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  1. Mr. SPECTER. And what position is station C?Mr. SHANEYFELT. Station C is on a line drawn along the west curb line of Houston Street in a direct line, and station C is at a point along that line that is in line with where the car would have turned coming around that corner. It is on a line which is an extension of the west curb line of Houston Street. And this image of Betzner's with Towner in the foreground isn't where that extension of the west Houston curb is crossed? With them in the street... that limo does seem far from them.... Does this image help at all?
  2. Did something based on what you said..... and the results were very interesting... I superimposed upon 298-312 / 313-327 & 328-343.... and below that I removed the last layer Initially Toni is walking alone in the background but as you showed, adding 313 over 298 and those 2 people are in exactly the same spot Here is the same scene without 313 and after.... are either of these telling you anything to solidify you ongoing work?
  3. z313 - 48 = 265 - 74 = 191 = 170 feet from ??? (Zap or TSBD?) seem slike the "from TSBD measurements" 313 - 191 = 122 frames = 90 feet (260 shot 3 minus 170 shot 2) = .738 feet/frame x 18.3 = 13.5 feet per second = 9.2 mph What is not mentioned are the numerous other locations on which shots possibly occur. You'll see on the bottom page of notes that NPIC was just as confused as to how LIFE determined the starting frames for shots #1, & #2... Offered are 190, 206, 213, 242, & 264... appears Mandel is describing LIFE's conclusions... More importantly NPIC asks:... WHY 18 FPS AND NOT 16 FPS.... the actual speed setting on the camera... which can easily switch to 48fps while filming (see images at bottom of post) The 2nd page of the NPIC notes I added gives you some idea of the "working backward to find a solution that fits" approach to FBI work which in turn directly matches the new PLAT with the Shaneyfelt frame numbers next to dots.... in a standard move... the board starts at frame 188 despite them having made such a big deal of Position A, Z161, 166, 168 & 171...
  4. An impostor was removed and whisked away.... out of the back alley of the theater... (running pickup truck??) https://www.google.com/maps/place/S+Patton+Ave+%26+E+10th+St,+Dallas,+TX+75203/@32.748509,-96.8190032,72a,35y,150.56h,61.78t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x864e999755f98d4f:0x61d2a8e7bc767dd!8m2!3d32.7471779!4d-96.8187386?hl=en Above is a link to the modern day blocked off alley Commission exhibit 538 has all those numbered Tippit area photos... #30 is looking NW and would be the front of where the driveway ended at that alley... This is from John A. at harveyandlee.net I've cropped and darkened it a little... Interesting that the back of the Davis' house is a car lot... where a grey/white jacket could have been dropped off... instead, one block over and behind the Abundant Life Church is yet another car lot on Jefferson... although they watched this person walking down Jefferson instead of just taking the hidden alley... he supposedly walks back up, into the next car lit and drops his jacket.... and disappears - right next to the Church.... hmmmmm.... JIMMY EARL BURT, General Delivery stated that on November 22, 1963 he was living at 505 E. 10th Street, At the intersection of 10th and Patton Streets the man ran south on Patton Street. BURT said he ran to the intersection of 10th and Patton and when he was close enough to Patton Street to see to the south he saw the man running into an alley located between 10th and Jefferson Avenue on Patton Street. The man ran in the alley to the right and would be running west at this point. Others will tell the story with our man Ozzie walking down Jefferson.... the GREEG dotted line is the path of the 2nd police car into the alley from Patton and down the driveway. Mr. DULLES. May I ask what course he was taking when you last saw him?Mr. CALLAWAY. He was going west on Jefferson Street.Mr. DULLES. West on Jefferson Street?Mr. CALLAWAY. Yes, sir. DJ
  5. That building next to Scoggin’s name is the gentlemen’s club where he went for lunch.... here is the overview with more detail below... Mrs. Holm see this other police car.... Very good article.... http://harveyandlee.net/Tippit/Tippit.html
  6. Jim, in my pistol paper I have photos of the Poe marked shell casings... but it looks more like a B Page 42.. ce2011 p8 has Poe saying he put JMP
  7. I here ya Chris... yet I was curious on your thoughts specifically. The 2nd shot they admit to, in the vicinity of Z313, is the same shot we see in this gif closer to Moorman than Altgens According to the plat the yellow curbs are 40-45 feet apart... Altgens testimony impeaches the shot at z313 as being much too far away from him and that it did not occur that way... The overlay still does not move the actual head shot we see any further down Elm... your gif frame #13... The right frame is z313 as we see it today... but the left frame is from further down the street, right?... suggesting the head shot was before they reached Moorman. So yeah, I'm a little confused Now, in the three frames above.... the sun visor over Kellerman's head in 291 is touching the left side of Moorman... 292 it's dead center on her and 293 it's at her right side.. Isn't there a problem with angles, focal lengths, distance and how the camera is moved? Side to side, up and down all while panning (rotating around an axis) will produce some strange results, no? Isn't the fact the visor moves a uniform distance in each frame counter-intuitive to the angle differences?
  8. Or they signed it at the time and then was changed afterward.... doubt there'd be too many buying the 26 volumes to check it word for word.... I actually think more just said no, they didn't need to sign it, "I trust you guys... heck, you're the government"
  9. John... I don't think you realize how loud it was.... DP is like a bowl with the buildings at the east end + the one bldg on Elm, acting as echo makers. The DPD Harley's were very loud and just behind the limo.... these machines are spitting and popping, backfiring and revving... that first shot circa Shaneyfelt 157 along with the other shooters - only some of which with silencers - would allow 3 shots to sound like 1 with minimal overlap... The point though was to incriminate Oswald in a Castro conspiracy to kill JFK... shots on top of each other as Kellerman's "flurry" suggests were to be expected, until a Conspiracy was not what they wanted... The recanting and treatment of Alvarado in Mexico gives us some idea of how badly they needed off his story of the $6500 and red-headed negro. Regarding the reflection, The TSBD is right there buddy.... the orange on the truck has the tree trunk in front of it and in front of that are the very short squat reflections of the people.... The angle is very low but enough the catch the bottom 2 floors of the TSBD... Remembering that the CIA had this set up as a Cuban conspiracy, multiple shooters and shots too close together would be the point of creating a conspiracy... Oswald and others shooting JFK... but that ended quickly - no better an example is Alvarado in Mexico and what when on until he recanted his story. My thought now is that with 3 or even 4 shooters - why would they use silencers if the idea was to implicate a Cuban conspiracy? unless that was just talk to keep the hounds at bay... then I could imagine 1 shooter without and all the others with a silenced weapon ---like the De Lisle Carbine Found this weapon from WWII...
  10. He wasn't asked if he wanted to sign it... he signed his affidavit about the closing mechanism on the 2nd floor lunchroom. How would we know if he did or not without a copy of his signed deposition... and I haven't been able to find anything yet to suggest he did sign it.... we usually get that Signed by: /ROY TRULY/
  11. Funny enough... I actually thought that was what you did with that gif.... the explanation makes even more clear. A question though.... do you have a sense about how did they make it appear he was hit at z313 with the Moorman yellow curb in the frame....when Altgens is adamant that the headshot occurred right in front of him... 40 feet down the road? Do you think this is after the limo passes him or as the limo passes him or up the street 15 feet?
  12. I think it was Dino at NPIC who said they - Hawkeyeworks Rochester - could do anything and everything that's doable to film... David Healy wrote a great piece on the machinery of the time... I can only think what tweaks might have been made.... I am 99% sure this is an exerpt from his article... if I mistakenly credited the wrong person... my bad... but I remember that photo I'm really glad you said that Tony.... Position A is one of those things, like the SS describing a shot +/- 4 feet from 5+00, that's in the record, glaring us in the face practically, and negates so much of the evidence offered by the WCR and beyond. You think it's as simple as "nobody asked" as to why we do not have a single witness saying what Truly did? .... and why in the world would they include Position A and that Truly statement in the first place? =========== Not like they didn't change testimony before..... We have proof that Dulles just crossed out what CADIGAN said about the evidence at the FBI lab and rewrote his testimony at that point... why wouldn't they just remove that part from Truly? (from the John Armstrong collection) DELETE and rewrite... y'know, to get the the truth of the matter.... THE ALTERATION OF THE ZAPRUDER FILM - HAWKEYE WORKS.docx
  13. Go to the MATH RULES thread.... Days of reading and incredibly fascinating work... from Chris D.
  14. I reduced the one I work with down so the detail may be a bit fuzzy... the original photoshop file is 170 megs... yet I believe you can use the 1"=20' scale, but you need to set the file up to display that way... This plat also corresponds to CE884 with dots on the street placed by Shaneyfelt after moving the path of the limo south and east by 1.1 feet. Robert West's path flows thru the station numbers... 2+00, 3+00, etc.... with the last shot placed within 4 feet of 5+00... or as the front of the limo reaches the steps by the knoll DJ
  15. Not sure if you've ever seen this animation... but here is a frame from it... you also may do yourself a favor and find a file of the 20:1 or 10:1 plat of Elm... I know another member here is working on a very accurate animation as well... just need to go find it. So, no... if this is accurate the front of the limo doesn't get to the SW corner until after z175... There are no photos or films other than Zapruder... and the Towner hand-off, that shows that section of DP at that time... Checking Davidson's work...z175-180 checks out
  16. Tony, part of the problem with that turn is the Towner Film and of course any photos from that corner... If you have the video or a gif of the frames it's even more pronounced but hard to post... So I use frames instead here... Here's a Towner frame in relation to the curb Truly mentions... As the limo passes I noticed a very strange event occurring , as the limo pulls away it appears to be moving sideways The rear tire gets smaller as the distance from Towner increases.... yet the size of the column and background gets BIGGER... the top image on the left is a sec or so after the image below it... with the column inset from the frame above.... even more examples on the left Tony.... how dat?
  17. And this is why I come here... Can you do the same with the limo rear wheel? The other side of the turn is betrayed by POSITION A which they claim the limo passed thru but was not on the Zfilm... what bothers me most though is Truly mentions it as an after thought.... not as an answer to a direct question... And he's the only one who says this.... Even without prompting you'd think a few others - like Brennan -would mention this.... ????? I'd also like your opinion on something in the next post.... Great thinking outside the box .... DJ I did an analysis on that motorcycle which disappears and takes the widest of the Elm turns... He's lost behind the trees for over 80 frames before he emerges in the exact spot of the limo in Position A - I superimposed him onto the WCR image of Position A.... Unless the SS car cuts the corner more sharply, Z133 (whether real or not) but z133 shows the SS followup car right on the tail of the limo and in a straight line back up Elm... Seems to me the SS car is about where the limo would have taken the wide turn... your thoughts on this are appreciated... DJ
  18. Truly amazing how enjoyable this thread becomes with certain people on ignore... just sayin'
  19. This is an extreme closeup of the 3rd floor window... that black blob is there in every version I've seen and seems to float over the photo... Still appears like someone in that window I've heard say the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 6th floor and roof... I don't think there are any photos of the 6th floor or roof during the motorcade... ??? Here are the 2nd story on left and 3rd story fire escape windows 3rd floor 2nd and 3rd stories with Altgens photo enlargement down Houston
  20. Hang on a mo' Jim.... From Garrison... Abundant Life Church is associated with CRISMAN... of Maury Island fame https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maury_Island_incident The Library turned up dry.... but I don't think much was "investigated" at that church....
  21. Hey there Paul... I have this as further support for that early shot... I agree with you that a shot at z157/158 happened and was noticed by Rosemary, Hickey and JFK I believe.. among others I know the image is terrible yet I believe your point is made... JFK drastically whips his head in what was supposed to be just a rip.. in a single frame Below is a little analysis of the "rip" FWIW Also below is Hickey looking at what some say was concrete dust flying up next to the limo as the result of a "ground level sound" as opposed to one originating much higher up... I believe Chris Davidson mathematically illustrates how/why the Towner film was "burnt".... finally, there is an amazingly strange anomaly in that Towner film which I will post about shortly. and by the way: Brennan had to have seen this, no? Mr. TRULY. That is right.And the President's car following close behind came along at an average speed of 10 or 15 miles an hour. It wasn't that much, because they were getting ready to turn. And the driver of the Presidential car swung out too far to the right, and he came almost within an inch of running into this little abutment here, between Elm and the Parkway. And he slowed down perceptibly and pulled back to the left to get over into the middle lane of the parkway. Not being familiar with the street, he came too far out this way when he made his turn.Mr. BELIN. He came too far to the north before he made his curve, and as he curved--as he made his left turn from Houston onto the street leading to the expressway, he almost hit this north curb?Mr. TRULY. That is right. Just before he got to it, he had to almost stop, to pull over to the left.If he had maintained his speed, he would probably have hit this little section here.Mr. BELIN. All right.
  22. My pleasure... and as the story goes When they confronted Postal and asked about this man and whether he paid, she just started crying... every time... Butch Burroughs working with Julia but inside also claimed he served Oswald at the snack stand between 1 and 1:15... And a Jack Davis describes how Oswald moved from seat to seat in the theater.... Thanks to the great work of John Armstrong yet again.... http://harveyandlee.net/November/November_22.htm While I don't agree with 100% offered... this write-up is very detailed and addresses most all the activities including the strange behavior of WESTBROOK, CROY, BREWER and many others... Whether you agree with the H&L premise or not, this article is surely a must read to get a handle of the breadth of activity designed to GET OSWALD that day. Enjoy.... (in fact, Armstrong and Malcolm Blunt would visit the National Archives daily for weeks making copies in the early and mid 90's. Thanks to the great work of Bart Kemp, we are now starting to see the 10,000 or so docs Malcolm copied. DJ
  23. I believe it was Brennan to Insp Sawyer.... as I remember it.... but after reading this thread it was probably the other way around... Sawyer was, IMO, one of the bad cops.... read his testimony as to what he did between 12:30 and 12:35... Amazing As to the 2nd important call... Julia Postal: Mrs. POSTAL. No, sir; I told Johnny this, don't tell him, because he is an excitable person, and just have him, you know, go with you and examine the exits and check real good, so, he came back and said he hadn't seen anything although, he had heard a seat pop up like somebody getting out, but there was nobody around that area, so, I told Johnny about the fact that the President had been assassinated. "I don't know if this is the man they want," I said, "in there, but he is running from them for some reason," and I said "I am going to call the police, and you and Butch go get on each of the exit doors and stay there."So, well, I called the police, and he wanted to know why I thought it was their man, and I said, "Well, I didn't know," and he said, "Well, it fits the description," and I have not---I said I hadn't heard the description. All I know is, "This man is running from them for some reason." And he wanted to know why, and told him because everytime the sirens go by he would duck and he wanted to know----well, if he fits the description is what he says. I said, "Let me tell you what he looks like and you take it from there." And explained that he had on this brown sports shirt and I couldn't tell you what design it was, and medium height, ruddy looking to me, and he said, "Thank you," and I called the operator and asked him to look through the little hole and see if he could see anything and told him I had called the police, and what was happening, and he wanted to know if I wanted him to cut the picture off, and I says, "No, let's wait until they get here." So, seemed like I hung up the intercom phone when here all of a sudden, police cars, policemen, plainclothesmen, I never saw so many people in my life. And they raced in, and the next thing I knew, they were carrying----well, that is when I first heard Officer Tippit had been shot because some officer came in the box office and used the phone, said, "I think we have got our man on both accounts." "What two accounts?" And said, "Well, Officer Tippit's," shocked me, because Officer Tippit used to work part time for us years ago. I didn't know him personally.Mr. BALL. You mean he guarded the theatre?Mrs. POSTAL. On Friday nights and Saturdays, canvass the theatre, you know, and that----then they were bringing Oswald out the door over there and ----
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