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  1. Thanks Dan for the link. It's useful to know what the official line is. I'm still mulling over ideas. I wonder whether I could pluck tricks etc from various periods in history? eg I could first give a juggling demo. Next I could give all the pupils in the class or classes a copy of the ancient tomb painting depicting juggling. They could all get up and have a go at the simple tricks which appear to be depicted. They could take the pictures home with them and show their friends and family how the Ancient Egyptians juggled! Who knows, they may never forget. I shall resume my pondering. Circus
  2. I'm looking for new ways to develop my work in schools. Juggling and magic went on in Ancient Egypt for example. Is Ancient Egypt on the National Curriculum and studied in schools at any age group? I could teach the kids the tricks which appear to be depicted on ancient tomb paintings. It may bring the subject to life a little? Also Ancient Greece and the Romans - what age group, if any, are taught about these people? Circus Kevin
  3. Hi again folks, I shall now report on yesterday's session with the kids. Last night I was at my magic class. This morning I have taken my van in for service and ridden 3 miles back on my mini penny farthing - much to the amusement of onlookers. Only 9 kids at yesterday's class. The girl who so nearly won the spinning plate was missing which was a shame. The kids had the chance today to go on an array of novelty carts which was great for them. I discovered who the ADHD kids were. One was the lad who confessed to 'throwing a brick at a bloke' in the previous session. He wasn't at this session
  4. Hiya folks, I've had a class of ADHD and behavioral problem students this afternoon to teach (8-13yrs).I do the rope through neck trick to start these classes off. It gives me an idea of the sort of kids I'm dealing with from the confessions they make. This afternoon the kid confessed to throwing a brick at a bloke. Going through the early lessons of tricks with ropes, toothbrush twirling, one + two ball juggling tricks and yo-yo's it was fairly chaotic. About 10-12 kids. I don't think they sat still long enough in one place for me to count them accurately. Started to notice the first kids
  5. Hiya folks, I've a collection of novelty cycles for occasional use with my circus skills workshops. They include mini penny-farthings, backwards pedalling cycles, eccentric wheel cycles, reverse-steer cycles and a gyrobike. Also one where the saddle is connected to cranks on the back wheel. Motion is achieved by pushing down with one's posterior and repeating the action! If any schools are interested in seeing them please let me know. It could be an interesting project for schools to make some of these. Not only could pupils make them, they could ride the finished product - a lesson they'd
  6. We live in age where we wait for the government to implement policies. Would any PE teachers ever undertake to ensure their pupils could swim out of a sense of social responsibility rather than an addition to their pay packet? Circus Kevin
  7. Hi Folks, I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching circus skills to special needs pupils the past 4 years. I thought I'd join this forum to talk a little about it. I've collected all sorts of novelty bikes and carts to add an extra dimension from the usual juggling etc. I've managed to make my workshops accessible and enjoyable to EBD, MLD, SLD, Autistic, Deaf and even Blind pupils. The blind pupils loved whizzing about in the carts and some even took part in the stiltwalking. They could feel they were as tall as their teachers. I must have spent twenty to thirty thousand pounds on all the stuff I
  8. I teach circus skills in primary, secondary and special schools. My Website http://www.kevinscircus.com says a bit more about me. Does need updating sometime with more emphasis on the educational aspects of my work. However I'm sure you'll like the pictures with my balloon modelling at University balls etc.
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