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  1. Jim, it isn't just me or Harry Dean or Loran Hall or Gerry Patrick Hemming or Dick Russell who claims that General Walker had direct or indirect interaction with Lee Harvey Oswald between May and October of 1963. General Walker's archives contain several items that suggest this. Here is a letter from Walker to Senator Frank Church in 1975 -- but it refers to the week of the 10 April 1963 shooting that we are talking about. I'd like to hear your opinion about this letter in particular: -------------------------------- ATTACHMENT --------------- To: Senator Frank Church U.S. Senat
  2. John, you ask a deep question when you ask, pro bono. I wonder about that myself - I want the answer. Walker had no regular job, so how could he afford to pay two high-profile lawyers for four years? That would take a lot of money. Walker got money from speaking engagements -- but that would likely pay his own bills -- not keep a stable of rich-man's lawyers hanging around. Now, it's possible that Watts and Morris did this work pro bono, or perhaps on speculation. That is, they may have firmly believed they would get a part of that $30 million that they were asking for (which, adjusted f
  3. Just to add a few points. 1st. Walker came from a family of some wealth that lived in Kerr County, Texas. His family background includes wealthy cotton buyers, well know actresses (both screen and theater) and family connections that go in many directions. Financial support for Walker was available and I doubt he was ever a pauper. 2nd. I do not believe you will find any report of Walker suggesting that Oswald shot at him until he first mentions this in his telephone interviews with the German magazine that occured just hours after the assassination of JFK (when Oswald's picture was on e
  4. Paul It was not I who made this claim: "Gerry Patrick Hemming told Jim Root that he saw General Walker in Lousiana, at Lake Pontchartrain, a training ground for militant Cuban-Exiles that was organized by operated by Guy Banister and David Ferrie." While Gerry Patrick Hemming was very forthcomming with sharing some information with me about his relationship with Walker the above information was never stated by me. Perhaps there was another person who provided you with that information. If in some way something that I shared with you implied such I am sorry but that information never came
  5. Barry Interesting topic that I have looked into in years past. Some thoughts and information that have helped me deveolop areas of continued research. Herbert Yardley was America's leading cryptologist until 1931 when his "Black Chamber" was disolved. The recurring question that continues to haunt several who study this man is did he remain in the business after 1931. The history is rather scant into this subject but we do know that John "Frenchy" Grombach dedicated a book to Yardley raising speculation that the two had some sort of relationship. Grombach, along with Whitney Shepardson w
  6. Mr. Backes I have studied the assassination for nearly 20 years and have collected a great deal of information over that period of time. That aside and not wishing to be confrontaitonal I would appreciate an answer to a few simple questions. If the planners of the motorcade were given 45 minutes for the trip which, at its greatest distance from Love Field passed the TSBD, might the trip have followed a different route if they had had only 30 minutes? Or 40 minutes? The flight plans of AF1 take precident over any other planes in US airspace. AF1 was routed to land at a precise time which d
  7. Hi Paul Thanks for the quick response...much better at that than I. Just a quick note and I will try to respond futher tomorrow. GP Hemming sent me an email where he said that I was right that Walker was a part of the team that infiltrated Oswald into the Soviet Union in 1959. Hemming began corresponding with me when I pointed out that he was training under Walker when he had admitted that he was recruited into intelligence. Hemming is the one person that we can show knew both Walker and Oswald and it is not to much of a stretch to, if you believe Hemming, believe that Oswald may have rec
  8. Richard, I've already shared three documents from General Walker's archives that deliberately seek to link himself with Oswald and JFK. (1) I shared Walker's last known article on this topic, from November, 1991, which he claimed the DPD arrested Oswald on 4/10/1963, but RFK demanded his release that very night. (2) I shared an excerpt from a longer article from April, 1967, by Walker, which also claims that Oswald was "picked up by the law enforcement agency between 9pm and 12 midnight...He was released...The pickup was withheld from the public." (3) I shared Walker's interview with the
  9. Seems a bit of a firestorm erupted over my posts.... My main point " But upon close inspection there was one deciding factor which guided the planning and distance the motorcade would travel....THE TIME ALLOTTED....which was controlled by when Air Force One landed at Love Field. A later arrival time of Air Force One would require a shorter route and an earlier arrival time may have made the route different as well. " From the testimony of Winston G. Lawson: Mr. STERN. Turning now to the question of the motorcade route, Mr. Lawson, what can you (tell us about how that was selected? Mr. LAW
  10. I received the following email from a person who frequents this site and who I respect very much so I will attempt to answer it for all: "Jim, I don't understand. HOW could the landing time and location have any effect on the motorcade reaching Dealey Plaza? The exact time was public as was the exact spot, Gate 28, which was and still is where Air Force One always lands. And the motorcade progress was actually impeded at two or three places, which put them in Dealey several minutes late. Perhaps you can explain on the Forum?" All of my research has centered around questions that I fel
  11. James One point, one question. Clifton was a classmate of Edwin Walker at Westpoint and was appointed to the position he held in the Kennedy White House by Maxwell Taylor (Walker and Clifton's instrutor at West Point). In my theory of the assassination, Taylor is one of two primary conspirators (John J. McCloy being the other) and the time of the arrival of Air Force One at Love Field dictated the distance that the motorcade would travel....a necessary component of puting the motorcade in Dealy Plaza at the right moment... My question is, Do you believe that Clifton may have understood who
  12. Robert You said, "And I want to be very clear, my interest in the cryptographer John B Hurt, came after I read here on the Forum, Jim Root's interest in him, and I found out for myself, that NSA individual's who examined Oswald's document's regarding material such as "Questioning Eyes," and the excision of letters therof, would led to Blake, Friedman and other NSA personages, who would be more than aware of a real "fit the bill" John Hurt, who was NEVER mentioned in Warren Commission documents, and should have even for the factoid that BTW "there is a John B Hurt who is a legend at NSA,"
  13. There seems to be a very long list of persons that researchers suggest may have been killed or eliminated because they "knew to much" or had information that could have led to those who may have been involved in a plot to assassinate the President. In the past I have presented information that Wilho Tikander, while working with Richard Helms and others, in June of 1959 made a suggestion that the information that was being gathered by these people would be used to facilitate an off track intelligence mission through Helsinki, Finland in the near future. In October of 1959 Lee Harvey Oswald wo
  14. John Just a quick reply dealing with Walker in Norway. In December of 1944 the First Special Services Force was disbanded. The American members were combined with the remnants of some Ranger Units to develop the 474th Infantry Regiment. They would help to move the Nazi loot that was liberated from Merkers Mine by Patton's Army. Interestingly this movement and accounting of the loot was done as an operation that McCloy was both interested in and in a position to oversee....but that is another story alltogether. According to Wilho Tikander's History of the OSS Mission in Sweden it was disc
  15. Hi John Thank you for your work.....Yes I am dealing with Richard Helms who would become the director of the CIA.... I enjoyed your comment about rehabilitating good ole' General Walker....he is a difficult character to get a handle on! All of my research began with an inquiry into him and his background....following it I have found a person who was quite probably homosexual whose family pushed him into the military to make a man out of him. I have rason to believe that early in his West Point career this particular aspect of Walker's life may have come to the attention of one of his ins
  16. Oswald;s call to Attorney Johnathan Abt was a person to person collect phone call and repeated attempts were made by Oswald to call various numbers to no avail. Oswald also attempted to have several other people contact Abt and was very interested in contacting this attorney. Yet in the case of the Raleign Call we have one single attempt by Oswald with no attempts at follow up! The only reason that we have information about the attempted Raleigh Call was because one operator retrieved a piece of paper that had two different numbers for two different John Hurt's in the Raleigh, NC area t
  17. Might point out that it is probable that Hurt was in France at the time of the assassination. He had retired from the NSA and would reside in New York (I believe) until his death. If my memory serves me correctly there were two Warren Commission investigators who were looking at the Syliva Odio incident who had suggested (just before their funding was cut) the possibility that if the Odio incident were real the two men with Oswald may have provided him with a contact number to use if Oswald were to get into trouble. Questions: Why would they persue such an idea? Did they know about the
  18. Since Tykander's name has come up again I might as well post a little speculation here that may or may not tie into the U-2 incident, Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. Whe KGB agent, Reino Häyhänen (aka Eugene Nicolai Mäki), defecte in May, 1957, from Paris, the FBI was able to link the "hollow nickel case" to KGB agents, including Mikhail Nikolaevich Svirin (an ex-United Nations employee) and Vilyam Genrikhovich Fisher. Häyhänen was being recalled to Moscow for good, and defected on the way back in Paris. The deciphered message in the nickel turned out to be a welcome message given to th
  19. Robert Just for the record Tykander was from the Duluth area of Minnesota, more specifically Virginia, Minn. where you will find Tykander Lake. After the war he ran for Congress from the Duluth area but was beaten badly at which time he moved to Chicago. Shortly after the 1959 meeting with Helms, Shepardson, etc. he was granted a Federal judgeship in the Chicago area. Just to keep the record straight. Jim Root
  20. Wiliam Personally I think I am more inclinded to beliving that it was McCloy who saved the parts of the OSS that he wanted saved. Also I believe it was McCloy who brought in McCormack.... Jim Root
  21. Dgrees of separation: George Demohrenschildt's brother Demitri was closely associated with Whitney Shepardson who was the leader of Special Intelligence during WWII and a close associate of John J. McCloy. From what I can gather SI was controlled by Richard Helms when it was folded into the new CIA....Richard Helms would be monitoring the movements of Lee Harvey Oswald with FBI assets begining....when George Demohrenschildt leaves the Dallas scene shortly after the assassination attempt on Edwin Walker. Remember it was Whitney Shepardson who, in June of 1959, was gathering information for R
  22. Please do not waste time saying where Oswald wasn't only post exactly where he was and the proof that places him in that plaace at that moment in time when the President was being shot. Thank you, Jim Root
  23. Hi Lee and thank you for the compliment. Remember it is (present tense) Lee Harvey Oswald's wife that still believes and is the primary source for the information that implicates Oswald in the Walker shooting....can't get a person much closer to Oswald at teh time who would today have perhaps more reasons to deny than to continue saying that Oswald was the person who shot at Walker. My conspiracy theroy works quite well with this information and puts John J. McCloy at the top of the heap based upon this possibility. If you look at when the FBI started watching Oswald's movements, within
  24. Good shot bad shot, great question that seems to divide the LN's and the CT's yet a read of the Warren Commission report with a critical eys would suggest that either point could be argued from what is written. On the one side you have Oswald's shooting scores as a Marine and many experts who will say based upon these scores that Oswald would have been more than capable of hitting the President from the 6th floor of the TSBD. On the other side there are CT's who say it would have taken a great shot to do what Oswals was alledged to have done and his Marine scores does not suggest greatness.
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