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  1. At the 2004 SHP Conference I attended a very good seminar by Christine Counsell on this subject. It was very convincing and she provided several examples of how this problem could be tackled. However, she did not use ICT to do this. Could you outline how you use ICT to deal with long sources? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There are a number of difficulties with longer sources that ICT can help with. If the teacher is using a dataprojector and whiteboard they can very easily signpost where in the text they are looking to help students 'find the place'. It is also possible to use pop ups to
  2. How can ICT support the development of students’ historical communication skills? The first section of the workshop summarised the five different strands of ICT use in history that I have been involved with. In each case there are advantages to history from the effective use of ICT. That word ‘effective’ is very important, as sometimes ICT is not the best tool for supporting learning in history. The first four strands were covered very quickly. They are not new ideas, they do work but in some places history teachers have been slow to adopt them. The reasons for history teachers not using ICT
  3. 'The one thing they do like is the emergence of the data projector and the electronic whiteboard'. I think this quote from John Simkin relates to an important development. But it should be emphasised that it takes time for a teacher to learn how to get the best out of the technology. In two recent lessons in West Sussex where I am working on history and literacy the data projector was very well used. In the first lesson in 1 school the teacher was using PowerPoint to help pupils to see how historians convey their point of view whilst deploying their historical information. Each successive s
  4. Dave Martin, freelance history adviser. My interest in the use of ICT has always been how will it improve the teaching of history and there is no doubt that it can achieve that. I have pioneered database materials and written materials and run training courses for teachers, as have other contributors to this area for over 20 years. To me ICT brings new resources into the classroom, just today I have visited the excellent new education site of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission where I saw some new (for me) materials on the use of poison gas. ICT also deepens and enriches the classroom ex
  5. Dave Martin After 13 years teaching history in the classroom I worked as history adviser for Dorset LEA for 10 years. For the past 6 years I have been a freelance history adviser. I have been involved in the use of ICT to improve history teaching since 1980. My other development interest is in the use of historical fiction in history teaching and I run a web site to support this at http://www.dorset-lea.org.uk/projects/each/each1.htm
  6. Dave Martin is History Adviser in Dorset. He also runs the Historical Fiction site at: http://www.dorset-lea.org.uk/projects/each/each1.htm
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