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  1. This is some information I posted several years ago about Oswald's travel to Helsinki and entrance into the Soviet Union..... Posted November 27, 2004 (edited) “…those with even the smallest speck of cynicism in their hearts will be wondering why the cruel fates lured them into this quagmire of syrup.” Tor Thorsen, REEL.COM, review of the movie Serendipity 2001 Questions need answers. The questions that surrounded the assassination of John F. Kennedy needed, in order to calm a shocked nation, to be answ
  2. William Friedman's original team. John Hurt is third from left on the top row.
  3. Tom Between July 2, 1935 and Aug. 21, 1935 (Walker became a First Lt. on Aug. 1, 1935) Walker was on Detached Service at Ft. Monnouth, New Jersey.
  4. Hello Michael What I find most interesting about Oswald's attempts to contact Jonathon Abt is the verity of ways he tried to connect with Abt. Apparently there was a number of attempts to contact Abt by phone (at various numbers) as well as making request to individuals who visited Oswald while he was in custody. I do find the fact that Abt had argued the Smith Act before the Supreme Court of interest, mostly because Oswald seems to have been familiar with the man based on the arguments he made and perhaps the relationship to Oswald's own pending case. More importantly to me is the
  5. Tom I have the information that you want at a different location but it centers around the first training of military personnel to intercept encrypted radio intelligence. This early training was conducted by William Friedman's group of Crytologist (a John Hurt was an original member of Friedman's team) at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey. I believe I was the first researcher to identify a John Hurt who played an important part in the organization that became the National Security Agency. Hope to provide you with additional information in the next week. Jim Root
  6. Jason My research suggests that Walker "goes off the rails" at exactly the same time Oswald begins his attempts to return to the USA from the Soviet Union. Until that time, Maj. General Walker was a highly respected military officer that ran the Greek desk during the Greek Civil War, was put in command during the First Straits of Taiwan Crisis, was sent to Little Rock, Arkansas during the integration of schools there, he led the transfer of POW's at the end of the Korean conflict, played a role in the Army Missile Program, etc. During WWII he led a combat mission that captured the most so
  7. For a little over two months in 1934, three years after he graduated from West Point, the future Maj. General Walker would be sent to the small Army garrison on Governors Island. The Cullum Record of Edwin Walker shows that he was xxxigned to Governors Island on DS (Detached Service) which is a reference to work outside of your normal duty (In Walkers case as an Artillery Officer). During this time "...soldiers on Governors Island were showing signs of lethargy produced by the smoking of mariajuana (sp),"."An investigation started by the Army Intelligence Division disclosed that marijuana ci
  8. Jason asked: "Yes, Ruby is stalking Oswald, from what you posted, and he's nervous about admitting it. Is there something else here?" What I find so interesting is that Ruby spends time at the Temple then heads over to the PD. Somewhere along the way he picks up two men who accompany him that are identified as "Israeli Press." Ruby is identified with these two men by a reporter (Rutledge) and a detective (Eberhart) who know Ruby so I tend to believe the sworn statements of Rutledge and Eberhart to be true. Many years ago I had the opportunity to discuss this with Gary Mack
  9. I am suggesting that the election of Kennedy allowed McCloy to continue in his quest for a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. I also suggest that McCloy did not want the Paris Summit to happen. I will also say that McCloy quit as Kennedy's Chief Arms negotiator, refusing to negotiate a Limited test Ban Treaty in 1963 only to be reappointed by Johnson to a position as an arms negotiator after the assassination and McCloy was also appointed to the Warren Commission. I will also say McCloy is a very interesting fellow! As Asst. Sec. of War under Stimson, McCloy had a strange portfolio
  10. Jason You have hit upon another of the troubling questions for my research......why would Ruby kill Oswald? This is from a post I wrote back in 2004.....perhaps you will find it of interest. A few weeks ago I began a Topic about the two "reporters" with Jack Ruby at the DPD the night of the assassination. As of this time I have had no response but thought I would provide this additional information. What are your thoughts about these portions of the Warren Report. I heard a great deal of the newsreel tape was distroyed but I have never seen the two men with "bad
  11. Typo Paul, 1956. Oswald's letter to the Socialist party was written 21 days before he enlisted in the Marines on the 24 of October 1956. Jim Root
  12. I see Oswald as a young Socialist that had a troubled life and was attempting to find his way in his world. I see Walker as a soldier that would follow orders without question. There is a story that when, in the first minutes after Walker arrived to his assignment with the First Special Services Force (just before they were to deploy for their mission in the Aleutian Islands) Walker was told that he would have to be "jump qualified" before he could actually be a member of "The Force." As the story is told Walker went from the vehicle he arrived in to a plane and ordered the jump instructor
  13. Hey Paul just a few thoughts: On Oct. 3, 1959 LHO writes to the Socialist Party of America . For several years before this the CIA and the Postal Dept. were in discussion about beginning a full scale mail opening project in several cities including New York. They started slowly in about January of 1959 but it was a "fullscale operation" by November. The major person pushing this for the CIA was Richard Helms would would be following Oswald prior to the assassination of JFK. I suggest that Oswald would have been put on a "watch list" at that time as is suggested in John Newman's book O
  14. Jason your second suggestion is, I believe, spot on. More importantly I believe that Kennedy's failure to push for a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty in the months preceding his death is what put in motion the events that allowed Oswald to put Kennedy within his sights in Dallas. McCloy quit as Kennedy's chief arms negotiator in the months prior to the assassination. After the assassination McCloy would once again become America's chief arms negotiator. If Oswald were to live or not the one person that could put the pieces of who Oswald was would have been Walker. During
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