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    I have been recently appointed Head of the English Department at the Spanish Lycée in Neuilly sur Seine (Paris). Formerly I was a Language and Humanities Consultant at the Teachers' Resource Centre of Alcorcon (Madrid). My specialty is and has been Foreign Language Teaching, English to be more precise. I was a member of the History E-Learning Project, in charge of providing resources and training to the teachers of this area of Madrid. In what concerns the Hostory E-Learning Project my main contribution with my knowledge of English Language Teaching was raising awareness of the main problems that history teaching may have in non-native students. Besides, extending knowledge of examples of good practice at a local, regional, national and international level in what concerns the teaching history in English in non-native environment was another area of deep interest.

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  1. I am so sorry to know of Richard's unfair dismissal and would like to urge IST's governing board to reinstate him and his other colleague. I met Richard in 2005 when I was an active member of the E-HELP project, as my institution , the CAP de Alcorcón (Madrid) was and is an active member. Needless to say Richard's impression was that of the highest efficency and proved extensively his talents both in History teaching incorporating IT and in coordinatiing the work of the Comenius 2.1 Project. As I see it there is NO way a professional like Richard can be dismissed on grounds of work inefficiency. Not only are his talents known to his students and student's parents, you have a list throughout this thread of international experts backing and acknowledging an outstanding expert, an efficient coordinator, a good worker whose only mistake may have been to voice injustice and unfairness. I sincerely hope there is a way back and the IST community reacts to these unfair events. All my support for Richard is his fight for rights.
  2. No problem for the initial planning. However if you find it useful to change the order, we have no objection.
  3. Fully agree. As far as we are concerned the language issue is no problem. We assume the French part as part of our contribution. The teaching of Citizenship is still not present in the Spanish educational system but we'll be able to benefit from other members' expertise to apply and study different cases. Any how, Citizenship wll also be a subject of interest to language and philosophy teachers, as it is the case of our institution, so we'll collaborate in this trend, apart from benefitting and collaborating with historical aspects. Again, fully committed and fully in agreement.
  4. I am awaiting this information. I will post it as soon as I get it. Sorry to be out in these critical moments, but was out of technology. I do hope we can indeed find the right partners.
  5. Let me first thank you for your offer (that of sending us your reflection on the activity) which I would be delighted to read. Then, regarding the technological possibilities offered today I am most inclined to thinking that any European project demands a certain technological literacy (which in a Comenius 2.1 as ours would appear in the refresher course for teachers in the end) apart from a general knowledge of English and other languages. I tend to think of languages not as barriers (technology is also a language in that sense, as it demands literacy). So whatever we may think there is a need to make our language(s) accessible to a wider community. I believe, with everybody's effort, we can make a worth contribution to "this whole European idea".
  6. The figures are right for the Spanish Lycee and myself.
  7. Juan Carlos and yourself were originally down to 120 days at 150 euros a day at a total staff cost of 18,000 euros. This figure will have to be adjusted according to the number of days and costs of other members. However, I need a starting figure before making these calculations. Concerning average day costs. Mine is high for two reasons. (1) I am managing director of a company and so therefore I am automatically placed in Staff Category 1. (2) I am based in England. For example, Andy Walker, who is a classroom teacher, is on 280 euros a day, in E-HELP. Terry Hadyn is on 300. Other examples include Spain (150), Holland (210), and Sweden (200). As regard costs it is OK if you put me down to 150 €. The reason why I'm in Paris is because I do get those €250. It is OK, then, €150 and the total figures to reach 18,000.
  8. In E-HELP the amount (if I'm not wrong was 100 days for Juan Carlos and myself) was figured out according to other criteria. I find it easier to think of 100 days throughout the three year period (Total cost: 100 x 250 = 25,000). I would not object, in any case, to raising that number of days to 140 if required.
  9. Then my daily quota is the one I mentioned above € 250. Thanks John.
  10. Good idea David. I need to price this for the application form. Any suggestions? After my experience at E-HELP I am very keen that all members have a good quality Handycam. This could be used to produce citizenship resources and to record good examples of citizenship teaching. One possibility is the Sony DCR-DVD 403. The only problem about this model is that it uses mini DVD discs (these are more expensive than normal sized DVDs. http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,121563,00.asp Good choice. I had been reviewing about Handycam DCR-DVD92 DVD Digital Camcorder (.68MP, 20x Opt, 800x Dig, 2.5" LCD), but your choice offers a higher quality. http://pcworld.pricegrabber.com/search_get...asterid=7267949 As regards the costs of DVDs in comaprison to DVs I think that will be going down (most naturally). I should also recommend to acquire a long furation extra battery per camera for field recording. One battery is definitely not enough.
  11. I need to know the way to figure it out. By now I believe is about €250 per day. If you can let me know how to calculate I will give you a perfect sum.
  12. Did it? My interpretation is that the system caused a great deal of resentment and bad feeling. Some people were clearly working a lot more than their allocated days and some a great deal less. Maybe you're right, as your perspective encompasses a longer period of time. Should we suggest then, to provide products throughout the whole process, with pre-established deadlines? NO problem for that either.
  13. I have but to agree with Juan Carlos. In my view and from my experience it worked for E-HELP (for the short period I was an active member), it should work for Citizenship & ICT.
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