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  1. Interesting question. I would have thought there must be some history teachers who have produced materials for their students whose students and parents came from India. I used to know a teacher called Frank Roberts from London who produced some good materials on India. Spartacus published three short books on Indian history written by British teachers. They are not currently online. However, when I get time, I will put the one that I did on the web. Hi John, It is really a long to time to respond to you and even more fascinating is to pick an old thread to do that. Anyhow, I am catc
  2. That is an idea that has long occurred to me when thinking about historical "conspiracies." How can we say they are plots cooked up by people over long periods of time when the players are constantly changing, some dying off while new ones come on the scene? I have tried, while researching a subject, to insert myself back in time amongst the known conspirators in order to "get into their minds." The only way I know how to do that is to follow the money in their lives. From my own experience I realize that people have as much freedom as their family station and ability to earn money allow th
  3. I had started a blog titled Dictionary of History of India. It was started with an idea of providing the list of the short answers which forms the part of the question papers at different levels including schools, colleges as well as selection tests in India. No doubt, the contents are guided by the syllabus of College level History papers and Selection tests to various examinations in India. The blog is developing into a good form. I have made it a point to give links to the original sources which are being made available by online archives and library. That is adding some value to it. I
  4. John, It seems that there is some dissatisfaction with the contents of the above post. Kindly ask some thing specific. I must substantiate that the India Year Book is published by Publication Division. It is a department of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India which is a Central government ministry. The book contains the details about the policy decisions of all the government of India departments. It also gives a detailed statistics of the previous years. No doubt, it is not an history book but it is definitely an authentic source of information about India. On the other han
  5. The latest version is also available now. It can be accessed at India 2009.
  6. I desire to introduce the forum to one of the important source of information on India from post colonial period. It can be accessed at the following link. India Year Book 2008, Publications Division of India. I am sure that it will satisfy the need of the members who may like to teach or prepare lessons about the India for the period after 1947. It is published by Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Boradcasting, Government of India. It is in pdf format and spread over 1186 pages. It is the most authentic source of reference on different aspects of Republic of India as it
  7. Dear Dan, First of all I regret the inordinate delay in replying back. I must accept that I have not learned about Mr. Hiro. Hence, I can not comment much in it. I will definitely try to get hold of a copy of his works as you have shown great interest in it. Further, As I have pointed out earlier and I have been making this point on my blog also, that in case of Indian cyber space, there seems to be lukewarm response to democratization of knowledge, using of internet for learning and teaching purpose and also for sharing purpose. I believe this observation is definitely true in case of s
  8. On link here, John Steven Kreis has given a list of more quotations which substantiate the above list.
  9. Thanks for these very interesting links. Are you aware of any teacher created web based activities on Indian history? First of all I provide an update on Digital Library of India. The new url is as here. The library has an ambitious plan of bringing one million books available in different languages of India online. Some of them are already uploaded. I have given some comments on the library in my blog. Secondly, Prof. R. K. Khanna, an alumni of Guru Nanak University Amritsar as well as HOD, DAV College Jalandhar is regularly bringing posts on Indian History especially Punjab History. I
  10. Hi Andy Walker, Well, it is really two years by now that this question remains here. What was your answer anyhow? Kindly do not get amused. I believe being a teacher you might have given a responsible answer. But, let us take up this question as teachers first and then history teacher. Here, by history teacher, I must qualify that we have to check our biases and follow a definition as per which it is claimed that a historian does not have any nation. The whole world is his nation. I believe that the student somewhere desired to ask, "Is the history of British INDIAN Empire something Br
  11. The Digital Library of India provides some primary and original sources on India. One should also check ERNET. The above efforts are a part of on going ICT projects in India under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and University Grant Commission. The different links on the above mentioned portals can also help as resources in learning about different educational and cultural aspects of India. They may be highly useful for the teachers taking up assignments on South Asian region.
  12. I am wondering that what are the views of the forum member on Google Print. As far I am concerned, it is nearly a week that I am checking different aspects of Google Print. I am really excited and happy. As a teacher, I find that it is a good source. Secondly, even MSN is also coming with similar work. The details about them can be accessed at following link www.bl.uk/news/2005/pressrelease20051104.html. (Borrowed from blog of Miland Brown.) Similarly, another source on orginal and primary sources for History students and teachers are available at Digital Library of India. One should also
  13. Here is a blog in which the bloggist, who claims himself to a journalist from India, covered the watergate. He has traced the events, which it seems, he has collected from the media reports. The address of the blog is as follows: http://valhallaviking.blogspot.com/2005/04...te-scandal.html He has identified the effects of the scandal on the American legislation and judiciary also. Further on another posting at the following address http://valhallaviking.blogspot.com/2005/04...ious-gates.html he has written a write up. Well it is not directly related to Watergate, but it has something in
  14. Has any one checked http://www.technorati.com. It is dedicated to blogs only. What I have found that within in ten mintues, this tool crawl to your posting. Can other member check its ability the way they have done for search engines for google and yahoo. lately, even yahoo have also started giving targetted results. Well, it is the elder brother to googles. I was astonished to learn that google is work of young people who have different idea about business and economics of doing business. They are in their early thirties and they are coming up with new ideas every other day. I am pro
  15. The observations made are quite significant. Some predictions are also made. When I started making blogs I was amused that why google was providing such a large space on cyberspace without charging any money. I think they have made this move with a business model which justify predictions made above. What I understand that online facilities are going to adjust into life more fast. Even in a country like India, where the government is fighting with the menace of black money and parallel economy, the card money and online payments are now being gradually accepted a more better option.
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