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  1. John It seems that Walker's problems begin when Oswald applys for permission to return to the US. The Little Rock resignation seems to be an urban myth created after the fact. The fact is that Walker had boots on the ground within hours of being ordered into Little Rock. I have interviewed dozens of men who served under Walker and have never heard anything negitive about him as a commander, as a soldier or as a person. Many did say that they found it hard to believe that he became what he became in the years following his resignation from the military. As far as the front line.....he was
  2. Greg The day Edwin Walker took command of the 3rd Regiment of the FSSF he was told that he had to be "jump qualified." He went directly to a plane and had a jump master put a parachute on him, went up and jumped out of an airplane without any training. Some men thought him a fool.....all believed him to be brave enough to lead them in combat. At Little Rock High School Walker had his men load live amunition and fix bayonets in front of the civilians blocking the entrance of the school. He then ordered his men to aim at the civilians as he told the crowd to disperse. Some thought Walker a
  3. What I believe On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated! Since that date a lot of speculation has centered around this case but no one has conclusively proven that their particular theory of the events is true. There is much speculation from many researhers that can answer each of these posted questions either way....what each person wishes to believe from the conflicting research will slant how they answer those questions and how they view the answers of others. To me what is essential to the assassination story, whatever else YOU wish to believe is up to you, is that Lee Har
  4. Mark I believe it was in the early 1970's that Congress ordered the Army to destroy all its civilian intelligence files. As I understand it the Army willingly complied. Have ofter wondered what they had as well! By the way, during the CCC days of the 1930's the military was processing tens of thousands of civilian applicants for those programs......of course an officier trained in the processing of 1000's of those applications was none other than Edwin Walker......just as he would be in charge of processing hundereds of thousands of POW's both at the end of WWII and Korean War. Is it poss
  5. [Thanks for the quick reply, Jim. My source is a book called Political indoctrination in the U.S. Army from World War II to the Vietnam War By Christopher S. DeRosa. You might want to check it out since it seems to be completely at odds with what you've been told. Greg Thank you for your quick reply as well. Not sure I agree that the article you pointed out is "completely at odds" with what I have been told. Some of the comments that I read in DeRosa's account that would of course stand out in my read: Walker's information officers approached the task with zeal and rare command support.
  6. Greg I have spoken with the man who ran Walker's Pro Blue Program in the mid 1950's, complete with maps and what many in the 1960's would lable Right Wing Material. But even if you wish to disagree on the, "length, intensity and ferocious anti-anticommunist component," the fact is that the program was in existance and Walker had been using it for years prior to the Overseas Weekly article. I do believe that the timing is important. We cannot deny that it overlaps perfectly with Oswald's attempt to return to the United States. The author of the Pro Blue article even suggested, when we corr
  7. Personally I think that Edward Epstein and Lee Harvey Oswald both got it right! Epstein tells of his interview with James Jesus Angelton and the story of the Orchid Man. In this story Angelton explains how a particular insect will, without realizing it, fly into the flower of an orchid (which produces no necter to attract bees) and then engage in a sexual act with the orchid whose flower mimics the sexual organs of the female insect. The insect then exits the flower of the orchid and continues its existance unknowingly carrying the pollen of the flower. The insect then spreads the pollen t
  8. December of 1960: Oswald claims to have first applied to return to US. February 5, 1961: First acknowledged letter from Oswald requesting return to US and in which Oswald references his December letter that the Warren Commission speculates was never written. February, 1961: Walker's Pro Blue Program is up and running (which it had been since at least 1954) and Overseas Weekly is actively investigating this program March 20, 1961: Additional letter from Oswald forwarded to State Department. April 12, 1961: Overseas Weekly publishishes its article on Walker and his Pro Blue Program thrusti
  9. Reading some of the information here I had to add my two cents on Earl Warren: Earl Warren's father was murdered and the murder was never solved. When the Japanese from California were being interred Warren was working very closely with Asst. Sec. of War John J. McCloy When Warren first ran for Gov. of California, as I understand it, he received financial backing from many Wall Street interests who had interests in California. It is not to much to suggest that Wall Street insider John J. McCloy, who was impressed by Warren's work on Japanese Internment, may have helped him in this capacity
  10. William Always appreciate you keeping these threads alive Jim Root
  11. Mark There is no record of any call to Raleign in the DPD Phone logs. If there had been this controversy would have long since been more clearly researched. There is a contemporary news film clip of a reporter mentioning the attempted call (just prior to the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald) as well as all the information that was examined at the HSCA hearings. In 1963 a person to person collect phone call was only completed if the person on the other end accepted the charges. Once a person knew who was attempting to call them or if the intended recipiant of the call was not home home a
  12. Jim, Given that Hurt could master languages very well (even without formal intruction) is it possible that he taught Oswald Russian ? Or, at least tutored him in the skills to master it in a short period? -Bill Bill I guess one might say that anything is possible. In this case I find it highly unlikely that Oswald and John B. Hurt would have ever met. I have never seen anything that even suggests that they may have been in the same place at the same time. I find that it is highly likely that Edwin Walker was very much aware of John B. Hurt and may have been assigned, at one time, to mo
  13. Hi Jim: I do indeed read your posts, and am especially grateful for your focus on Richard Helms. I am not as convinced about the level of McCloy's involvement, though it seems clear that JFK was sick of him, and no doubt the feeling was mutual. My comment about "the assassin" was meant to be seen as tongue-in-cheek, since I think most of us, probably including yourself, do not believe that Lee Oswald fits the bill. Keep up the good work. J Raymond Carroll Thank you for the compliment.... I understand that "the assassin" comment was perhaps tongue-in-cheek and appreciate your pointing t
  14. Robert Yes I am aware of Bolden and what he wrote. In my simple mind I would guess that the SS would have followed two courses of investigation. The first would have been to look for records of a John Hurt/Heard in intelligence data banks since Oswald had attempted, without success, to place a call to a person of similiar name. This would explain the Bolden claim that we have no reason, especially with what we now know about the Raleign Call, to think was some accidental or unimportant action by the SS. The second, which I believe would have been more important, we find no record of a
  15. Jim, I think I asked you this question before but don't recall the answer. Are you familiar with John McCloy's role on the Draper Commission? Thanks, BK William You asked me in an email.....my answer was a simple yes. Looking deeper at McCloy you will find that he sat in on many many meetings and commissions dealing with cold war strategic planning, intelligence, Soviet Ameican Relations, Japanese American relations, etc., etc., etc., adviseor to presidents, etc., etc. More importantly he was present at the creation of the United States' modern intelligence organization and one of i
  16. Jim: Since we all want to end this inquiry and get on with our lives, please tell us who was "the assassin of Joe Kennedy's son"? J Raymond Carroll If you read my posts you will find that I have seldom if ever written anything about Nov. 22, 1963. My research has been directed at identifying potential conspirators (primary being McCloy) rather than potential shooters. Seems that I have taken a little different approach than researchers but my approach has led to names and a plausible working theory on not only how the assassination was carried out but also covers how the Warren Commissi
  17. Ron 1) In the Warren Commission records we find that a couple of the attorneys dealing with researching the Silvia Odio incident speculated that the men who would have been with Oswald may have provided a contact or contact phone number to Oswald. I point this out because this possibility was not first postulated by myself but by people who were charged with investigating this murder. 2) While Oswald made repeated attempts to contact Jonathan Abt to be his attorney and had the DPD telephone operators retrieve several different numbers for Abt it is a bit of question why Oswald only attemp
  18. Just surprised this never had a response....thoughts Jim Root
  19. James Seems that it is very possible that Harrod Miller may have worked with John Grombach in Latin America in the 1930's in association with signals intelligence. Do you have anything new on this fellow? Jim Root
  20. Robert Love where my research has taken me surrounding John B. Hurt. Just for the record. Hurt was working in the "Old Munitions Building" that also housed General George Marshall and his staff. On Marshall's immediate staff (one of twelve, I believe) was the Armies best Japanese Linguist, Maxwell Taylor, who would later become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs during the Kennedy asminsitration. It is now speculated that the Armys Secret Intelligence Organization, headed by Whitney Shepardson and/or John Grombach maintained a second group of Japanese translators of which Taylor may have been a
  21. Hi Pat I'm not interested in entering into a dicussion about your thoughts on Gary Mack, they seem to be very clear, but I would like to share my own experiences with the man for what it is worth. Gary Mack has taken the time to respond to every question that I have asked of him. He has been both gracious with his time and his encouragment in my research efforts. He has never offered opinions and has been clear that he attempts to refrain from dealing speculative opinions. Mack instead makes available a huge cache of materials and willingly provides both access and help in attaining that
  22. Through his website : www.edwardjayepstein.com click on "Ask Ed (anything) Thank you Gary
  23. Thank you for posting this article William The final statement in the article, "But with Oswald forever silenced by Ruby, and intelligence services capable of expunging embarrassing data about their contacts with a Presidential assassins from their files, it is doubtful that we will ever know who, if anyone, influenced Oswald to act on November 22, 1963" is, I believe, not true. The fact that we can prove that Hosty's third note was "expung(ed)" from the "embarrassing data" held by "intelligence services" points to the person who did not give that piece of evidence a Commission Exhibit n
  24. John just a couple of thoughts: First as the target car approached on Houston the view from the front was obstructed by the window flaps being up above the front window and the actual car which carried Kennedy, as opposed to the one used in recreations, had a bar accross the center that would have held the "bubble" top if it had been in place. A shot fired as the car approached up Houston would have been very difficult and the line of site very poor. Second: While most people want to suggest that the car had to turn on Elm to approach the "trangulation of fire" so many believe is necessary
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