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  1. Hi John A year or so ago I had the opportunity to have a few exchanges with Mr. McKnight. He was both cordial and infomative in his responses and I appreciated the contact he put me in touch with. I might add that he was also very complimetary of you at that time as well. An area of my research that I felt that he was not well informed upon was FBI Agent James P. Hosty's third note (the one that identified exactly where Lee Harvey Oswald was working some 18 days before the assassination and prior to the final motorcade route being decided upon. As you may recall I have posted several time
  2. Ultimate insiders displayed below in bold characters.....Taylor in his own words: Thank you Tom The relationship between Taylor and McColy was actually very close.....tennis buddies! Jim Root
  3. James Thank you for your reply. Perhaps I can pick your brain for a few more thoughts.' "De Torres was also well known to the Interpen group and had close associations with William Seymour and Dennis Harber. Harber is someone who remains under researched as he knew Gen. Walker well and was a regular visitor. Again, rumor has it that Harber was visiting Walker at the time of the so-called attempt on his life." I have a copy of a Dec. 2005 email from someone named "Tom" that suggests that in an interview, shortly before his death, Hilaire du Berrier claimed to have been at Gen. Walker's home
  4. A few years ago, when I visited the 6th Floor Museum, Gary Mack was very helpful in providing me with access to information held dealing with Maj. General Edwin Anderson Walker. On the same trip I was allowed access to the Walker collection stored at the Univ. of Texas. I do not remember exactly which collection it was from but there was an outline, written by Walker's secretary, detailing what had been bookmarked by Walker in his copies of the 26 volumns of supporting commission evidence. The outline was general...with very little information provided except vol. and page. Upon reviewin
  5. Gene While I agree that the geo political events surrounding the assassination are critical, it is my thoughts that the combination of persons necessary to carry out a conspiracy to murder a president would be even more critical. This group, if it existed. would not have been a hodgepoge of haphazard individuals who came together on a wim and somehow preformed a deed that has never been exposed. No! I would rather suspect that this group would have to be a very tight knit group that would have full and complete trust in each other. A trust that would have been forged over many years of
  6. could you expand on the above paragraph, Mr. Root? Thanks, David Healy David Thank you for taking an interest. It is very difficult to briefly explain my research, it is long, convoluted, goes off in many direction but constantly comes back to information that points primarily to two men who had both means and motive to put together the assassination of JFK. I might suggest that you read my posts from the the past 4 1/2 years to get a clearer picture of my story. Specific to your question though: As early as 1944 McCloy and Taylor were working together in Italy to control the ci
  7. Hi Gene Good to hear from you again As I think I mentioned once before the information I have gathered is rather vast and an explanation that draws from my collection is sometimes, because by nature it is a brief explanation, seems to simplistic. But here I will attempt to share some thoughts: "I also re-read the old threads about Taylor and the bay of pigs. Amazing retrospect... a scheme essentially to draw Kennedy (USA) into conflict with Cuba... my best basketball analogy is the player who sets himself up to draw an offensive foul. Allow the invasion to stall - blood on the beach-head -
  8. Gene You honor me with the amount of time you have spent reading many of my posts. Some quick thoughts on your post: The trailing of Oswald by the FBI/Helms double team begins shortly after the attempted assassination of Walker and was based upon an event (handing out pro Castro leaflets in Dallas) that J. P. Hosty believed never occured (Hosty believed that if this event had actually occured he would have known about it long before receiving a memo generated by a tip from confidential informant T-2). Thought: I suggest that there were those that did figure out that it was Oswald that may
  9. Gene The questions you ask are not simple. I have spent as many as six hours in one sitting explaining where my research has led so please realize that if I give a simple answer it in reality might require a great deal of background to understand fully. 1). why did Oswald shoot at Walker and what was the meaning of that episode: Oswald said that he believed that Walker was the head of a very bad organization. I believe that Oswald believed what he said because he had been helped into the Soviet Union perhaps, as I believe is possible, by Walker. Remember Oswald stalked him...went to a p
  10. Thank you for correcting my spelling errors. I am a math/history guy and my spelling has always been bad. Q: Whar are the three greatest tools in the history of humankind? A: Fire, The Wheel and Spellcheck! lol Jim Root
  11. Robert FYI: While discussing Oswald's relationship to Walker, GPH expressed to me in an email that Oswald's insertion into the Soviet Union was false flagged as an ONI operation. Jim Root
  12. John "Him (Walker), having been shot at as a leading opponent of the Kennedy presidency and then partaking in the preparations for the assault on Stevenson a month or so prior to Kennedy entering 'nut country', hanging his flag upside down, making sure the pilots on the plane taking him to Shrevesport, to meet other leading Segregationists, signed his ticket stub, setting in motion the Oswald shot Walker story through the German right wing paper made him an ideal middle man between far right militant groupings (like the KKK which were enjoying a popularity surge in response to JFK's no nonsen
  13. Gene Thank you for the kind words. It is obvious that you have taken the time to read at least a few of my many threads of research, once again I appreciate that. The Taylor connection is an integral part of this story.....if you examine the controversy surrounding the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963 you will see the common thread that ties McCloy and Taylor to a break with Kennedy. Although the Kennedy brothers were quick to recognize that without Taylor that Treaty would never have gotten through Congress the meetings behind closed doors show a different feeling on the part of Taylor
  14. Mark You stated: "Jim, my take on the Walker shooting is that the Walker shooting was, indeed, the "brilliant" shot you called it. With the miss, Walker gains credibility as someone who's not merely being persecuted, but as a person whom [unknown] folks are actually trying to kill. And Oswald, by missing, isn't rotting in some jail on an attempted murder rap when the time for the JFK hit comes. Thus, by NOT killing Walker, all the pieces are in place for the assassination plot to play out." I believe my train of thought is much simpler, perhaps because I am such a simple minded person......
  15. Tom For what it is worth Lewis Strauss was a good friend of John J. McCloy as was Sir William Wiseman and many at Kuhn, Loeb. Jim Root
  16. John You continue to hit upon some of the same questions that have puzzled me for many years. Although I continue to speculate on many issues surrounding these topics my research has been driven and developed based upon some of the answers I have uncovered. These answers have usually lead to additional questions and additional avenues to travel. ""In 1957, General Walker was actually credited with furthering the cause of racial integration after he led federal troops integrating the schools in Little Rock, Ark. Actually, Gen. Walker led the troops only after President Eisenhower refused h
  17. John Looking deeper into point two, you state: "Jim, with regards to the second point there are articles/docs of the time having Walker quoted as saying he not only tendered his resignation but also that of his company. It was refused and the order stood." When I first began to accumulate deeper information on Walker I was puzzled by lack of consistency in his actions albeit Little Rock versus Oxford. One of the keys that I found that SEEMS to suggest an answer is contained in your point of "articles/docs of the time having Walker quoted as saying he not only tendered his resignation..."
  18. John You bring up some interesting points. Let me see if I can provide some information based upon the research that I have done in this area. "Kennedy had given an Executive Order that Walker clearly disobeyed." If you overlap the timming of the "Overseas Weekly" article (and when they began thier research for the article) another interesting coincidence occurs....of course depending upon whom you believe. According to the Warren Commission Report the first letter written by Oswald requesting that he be allowed to return to the United States from the Soviet Union was written after the re
  19. Robert You asked: "We have some shared interests one obviously is Edwin Walker and the Greek desk at the Pentagon....... Do you think the Joannides, Walker, Karramessines trio has everything to do with why those files were destroyed?" I believe that Walker was a much bigger fish than the official history would have us believe. Walker is very well connected and pops up in many places that one would not expect to find a man whom official history suggests was just some "right wing nut." What attracts my attention even more than the Greek desk/Karramessines/Walker/Joannides connection (not t
  20. Robert I appreciate your interest in this area....I certainly do believe that it is not only relavent to the assassination story but may be the key to unlocking the mystery. The follow emails are part of some correspondence I have had with a significant author/publisher in the field of Cryptology who would perfer that his name not be used. He has reviewed my research and feels that it has merit in this area: From: "Jim Root" <jroot@avhsd.org> To: Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 2:14 PM Subject: Herbert O. Yardley mystery > Mr. > > Several years ago you wrote an articl
  21. John Did not know you had a family background in this particular area of research. The United States did not declare war on Finland until late in the war. Most people see Spain and Portugal as the "hotbeds" of spy activity during the war but it seems that the Stokholm station played a very large roll not only in the espionage war against Germany but in the pre Cold War activities that would become so important to US strategic interests in the late 1940's and beyond. It seems, from my research, that Finland was stuck between three giants....the Soviet Union, Germany and a strenghtening US
  22. Hi John We've travelled this path before. My thoughts on the CIA mail opening and the roll played by Richard Helms. I still contend that the letter Oswald wrote as a teenager to the Socialist Workers Party would be the first item that should have been found in any 201 File that the CIA had on Oswald. When we look at both the mail opening program conducted by the CIA and control of Oswald's 201 file, the name Richard Helms seems to be very prominent! Next the Warren Commission investigation into Oswald....Helms again. For me the shakey history of Oswald's 201 File and the missing Hosty n
  23. Robert Somewhere in my files I have a phone registry for the American Mission in Greece that provided the exact position held by Karramessines. I uncovered it at the Hoover Library at Stanford University in the Special Collections Library (General Fredericks papers). Fredericks was, I believe, the first US Commander in Greece after the US took over from Great Britian. Fredericks at one time was the youngest WWII General in the US Army and had been wounded numerous times in combat while the first commander of the First Special Services Force. Fredericks would become involved in a policy di
  24. My take on Hemming is mixed. I don't think he was a paid disinformation agent. However, he was someone whose credibility I certainly did not swallow whole-hog, especially the more I got to know him. (In my earlier, more innocent days when I did the Argosy interview, I was more gullible). Gerry just "knew too much" and along too many different avenues, to have stayed alive if it was all factual. So it was always difficult to sort out truth from fiction with Gerry. And he may have had a personal grudge against Hall, whom I doubt very much had direct involvement other than the FBI setting u
  25. Thanks Jim, For taking the time to think about and enumerate all that, as it is close, but not yet where I want to go, and as with Charles' objection, needs a little tweeking. It's not that I don't think the evidence at the street level in Dallas will take us there, as much as I would like to tie that street level evidence with the guys at the top, and despite all of their need to know, cut-outs, crafts of intelligence and strict operation al procedures, I think it is possible to, as Robert Howard puts it, connect the dots to a legal as well as moral certainty. For over 45 years conspirac
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