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  1. Nice post William Of course I read so many other posts attached that want to believe that this study is just another example of the conspirators ongoing coverup. For myself I have always felt that the backyard photos, in particular the two magazines Oswald is displayed holding, is consistant with Oswald's request to have Jonathon Abt act as his attorney. The two magazines were produced by two different organizations that were, to say the least, at odds with each other. The Warren Commission is quick to point this out and suggest that Oswald's understanding of the two organizations was an
  2. Within my theory of the assassination it would be important for any conspirators to be able to cover up any potentially damning information that could lead inquiring minds to those same conspirators. As I understand it Eugene V. Rostow, Dean of the Yale School of Law, was the first to suggest that the Federal Government take the lead in the investigation of the assination of John F. Kennedy. I also believe that the record shows that John J. McCloy played a very "strong" role in guiding that investigation. A quick glance at Eugene Rostow's career shows that the first position that he held as
  3. Steve and Ron My research has led me to many different areas in search of conspirators involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the whole tale that I have uncovered is rather complicated. The McCloy letter is of interest to me for many reasons, one of which is the date that it was written in comparison to the American University Speech (two days after). There are certain undeniable facts that can here be associated to that particular time in history: 1. Kennedy's speech of June 10, 1963 was a public announcement of a policy change that was not at all accepted by John J. McCl
  4. John Kennedy's American University Speech on June 10, 1963 was a shift in US policy toward nuclear arms negotiations between the Soviets and the United States. Up until that time John J. McCloy had been John F. Kennedy's chief arms negotiator. McCloy had been the first man Kennedy introduced at his very first press conference shortly after being sworn in as President. McCloy steped asside as Chief Arms negoiator when he disagreed with Kennedy's "new" approach to arms negotiaions in the days preceding the American University Speech. It is my belief that Kennedy's change of policy in nucl
  5. Karl I believe it was McCloy who once made the comment that, When it comes to the Constitution of the United States and the security of the United States the Constitution is just another scrap of paper. Paraphrased and not in quotations. Jim Root
  6. But Jim, you didn't answer my question. Have you read Gibson and does his confirmation of some of your suspicions support your research and contentions? BK William No I have not read either the first or the second of Gibson's books on the assassination. They seem very pricey but I will put them on my list. I did take the time to scan the Table of contents and to begin reviewing the on line version and would have to say from first glance that while Dr. Gibson comes to a similar conclucsion as myself he does so from conjecture that follows a different trail than I have traveled. Gibson
  7. I was wondering if Jim Root has seen this? Hi William and Tom The minutes of, I believe, the first Warren Commission meeting provide the information that Gibson seems to have used for his book. When you read the transcript it is amazing how McCloy manipulate the commission into first considering someone other than whom Warren suggested then, as time goes on, how he was able to manuver his own selection into place. My reading of those early meeting minutes suggested, to this reasearcher that McCloy had a lot more power than is generally understood by the public. McCloy first became a pote
  8. Well Edwin Walker was able to "fool the American Public" into thinking that it was Oswald who actually shot at him, so I guess that anything is possible. Do you consider yourself part of "the American Public" and do you think that Walker may have in fact pulled the wool over your eyes as well? Just curious. John What I do know for certain is that my research into the life of Maj. Gen. Edwin Anderson Walker has led to what I believe is very fertile ground in the search for a plausible conspiracy theory and has allowed me to focus in on names of those that I believe were very well posit
  9. Kathy I will answer your question first with some questions: If the conspirators were so stupid why weren't they caught? You also seem to accept that they "gave" Oswald the rifle. What if they didn't give him the rifle? What if they found a man who had a rifle and they began following his movements after they knew that he had attempted to kill another human being with that rifle (Walker incident and yes the FBI and the CIA's Richard Helms began tracking his movements shortly after this incident)? What if the conspirators were smart enough to know that this man who had aquired a rif
  10. Gene I believe that the last 45 years have shown that researchers can identify plenty of groups that may have had a reason to be involved in the assassination of JFK. Yet no one has been able to put together a conspiracy theory that can stand the scrutiny of a majority of all researchers and critics. I do believe that my area of research has taken me into a very different avenue than the mainstream conspiracy researchers..... Without even attempting to rehash the numerous pieces of my puzzle (pieces that seem to create a complete, yet complicated picture) suffice it to say that the conspir
  11. John Perhaps this will shed some light on who the "source" may have been.. "Missing from Oswald's diary is his extensive interview of November 16 with Priscilla Johnson McMillan, a figure who would play a reoccurring role in shaping the written record of the JFK assassination. Johnson was a veteran traveler to Moscow who returned to the Soviet Union for her fourth time on November 15, 1959. Previously she worked as a translator in the US Embassy but now she was returning to Moscow as a reporter for NANA (North American Newspaper Alliance.) The next day, while picking up her mail from the US
  12. Good eye Robert Harrod Miller first came to my attention when James Richards saw his picture with William Friedman's team of cryptologists (outside the "Vault") in association with John B. Hurt. Interesting the connections we make on this Forum. I believe I can place Harrod Miller, early in his career with John V. "Frenchy" Grombach who, along with Whitney Shepardson were running SI during WWII (otherwise known as "The Pond"). It does not take much to make the connection to Richard Helms (gee, the man monitoring Oswald before the assassination) to SI as well (I have very good documentation
  13. Robert Once again thank you for the kind words. In addition to your fine post I would like to add the names and some events surrounding MG Walker that I feel are of importance within my research. By no means complete it will perhaps provide some researches with a differet pasture from which to graze. Each of these people can be associated to Walker throughout his military career and before his (shat I believe to be a sham) Pro Blue troubles. Gordon Blake, Clifton Carter, Marshal Cartger, Chester Clifton, William Colby, Richard Helms, John Hickerson, John B. Hurt, Thomas Karamessines, Jo
  14. Tom Nice collection of information. What must be remembered here is until the 40th year release of documents (2004) information about the CIA receiving copies of FBI memos was not known. Thanks to John Newman's book "Oswald and the CIA" and the information obtained from Jane Roman that resulted from this release of information we now know about Hosty's notes making it to the office of Richard Helms. To assume that agents such as Hosty et al would have known how the FBI moved information up the intelligence chain cannot IMO be supported and the discipline handed out at the time was nothing
  15. Greg You wrote: "The decision on the parade route was a foregone conclusion since the Host committee was never going to allow the luncheon to be anywhere but the Trade Mart. Look at the connections to the Host committee and see where that leads. Or not." There were at least three different routes that the motorcade could have taken through the downtown to the Trade Mart. The one choosen was the longest and, along the longest route taken, the last building passed was the TSBD where Oswald worked. The motorcade was then to get on the freeway to backtrack to the Trade Mart, which was about h
  16. Greg Thank you for your reply. "Two roads in the woods diverge" Each person will take their research where their path leads them. It seems for you that "RP and Hosty have some explaning to do." For me it seems that the Warren Commision has "some explaining to do." After all, we find that the Hosty testimony destroys several premisses of the final Warren Commission Report. For example Hosty goes into an articulate and detailed rundown of Oswald's political beliefs while the Warren Commission suggests that Oswald is politically confused. Hosty knows exactly on what date Oswald leaves Ne
  17. I have a few serendipitous comments to make myself, and they are all, in one way or another related to information and analysis that has been posted on this thread..... One of the truly obscure items regarding the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff is that while General Lansdale is seen as being a key person by those who believe that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy, J.F.K. himself seemed to warm up to Lansdale, ironically President Kennedy also wanted to, [and did] meet William Harvey who was fighting with everyone on a quicker manner of disposing of Castro. Declassified document that menti
  18. Greg The answer to your question is in the Hosty testimony: "Mr. HOSTY. On Monday morning, I made a pretext telephone call to the Texas School Book Depository, I called up and asked for the personnel department, asked if a Lee Oswald was employed there. They said yes, he was. I said what address does he show? They said 2515 West Fifth Street, Irving, Tex., which I knew not to be his correct address. I then sent a communication, airmail communication to the New Orleans office advising them--and to the headquarters of the FBI advising them--and then instructing the New Orleans office to make
  19. William Nice try. Clearly not the one since it references November 5, 1963 and the third note in question was sent on November 4, 1963. Don't you find it strange that both Dulles and McCloy, both trained attorneys, trained in spycraft and trained in political intrique, would miss an opportunity to access a message that provided the exact location of where Oswald was working (a building which would become the final building passed along the motorcade route before backtracking to the Trade Mart lucheon) and would show exactly who had had access to that same message. I will suggest right he
  20. In attempting to answer a William Kelly question about James Patrick Hosty I ran accross this quote in his testimony: "Mr. HOSTY. On October 3, 1963, I received a communication from our New Orleans office advising that Lee Oswald and his wife Marina Oswald had left the New Orleans area a short time before. According to the communication, Marina Oswald, who was at that time 8 months pregnant, had left New Orleans with her small child, 2-year-old child, in a station wagon with a Texas license plate driven by a woman who could speak the Russian language. Lee Oswald had remained behind and then d
  21. William http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/hosty.htm Testimony Of James Patrick Hosty, Jr. Some of the interesting aspects when discussing Hosty's third note: "Mr. STERN. It is true, isn't it, that some of this information had already been---- Mr. HOSTY. Transmitted in letter form to New Orleans; right. Mr. DULLES. Prior to the assassination? Mr. HOSTY. Prior to the assassination; yes, sir. Representative FORD. That part on the second page? Mr. HOSTY. Right; this second paragraph starting, "On November 1, 1963, Mrs. Ruth Paine" Representative FORD. What did you do, dict
  22. Trying to bring this back on track some thoughts from Vincent Bugliosi: "I would come to believe after the London trial that the very remote possibility of anti-Castro Cuban exiles being involved with Oswald in the assassination, even if in the most tangential of ways, was the only conspiracy possibility in the entire case that had any merit." Reclaiming History Pg 1335 "...I feel that the slight preponderance of evidence is that Oswald was, in fact, the American among the three men who visited Odio. I say that for several reasons. One is that there is, as trial lawyers like to say, that
  23. Hi Antti Walker was traveling by plane into Shreveport, LA at the time of the assassination. Apparently he announced who he was to the passengers and had the pilot sign his ticket after the annoucnement of the assassination had been made. Walker would stay at the the Captain Shreve Hotel where, at 7:00am the following morning he would conduct the first of two interviews with a German publication that would break the Oswald/Wallker shooting story. Jim Root
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