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  1. The "chance" meeting of George DeMohrenschildt and Lee Harvey Oswald is of great interest to my research for several reasons most of which centers on the fact that George's brother, Demitri, is of interest to my research. For starters just before Priscilla Johnson McMillan left Paris to go to Moscow and interview Oswald she visted the offices of Radio Liberty which was operated by Demitri DeMorhrenschildt and Whitney Shepardson (a very close associate of John J. McCloy). in June of 1959 several of Demitri's associates were meeting with Richard Helms in the months prior to Oswald's "defection"
  2. Greg You said, "Maxwell Taylor is certainly someone that BOTH brothers, JFK and RFK, would NEVER have even seen coming at them...never. If your supposition is true, it would explain a lot." Taylor was a very close to John J. McCloy and I believe that I can piece together a logical sequence of events that would allow these two men to pull off the assassination of JFK. By the way if you have read many of my older posts you can find where Edwin Walker fits in with both McCloy and Taylor as well as a man named John Hurt. Jim Root
  3. Let me ask this question since you've done so much work along these lines, Jim: has anyone ever substantiated that Fletch Prouty actually did what he said he did? For work, that is? Duke While I have read some criticism of Fletcher's statements that seem to contain historical mistakes, I have never read that he was a crank pretending to be someone that he was not. While it is not unusual to find many people in the relm of Kennedy assassination researchers, posters, whitnesses, sorcerers, etc. that have been called or uncovered as fakes, Proudy's military career has never been questioned.
  4. I think it would also explain why Taylor twice became emotionally overcome when the subject of the assassination arose in conversation, years after the event. Ron Yes Ron, I would agree after having read those accounts as well. Have you ever read Taylor's graduation speech to the cadets at West Point, June 1963? It is interesting as well when cast in the light of later events.... especially knowing that he was engaged in a disagreement with Kennedy over the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963. Jim root
  5. I first began this thread over six years ago. Since that time I have covered a lot of research ground and believe that Prouty is a guy who may have shot from the hip a little to much which caused his aim to be off at times. On the other hand I do believe that he was positioned to know some information about the way that things were supposed to have been done in Dallas and was knowledgable enough to know that something had gone wrong. Even more I might suggest that while he could not quite pinpoint exactly what went wrong Prouty may have allowed his speculations to become sure facts within h
  6. I think there is an obvious suggestion for how the CIA or FBI would have known of Oswald's visit to Mexico City in advance....It is as simple as looking at the Silvia Odio incident and then suggesting that the two men who were with this mystery Oswald were in fact somehow connected to one or both of the agencies and would have reported this information. The attorneys nvestigating the Odio case also suggested that Oswald may have been provided with a phone number to use in the event that he needed a contact by these same two mystery men. The Warren Commission attorneys were then, apparently,
  7. Robert Can you give a site for this statement? "John J. McCloy wanted to attack the Cubans from the beginning." Jim Root
  8. This quote interests me and perhaps I can put a little different spin on what has usually been suggested: "[David Heymann, Bobby and Jackie: a Love Story, pp. 117-118]: 'Over lunch that afternoon, Smathers asked Bobby why he’d aborted his personal investigation into his brother’s assassination. 'Because every time I pump the FBI or CIA for information,' RFK responded, 'I end up with a death threat in the mail. So does Teddy. I don’t care about my own life, but I do care about my brother’s. My using the CIA in conjunction with the Mafia to go after Castro may have led to Jack’s death. One in
  9. William If Michael Paine was involved in the assassination, why, in heavens name, would he let on that he knew that the FBI was aware of where Oswald was working. The Warren Commission itself seems to have kept that information (Hosty's third note)out of the record. Jim Root
  10. One of the reasons that the Soviets had so much success was that they recruited men and women who were playing the role of right-wingers. Meanwhile, the FBI/CIA concentrated on those who were on the left. Of course, these are the last ones that the Soviets would have used. The classic example of the this was Kim Philby. He was a well-known Marxist at university. He then pretended he had moved sharply to the right and joined neo-fascist organizations. He was then recruited by British intelligence that at the time was being run by fascist sympathizers. In reality, Philby was still a Marxist and
  11. Can anyone find any connection with Harrod G. Miller and Abraham Sinkov? (Sinkov was a member of William Friedman's original team of cryptologists) Jim Root
  12. Robert Might sugggest a good read of the information provided in the backyup docs for the Warren Commission dealing with the Silvia Odio case. Edwin Walker made a lot of notes dealing with this investigation which sparked my interest. At one point the attorneys investigating the Odio incident suggested that the men who may have been with Oswald may have provided him with a contact number. The investigation went no further than that speculation for some reason but as we now know John Hurt's name comes into the story as a potential Oswald contact. Why is this important to me? John Hurt's w
  13. David The actual car that Kennedy was in at the time of the assassination had an overhead bow that the bubble roof would have attached to. In the straight on shot the shooter would have had the view of the windshield and this metal piece obstructing the shot. In the reenactments that were done the car did not have this added piece of hardware and many people have seen that reenactment and thought the same as you. Add the piece and it is a major obstruction. Jim Root
  14. Robert Your three H. G. Miller's must all be different. The first would have been born in 1897 the second in 1903 and the third does not thave the same name. Interestingly the Harrod Miller that I have been interested in did, it seems, spend time in the Canal Zone and his age seems about right. Also interesting is that his time in Central America may overlap with time that John "Frenchy" Grombach spent there as well. I agree this man is of interest if for no other reason than he is associated John B. Hurt and Frank Rowlett as well as John Freidmans group of cryptologists. Jim Root
  15. In the past I have been asked for a "cite" on McCloy's refusal to negotiate the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963......thought I should add one here: According to Carl Kaysen, deputy special assistant to the president for national security affairs 1961-63, when speaking to President Kennedy, "The President said,'Lets ask McCloy' and McCloy was asked and he didn't want to do it." (taken from, The National Security Council Project, Oral History Roundtables, Arms Control and the National Security Council, March 23, 2000, pgs 17 & 18) In the McCloy papers at Amherst you find a lack of communi
  16. Of course I too believe that the Amemerican University speech was a turning point in US Foreign Policy and that this change in position may well have led to the death of John F. Kennedy. I tend to feel that this speech led to the negotiation of and passage of the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963 and may well have led to the assassination. For myself these pieces of information are relevent to this position: First: Two days befor the attempted assassination of Edwin Walker this "Memorandum by Director of Central Intelligence McCone/1/" (was sent) Washington, April 8, 1963. /1/Source: Ce
  17. Strange for me....I can piece together a conspiracy that was designed to kill President Kennedy complete with the who's the what's the where's the why's and the how's and I can accept the Warren Commission Report as well......but it is just way to simple in its own very complicated way. And to succeed all the conspirators had to do was convince the public that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have done it.......My conspirators could control the timing of the motorcade route. My conspirators were postitioned to cover up evidence (and did as a member of the Warren Commission). My conspirators had
  18. FBI Agent J P Hosty's third note (identifing where Oswald was working prior to the design of the motorcade route)not being given a WC Exhibit Number. People in government knew where Oswald was working but the WC evidently did not see fit to follow up on exactly who had access to this information.....I believe this information was an essential piece of information needed for the crime to have occured. Jim Root
  19. Tony Might suggest you read the transcript of the man who administered Ruby's lie detector test for the Warren Commission. He was questioned twice, once by the Warren Commission attorneys and I believe by an attorney for the HSCA. They both questioned the man about an annomally that appears on the printed test record that was not noted with an explanation at the time of the test (a movement by Ruby was not reported and written on the paper feed as was done when Ruby made other movements during the test, at least that was the conclusion made by the attorneys to explain it). If you find it,
  20. After 86 replys and 2756 views, it seems that only 5 people could make suggestions on the names of people who may have been involved in the assassination. Intersting. Jim Root
  21. Please.....if you believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone then that is all that you would need to list....but if on the other hand you do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone then please add additional names (or some sort of identification) and what their actions would have been in the conspiracy. Not looking for discussion or to pass judgements on peoples thoughts just to compile a list of persons YOU think were invovled and the manner of their involvement......nothing more. Thank You, Jim root
  22. A lone nutter would say just ONE and provide us with the name Lee Harvey Oswald Those of us who believe in a conspiracy seem to have taken on a much more difficult project when it comes to identifing those responsible for the death of Kennedy. After all how many people (and who were they) did it take to pull off the assassination in your opinion? How many people in Dealy Plaza that day where invovled? How many within the Secret Service or at Parkland Hospital or within the CIA? How many did it take to collect and alter films or enter the TSBD and plant the weapon recovered from that b
  23. Willam Thank you for refining my point in your excellent post! Jim Root
  24. David Oswald's "patsy" statement was a little longer than just, "I'm a patsy." He actually said that the reason he was being arrested was because he had gone to the Soviet Union, I'm a patsy. For myself it is difficult to just take one part of the statement (I'm a patsy) without examining the total comment and attempting to put it into context with the man. Oswald had gone to the Soviet Union, Oswald had worked on radar that tracked the U-2 spy plane, a U-2 spy plane was downed over the Soviet Union while Oswald was there and the downing of the U-2 did lead to the failure of the Paris Su
  25. Duncan IF the conspirators were in fact inclined to plant CE399 at Parkland Hospital after the assassinaiton of JFK had taken place and IF this were a fundamental part of their plan that would insure, as it seems to have done, success in "getting awasy" with their plan to assassinate the President of the United States I could easily believe they could have found a myriad of ways to have matched the ballistics of the bullet either before or after the assassination as so many researchers seem to suggest. The question that troubles me so much in this line of inquiry is how did the meticulous pl
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