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  1. During the HSCA hearings in 1978, Ann Egerter, who worked under CIA counter espionage chief James Angleton reported that her office had opened a SIG 201 file on Lee "Henry" Oswald (Egerter assured the committee that this was in fact Lee Harvey Oswald). According to the "official CIA" position, the CIA did not track defectors, the State Department was to handle that job. In Oswald's February 1961 letter to the US Embassy (ie State Department) Oswald references his letter of December 1960 requesting the return of his US Passport. Oswald's SIG 201 file was opened in December 1960. Is it possi
  2. When Oswald defected to the Soviet Union the passenger lists for his trip from London to Helsinki were never presented to the Warren Commission although they would have been available at the time. This does lead one to speculate on who could have been traveling on a plane with Oswald. My research has shown that Edwin Walker was traveling to Augsburg, Germany during this same time. While true there is a problem with this, Oswald went North and East from London while Walker went South and East. (Just as a coincidence the first 707 around the world flight flew into and out of London the same da
  3. While I appreciate additional comments and input about Oswald and his life my inquiry deals with thoughts about the possibility of a missing letter written by Oswald. Jefferson Morley has been able to link several notes written by FBI agents prior to the assassination of JFK to the office of Richard Helms. Yet a third note that we know was written by Agent Hosty was never given a Commission Exhibit Number and has never been identified by the CIA as having been received. Why are two Hosty notes admitted to the record and a third not? Why can the two admitted notes be tracked to the office of
  4. According to the Warren Commission report on February 13, the United States Embassy received an undated letter from Oswald postmarked Minsk, February 5. The letter stated: Since I have not received a reply to my letter of December 1960, I am writing again asking that you consider my request for the return of my American passport. I desire to return to the United States, that is if we could come to some agreement concerning the dropping of any legal proceedings against me. If so, than I would be free to ask the Russian authorities to allow me to leave. If I could show them my American pass
  5. Just an opinion but perhaps Allen Dulles is nothing more than a second stringer compared to John J. McCloy.
  6. Just like to pop in and say....please consider that George De Mohrenschildt's brother was Demitri De Mohrerschildt......close associate of Whitney Shepardson (together they started Radio Free Europe).....Whitney Shepardson was one of two heads of Secrete Intelligence and is a person closely associated with John J. McCloy. Just prior to Lee Harvey Oswald's defection to the Soviet Union Whitney Shepardson was meeting with Richard Helms and many others to gather information about OSS and SI WWII activities in Sweden and Finland. In correspondence from these meeting information surrounding the V
  7. Ernie- And during the depression the US Army was in charge of processing the CCC workers......Walker played a roll in processing 10's of thousands of young men. He would do the same thing again in Norway at the end of WWII when he processed not only German's who had surrendered but also Russian and Eastern European POW's that were held by the Germans prior to being repatriated. At the end of the Korean War Walker would be in charge of processing Chinese and North Korean POW's. Jim Root PS Wasn't it in the late 1960's or early 70's that the US Army destroyed lots of records collected fr
  8. Paul Let me offer a third reason why Walker would refuse his pension. As a retired General in the US Military Walker would be considered a reserve officer subject to recall at any time into the military.....A retired General literally remains in the Military throughout their retirement. By resigning his commission and not accepting his pension Walker was not subject to this particular rule for generals. It is illegal for the US Military to spy on US civilians.....interestingly Walker would not be subject to this particular rule.....at least not until his retirement was quietly restored
  9. Paul- Paul Trejo and I have communicated in the past.....I must admit that I have sort of let the ball drop on that communication. I know that Paul has had greater access to the Walker papers than I have had although I do hope to have an opportunity to peruse those papers in greater detail at some time in the future. My research suggests that Walker was a soldier ready to do whatever he was commanded to do and to do it to the best of his ability. Despite the fact that Walker obtained a couple of stars in his career I see Walker as a facilitator rather than as a planner and not as a deep thi
  10. Gerry Patrick Hemming confirmed to me that he believed that Walker was part of the "team" that inserted Oswald into the Soviet Union. I believe that Walker was doing nothing more than what he had done perhaps 100's of times before....pass on information to someone in some "officially designed" chance meeting. Walker would not have been particularly interested in or privy to what the "mission" may have been. Walker just followed orders! My study of Walker's life suggests that Walker was involved in many sensitive assignments throughout his career and his favorite phrase when he would accompl
  11. Sorry I don't pop in on this site very often anymore but it pleases me to see that this topic still seems to generate interest. Walker is interesting! And Walker is in many ways, I believe, a key to the assassination story but not for the reasons that so may people seem to speculate on. For example everyone wants to focus on Walker's Right Wing political activities while Oswald seems to have focused on Walker because he believed that Walker was the leader of a very bad organization that did not want to see peace between the Soviet Union and the United States. In addition, the failure of the P
  12. Paul I agree that Helms was involved in the cover up but not so sure about the assassination. I believe I wrote several years ago of some documents that I uncovered dealing with meetings between Helms, Whitney Shepardson, Wilho Tikander and others in June or so of 1959. At the time Tikander speculated that his old friend and Stockholm associate "Dick" Helms was going to run an off track mission through Helsinki, Sweden. A few months later Oswald enters Sweden and a U-2 is shot down over Russia the following May leading to the failure of the Paris Summit. Paris Summit and the Limited Test
  13. Thanks for your response Paul. To carry the discussion further you point out that his political campaigns were in 1962 yet the resignation flyer (with ZIP code) was 1963 or later....perhaps after the assassination of JFK. While he was still doing the speaker circuit his political aspirations had, I believe, been checked as you suggest and his attempts for "political super-stardom" dashed. The "Muzzling the Military" hearings in Congress were political and Walker's refusal to receive a pension appears to be very political. Walker becomes the radical right winger in the light that he is now v
  14. I am intrigued by the resignation letters that were in Walker's files. First: It is reported to be "The Official Defense Department Record" but it is printed by "American Eagle Publishing Co." complete with address and ZIP code. ZIP codes did not come into use till 1963 some time after these letters were written. Second: These same two letters do not appear in Walker's Cullum File from West Point although that may or may not be unusual. Third: While the second resignation says that it was accepted and an Honorable Discharge was given.....Walker lost his pension when he left the Army....no
  15. Thank you I sent you a note with my email address Jim
  16. Hi Paul I appreciate the work that you are doing! While my research leads me in a different direction toward a conclusion the information that you are bringing up closely mirrors my own. I envy that you are in Austin and so close to the Walker papers....I have only had one brief encounter with them.....which I would love to study further. I too believe that the potential of Walker's homosexual tendencies would force him to lead a very strange life while in the military. But, as is suggested by the life of J. Edgar Hoover, do also speculate that Walker may have had a long term love interes
  17. FYI Prior to becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maxwell Taylor also spent time in Mexico City. Interesting place. Jim Root
  18. Dave Thank you....it has been a while....life is a funny thing! Currently interested in Oswald's supposed first note that he wrote requesting his passport be returned by the government so that he could return to the USA. In it he refers to a previous note that he had written but the Warren Commission Report suggests that no such note was ever written.......Question: "Why would Oswald refer to a note he never wrote?" and if he did write such a note "Why would the persons in charge of such things want to cover up that note if it was written?" I believe these to be important questions. If Os
  19. Just to add a bit......the recently retired John Hurt was in France at the time that Dinkin received his information. It has always interested me that Hurt was in France at the time of Kinkin's attempts to warn RFK! I cannot make any connection to Hurt and the assassin/s other than the fact that Oswald attempted to contact someone who shared a name with retired NSA cryptographer John Hurt but the fact that John Hurt reported directly to John J. McCloy during WWII does intrigue me greatly. Perhaps just another coincidence surrounding this interesting person.
  20. Oswald was a patsy just as he said..... "the reason I'm being arrested is that I went to the Soviet Union, I'm a patsy." but then the reason Oswald was a patsy was that he had gone to the Soviet Union. Could it be so simple? Should we look at the whole statement and not just the last three words? I belive we should absorb all the words contained in Oswald's patsy statement and that we should examine closely all the events that lead to Oswald's travel to the Soviet Union. Perhaps Oswald's speech at Spring Hill College just weeks before the assassination is an indication of just how much Osw
  21. Always like to point out that about six months before Oswald arrived in Helsinki, Finland, Richard Helms, Whitney Shepardson and others were meeting about what Wilho Tykander (former WWII OSS Station Chief to Stockholm Sweeden) would describe as an off the grid covert action centered on Helsinki. Were these men talking about Oswald's defection to the Soviet Union? I belive it is possible that they were! Jim Root
  22. Been a long time since I logged into this site but I am happy to read that intelligent discssion still being delivered. Please excuse my spelling error in advance! Myy study of Walker includes going to his hometown, interviews with people who knew him and his mother, local research from his youth in both Texas and New Mexico. I then followed his career to West Point and beyond till his death. What is most interesting for myself is the connections that I found, beginning prior to WWII, that can be associated with the assassination of JFK. While at West Point Walker was a student of Maxwell
  23. Thank you Mark Knight for the kind words. Yes I have worked on this "John Hurt" subject for many years. I was informed of the ABC News film with Bill Lord by Gary Mack while at the 6th Floor Museum. I have written several pieces in the past on the Raliegh Call so I will not spend a great deal of time or effort repeating or retrieving that information. For myself I believe that the call was made to a cut out and was not intended to go to any person named John Hurt. I do believe the name John Hurt, was the message and that it signed Oswald's death warrent when he himself made the call. If
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