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  1. Just found some new letters written by Whitney Shepardson that I find interesting. Anyone else still looking into this man? He did play a very important role in US Intelligence during his lifetime. My question becomes did it continue into the 1960's.....I believe it did. Jim Root
  2. Several years ago Gary Mack helped arrange an opportunity for me to view the Walker papers. I had not expected that and at the time only had a few hours of time available. I was first told that there was only one box of Walker material.....then found out that there was only one box that had been cataloged and was available at that time. Paul has assured me that he has had access to more material than I ever saw. For that I envy him! A couple of things that popped out at me in the brief time I had were the letters Walker wrote and received that were written at the time of the Overseas
  3. When the Movie JFK came out I had many students asking me about the assassination. While I remembered that day vividly and had read/seen information about the assassination during my lifetime, I knew i was not particularly well read on the topic. I went to a used book store and bought a copy of the Warren Commission Report. Within just the first few pages I realized that Oswald was also accused of attempting the assassination of Major General Edwin Anderson Walker. I was hooked on searching for a reason why Oswald would want to assassinate Walker. Without getting into a debate about t
  4. If one goes back to the beginnings of the CIA mail opening operations in New York (1950's) two names that come up in this story as well as the assassination, Angelton and Helms. This is the same time that Oswald is writing letters to the Socialist Workers Party but as is pointed out in "Oswald and the CIA" no case file is opened on Oswald (that we are aware of). I suggest that it is possible that both Helms and Angelton became aware of Oswald at that time. If that were to be true....it is Helm's that seems to have continuously followed Oswald, especially after he returned from Russia be
  5. On June 1, 1962 Lee and Marina Oswald receive a repat loan to return to the United States. That same month Nosenko first makes contact with the CIA. Coincidence ? Shortly after the assassination of JFK Nosenko defects. Another coincidence? Jim Root
  6. Hi Michael I do not get over here as much as I used to but am still committed to research on the subject. My interest in Abt is twofold, one obvious and the second much more obscure. First is Oswald's sophistication in knowing who Abt was. I find this interesting on many levels but in my post above my interest in Abt is only to present Oswald obsession with getting in touch with the man as opposed to his lack of determination to get a hold of John Hurt. (Paul, on one of my visits to the 6th floor museum, Gary Mack queued up a news reporter relaying a story on Oswald's atte
  7. Hi Paul Was aware that Oswald repeatedly tried to get in touch with Johnathon Abt and had several others attempt to contact him. Two of my questions have always been connected to the attempts to contact ABT. 1). "Why and how was Oswald aware of Abt?" 2). "With the many attempts by Oswald to contact Abt, why was there only one attempt to contact John Hurt (which was left completely out of the Warren Commission Report)?" Jim Root
  8. In reading John"s excellent post I found it interesting to see the name John Abt. Anyone else find this interesting? Jim Root
  9. Ron Not sure why MacNamara or Taylor's son would write something that was not true. But from both I do believe that MacNamara was in a Budget meeting and that there was a meeting of the Chiefs of Staff. Two points which they both agree upon. Of course I like the Taylor account because it fits with Max's protocol approach to things.....George Marshall was alone when the Japanese attacked (which he had pre-Knowledge of) and I find it interesting that Taylor would find a way to be sequestered alone when the assassination occurred ( if he had pre-knowledge of the potential for an assassinati
  10. According to a November 22, 2013 article, Bryan Bender and Neil Swindey, Globe staff writers seems to contradict McNamara's memory. First it seems that Bobby Kennedy only called McNamara long after McNamara should have already been aware of Kennedy's death and second that Bobby Kennedy called McNamara to arrange transportation to Dallas not to inform him of the Presidents death. "...(Bobby) Kennedy glanced at his watch. It was 1:45 p.m. “We’d better hurry and get back to that meeting,” he told his guests. Just then his wife, Ethel, called over to him, holding the patio phone extension. “It’
  11. Ron Interesting. Am I correct about the military not being put on high alert? Jim Root
  12. Ron I will try to find the exact cite but the information, if I remember correctly, comes from, "An American Soldier: the Wars of General Maxwell Taylor" John M. Taylor, Presidio Press, 1989 (john Taylor being Maxwell's son). Taylor himself had been in a heated argument with Kennedy over the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963 which, Taylor felt, put the US at a disadvantage with the Soviet Union in the development of small scale nuclear weapons. John J. McCloy agreed with Taylor on that point and actually refused Kennedy's request to negotiate the Limited Test Ban Treaty with the Soviets. Nee
  13. Maxwell Taylor, at the time of the Assassination, was alone in his pentagon office. He had just taken a break from meeting with a group of NATO Brass and asked that he not be disturbed while in his office. After the assassination Taylor, who had been distrurbed with the information, returned to his meeting and as I understand it did not put the US Military on highest alert (please correct me if I am wrong about the alert part). Taylor's actions remind me of the actions of George Marshall. Dispite the fact that the US Government/military knew we were about to be attacked somewhere on Dec. 7,
  14. Craig Let me know what you dig up on Belasco.......I had to go deep but the few degrees of separation creates some interesting potential connections....maybe nothing except that Virginia comes on the Ruby scene just prior to the assassination. Jim Root
  15. Gene I think you ask a great question, "Was there something going on around April of 1963 in Walker's life ... something that may have been supported or enhanced by someone taking a potshot at him? " But I would change the Question to "Was there something going on around April of 1963 in Oswald's life ... something that may have been supported or enhanced by someone taking a potshot at him (Walker)? You bring up the potential of three Oswald targets that seem unconnected, but are they? According to Oswald, Walker was the leader of a bad organization that did not want to see peace between
  16. Gene In 1962 Edwin Walker ran for Governor of Texas in the Democratic Primary. Walker, I believe came in last place. Any thought of a political career had been embarrassingly erased by April 1963 when the failed assassination attempt occurred. Jim Root
  17. Craig Might also point out that name "Virginia Belasco" who popped on the scene again just prior to the assassination.......interesting family connections!
  18. Craig A few quotes from the Warren Commission about Ruby and his feelings and actions as a person of Jewish descent: "Jack Ruby's mother, Fannie Rubenstein, was probably born in 1875 near Warsaw, Poland. She followed her husband to the United States in 1904 or 1905, accompanied by her children Hyman and Ann. An illiterate woman, she went to night school in about 1920 to learn how to sign her name. She apparently failed in this endeavor, however, for an alien registration form, filed after about 35 years in the United States, was signed by an "X". Although she apparently learned some English,
  19. David GPH related that same story to me. What is most interesting is that Hemming knew both Oswald and Walker and that, it seems, Hemming met with Oswald just prior to Oswald's journey to the Soviet Union perhaps suggesting a connection of some sort between Walker and Oswald. I have written a great deal about the possibility of Walker and Oswald being on a flight out of London as Oswald was working his way toward Helsinki. If true it would be a wonderful reason why the Warren Commission failed to review and present the passenger lists (which were available) for the flights that Oswald used
  20. Back in 2004 I posted this about Ruby's movements: A few weeks ago I began a Topic about the two "reporters" with Jack Ruby at the DPD the night of the assassination. As of this time I have had no response but thought I would provide this additional information. What are your thoughts about these portions of the Warren Report. I heard a great deal of the newsreel tape was distroyed but I have never seen the two men with "badges," such as are discribed by John Rutledge. "At 9:00 p.m. he (Ruby) telphoned Ralph Paul but was unable to persuade Paul to join him at synagogue services." (WC Report
  21. The Sixth Floor Museum has some great news footage from the morning following the assassination attempt on Walker. The layout of the room where Walker was sitting is much different from what I supposed it to be when I first read about the shooting. From the reading it seems that all an assassin had to do was support their rifle on a wood fence and fire at a sitting target directly in front of them. NOT the case. if you picture a room with a rectangular shape Walker was sitting against the far left wall. The window was somewhat centrally located on the exterior wall so the shooter had to
  22. W. Averell Harriman was tasked with negotiating the Limited Test Ban Treaty after John J. McCloy refused to participate. McCloy wanted a comprehensive treaty that was, McCloy felt at the time, available to the World after the Cuban Missile Crisis. I personally believe this may be the single biggest contributor to the ultimate death of Kennedy. I cannot seem to shake a feeling that there is a tie to the failure of the first Limited Test Ban Treaty that was to be signed at the Paris Summit, the U-2 incident that led to the failure of the Paris Summit, to Lee Harvey Oswald's defection to Sov
  23. Thank you for the heads up Douglas. Next on my reading list. In particular Richard Helms work in Stockholm I find the most fascinating. Jim Root
  24. Paul I tend to believe, as you do, that Ruth Paine was an innocent (albeit close) bystander to the events of Nov. 22. I do not believe that Ruth Paine gave the FBI the note that Oswald had written on April 10th, at least not knowingly. I believe she gave them a book that contained the note without really knowing what was in that book. The Commission evaluated the following evidence in considering whether Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shot which almost killed General Walker: (1) A note which Oswald left for his wife on the evening of the shooting, photographs found among Oswald's possessions
  25. Paul I am confused about the dates......I was under the impression that it was the 14th that DeM went to the Oswald's residence???? "On April 14, 1963, George de Mohrenschildt and his wife, Jeanne, visited the Oswalds' apartment. As Oswald's wife, Marina was showing Jeanne around the apartment, they discovered Oswald's rifle leaning against the wall inside a closet. Jeanne told George that Oswald had a rifle, and George joked to Oswald, 'Were you the one who took a pot-shot at General Walker?'" Jim root
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