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  1. I have been a French Teacher in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 1978, but are since last august employed one day at my "old"school - Wolfert van Borselen scholengroep : http://www.wolfert.nl - as head of internal professional development and three days at Leiden university - http://www.iclon.leidenuniv.nl - : two days for setting up a teacher training for bilingual and international settings and one day in a group whose task is to gather existing knowledge about teacher learning and to make this knowledge available to the field.
  2. Hello, everyone. I'm sorry not to be able to attend your meeting in Toulouse! There are serveral things in which ICT helped me in my teaching. For example; - The drill and practice software: I tend to get very nasty with pupils who make always the same mistakes. Good software (not the ones with feedback-type: "wrong, try again" takes away my anger and helps pupils to overcome repetitive questions and difficulties; - Presentation software and a beamer - It is hard to get it sometimes, but it 's worth being rude to your principal to get one: it is so nice to be able to use good presentation
  3. Hello, I am Dico Krommenhoek, I'm a French teacher at the Rotterdam international school Wolfert van Borselen, in the Netherlands I teach French part-time and my other occupations in school are helping other teachers in their professional development and training coaches; from this schoolyear on, i'll be training colleagues in working with highly abled students and with dealing with the computer in their subject. Last year I started as a guest-teacher at Leiden university, as a teacher-trainer of French; Since the job would take too much of my family-time, I decided tot resign. I'm 49 y
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