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  1. Robert Great Read!!!! In 1964 Wilho Tikander was a judge in Chicago, Ill and to my knowledge William Surrey was in Raleigh, North Carolina. I believe that in June, 1959 Surrey was having some health issues but did manage to meet with members of the old Stella Polaris crew. These meeting were orchestrated by Richard Helms, himself part of the Sweedish OSS unit that, during WWII was under the command of Wilho Tikander, and participated in the Stella Polaris affair. Eric "Red" Erickson, as I recall, was, according to a Tikander document that I have in my posession, escourted by Himmler to t
  2. Hi Robert, been a long time since I have logged on this site. Thanks for bringing this back. If I remember correctly the first operator, Sweeney, was on duty when Treon came on to replace her. Sweeney, according to Treon, informed her that Oswald had attempted to make a phone call and that the Secret Service was there to monitor any call. I am drawing from memory but it seems that Oswald did not attempt a second call, Sweeney went off duty and Treon recovered the note with the two numbers and name "John Hurt" from the trash. I believe Gary Mack has a recording of a newsbroadcaster that re
  3. John A few years back I corresponded with several people who had met Walker as children when he visited their homes. Since this story makes reference to events at Little Rock and tells of visits to Arkansas in the post assassination attempt time period I might offer just a few thoughts. While in Little Rock Walker was actually (surprising in some ways) welcomed as a War Hero type celebrity in society there. He was touted as a very eligible bachelor and seems to have participated regularly on the social circuit. Following Walker's resignation from the military I believe it was the Little R
  4. Thought this five year old post might be of some interest since the topic seems to be generating some current interest Jim Root
  5. John Interesting question to ponder but here goes. I believe that the author of the book Seven Days in May knew and had had talks with Kennedy while writting the book and during the production of the film. I think the film is to close to reality. After the funeral of JFK, Jackie Kennedy made reference to the Soviet Ambassador that it was now up to the Soviets to continue with arms negotiation which to me indicates that Jackie knew that that was a key issue at the time of JFK's death. General Walker (in interviews late in life) indicated that Oswald was working for both the Soviets and the
  6. This thread was started to attempt to shed light on how Maxwell Taylor could have controlled the design of the motorcade route through Dallas by influencing the departure time from Fort Worth and therefore the landing time in Dallas. I must admit that I appreciate the attention being given John J. McCloy since I tend to believe that no assassination plot would have accured without McCloy's approval. Contrary to many suggestions I believe are being made it is my opinion that McCloy answered to nobody! By 1963 (and for a long time before then) McCloy was, in my opinion, one of the most powerf
  7. For years I have suggested that the primary conspirators may well have been John J. McCloy and Maxwell Taylor (and have more recently began to suspect Richard Helms as well). Most recently I have concentrated on McCloy and his roll in both the assassination and the use of his position on the Warren Commission to insure that certain information was covered up passed gently over. Several years ago I began a thread titled "Did the 'Big Fish" know" which centered on the fact that FBI Agent Patrick Hosty had sent a note on November 4, 1963 that detailed exactly where Lee Harvey Oswald was working
  8. Greg Yes it was Ruth Paine who suggests that Oswald said he was a Trotskyite Socialist. James Patrick Hosty elaborates on that in his testimony. I also believe that one of the American Embassy employees in Moscow may have made a comment about Oswald's political beliefs and that Oswald would find himself rather lonely or alone in those beliefs in the Soviet Union. Food for thought: This is important for me in my research if for no other reason than the Warren Commission suggests that Oswald was not sophisticated in his political beliefs. If Oswald was clear to Paine and perhaps others tha
  9. William Matthew Aid has been very helpful in my research!! I appreciate his work. Jim Root
  10. Tom You may want to take a look at the Eugene Dinkin Thread that I recently brought back up. Just another connection with the NSA in France while John B. Hurt was in France after retirement. As far as the college education of John B. Hurt: In 1921 (at the age of 17) Hurt enrolled in the College of William and Mary (15 credits) then transfered to Roanoke College in Salem, Virgina. From 1927 - 1928 he attended the Education School of The University of Virginia. There seems to be some indication that he attended Johns Hopkins University but does not appear in any alumni records. In the sum
  11. Tom and Greg You both might find this old post interesting in light of the new info on John B. Hurt's wife Jim Root
  12. Tom Some thoughts and speculations...... The family information that I have on Ana suggests that the Virgina Hurt's were not all that close to Ms Dritelle so I would think it very possible that the spellings that you have could very well be the correct ones. I find the information on the "coupon" to purchase a pistol to be interesting to say the least. I have to admit that the more factual coincidences that are associated to Oswald and Hurt as well as Hurt with others associated to the assassination story to be to great to dismiss without further study. Having stated the above this moves
  13. Tom Thanks! You shook my memory as well. The Hurt family spelling for Ana is Dritelle. Ana was an American Jew of Russian descent who studied in Paris. By chance John B. Hurt and Ana met on board a ship in the late 1920's as they both sailed to Paris to study, one as a cellist and one apparently languages. They fell in love and married in Europe but the marriage was annulled. It seems that Ana's Jewish parents were the reason for the breakup....All this was before Hurt connected with Friedman around 1931......but the story continues. John B. Hurt, about 1935, married Myrtle Deteirre,
  14. Robert Thank you for the kind words. I just realized yesterday that I am in my 19th year of this stuff but is has been the last couple that have born the greatest fruit from the seeds planted so long ago. Since you brought up Gordon Aylesworth Blake I thought I would add a few bits of info I gathered in the past. Blake was a member of the West Point class of 1931, same as Edwin Walker and during those four years at West Point shared an instructor named Maxwell Taylor (later Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Kennedy). After graduation from West Point both Walker and Blake were given the s
  15. Hi Tom Not trying to belittle your offer at all. In reality I have researched each of the "John Hurt" names that I found on the Social Security Death Index that match the age criteria throughout the United States (around 150 different persons). I have also had contact with persons that either interviewed or did direct research with the John Hurt's that resided in the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina in 1963, including the two John Hurt's that matched the phone numbers that were provided with the original information about the Raleigh Call. It seems that most of that information has le
  16. Tom, you asked... Have you eliminated this fellow? North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-2004 Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries Name: John William Hurt Birth: date Death: dd mm 1977 - Buncombe, North Carolina Residence: Wilkes He was listed in the 1930 US Census as a member of an Army unit living in a barracks at Ft. Bragg, NC. I have recent contact info of his son, if you are interested. John died from TB at the Veteran's Hospital in Asheville, NC in 1977. I've confirmed who his recenlty still living son is, from Wilkes County, NC birth records. Tom I like my John B.
  17. John I appreciate your roll as Devils Advocate and I assure you that there are 100's if not 1000's of factors that have come together, thru my research, to support my hypothesis. A few..... The date of the start of the Overseas Weekly investigation was a critical sticking point in my research and I am suprised that no one here has picked up on that particular point. The OW investigation started to early for what was, according to the Warren Commission, Oswald's first contact with the State Department annoucing his intentions of returning to the United States, to have been orchestrated to
  18. John Might add here that in contempory magazine articles, Maxwell Taylor was repeatedly reported as the man who chose his old comrade in arms to lead the 101st into Little Rock. On the Taylor website for Arlington National Cemetary they report Little Rock as one of Taylor's four most difficult problems as Chief of Staff of the Army and in that case Taylor sent Walker. One of the others, the First Straits of Taiwan Crisis, Taylor would also turn to Walker as the man he would trust to handle another of his most difficult assignments. But when it came to the Pro Blue debacle (and the return o
  19. Tom, Greg and John I am sorry that my answers have been rather short today. I have been working in several different places today so my posts have been from different locations and done quickly. I do appreciate your responses. Tom, your June 18, 1961 article is interesting and I believe may help to illustrate one of my points. The fact is what was occuring in the "Pro Blue" program was occuring throughtout the military at that time. It was common place. Walker was unusual only in that he was made the poster child for what was seemingly the norm. With this in mind I go back to the timin
  20. Tom Thank you for the note. My research is based upon hypothesis that has either been supported by facts or destroyed by facts. Each new fact uncovered has then provided new hypothesis which leads to new research. I do not see this as revisionist in any way. When I was in college I did a paper that compared Civil War era newspaper articles that reported upon the same events. I was amazed by how different the story could be told depending upon the slant the author placed upon the story. In many many cases it was difficult to tell that the same event was being reported except that the dat
  21. Greg Just a quick note here....I hope to write more later I wanted to first deal with this particular observation of yours: "I'm aware you don't feel Walker should be blamed for Pro Blue, and that indeed, you might even consider that Pro Blue itself has been unfairly criticized, but do you also beleve he was smeared for his actions in Ol' Miss, and that his "morals" arrests were without foundation - in effect, just further smears?" Two different words, blamed, responsible. I believe Walker took total responsibility for his Pro Blue Program and it cost him his military career. I also beli
  22. Greg Let me begin by saying how much I appreciate both your questions and your research! You provide me with an opportunity to both clarify my own thoughts and a chance to expand upon those thoughts. "Have you contacted those who served under him who wrote negative comments on the 24th's web page?" I have contacted many people from both the 24th and from many other units and have even exchanged an email or two with the person who runs that site. In speaking with the men and in some cases woman family members of men who served with Walker I find that people had an opinion of him when the
  23. Hi John I will agree that Walker could, throughout his career, be described as "overly enthusiastic." Most people would tend to believe that would be a positive characteristic depending on how one wishes to few what one is enthusiastic about. Augsburg (I could have the spelling incorrect) was where the 24th Infantry Div. was stationed in Germany. Walker never did a tour in Vietnam. Walker was involved in an early Army training program that, in I believe it was, 1954/55 inserted the first small group of specially trained US soldiers into Vietnam. These soldiers entered Vietnam in civili
  24. Ron Simple answer, yes. I do not believe Walker had any idea who Oswald was or what his mission/operation was. I assume Walker was given a package or information to deliver to Oswald which contained informtation on how to get into the Soviet Union via the Soviet Embassy in Helsinki after having purchased his first class intourist vouchers. This information, as we have since learned, was sent to the US State Dept. one day prior to Oswalds arrival in Finland. This contact may have been as simple as a chance meeting at the airport or perhaps being on the same flight from one destination to
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