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  1. Bill Thank you that coincides with Hemming belief that T-2 represented multiple sources....yours suggests that those multiple sources came from mail opening....since the wording that went to Hosty is so close to Oswald's own words have to believe that question is settled. I am still wondering whom it was that "De Mohrenschildt claimed to have been in touch with the CIA about Oswald’s attempted assassination of General Walker. "I spoke to the CIA both before and afterwards. It was what ruined me." and the interesting choice of words "It was what ruined me." Jim Root
  2. Just wondering out loud here -- Is it logical that DeMorenschildt would have contacted the CIA about Oswald's alleged assassination attempt against General Walker? Why wouldn't he have contacted the FBI, instead? Or did he? Another question: Why didn't Dallas FBI confidential informant T-2 contact the Dallas FBI office about Oswald's alleged April, 1963, leafleting activities in Dallas? Why did he or she contact the New York office about it, instead? --Tommy Tommy You hit on why my question has puzzled me over the years....."Dallas FBI confidential Informant T-2" could have conta
  3. Jon I agree that De M was some sort of informant and would it would be easy to accept that he was not an "agent handler." What interests me most about him is both his close contact to Oswald and the contacts of his brother Demitri. Demitri was involved with Whitney Shepardson in the starting up of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Priscilla Johnson once said that she went to the offices of Radio Free Europe on her way to Moscow where she arrived just in time to interview Oswald. As for the rifle....Marina has stuck to her story about that and I accept it. Thank you for your comments!
  4. Stephen Thank you for your input! The timing of that seems early and Hosty suggest NO FPCC activity in the Dallas area.....I have seen a report that T-2 referred to Edwin Walker but GP Hemming suggested that a T-2 could be used repeatedly to identify several different people. Jim Root
  5. Is De Mohrenschildt FBI confidential Informant T-2 that Agent Hosty refers to? Mr. STERN. If you will look at page 2 of the report we have marked for identification No. 829 Mr. HOSTY. Yes, sir. Mr. STERN. The last paragraph on that page relates--well, tell us what information that refers to. Mr. HOSTY. It says, "On April 21, 1963, Dallas confidential informant T-2 advised that Lee H. Oswald of Dallas, Tex, was in contact with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New York City at which time he advised that he passed out pamphlets for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. According to T-2, Oswald
  6. Paul Sorry it took so long to get back to you. The four years that Walker attended West Point were the same four years that Taylor was an instructor there. Walker's career in many ways followed Taylor's. When I interviewed one particular member of the FSSF from WWII he mentioned that Taylor would visit Walker while they were in Italy and he believed them to be old friends. According to a web site detailing Taylor's career he had four crisis as Chief of Staff of the Army. Two of them (first Straits of Taiwan Crisis and Little Rock) Taylor chose Walker to handle. Also at the end of the Ko
  7. And the Walker Max Taylor connection????? Goes back to 1927 I believe. A rather strong connection!
  8. William Colby led an interesting life surrounded by many interesting people. At the end of WWII he was in Norway as part of the NORSO Group designed to sabotage and destroy railway lines, in an effort to tie down German forces in Norway from reinforcing the final defense of Germany. When Colby came "in from the cold" of Norway he may well have reported to the new allied commander, Edwin Walker, who would take the surrender of the Germans in Norway. Jim Root
  9. Thomas You asked, "Was it intercepted by the Ruskies, and the info was somehow shared with the CIA / State Department?" According to John Newman, Oswald and the CIA pages 169 and 170, that is exactly what did happen! Newman also makes it clear, "When did Oswald first inquire about coming home?" is a haunting question! Jim Root
  10. Thomas We know that two cables from our Embassy in Moscow were entered into the CIA files in November of 1959 shortly after Oswald defected to the Soviet Union yet officially no 201 File was opened. (Oswald indicated his willingness to share U-2 secretes to the Soviets).Birch O'Neal's signature is on these documents by November 13th. "...on Monday November 9, 1959 someone in the CIA put Lee Harvey Oswald on the 'Watch List:' meaning that as of that date the CIA authorized the illegal opening of his mail." (Newman, Oswald and the CIA, See HT/LINGUAL, notecards on Oswald in NARA JFK Files,
  11. Robert Nice to see some of the "Old Gang" still around. For myself....just so many things fall into place with the research many of us have done. Have to believe that a couple of people didn't just happen to come together and have Kennedy killed with some quickly put together plot. If any group was involved they had to be aware of every aspect of not just the assassination but also the investigation to be successful. And 50 years later....if they existed.....they were successful! But the internet has made so much information available now.......there are few rocks to hide under but oh,
  12. Robert As you suggest Finland may be important....I believe for many reasons. One of interest: At the end of WWII Operation Stella Polaris pulled Finnish cryptologists out which began the Venona Project headed up by NSA affiliates Frank Rowlet and Meridith Gardner......who would investigate Oswald's radio etc. tor intelligence value. both these men were closely associated with a funny little man named John Hurt. Richard Helms was involved with this Operation and Edwin Walker MAY have been as well. Jim Root
  13. Brought this back for some that are reading the posts dealing with Jack Ruby int he "New Book" topic. I find Ruby's Jewish background to be more important than any connections to organized crime. Jim Root
  14. Enjoyed the read.....loved this footnote: "15 ‘Left’ critics of the Warren Commission argue that the CIA gave Oswald information on the U-2 so that he could pass it to the Soviets who used the knowledge to shoot down Powers’ plane and thus ruin a planned Paris summit meeting between Eisenhower and Khrushchev in Paris in May 1960. In effect, the CIA pulled off a back door sabotage of détente. Of course, Oswald defected to Russia in October 1959. ‘Right’ critics of the Warren Commission like Epstein argue that Oswald gave the Russians key U-2 secrets because Oswald was a Soviet agent. Hence, t
  15. Paul From another site; The evidence indicates that Ruby led a normal social life during these years. Virginia Belasco stated that while Ruby was selling punchboards in New York during November 1941, he entertained her each weekend. Other reports indicate that Ruby fancied himself a "ladies' man," enjoyed dancing, almost always had female accompaniment and was "very gentlemanly" with women. Ruby, with several friends, frequently attempted to disrupt rallies of the German-American Bund. One acquaintance reported that Ruby was responsible for "cracking a few heads" of Bund members. Appa
  16. Paul I am trying to find some old notes on Ruby....especially dealing with his lie detector test....and a totally different connection. When dealing with Ruby I find the most intriguing part of his life deals with his religion and the very important part that it played in his life. On another note: Virginia Belasco, who Ruby had contact with prior to the assassination, was the grand daughter of David Belasco a very successful early movie pioneer and Broadway producer. David Belasco signed Charlotte Walker, who would become a Broadway and movie star (Edwin Walker's aunt) to be featured i
  17. Paul Still think it is a stretch from what he actually said to Ruby saying Walker did it...but we can disagree. I must admit that I am jealous of the access you have had to the Walker papers which I have only viewed briefly one time. Do believe I would be looking for clues that differ from the ones that you may seek but do look forward to getting to Austin again. I think Walker referring to Ruby as Rubinstein, along with many other post assassination comments Walker made, caused Ruby to fear Walker just as many alleged neo nazi type groups would create nervousness in most Jews during the p
  18. Chuck I have never seen an answer to your question about the Mayor of Dallas having to approve the motorcade route but would tend to believe he would have had to approve the use of police personal, etc. I do know he would have had nothing to do with Oswald's travel from London to Helsinki. Jim Root
  19. In one of his many posts Paul Trejo said, Jack Ruby told Earl Warren that Edwin Walker and the John Birch Society of Dallas murdered JFK (WC Testimony).In Jack Ruby's testimony before the Warren Commission (with Earl Warren asking the questions) the name Edwin Walker is mentioned, I believe, one time. Here are the sentences leading up to Ruby mentioning Walker's name and the ones after as well. Chief Justice WARREN. Yes? Mr. RUBY. Because then they would have known the truth about Jack Ruby and his emotional breakdown. Chief Justice WARREN. Yes? Mr. RUBY. Of why that Sunday morning--
  20. Is this odd? Page 257 of the Warren Commission report states: “…his (Oswald) plane fare from London to Helsinki, where he received his visa, cost him $111.90”. There is no footnote for this item given in the Warren Report. If the CIA could not or would not identify the flight that Oswald was on when he arrived in Helsinki, how did they know the exact price of the ticket? If they did know which flight, and the cost, why did the CIA only say, they could not identify any direct flight from London to Helsinki that would allow Oswald to check into his Hotel at the time we know that he in fact d
  21. Nearly eleven years ago I posted this and have never had any response to it. Since that time I have found three items that, though available, can be proven that they were never placed in the Warren Commission Report. All three, I believe, have lead me to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was, at a minimum of interest, to the CIA and even the NSA at an early date. After the assassination and while in custody, Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to contact someone named John Hurt. While the secrete service was attempting to monitor Oswald's calls this report never made it into the Warren Commission Rep
  22. GP Hemming (RIP) knew both Lee Harvey Oswald and Edwin Anderson Walker. Interestingly Hemming was at the home of Walker on the 4th of July following the assassination attempt on April 10th, 1963. Hemming and I shared a few emails while he was still living and he did assure me that Walker was on the team that "inserted" Oswald into the Soviet Union. Part of the reason I started my post, "Did Oswald Lie" examines the information contained in "Oswald and the CIA" along with the special relationship of Hemming to Oswald and of Hemming to Walker as well as Walker to Oswald.
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