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  1. Obama's birthday? August 4. so, unless he was a pre-me, which I'm sure we'd know about, his mother would have been pregnant at.... *drum roll* 17. "reich-winger".....lol....that's pretty good.....
  2. iirc, Obama's Mom had HIM when she was 18. and this just in......17 yr olds have been having kids since there have been......17 yr olds. what a difference a year makes in the Global Socialist Takeover Plan, eh?
  3. no mention of Ronnie James Dio on the Metal Council? Dio is widely credited with introducing this bit of hand jive into the Rock lexicon.....he says he got it from his Sicilian grandmother, it's called the "maloik", and that the aforemention digit dance is used to ward off evil spirits, or avert the gaze of the Evil Eye. Rawk On....
  4. yes, I'm aware.....but i'm sorry, i don't agree with banning Mr.Gratz... have you taken a look at the Churchill/Hess/Sikorski thread lately? while I tend to sympathise with Prof. Simkins premise, the questions arising present an oppurtunity. to make your case. or not. we, as a group, are labeled "dissenters", or worse.....when the oppurtunity arises to successfully refute one of the "other side", why would we reject it? I'm not talking Miller vs. White and or Healy... but the opportunity to to show that the cover story concealing the memory/rabbit hole isn't perfect....obviously, there are flaws....and if someone with Mr.Gratz's resume wants to hang it out in the breeze....and be so very opinionated about it...why censor him? it's just ammo......probably not 6mm ammo, but a glimpse of what you're/we're up against....you can either flip out, shine it on, or try to understand. and just so you know where I stand, Ms. Bronstein.....Myra, if I may.... Dave Morales....Rip and Buddies......Papa Bush....Fascism sucks. If the world's most powerful nation was only run the way it was meant to be.....
  5. "Do you always offer opinions and advice before you take the time to look into the situation, and learn the history and facts? If so I'll give your input the consideration it's due." do you?....if you're gonna call me kettle, you might take a look at the pot, no? I've been reading this forum almost since Day 1...and read 5-6 times daily....though it did take me some time to register, granted. I'm well aware of Mr.Gratz's history here....and fairly aware of his possibly former(?) career. it's my opinion that most boards should have doubters....maybe you recognize the name vonPein? why be afraid of someone that "calls us out" on our theories?...they tend to make people work harder....though that can be time consuming, I suppose. and while I understand some people's annoyance at Mr. Gratz's "style", or lame threats, banning him seems to me to be just a bit hypocritical, and quite possibly counter productive. cheers, and happy researching!
  6. "Quite detailed description of 'other film' described on JFK Research Forum thread. Can someone get permission to post parts of that here?" yes.....please do.
  7. well....what exactly do you think is happening? TG is a disinfo plant? if that's the case, let him ride.... friends close, enemies closer.
  8. I find it slightly amusing that a board full of "dissenters" would try to muzzle "dissent".
  9. 3. General Petraeus is running the show. Petraeus may well prove to be to counterinsurgency warfare what Patton was to tank battles with Rommel, or what Churchill was to the Nazis. I read Mr. Yon when I can.....but if Petraeus turns out out to be "like Patton was to tank battles with Rommel", we might as well bring everyone home, now...... Patton didn't face Rommel.....ever. and as for "Churchill was to Nazi's"....well, there's still debate over what that may have been, eh?
  10. match your passport against mine, Mr. Lemkin? errrr....you may have more stamps, but I assure you mine works....and is welcomed. I'll ask one question, then leave the field to the "experts" and the intellectuals. Is it possible to loathe what I'll term the "NWO", for lack of any better description, and still be a strong supporter of Capitalism? because I do, and I am.... even after reading most of Spartacus' well put together pages....great site, kudo's to you, Prof. Simkin. I think it's possible to say that we can agree on the source of the disease....but perhaps not the best possible outcome of the cure. that and I was feeling a little cranky that day. oh, and one or two more things.... Mr. Lemkin, I'm well aware of the history of Nazi Germany, hidden or otherwise, thanks.....I recognised the style of speaking and gesticulating of some American leaders quite some time ago...decades, actually....it holds up to the old B&W newsreels quite nicely, doesn't it....or perhaps my "ilk" wouldn't notice?....I assure you my insomnia level has increased over the past 2 and one half decades. and Mr.McKenna.....I certainly hope no one's children would be dragged off to war against their will....I sincerely extend that hope to any forum members.... ok....3 more things.....I am a moderator of an American Football team fan site.....believe it or not, we have a verrrry lively Religion and Politics sub-section.....name calling is definitely allowed....they call me "Tommy the Commie", mostly because of my hatred for Bush Co....I'm automatically labeled (libeled?) as a Hillaryista.... and that.....is scary. especially to someone of my "ilk", as it were. thanks for all the info and entertainment over the years....I'll continue to read here, for certain....try to remember if wasn't for the average American....this planet would very possibly be even more....screwed....than it already is.... cheers from sunny Florida.
  11. yeah, yeah, yeah.... America BAD. Islamofascism GOOD. or was it... America BAD. International Communism GOOD. errr....wait.... America BAD. Hitlerites and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere gang GOOD. while I don't agree with the Cowherder from Crawford's policies, and don't think we need an Imperial Dynasty that shot their way into power, the America bashing on this forum is amusing....
  12. 3/ It has been widely trumpeted in our times that various US business interests traded with the Nazis. However, as I'm sure you know, that activity became illegal once the USA became directly involved in the war. yes, it became illegal.....but it wasn't stopped until early '43....after 3 warnings, the last one threatening confiscation of assets and charges of sedition. sorry, no links, but you all are internet savvy.
  13. I believe the connection between the 229 and B-2 is the "burying" of the engines in the wing roots to reduce heat sig's. ah yes....Kammler.... according to what I've read, derGeneral was involved in, or responsible for, research on something called "the Bell", near the facilities at Johannistal....which, supposedly, is also connected to 2 or more U-boats off loading at Patagonia, months after WW2 was over.... if anyone has info on Gen. Kammler after his "disapearance", please share. thanks!
  14. hey, you were on a roll....the rest of your line was good enough....valid questions, imo..... though I must admit I also think Winnie was capable of being a nasty bit of work, a real realpolitik-tian, for certain.
  15. "What about American bombing did it increase, decrease or stay about the same in this period?" it probably would have stayed at zero. sorry for the sarcasm.
  16. "loan gunman" oh, the irony...even if it's just a mis-spelling.
  17. I need these numbers for an online debate at another forum....Google and Ask.com have turned up 50 pages of useless info, surprise... if anyone can help, it would be most appreciated. thanks in advance.
  18. a friend of mine was shot in the chest with a .38 in an accident. he says it hurt like hell. but not as bad as having the drain tubes pulled. after two NDE hospital stays, I can attest personally to how bad that hurts. might have to do with foreknowledge.
  19. not be an alarmist about things I know nothing about, but... I've had to rewrite this forum to my IE7 fav's 3 times since last night. refuses to link.
  20. Do you not think that it is quite a pertinent analogy then? not unless you're using a quite broad brush. so , no, I don't think it's very pertinent....or at least as much as some. I also think you should make sure your own Rolladens are in working order before you go casting stones. btw, I enjoyed my stay in London/Camberley very much.... btw, pt. 2....I'm disapointed in the SCW section...I thought there would be much more discussion, there....obviously, it isn't the hosts fault....*sigh*
  21. When the Roman Empire was in decline the ruling elite feared revolution. It was eventually agreed that the best way of avoiding this was to provide "bread and circuses". This involved daily handouts of bread to stop them from starving. Free “games” were provided to take their minds off their economic problems. This included slaves having dangerous chariot races and feeding political prisoners to wild animals. Not so different from modern America. gee....exaggerate much? where was most of the UK when Man.U. was putting it on Milan AC the other night? uh-huh.
  22. we may not be perfect, here in the U.S.A. we obviously have some problems, or this sub forum wouldn't exist. but the amount of "America Hating" that goes on here continues to amuse me. and I believe in conspiracies....I think Bush will go down as the worst President we've ever elected, or almost elected.....and I've traveled extensively in Europe, w/o a guide, and not just NATO countries... I don't consider myself a redneck or uneducated when it comes to our neighbors over the water.....I loved my time there.... however... I would remind the rest of the world that your time in the sun didn't work out so great, did it?.....and remind you that if it wasn't for us gun-toting Imperialists, this whirling dustball would be in much worse shape.... the US wouldn't be in most of the places we are today if it wasn't for someone that was there before "us" with a "good plan"... there, I said it.... back to avenging JFK....
  23. Thanks Tom, I couldn't shake that loose. Being an ordinary citizen from Ft. Lauderdale, would you know of a back alley joint called the Parrot Lounge? There might be a few Philadelphia Eagle fans there for the game vs. New Orleans Saints. Did you ever find the old Z film from friend's archives? Maybe its The Other film? Bill Kelly I know of a Parrot Lounge in Cooper City, and one somewhere else that I'd need to be at to remember where it was, lol... after some discussion, the warehouse film is almost undoubtedly a copy of the Garrison "college copy"...but I haven't managed to fish it up from the depths yet, so who knows?
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