevarria was CIA... will be the Mexican official who provides the Tourist Card Copies and FM-11 on which they are recorded monthly. Where the WCR Tourist Visa Application comes from is anybody's guess.... but then again 500 items return from the FBI on 11/26 despite only a couple hundred going... Another nail in the Oswald went to Mexico coffin... DJ
  9. Received a new document today which puts Sylvia Duran's arrest in a slightly different light that I've ever seen... Ambassador MANN sends a note via the CIA to McCone, Hoover and Rusk on 11/26/63 stating that if they confront her with ALVARADO (Mann still believes this was real in support of Phillips and the CIA) "and HENCE SHE IN SAME POSITION AS OSWALD WAS PRIOR TO HIS ASSASSINATION" her only chance is to come clean. The is an Ambassador suggesting to the CIA and by default Hoover and Rusk that if they BREAK HER (SYLVIA WAS MEXICAN) "WE AND THE MEXICANS WOULD HAVE NEEDED CORROBORATION OF [ALVARADO'S] STATEMENT. If Duran was indeed CIA as many have considered, and ALVARADO was a CIA asset, I'd think by confirming his lie in the face of the others who knew better and Alvarado who eventually recants.... she'd find herself in even more trouble.... Why do you suppose MANN thinks she's in the same situation as OSWALD ??
  10. I realize HEMMING isn't the perfect source... but some interesting info in here including BUCHANAN... From one of Armstrong's notebooks.... the thing about BRADLEY/BRADEN being TED SLACK... DJ
  11. Hey Steve... Obviously when we here of Oswald being in two places at once my ears perk up.... I went back to my timeline and found a statement from McKowen (the guy who claims Oswald tried to buy rifles from him in early September 1963) who talks about finding LEE HARVEY OSWALD at an address we've never seen.... If this is Lee and he is living elsewhere, there's every reason to think he would travel in the same circles as we thought Harvey did... The other time you mention - Oct 1962 - also had one strange entry in my timeline which puts an Oswald near Florida in November '62 FBI Agent FAIN who watched Oswald in TX retires October 29th. Had you considered that Buchanan was lying about Oswald being there or being the American.... Didn't the FPCC have its own members in Miami? FWIW... DJ Lynn Davis Curry lived in Augusta, Georgia and drove a cab for the Dixie Cab Company in the early 1960's. During the month of November 1962 Curry picked up a white male at the intersection of 8th Street and Broad who was about twenty five years old and wearing a black jacket. The young man introduced himself as "Lee Oswald" and then began to talk about himself. Oswald told Curry that he served in the Marine Corps, traveled to Russia, married a Russian girl, supported Fidel Castro , and was traveling to New Orleans. Curry let the man off at the corner of 5th and Watkins Street where his car was parked. Before leaving the cab the young man insisted that Curry write down his name, "Lee Oswald," and said that Curry would be hearing his name again in the future. Curry wrote the name "Lee Oswald" on his daily trip sheet and remembered his name on November 22, 1963. NOTE: In late March 1963, while Lee Harvey Oswald was living in an apartment at 1106 Diceman Avenue, Harvey Oswald and Marina were living several miles away at 214 W. Neely. " I found I was very close to Diceman Street. I thought I might drop by and see if Lee Oswald was related to my friend and also see if she was an applicant for a performing strip-tease artist. I found the address which was a typical newly constructed apartment, having entrances along one side with a balcony walk for the second floor. The mail box directory was close to the street and when I found the Oswald box I discovered the name 'Harvey' was included-so, I had misinterpreted the name on the letter as being female-I left immediately and did not attempt to make a call." 12 (McGowen)
  12. I had that image annotated... I did not add anything. I did do a close-up analysis of the Oswald behind Sturgis and the resemblance is surely there... the next few frames has this person walk across screen to our right... not sure if all the names are correctly attached to the right person... it appears so... btw, Doyle, Gedney and Abrams were the names of the actually arrested 3 tramps, they are not the ones in the DP photos... they’re the ones in jail all weekend... DPD WISE tells the whole story... fwiw
  13. Does this somehow explain the visual phenomenon we see just as they complete the turn in Towner? The 108%? Somehow the background objects grow by 8%(?) while the foreground objects receded as they're should. Yet it appears the spectators remain the same size... Extremely well done Chris... tying it all together like that is brilliant. I had never seen where Myers said Zapruder was filmed at 48fps and cut down to 22.89. (50%, 5.375%, then 20% to get to 18.3) What's the added .09 to 22.8 do?
  14. One of the most important pieces of evidence offered related to REILLY is her Copy B of her W-2 from 1963. Literally a form never used by Federal or State Tax offices. The Federal form was changed in 1963 by swapping the boxes above the name and address There are no forms where the Name and address are ABOVE the amounts earned and with held. Above her 1963 REILLY Copy B is the appropriate Copy C from 1963, as well as her state W-2 from LA for 1963. If you can't even get the simple fake evidence right.....
  15. Ditto.... http://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/poking-more-holes-in-judyth-baker in fact, Jim D and I explain as much as necessary... he helped a great deal with this article... Be well Vince... all... DJ
  16. Then there’s Tosh’s account and drawing... I cobbled together a panorama of the west end of DP below Mark... the Parkland group did discuss this with each other... plus we have photos of that wound... I mean if we believe the Boswell Drawing compared to McC... all the skull was gone.... Between Parkland And Bethesda, any evidence of “original” wounds were gone, IMO...
  17. Understood Chris... where else is there a gap that large and conflict so deep but that corner... in which to hide most any and all evils... ”where the limo would have turned” Great work... enjoying every second..
  18. I think this also proves the wide limo turn, if the turn only starts at Station C
  19. Just to be clear... The limo stop/pause is removed as are 50% then 25% of a 48fps shot film to get us to 18fps with a mathematical adjustment to 18.3 fps to make moving about the 1:18.3 rise:run of Elm. The complete removal of all this "time" is incorporated into the edit at 132/133 and by the specific movement of Station C to the desired location.... here is a quick map to scale... and to understand this: How can the hypotenuse of the 2 25' sides (2+00 to 2+25 to 2+50) be 50 feet?
  20. Dr. PERRY: This was situated in the lower anterior one-third of the neck, approximately 5 mm. in diameter. (3H372) Dr. CARRICO: This was probably a 4-7 mm. wound, almost in the midline, maybe a little to the right of the midline, and below the thyroid cartilage. (6H3) DR. CARRICO: There was a small wound, 5- to 8-mm. in size, located in the lower third of the neck, below the thyroid cartilage, the Adams apple. (3H361) Dr. PERRY: I determined only the fact that there was a wound there, roughly 5 mm. in size or so. (6H9) Dr. JONES: The wound in the throat was probably no larger than a quarter of an inch in diameter. . . . [I]t was a very small, smooth wound. (6H54) Nurse HENCHLIFFE: It was just a little hole in the middle of his neck. . . . About as big around as the end of my little finger. (6H141) Ian... I was sure some of the Drs and Nurses mentioned this hole. In fact I know I recently got a report explaining that the hole was actually more over to the anatomical right than center.... Can't seem to put my hands on it this second... So I guess I'm not DIS proving but providing more compelling evidence that it may very well have come from the south knoll... I think McClellen's drawing and the above testimonies put an exit wound to rest... What I did do when I investigated this was to find that CE394 WAS the tie yet it changed to the shirt https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1134#relPageId=52&tab=page but the original CE394 showed the tie cut in two with a focus on the only "hole" on the entire length of the tie... https://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/jfkinfo/jfk7/ce395.htm this actually shows CE394 as the tie, not shirt along with a close-up in color of the only hole in the tie.... As Ian said, a bullet would need to penetrate the knot which would leave holes in multiple places on the tie - OR just graze it as it appears, on the anatomical left side of JFK... giving even more credibility to the South knoll shot.... grazing the left side of the tie and entering the shirt behind the tie and lodged in the right side.... can't imagine this is the "FBI bullet behind the ear" mentioned in the Tolson/Belmont memo... but it might be. (that is if it wasn't an ice flechette ala CV) Then we look at the button/hole vs the tear: and they appear to line up.... so from the SOUTH KNOLL a shot grazes the left side of his tie and enters BEHIND the tie... I don't think we can tell from the bare thread whether it extends out or in... McAdams provides the Parkland references to the wound.... and then I just came across this:
  21. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  22. This is supposedly the same guy who picks up all the Carcano shells from the Shooting range each and every time... what puzzles me are the different makes of bullets... I mean if this is a setup then why confuse the issue? 1 box of ammo does the job... as opposed to a dozen loose bullets of different make. Any thoughts on that inconsistency?
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